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  2. Walrus Beach. Yep they all look ready to go! Surely they are not releasing all of them? That would be super cool. Especially if it happens before I fall asleep!
  3. Go ahead and uninstall it. As Aishagain advised backup your settings first. Also, when the uninstall asks about deleting ALL files, if there is any doubt this is a beta in a separate folder say NO. And I would say NO in any case. If you say YES, in the worst case you will need to reinstall 6.2.4, but most likely not.. If you have an actual Beta, it installs in a unique folder. You can look at the launch icon's properties to see where it is. Once uninstalled you can delete the folder. If you are reasonably computer literate there is more you can do. Read through the Firestorm Instructions for a Clean Install. Adapt them to work with your beta install, mostly folder names need to change. This will clean out a bunch of stuff that is only ever used with the beta.
  4. No, you're not being greedy. As others have said, you're paying for a premium membership just like everyone else (who is looking for a house or house boat in Bellisseria). Is it greedy to move if you don't like where you are in real life? No. It's freedom of choice. If you can, and you want to and you have the means to do so while we live in a democratic society you should be able to. Of course there are those who won't be happy, but it's not your job to please them, it's your job to please you (providing no laws or ToS are broken). While I understand their frustrations, their opinions don't override yours. We're all Residents. We're all (supposedly) equal. As much as I could argue of how they might feel differently if the shoe was on the other foot - I mean how they would feel if they had the home and for whatever reason wanted a change and others were judging negatively, or even hurling abuse as some have, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter because speculation doesn't change anything. Do I do it? Yes. Though usually a glance at the map will tell me if I think it's worthwhile. Either way I'll decide quick, log in and release with a glance around to see if it's a view I can "live with" because that's the point. I'm not going to live in a place I don't like to please others. It's my SL and my choice, as it is their choice to chase their home or their ideal location when and if the time comes. I still hold out hope for that place on the beach, but at the end of the day if I don't get it I'm still happy where I am. People can judge me for playing catch and release or Bellisseria roulette but see that point I underlined above.
  5. You need to read a bit further into. This is a good resource. https://www.taxlitigator.com/virtual-currency-constitutes-taxable-property-for-u-s-federal-tax-purposes/
  6. You are very judgy here... Jeez i guess people can't RP dates in your world. Who said he wasn't serious about relationships? And if he isn't, why do you feel the need to attack him over it? His world, his imagination. Good lord. I dont' want a serious relationship in SL either, but do enjoy going on dates. Does that make me a horrible red flag waving male as well? Last time i checked two people having a RP date would both be on the giving and receiving end of things. Kind of like RL, if a date leads to sex, both parties involved got what they wanted.. Well, hopefully both did. In SL, its even easier, dont like the date, TP away.
  7. Hmm. If they follow their previous release pattern, the next two to go would be Edgar and San Alejandro (sp?). But the hovertext seemed to be gone first from Porthole etc. , supposedly indicating that those more southerly regions were ready first. Hmmm. Quartz was down doing something earlier today in porthole and ... I forget .. the W region adjacent to it. I conclude ... no ... I got nothing lol.
  8. It's all there on the wiki. That is the purpose of the wiki. A tool to use for troubleshooting and fixes. Do yourself a favor and bookmark the wiki. https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/
  9. I was going to say "maybe not", but I can't be sure. I've always had an active imagination, a strong oppositional streak, and a significant ability to keep myself amused. Nevertheless, as Rolig observes, I do need some minimal recognizable framework on which to build. That said, though SL certainly allows me to "do" things I can only imagine in RL, it's nowhere near covering the ground my imagination plows every day. It's a tautology, but I can't imagine a world that could contain my imagination. I'm currently having a good time "realizing" myself as the roiling, boiling, spontaneously decaying fuzzball of moral ambiguity, but it's not a look that will last. It's not a relatable presentation. It doesn't give people enough to judge, and that's what we're wired to do in encounters. While my flights of fancy may go a li'l farther than some of you, I do eventually come home.
  10. If it happens again, and it seems to plausibly to do with a bad Internet connection then turning the router off for 20 seconds, then turning it on again can work wonders
  11. OpenSim and all the other grids combined can't protect your creations any better than LL can. LL can only do so much to stop thieves from thieving and they do do what they are legally allowed without placing LL in criminal/civil jeopardy. It is not LL's fault thieves exist. Thieves have existed for thousands of years without anyone or anything being able to put a stop to it. There is only one thing that will bring theft to near non-existence. It's called equality. When every human being on the planet sees all other peoples as human beings also. Good luck with accomplishing that. You've only got about 7 billion more people to go.
  12. I was going to be a Swan but then I found this. I don't know how to do hair yet and I added eyes but the eyes don't work. I hope I can figure it out! This is a pretty dress!
  13. Not too bad again now...….but this cache thing? I wouldn't know where to look!!!!! Seriously!!! 😜
  14. I'm back from my very short dinner..... and.... and.... now the text and green boxes are gone from all the regions.... all that is left is the main red boxes.... that's 7..... uh huh 7..... that look to be able to go at anytime....... could the moles shock us all??????
  15. You work is aways immensely imaginative! 👍 It messes a bit with reality, makes you have to think for moment, and comes in very pretty colors. 🥰
  16. only in that i have to give up the houseboat in 8 days (won a month in a raffle and it's almost over) and i haven't yet succeeded in getting that je ne sais 👀 in a house house yet. i'm supposed to go inworld to flood the back room though and hopefully that will restore my sense of order. actually, i'm supposed to be working on a hunt prize.... but fire away
  17. Hopefully a guy RP'ing a girl who offers a helpful "you know I'm a guy, right" about halfway through.
  18. Security orbs are dishonest and sneaky compared to banlines. Banlines are honest and straightforward. When traveling mainland I never have problems with banlines - just with security orbs - if anything should be discouraged it is the use of those orbs.
  19. So you're saying that you only roleplay at dating and aren't serious about a relationship of any kind? No wonder you have had such a difficult time of it. It puts you on the receiving end without having to give. For most women, that is a huge red flag. Now that you know, you can do something about it and hopefully do the right thing.
  20. This is the biggest challenge for SL. This world appeals to people who not only have imagination but are also comfortable with a certain amount of ambiguity. SL attracts people who like to fiddle and make their own way. When someone who is used to MMORGs with static landscapes comes here, their first reaction is of disorientation -- being overwhelmed by too many options. To truly enjoy SL, you have to be at least a little comfortable with uncertainty. Having said that, there's such a thing as too much uncertainty. We at least need ground under our feet and the horizon to look at. Most of us need more than that, reminders of RL, to feel comfortable. I think that's one reason that Sansar has less appeal than SL. Its slate is too empty for most people.
  21. ...senses potential discontent with "what happened to the houseboat" and prepares another Molotov Cocktail.
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