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  2. It’s been said but it needs to be said again, there needs to be homes with more open floor space. The new homes are beautiful but to cramped. And with all that land (1024) they are on, they are just to small. I still have my old Linden Home and I Love it to no end. If I move to a new home it will only be because I can put a sky box above it that I can live in and be able to move around in it without bumping into walls. Please add new homes with open floor plans, some of us would really appreciate it.
  3. I was fortunate enough to get a home there. However, now that I've used up all my prims decorating, I've been wandering the continent on my trusty steed. I'm trying not to go into people's yards but I may have cut through one or two by accident. I've been trying to follow the shoreline since I keep getting lost on the roads. No, I didn't spend far too long making the same loop...who does that? Region crossings are still challenging but the over-all feel of the place is amazing. There are some stunning properties and people seem to really be getting into this. Just now I saw a home with a moving van. Great stuff!
  4. OK..not technically how I look today but after a week of ignoring friends and sitting naked on that cold rock, trying to get the lighting right - with one break in the middle to go purchase a LUMIPro - I'm still feeling it the next day Looking at this now it isn't exactly what I had hoped but then maybe I've just been looking at it for too long so rather than keep tweaking, I'm going to move on to the next project with the experience I gained from this.
  5. I wouldn't exactly consider a "plastic look" natural. Your last picture shows this issue very well, the snow looks like its made out of plastic, the very subtle shiny applied to them goes absolutely bonkers on EEP and ruins a lot of ... everything really. Also i'm not sure why but the background mountains... i don't like them, especially the left side of the last picture looks very much out of place, when i look at the right side i can see that the sun should clearly be able to light the mountains at least a bit, they are not, not even a bit and the sun angle doesn't look like it would cast shadows across the entire mountains, the sky looks extremely bright too, unnatural bright. You are highlighting the issues of EEP pretty well... but ohwell you said you tried to make it as natural as possible, not you did make it look natural. The point of my rant is that i'm trying to protect the little "artistic photography" that is still there. There are still a lot of people who don't use editing tools to take great snapshots, i'm one of them, i hate photoshop and all photoshopped/edited pictures. Have one of my unedited pictures as comparison.
  6. https://store.sansar.com/listings/901e2ff3-b60a-41d4-9f31-16d92a910d7d/easter-egg-hunt-game
  7. Community areas for gathering/events Like someone above said, an option with a more open floorplan Maybe a "seasons" community? Where the ground and trees change with the seasons? I would love to see Autumn and Winter and decorate within those themes.
  8. i've been working with 3d figures and rigging and animation for... decades, here. but i can NOT get blender's IK to work for me in a way i understand. i come from poser, where using ik is dead easy TL;DR------------------------------------------------------------------ you load your figure, you turn off ik, you pose the arms, you pose the legs. you turn on ik, THE POSE STAYS THE SAME. you move the hands/feet to move the limbs (i do understand this is actually blender's 'targetless ik'), or you move the body and the limbs stay in place. you turn off ik, THE POSE STAYS THE SAME*. and everything is keyframed and comes out the way it looks. (*: okay, often the hands would come out with ridiculous 1760 degree rotations or something, but that was a relatively minor fix.) tl;dr------------------------------------------------------------------------ in blender, if i turn on ik and pose the rig, the limbs are not keyframed. and if i import this animation to sl, the limbs just remain straight. i've tried keying visual rotation, but that won't auto-key. on top of everything, if i turn ik on, or i turn ik off after doing some posing, the pose completely changes. now, avastar has functions to copy the pose to the ik rig, or to copy the pose to the fk rig. which i try to use... but they only seem to work about 90% of the time, and only on the default human rig. if i try to adjust the rig to make it work better for me, and for my model... it's out the window. all the ik tutorials for blender that i've found are basically the same, and set up the ik the same way avastar has its ik set up. basically, not useful if i want to set up my own custom ik. which i must want to do, since the basic ik isn't working for me. ??? i did have limited success with changing the avastar ik in this manner: i used the ikWrist and the ikFootToePivot, and i set the ik chain to put the tip on the control handle. (it drives me nuts when the wrist bone is right on top of the ik control handle.) then i turned off the ik for the 'ankle' bone, and created it on the 'foot' bone. i changed both ik chain lengths from 2 