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  2. That is so exceedingly well done, it's scary. ❤️👍
  3. *laughs* if you think this is bad, there is another person from a Linden Theme house nearby that flies over to check out the land. I've talked to one of the moles so far working in this area. Too funny. I could care less what others think, was nice just to sit here and talk to the others that have come over to check it out. Not like I had anything other to do.. and people calling me this or that, just shows their own maturity on the matter. Thanks for the laugh Honestly folks, I've talked to one of the Moles, They have no issue with me being here. Seems you all do though. *laughs* This is in regards to the IM I received this morning -- [07:36] AmandaOlivia: Hi are you waiting for the house to be built to claim it? [07:37] AmandaOlivia: look HERE [07:37] AmandaOlivia:
  4. I landed at Sal*****er Beach, and there was a photo...…..just point and click, nothing more...……. OK let's call it Salt Water Beach haha!
  5. Hi Leo, welcome back to Second Life! You asked about: - In world: Actually playing Second Life. You have a viewer open, you are logged in, your avatar is "in the Second Life world". You visit Second Life clubs and stores when you are in world. When you are communicating here in the Forums, or using Blender or Photoshop, you are NOT "in world". - SIM: Short for "simulator", the software that supports a Second Life region. Most people use "sim" and "region" interchangeably. A "region" is one grid square on the world map. It is 256 x 256 meters in size and has an area of 65,536 square meters. - PRIM: Short for "geometric primitive shape". These are shapes like cubes, spheres, cylinders, etc. You can create prims with Second Life's built-in building tools. Right click the ground, select "build" or "create" (depending on your viewer). Your cursor will change into a little magic wand symbol. Click it on the ground again, and a plywood cube will appear. Congratulations, you have created a prim! - REZ: We stole this term from the movie "Tron". It has several meanings. We can say, "I rezzed a prim", meaning, "I created a prim". Or you can rez something from your inventory...you can drag it from your inventory and make it appear. "Rez" can also refer to the world becoming clear around us after we teleport to a new place. "Wait a minute, things are still rezzing for me." Or it can be applied to an avatar who's just logged in or teleported. "You have not rezzed for me yet, you still look like a cloud." The definitions for many other Second Life terms can be found here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Second_Life_Glossary There are many learning resources you can use. https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/second-life-quickstart-r373/ https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/ Caledon Oxbridge University: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Caledon Oxbridge/92/197/27/ (This link will open your viewer, and you will log in at the Caledon Oxbridge University location in Second Life. This type of link is called a SLURL, or Second Life URL.) New Resident Island: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lawst Paradise/214/29/24 Firestorm Social Island: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Firestorm Social Island/45/69/33 Builders Brewery: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Builders Brewery/128/193/22
  6. Possibly. I was thinking that since it was obvious how folks got SO EXCITED when the atoll moved over and they could watch, that TPTB decided to LET them watch LOL. See all the comments between the time I posted last night and this morning. I also noted that they have now closed off the sims so that folks can't teleport in. I was surprised they hadn't done that earlier. Anyway, that is a very nice area so hopefully the new plots will be a great addition to the continent.
  7. i'm brand new to the game and i'm looking for a really cheap or free house, my friend told me about Charleston Heights but I can't seem to find it it the search bar. Please IM me if you have any propositions.
  8. if you go down to the commerce section there is an employment section in those forums.
  9. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/312-inworld-employment/ Try there, and do not just post anything on the forum, read first.
  10. LiHenshik

    Land billing.

    Can I change the billing due date of a private region by approximately 10 days?
  11. good catch... To me that says... "I'm so smart I'm gonna get this lot for me and the one right next to it" 😂
  12. There are 3 of them there that I saw there yesterday when this broke. All 3 (last I saw this morning) were in front of a plot/next to the mailbox. Unless they are alts of moles doing this for giggles. Either way, the clicky sign eludes to them closing those regions when they start working, so.. yep.
  13. Hi, im brand new tp the game and im looking to make some lindens. If you can hire me or at least show mw of any kind of work. You can IM be at PapiPlatano
  14. Well her Avatar sitting there musn't mean her RL self spent all nicht in front of the computer. She didn't answer me, so I guess she parked her Avatar there camping, left the computer on and went to bed - or to work. Btw. they are both using the same sitting pose - there are no poses in the walkways - so what does that tell us?
  15. Sad thing is I went to bed 8 hours ago... she was sitting there since before I went to bed last night... not sure about the other 2 though i think maybe they saw her and decided to copy what she was doing
  16. Or perhaps they are incognito Moles, lol
  17. actually only 3 other homesteads on the same core. Might be 15 others on the same server -- or potentially more, I just don't know how many cores are on their current hardware platform(s). But anyway yeah, other than registering any evidence that performance has indeed worsened, there's not much to be done except try to make the most of what we think is diminished script capacity -- which may mean encouragement to find less script-intensive content, but that would be up to the Estate manager to consider. (I can imagine they might worry their tenants just don't want to be hassled by the landlord, and some tenants might even react by increasing script count.)
  18. honestly this is why they should just let people watch from the adjacent sims and block everyone else out... you get people doing stupid 💩 like that
  19. The food chain LIVE in action! I hope there not squirrel parts all over!
  20. Hello, I'm looking for a somewhat inexpensive (bug free) Rental Box system that will automatically send a group invite to the person who pays the rental box.
  21. Thank you! And now cometh the hard task of decorating. I have no idea what to do with it, that isn't a blatant rip-off of something I've seen other ppl do already (in those photo threads). LOL.
  22. I just did. She seems real enough. Profile normal. Has a partner, born 2008, from USA I IM-ed her. So far no answer. Sent her a link to this post
  23. Nah these are not bots... one of them is even married and talks about the church they are in... both have a mess of picks... these are legit property campers thinking they can lay claim to these lots 😂
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