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  2. Aren't those breeder (money-sink) horses? The breeders are designed for sucking as much money out of you as possible breeding, riding is an afterthought add-on ability. Ditto this. Also, Water Horse makes a Bento-Wearable and an Animesh wearable/rezzable Unicorn, also (I have all three, I vote TeeglePet for best value.)
  3. From time to time I go mainland wandering. Mostly on Jeogeot, where my home is. It's interesting to see how some places change out of all recognition, while others have been untouched for years. In the region where I live there's a little bungalow made of prims that has been unchanged for many years, has zero traffic and it seems the owner left SL a long time ago.
  4. Mauritsss


    Yeah maybe not the best place to post this, but I'll give it ago. I want to start my own business (mostly for the fun of it and not pure for the money) on SL, purely build with Gacha machines (I just love the aspect for some kind of reason). However I am no creator (nor I have the patience to do it :-)). So I am looking for creators/builders of sets/clothingsets... who want to work together somehow (Or I could buy the entire rights of a collection). Anybody around that wants to work together? IM me (Mauritsss). See ya soon!
  5. Though not officially mainland, east of Blake Sea there is Fanci's Deep - amazing underwater builds that span a dozen or so regions.
  6. Did someone wake up on the wrong side of bed this morning?
  7. I'm wondering what these regions are for just east of the birthday regions ? Extra ones or something! SLB Aud 1, 2, 3 & 4
  8. I tried doing this myself but I am not capable. I need a script that can be placed in an object that is attached to an avatar and will; Allow avatars to click and get a message to vote for vote of yes or no Avatars can only vote once a day (or at least after a few hours) The vote will incrementally add or subtract from a running total. I would like the ability to change the dialogue either by changing the text within the script or by using a note card A notecard or chat interchange with the scripter would be good to solidify what I need as i am sure there are other things that would be good to add Thank you in advance
  9. I once gifted a creator of system makeups with the money to buy a mesh head because I wanted to see her make the transition to mesh and continue creating. She had been a very generous creator and I had tons of her system makeup gifts. She was just coming back from a long hiatus and SL had changed while she was gone. So I guess that counts. I didn't think of it as an investment and I wouldn't do this for just anyone. I was fully prepared to get nothing back. I was glad to do it in that particular instance.
  10. A nice quaint and quiet parcel with both land and water on a protected waterway that easily sails to a sea while taking into sight others' builds along the way. If you like to leisurely sail and don't need a large space for your humble abode, this parcel may be for you! And if you want more privacy, you have full use of the sky. Don't take my word for it- Check it out for yourself! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bleaberry%20Tarn/24/175/23
  11. Have the Oculus Rift, and I do love playing games with it, only for short periods though. Can not hold my interest for longer periods, but I like how it works. Can't wait for improved generations with more realism/immersion Its fun playing together with a friend, who is at their place, but with the build in mic you can play and talk together like you are in the same room.
  12. Wulfie - What are some of the niche applications? I normally assume that someone has found an intentional use for any feature, but couldn't think of one in this case.
  13. Give Catznip viewer a go. Yes, really.
  14. I am a keen firestorm user however I lost some of my settings due to a laptop change. I currently have an Alienware with the Nvidia GTX 1060 I basically don't care about heat, I just want 30-40 FPS without lag Anybody have any tips, what should I check and uncheck thanks Bea
  15. BWAHAHAHAH! /me scurries off to Flickr. ETA: I may have misspoken: possibly there is such a thing as a weird sexual position . . . Zeta, these are, as one expects from you, beautiful pictures.
  16. Of course i could add script reset but the problem is boat has lights and i am afraid lights will go out in this case.
  17. It's extremely well hidden! Ok, its not. Its in the about section of my main Flickr
  18. hello, well people in the 50s didn't wear tops like you have on , I also am looking for a Monroe look, find most things are not made for mesh bodies so I am having a hard time I bought a hair from DOUX that is called Marilyn, it has her look ( a 50s look) bought skin and shape that give her facial look somewhat. Just need to add the dark lipstick and a mole. Since I am after the glamorous look of Monroe, I am just buying formals, until I find a one piece suit they wore back then. Even glamorous stars wore one piece suits. Wish more designers would make clothes for our mesh bodies that would fit into the time period of 50s and 60s too.
  19. You just need to have one rule of thumb, whether club is adult or not.... It's an SL club so eventually drama will start. This happens everywhere, sooner or later. If the club staff are on it and politely but firmly make it go away, or at least go private, it's a good one. If they are hissin' and scratchin' along with it, it's a bad one. For any SL venue at all, of any type, this test has never failed me.
  20. I wish belleza would just take the time out & fix these hands. 😰
  21. I too have had the head scratcher moments when seeing poorly shot, random Flickr pics getting hundreds of likes. I chalk it up to thousands of followers and posting to literally hundreds of groups. It annoys me when people post to groups that have nothing to do with the photo. For example posting a naked photo to a clothing creator’s group. Come on now!
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