to 4 (foot, ankle, shin, thigh & wrist, forearm, shoulder, collar). and lastly, i ended up deleting the pole controls, because omg, they are a pain! and they wreck everything. now when i moved the ik controls, the limbs moved with them reasonably. when i moved the cog, the endpoints remained in place. also, if i wanted to 'temporarily turn off ik to rotate a bone using fk,' i selected the control handle, then the bone with the action center set to 'active.' that way, when i rotated, say, the thigh bone, the foot controller moved with the whole leg, like i'm used to. as some inexplicable bonus, i didn't have to go back and convert any of the keyframes from ik to fk (and i have no idea why). the bad news is... when i tried to append actions made this way to the default rig (i was working on a project created by another modeler/rigger), they totally blew up. and, when i went to turn off the ik controls to polish off the animation keyframes... the ik and fk poses were decidedly different, so THAT didn't work. basically, what i want is to be able to seamlessly switch between using Ik and using the regular FK rig, using custom settings of my choosing. or how to set up an ik rig that will do that. or... what i really really want is the rigify tool as seen here: https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/65290/how-can-i-seamless-switch-between-ik-fk is there a way to surgically replace the avastar green pose bones with a rigify rig? if i dont care about sliders? is there a way to create a rigify meta-rig or something that will control the avastar green bones? is there a way to autokey 'visual rotation' whenever a limb changes? blender doesn't seem to recognize when the bones visually rotate. you know, i THINK i understand how blender ik works. i can grasp the target thing and the chain thing. i even get the pole thing and the pole angle control whatever. but i don't understand why it doesn't work right for me.
  9. Another vote for open-plan houses. While I'm not planning on moving to Bellisseria, if I was an open-plan houseboat or house would suit my needs best. (Need a place to put the pose-stand and studio background) Oh and another thing. I'd like to see LL put some kind of device at the "Social areas" like the pools, where one could "rent" the ability to set the local stream for an hour Pay your L$, and the device asks you to send the stream URL via a channel and then sets the parcel stream to that URL. When your time is up the parcel URL is set to the default again. Note that I'm no script expert who knows if this is actually possible. I even wished they had done something like that at the old social areas in the old linden home areas.
  10. It looks like the login page for Alchemy viewer is off line. I have been trying for several hours but can’t get logged in with Alchemy viewer. Anyone know anything about this? I know the viewer is old but I really like it and would hate to see it go away.
  11. Protected Sailable Waterfront Blake Sea Access For Sale - 3072 sqm - L$15,000 - 1024 prims Protected 3072 sqm sailable mainland parcel on the Corsica continent with access to the Blake Sea and excellent sailing opportunities. Set for immediate sale at bargain price of L$15,000 (L$4.9 sqm), with 1024 prims. Genuine offers for this parcel considered. Message Hanson9 Resident inworld with offers or purchase the land inworld immediately for the bargain price of L$15,000.
  12. That applies to others, not just owners of the old Linden homes, though. Some of us abandoned Mainland parcels to get one of these new homes. The process I used worked well enough, so maybe it will be helpful for you: Watch these forums for news that homes are available, hop over to the new land and see for yourself that there are indeed empty homes (just look for unoccupied houses and check to see if LL is still the owner of the parcel), and THEN run abandon your parcel and grab your new home. (And before anyone says it, I definitely am not on SL all day long. I work a 40 hour/week job in RL so wasn't even online when the land rush started!)
  13. Parcel size: 2048m2 Prims:703 Price: L$4.9/m2 Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Centalia/233/202/21 IM claireneon for any question
  14. Awesome land for rent, sunset views. Against a protected land touching protected water. 2109 prims, Fully furnished. 2000L/week. Contact me inworld: Lucecilla Vansant http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gradstole/45/35/24
  15. Awesome land for sale, sunset views. Against a protected land touching protected water. 2109 prims, 50.000L. Contact me inworld: Lucecilla Vansant http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gradstole/45/35/24
  16. Well, as previously said in the thread. The problems people are having are very random. Sometimes you get a few days with very few problems, then boom, you get a few terrible days in a row. I've had both teleport and sim crossing failures, using Firestorm I can't cross sims for more than about 20 minutes before I get a disconnect message. Teleports sometimes work, sometimes don't. We sort of have to rely on LL collecting the stats on how many disconnects they are seeing and of which type. It seems any individual's experience is unique.
