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  2. There are two different style changers involved here. There is a control panel inside the house, which changes textures on the walls, floor and roof. This one does not re-rez anything, it continues to work fine. The other one is the mailbox/lifesaver outside the property. This one ONLY changes the entire house, by de-rezzing and re-rezzing the style you choose. This is the one that is breaking. The problem is that the mailbox/lifesaver will spontaneously re-rez the house and ceases to show options to choose a new one, so the resident can't rez a new house, whether to change to a different style or to replace one that disappeared.
  3. That was a boat stuck there due to a region crossing failure. My house is in Reeds Landing, and so I saw it and told the owner, who retrieved it.
  4. All lighthouses now have boat rez zones. Also, you can now enter the lighthouse, climb the stairs, and see the mechanism for the light.
  5. Yes, we did see that. We all ooo'd and ahhh'd over it too. We all thought it was very cute. There was a hovertext object saying it wasn't a park and they'd made a ticket and were waiting for it to be fixed, and we did.
  6. Are you sure the notecard was passed to you from a Linden account? There are plenty of full perm notecards created by Lindens floating about & it's not that unusual for a Resident to edit one of those & pass it to someone else so the notecard creator still shows as a Linden. Look in your transaction history at https://accounts.secondlife.com/transaction_history/ to see which account passed you the notecard. Make sure "Show L$0 transactions" is ticked. If your region is on mainland, It may be that a Linden has disabled physics on the region because of a griefing attack or performance issues, in which case they may have sent a general notecard to all parcel owners on that region explaining why they disabled physics.
  7. I can answer this. The main focus of Linden Homes is the homes themselves. One of the main features is that the home does not count against your parcel prim count. That cost is absorbed by the main parcel. We have to reserve enough Land Impact on that parcel to accommodate the maximum possible LI of all the homes rezzed. The remainder we use for all the decor items in the region. All the roads, streetlights, community areas, trees, bushes, docks, hedges... everything resides on that parcel. Adding a parcel that shares LI with the main parcel residents can rez on adds an element of risk in not having enough land impact to support the house rezzing system. Adding a rezzing zone to Linden Homes is not as simple or cut and dry as it is on the mainland. Everything has to be carefully balanced. That is why most of the rezzing zones are in regions with no resident houses in them or ones we are still in the process of making. Also, the goal is to have as many homes as possible in close proximity to one another without people feeling that they are packed in tightly together as much as we can. Our focus is on a continent of homes with some enjoyable infrastructure rather than a public space with a few homes here and there. We could go crazy adding even more community content around every corner with parks and boat launches and forests and airports and... and... and... Believe me, we LOVE making stuff like that. But the question is, how many homes would we have to delete in order to do that everywhere? How many people are we willing to leave out in the cold waiting for a home so we can have those cool things we have fun making? That's a careful balance as well. In some areas it makes perfect sense. Let's make the coastline look natural. Let's have some mountains through here and some rivers through there. Let's use that LI for more trees and plants between the houses or a community space. Let's not make everything cookie cutter and instead have each region be unique with it's own identity. And let's focus on having as many homes as we can while keeping all those elements that make the continent itself uniquely special. It takes longer to do it that way. It takes a lot of work to do it that way too. And hopefully we'll get faster as we go along and it will evolve in certain ways as well. But doesn't that usually end in a better result?
  8. Whimsy Winx is nothing if not prepared for all decorating challenges, she did a great job, she probably would have been fine if they never fixed it, but they have and now she is five redos in already at least count I think.
  9. I understand what you mean, but I am using both. Decorating, logging in both places, shopping for both. I have been there a lot. And the same time, I saw the neighbor on one side exactly one time, when we got the houses. Since then, his house and garden is totally bare. Nada. Not a couch, not a chair, nothing at all. You can always say that he's gotten ill RL or is busy working. I do know about Premiums who has their Linden home just "in case" and the same could apply for them.
  10. What's the exact wording of the error message? Can you post a screenshot of it?
  11. Lindal,it s an old gaming place,(in fact ,the owner has three skill gaming regions ),and the players without PIOF are so many,that i need a whole day to report them all.Anyways ,thank you all for the answers..
