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  2. As more homes are built, more abandons will happen and that means it's not just Mon, Wed, & Fri that someone trying for a home in Bellisseria can look forward to. IMO, one should try for them, but take it easy. Have patience sure, but never hurts to just try refreshing now and again as you idly do other things online. Literally all the Bellisseria homes that my wife & myself have caught have been abandons, even the first one my wife caught 2 weeks after the initial release & thank you deeply to whomever left them for whatever reasons they moved on. One person's perfect fit (I think our homes are beyond lovely in their views of water or mountains) is another person's meh, so have hope and have fun.
  3. can i get the group link? also do they allow skyboxes?
  4. It is *one* way to look at it, of course, with the humour properly intact, and I agree and support wholeheartedly....... But, unfortunately, insinuating child avatars (underage-looking avatars, whatever their age-description, no matter how close they are to being of-age, and no matter how old the adult is behind the avatar) with sexual situations in any context is what Linden Lab tries to avoid. The visuals. The optics. The reputation! The slippery slope is so slippery it defies even the very notion of slippery-ness, so the zero-tolerance policy is well placed here I think.
  5. As I said; the case of Hangars Liquides has the potential to be an important precedent for how other, similar sims are to be treated by Linden Lab. So if Djehan or anyone else could explain how a sim that appears to breach the discount rules could still receive that discount, then that solves the issue and everyone is happy. Instead all I see is blind faith in the creator, which is utterly useless to the owner of any other sim that might be reading this thread.
  6. Errr, you must be reading a different thread than us - Djehan does not seem to talk much at all - whereever you look it's Lawrence talking ... he even started this thread, while Djehan remained suspiciously silent for her project being at stake. Well but let's consider your proposed case - if she were in constant contact: explain the situation they are in now.
  7. Omg ive seen this. this is right down from Guppy where ive been camping out lol. its awesome I thought wow what a cool idea! Great work
  8. LOL. Did you just seriously correct me on the 'SL' thing? Why, I think you just did. 😜 Seriously, though, isn't it time you gave it a rest? Djhan said she only needs 3,000 euros, as a downpayment, and that the matter has been squared with SL.. err, LL. 😛 The rest is just you, and other detractors, spewing bile at HL. And it's rather unbecoming, really.
  9. Still camping out waiting for a houseboat in Guppy LOL
  10. I went to look at Sansar about a year ago . The graphics etc. were impressive but really it seemed like a showcase for what's being trialled - so I haven't been back again but maybe in a couple of years if it really gets going and there's things to do there I might rejoin.
  11. Nooo, I didn't stole that boat from under your 2 noses I got a house WITH a waterview 🥰
  12. Djehan is not an idiot, LOL. And nor are the Lindens. And you really must be rather naive if you think she isn't in constant contact with them. You don't get to run 5 sims like that, for years, based on a fly-by-the-seats-of-my-pants attitude of "Oh well, we'll just see what happens next month." What is happening here, though, is that I constantly see ppl maligning HL, based on nothing more than how they THINK what's going on.
  13. I have been looking for months to get a new home and I never see them. Is there a trick to claiming one?
  14. Well I guess they vary. Most of those I bought were in the vendor named "old gardens" ... I took that to be romantic and sort of oldfashioned but I believe they were made some time ago since when I had them rezzed by the vendor I noticed some of the trees where just two plain prims at 90 degress- the VERY old way to make plants! I haven't tested those yet. The ones I tested were "new gardens" I only bought two of these and they were mesh. I personally prefer sculpts - maybe iI will be happier with the old gardens.
  15. Yup, me too. Tagged it, named it, but it was gone before I could complete the transaction. Must be yours now, iBrat! 🙂
  16. I know it's hard to believe if you didn't see it but this is actually a huge improvement from how it was a year ago.
  17. Just caught an abandon and it looks great! Further inspection will tell
  18. No one can square any matter with "SL" ... Second Life is the bloody product/service! Linden Lab is the company! Further, saying that the matter is "squared" means nothing whatsoever as such could mean that Linden Lab is allowing the regions to remain at the discounted rate even with the crowdfunding as a means to help pay for it or it could simply mean that Linden Lab and the region owner have decided to leave things where they are (regions get their discount stripped) ...
  19. This one and the kitchen counter and boiler also from that dev are PERFECT for the campers. Love them.
  20. No, it doesn't. According to the stats from Steam daily visits stay fairly steady in the 20s and low 30s with occasional peaks. There was such a peak last week reaching all the way to 75 last week. I don't think Steam registers all visitors so this probably isn't the whole story. It shouldn't be too far from the truth though. Edit: Concurrency about half of the daily logon count ... that means the average Sansarer spends 12 hours a day there. Anyone for camping?
  21. I can think of one way to get the behaviour you want, but it's "off-label" use of inventory. However I think it should be safe to do. No guarantees though - if your inventory coughs up a hairball, not my fault There are certain system folders in inventory that are hidden. One such folder is the "Merchant Outbox" folder. This folder is no longer used for anything since the Marketplace moved over to VMM (Viewer Managed Marketplace) years ago & the folder should be empty. You can expose this folder by doing the following: Open inventory. Gear menu (Show additional options) bottom left -> Show Filters. In the filters window, tick "Always show folders". This will expose all those hidden folders, including the Merchant Outbox. You should see the "Merchant Outbox" folder sorted to the top of inventory between Lost & Found and Notecards. You can create subfolders in the Merchant Outbox & drag or cut/paste your items you want to hide into this folder. When done, untick "Always show folders" in inventory filters. Your stuff is now hidden & inventory search will ignore items in this folder. When you need to get your stuff back, just tick "Always show folders" again. Hope that helps.
  22. This one is not modular... but it's apparently designed for small spaces, so might work in a Linden home depending on the layout you go with. Low LI too. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/vespertinesmall-spaces-kitchen/9269404 I had a look at it in-world a while ago, and I seem to remember it does look a bit nicer in the marketplace ad, but see what you think. I second Aria & The Loft for a modern look - some great options, and usually lots of texture change options. And just for a laugh, one step up from an ice box... https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Soy-Gas-Burner-addme/14376874 Depends how much you're into cooking, I guess... 😄
  23. I can only wholeheartedly concur with your wonderful words of encouragement. ❤️ Also, the world would a barren place, really, if everyone said "Wut?! Someone already did a bakery?! Oh well, that's it then: I'm out!" Seriously, more joy is to be had with more variety. If anything, gasping at all beautiful creations ppl keep coming up with, I am continually amazed at the inventiveness and ingenuity of the human soul. I'm sure there's room for Bitsy's creations too. And I, for one, would welcome it!
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