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  2. You did NOT see childporn........ you saw a teddybear and some porn pics. In NO way is a teddybear and some porn pics anywhere near being childporn. This is the most ridiculous thing I've seen said on these forums in a very long time. Seriously, get over yourself. And yes, if you are going to be camming/spying on your neighbors....remember that how they live and what they do is none of your business. Of course if you do see ACTUAL childporn, as many have already told you....you have an obligation to report it. I cannot believe this is even a real conversation at this point. ><
  3. I am not sure where to ask this question but maybe this is a good spot. I have a Linden houseboat which comes with a content creation pack. I recently saw how much more is included in the content creation pack for the Linden houses and, since I could make use of walls and fence-y type building elements too, I am wondering if it is possible to get the larger content creation pack even if I have a houseboat and not a house. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for any ideas!
  4. woops and typo.... lol Hiring***** Proof read Carrie! See look you don't even need to spell to work here haha.
  5. FLiPnCrAzYs is hiring for DJs and hosts. its a pretty laid back place. you pick your sets and show up when you like. A fun Classic Rock n Blues Club . We have evening shows and concerts every Tuesday . We also have many different styles of Djs and events so come say hi Contact Carrie(cuppycake91) in world for more details http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seahorse/172/16/40
  6. After more time to really think about this I definitely hope that whatever the next theme batch is that one of the types of houses is something with water access like the houseboats... Maybe a beach house type where each beach lot actually has water and a dock... I think some of the traditional houses tease access either to water or to a road... you might have the water right there but a rock outcrop or in many of the roadside houses you have a fence or impassible line of trees preventing you from creating a little driveway and a garage for a car.... I'm highlighting something VERY important ACCESS to water and/or road... It would be nice if every lot has at least one and without any physical barriers that prevent you from using them without doing something derpy like having to move your car or boat over an outcropping of something. This may be my only gripe about what I have seen in Bellisseria... The exception to this rule are the houseboats... They got the houseboats right for access... 100% of them have unhindered access to the waterways
  7. Yeah it's so rare that bombarding my server with umpteen million of the same POSTs for a few months seems like a long shot. I definitely can't even imagine how to reproduce them on demand. I can't see a pattern - in frequency, or the position of truncation, or the originating script name, or region.. but I just realized I've been lax on saving these records for very long so I'll see if there's any kind of date/time pattern, thanks for the suggestion. Don't have enough data to rule that out...
  8. These were great! That first one was beautiful. And that last one had me rollin'! Love it. Glad to see more great work on the grid. Sub for a sub!
  9. 1) Do you have auto return on? 2) Is your partner rezzing out his items under the designated group?
  10. I don't travel to many sims but the futuristic sim I was most impressed with was probably Insilico. I like the design of the buildings.
  11. Is anyone else having an issue where my houseboat I own is set to group so my partners things can also be rezzed and every few days I log on to find it gets all returned to his inventory. Starting to look like I am secretly returning his stuff. This is getting to the point of being infuriating having to constantly redecorate. Happens every few days.
  12. One thing I am noticing is there is a really active social scene going on in Second Life. How about a place to post your casual party photos to highlight the fun we are all having... Just a little selfie to kick things off from the pool party that broke out in Hartnell today... PARTY ON!!!
  13. Was alt+tab too much for him he had to go extra and use another laptop for his 'self play' lol
  14. Yeah, this is me going overboard as usual; I always pile stuff on and then back off. Thank goodness for 1 LI items like my sauna! Thanks but it probably will not stay so built up; I still have 100+ LI to play with inside. I keep redoing the top deck, down to 8 LI now.
  15. Aww - thank you, Roxy!!! I was just trying to get some use out of the skybox I decorated earlier, and kept on to the "Kacey-theme"
  16. HOLY SMOKES. How many things did you add to this boathouse to make it so incredibly large and fancy? Do you have prims left over to rez furniture? 🤣 I LOVE the fencing at the top deck, This has a sort of Victorian feel to it - it's like a confection. Yummy home.
  17. I fixed it The last one is blurry because the fish was sooo big, it took the camera out of focus.
  18. Meh, can't be bothered to flip all the way back to the first page. ... ... Garlic sandwich!
  19. something went wrong with all of your posts. The first 2 just show errors. The last is all blurry
  20. I'm fishing deeper in the ocean today I spotted this gorgeous vessel leaving the docks of southern Bellissera, I love watching these ships pass by as I fish. Very majestic, especially next to my little raft But, I did catch a fish:) Look at the size of that monster, it was like 😎 ✋ That big! ✋ I could easily buy two such vessels with such a magnificent fish as this one
  21. That's my kind of cat sandwich Now back to our regularly scheduled program... Society garlic
  22. if the parcels were long (like some of the houseboat parcels) 16 x 64 then there could be terrace houses also. Butting the 16m sided walls up against a 4m wide building joiner piece to get that seamless terraced look. That would be a big internal floor plan, 16 x 28 about. 16 x 8 about for the frontage, leaving something like 512m for a backyard garden
  23. You may want to create a JIRA or talk to a Linden about the issue, maybe they'll be able to look at their logs as well. (Though I don't know how useful that would be if you can't replicate this.)
  24. Today
  25. I should put a big asterisk on my posts, matching the size of the post, that especially the things I complain about only apply to people who refuse help. If somebody was to come in here and say "here's my model, it's 500K tris and I can't upload it, what's wrong?" I would never attack the person for not knowing what they're doing. I would, in kind words, explain to them what the issue is and how models should be created for something like Second Life and how to make their model usable. (Even going so far as to explain how to get past the face/vert limit if needed.) Not knowing but asking for help is totally different from not knowing and refusing to listen.
  26. Beautiful centre sim Island plot, no touching neighbouring plots! Perfect 1024 plot to make your SL home. Premium members won't incur any further rental or tier charges after the initial purchase price. The land has been fully dressed with a lovely dock and cute cabin. Move straight in, or return all objects and decorate until your hearts content. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bishops Wall/213/167/21
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