  12. It was not your fault you just show up at the place that was not your realm at the wrong time they where not your kind of people.I have been to dancing places and ballrooms they treat people with respect they will address you kindly in respectful manner as example there was glitch you showed up nude they would message you quick tell you to change and go home and come back. These places will warn the person if they may need help. But if you go to place where you date as teleported you they banned you for nothing no question asked then I am sure many others have been vanished as well. Your best going some where your treated with respect bot being bullied when you enter. If women are being banned then they trying to keep the men for them self or its over jealously. Trying to teleport a date then you have your answer the person is trying to keep the men for them self want everything clique as this is not normal I advice you to go to a place where feel welcome. Place have zero respect for themselves the traffic is low the word gets around you have to love yourself to be able to love others to bring the right harmony in life. They are not your kind people find people that do get you. I know we run in to people like this but they not confident nor are they happy they like to put people down do make them self's happy we can not fix everyone they can only for them self. I say if its a ballroom or dancing place everyone should be respected. This is a getaway take a deep breathe be yourself it has happen to us all we had are experiences but you have to find the places that are for you but date should respect that as well. I do know not the place you where at but every place is diffren't and has rules. Their is a time and place for everything but if its a GA Sim yes you come fully dressed even if Adult SIm they may have rules also where you can be semi nude or show a little or in some places. A Date or partner should advice the date the rules that she is fully dressed before teleporting her making sure she is safe if he been their many times nothing happen then things should be clear if not then best to find a new safe haven to dance to.
  13. Lol though I can visit the Canadian side I take a train there if want to. just southwest from me.
  14. Ouch. I was on a frustration induced hate fest of my own recently, and then things seemed to suddenly improve dramatically. Breathing a sigh of relief, I felt bad for my outbursts and could enjoy the game as it should be once more. Until last night. I logged in, and found myself staring at my desktop slightly puzzled, it took several moments to realise firestorm had crashed me straight back to the desktop before I had even finished logging in. Bwahaha! My current peeve is wtf has happened to my mesh body alpha hud settings. I set the alpha slices to suit whatever I am wearing, TP off to DJ or whatever, and bosh, post tp the alpha settings are lost, chunks of skin showing through my ill fitting expensive jacket. There is a secondary alpha hud issue for me, if I click a saved alpha preset, it can take upwards of 60 seconds or more for the preset to take effect, I sit here watching the alpha slices change maybe one every 5 seconds or so, its really weird. Still, mustn't grumble, it doesn't happen all the time. Lastly, I fear for the future of the game. The current .... ongoing issues with sim crossings, tp fails, lag and crashouts is frankly putting off a lot of people like yourself. I don't want to see the game fold, I'm as addicted as most players, but I do fear people are being seriously put off playing and drifting away. Let the flame fest begin, but I had to say my piece apoligies.
  15. Just gonna leave this here... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Market_saturation
  16. Sounds like you are having a problem with your connection or router/modem. If you haven't done so since the problem started, power off your router/cable modem for a couple of minutes & reboot your computer. Often that is enough to fix transient connection issues.
  17. Today
  18. @Orwar -- This is the top that I thought Neph was wearing. It's L'Emporio's Galene skirt and top, and it includes four variant textures for the top. And yes, I almost always use one of the less . . . "lacy" ones.
  19. Its best have patience keep living your life with out worry but keep checking the forum day and check for the home if they are ready. I know a few people that got one late they did ask but they where firm and had some patience.
  20. I don't know if this was the case with the one you abandoned or not, but there may still be a few lots where the house had disappeared and were then abandoned. If you get one of those, keep it! The issue of the house disappearing is an issue that can be fixed through entering a support ticket and someone will come out and fix the mailbox so that it works properly.
  21. Might I suggest you do some growing up of your own ?
  22. Some folks (you probably saw this) were so very clever as they camped and waited for their house to reappear. This person appears to have "decorated around" where the house would eventually appear. It really made me smile. Also a few people reported here that they had been waiting four or five days after sending in a ticket so you can see how they might get a little "antsy" :D. Hopefully most folks have their spots now. Thanks for all the great work!!!!
  23. LOL you two! For those who still can't quite make out the words; GTFO! stands for "Get The Freight Out". It's a transport simulation game in SL which for me (and I think for many others) is an excuse to go and just sail/drive/fly around and discover parts of SL which I otherwise never would have seen. 🙂 You can earn fake money (and everyone is clear on the fakeness of it) as well as XP. You can't buy anything with that fake money so it has zero value, but consider it points that you accumulate, if you care about points, that is 🙂 You'd need a GTFO! compatible vehicle and the HUD (there's a free one with some limitations) and that's really all you need to get started. There are some free vehicles available from various merchants for those that need/want one.
  24. Yes, if a house doesn't rez for some reason it is a glitch or a bug. If you can't get a house to rez let us know and we will fix it for you. It usually just needs the rezzer or mailbox controller reset (or the region restarted). I don't recommend just putting your own house there instead. If you choose not rez a house, one will be rezzed for you. And if anyone happens to stumble on a way to force the house not to rez I highly recommend keeping that information to yourself and tell us how you did it instead.
  25. I know what you're thinking. Why didn't I spring a bit extra for flowers that weren't dead? Blame it on Orwar and Neph.
  26. thanks. I was going off what was on blog. I had another look at the About Land \ Covenant. Is pretty specific. The next line after the one you showed even more so. "*Residents must use one of the houses provided. ... "
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