  17. Well ... no. Apparently there's been fairly regular staff turn over at LL over the years, so not many (if any?) of the people there now will have the kind of in depth knowledge of the code that the original coders would have. Pile on top of that a reluctance to improve on or solve problem areas that have no visible financial gain for years now (accountancy led project management at it's finest), see long standing JIRA issues for proof. Anddddd ... No ... No they don't. Not any more. If they can't be bothered to debug why sometimes you can't see the sim next to you for several years. Don't be surprised if they can't debug why teleports and sim crossings fail. Until it looks like it will cost them money, they aren't interested, and when it does look like it will cost them money, they haven't invested any time or effort in being ready to fix the problem. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  19. 'My' survey would not be to prove anything either way, it was just a thought. I can only speak for myself, in that I cross sims way more than I teleport. I currently have 8 properties and travel crossing MANY sims to 7 of them. The 8th one, which is on a different land mass to the others, I travel to using an airport on each continent that have a teleport link between them. I cross many sims to travel to and from the respective airports. I do all my shopping (except when buying a vehicle that I want to demo first) through the marketplace, so am very much in the 'sim crossing camp'. I would say, in my own experience this last week or two, that I have had more teleport failures than crossing failures, and considering my travel habit, I cross way more sims than teleport, which surely would prove the need to be more dire with regard to teleports.
  20. The extra prims and community design are not "free", there is a cost and that cost is the Covenant and rules that are attached. As for catering to those whose complaint is the lack of (one) security feature the proper method is clear: If in a restaurant and one table complains about the activities of a second table, then you offer to move the complaining table to another location and allow the second table to continue their activities, unbothered or interrupted as long as they aren't breaking any rules.
  21. Making short what you wrote there: they don't know exactly what they are doing. 😞
  22. Hello. I want buy it, but I have some questions.
  23. Well it's back to conjecture time. My best guess is that EEP itself probably isn't the problem, but either the EEP roll out or the server change on the 20th March pushed things over the edge and exposed problems that had already been introduced in both the LL viewer code and sim code. There's no way LL will want to admit defeat and roll back the EEP changes, so now they are stuck trying to fix the underlying problems which they weren't previously aware of. I say both viewer code AND sim code, because despite LL's official announcement, you can still cross hundreds of sims using Henri's v1 based "CoolVL". Even during all the current TP / crossing disconnect problem. I managed the entire H7 Yavascript pod route using CoolVL without a disconnect (well over 2 hours of constant sim crosssings). Using Firestorm at the moment the absolute maximum I've reached is 45 minutes of Yavascript pod riding before a disconnect. Usually it's 10 to 20 minutes. So viewers based on LL's current viewer code (like Firestorm) are far more ready to give up and give you a disconnect message than an ancient v1 based viewer. For the record, I'd only recommend CoolVL if disconnects are your main priority. It still has problems with teleports sometimes at the moment (although I think less often), and I'm sure many people would rather stick with their current viewer and suffer the disconnections than try and deal with CoolVL.
  24. I rarely have ever gone on SL, but when I do, it always feels special still to me, and I still like the familiarity of it when I do log in. I never went premium, but the new premium homes sure look attractive. Still won't go premium though till LL build some more, the new ones be snapped up quickly. I guess the old premium homes are gonna be part of a "slum" clearance programme with them being so old and dated now. In some ways I am still noob, and I guess I like that. I came in this week to find an easter egg hunt going on and I was up for that and it was fun, made some new friends who took me to some new to me places. I read about people being fed up with SL, but if a person does anything too much it runs the risk of becoming dull and even a chore.
  25. People who regularly cross sims aren't usually heading for an event. They are either using vehicles on road / water / air to travel around the continents of SL, or are simply flying around or wandering on foot to explore the continents. So your survey would prove that there's no need to fix sim crossings at all (and ignore all the people who regularly try and cross sims)
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