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  2. ah ok, thank ya all so much, that clears up a lot of the confusion lol :3
  3. Ditto here with the Windlass, I would love it if the wall could change color to match the other walls, the navy clashes with the turquoise exterior and does make the inside kind of dark, especially in the little alcove...I love everything else about the design!
  4. I have done it twice since Wednesday-- after they were sold out. Manually I clicked for hours amd nothing. Then i did an auto clicker for 5hours ish .
  5. Last minute shopping before the storm hits
  6. sorry, i wasn't clear in my meaning what Rolig said. For llGetListLength() to return 1 then there is something in the first list element, either a empty element or a non-printable character
  7. Got any links? I could not find that driver, on the 3D Connexion site or anywhere else.
  8. Still have more work to do - but here's the start of my houseboat
  9. Queeer

    Transparent Back?

    Hello ~ I am new to meshing an I have gotten pretty far but I am stuck on this issue I have of the back of my mesh model being transparent from the outside. I've tried flipping the back side in Marvelous Designer an switching it from triangles to quads but it still hasn't fixed the problem for me.. Maybe I am missing something. Screenshot for example - X X X
  10. This is exactly my issue with it, I've done what I can to brighten the rooms palette and it still looks like a cave. Thanks for squeaking and maybe point Strawberry Linden at this thread to show others have these concerns. It's a small thing, but it would really turn the Windlass from an "it has so much potential" to a "stunner".
  11. Have you looked to see if the first element in the list is some other non-printing character? Try adding message2 = llEscapeURL(message2); maybe?
  12. @Fritigern Gothly For some reason I can't quote YOUR post above but I can quote others - oh well. THANKS for trying. I know it is difficult sometimes. I am trying to take more notes and make more blog posts so I can remember who, what, when and where. Since that time you mention was before Patch made the "first of the year comment" I am going to keep that one as the official statement. It doesn't seem now like that will be a viable date, but if they can get out 700 per month, maybe it can be. Always nice to make your goals. That would be around 8,000 homes. And sometimes (more than one would think) info that we DID see --- disappears for whatever reason. Still, taking screenshots of everything is a bit over the top I think LOL.
  13. not sure if this has been asked but does anyone know if you will be able to alpha aux tattoos ?
  14. I have absolutely no experience with the SpaceNavigator or other kinds of 3D input devices. But, as a writer, I often have wrist issues, to the point that I have to take painkillers every once in a while -- even though I've been using a Vertical Mouse for quite a few years now. But, that comes with daily computer usage of more than 8hrs a day in total, every day throughout each year. It's called "writer's disease" for a reason. However, after using a background app called RSIBreak for some months a dozen years ago (on Windows, there's RSIGuard and others, with similar functions) I got used to taking a short break from the keyboard about every 45 to 50 minutes, in which I roll my wrists, flex my hands, do some practice. Every 3 breaks or so, I go offline entirely to just lay down a bit, then do chores, run errands, go out for a walk, or do other offline-stuff. 😎 Also, I bought wrist bandages recently which I regularly wear, so my wrists get some relief while I'm at the keyboard.
  15. We have moved from selling hair in different shades, to selling 1 hair with a scripted color change HUD. Plus all the furniture that not only include sits, but change color and textures. I am not sure what can be done. If it can be done. Is the color change/texture change what merchants want, or what customers want? It is something that came the last years. It is better, to offer a 5 color HUD instead of 5 different hairs? I can't think it would make my Secondlife worse. Clothes is another thing. To offer xx different colors/textures for the price of what's often only a few percent over a single color. The thing is that so few will bother with it. They don't read here. They notice lag, but will say they LL should fix it. No one is going to be happy, no matter what way it goes.
  16. The SSP regions - the pic you posted - is their working area. You cannot go there. When they are done with a section and ready to release it, they copy it to its permanent location - the new continent that is currently only approx. half of the above picture.
  17. but I added spaces in the feedback to separate the words. Are you sure this is extra after those MollyMews? i.e llOwnerSay("list is (space here)"+llList2CSV(accesslist)+" (and here)and length is "+(string)llGetListLength(accesslist)); thanks Rolig, I am always grateful for better ways to write it, but also am curious to why there is a hidden element in the first place.
  18. Truly charming! The little details make me smile, like the slippers on the mat by the shower! Love the lights wound around the pillars too! 💗
  19. Correct -- that tier button is if you want to pay for more than your Premium 1024. All tier costs shown on that page are extra - above the 1024 you get with your membership.
  20. If you just want to keep from having a comma print out in chat if there's only one element in your list, try default { touch_start(integer total_number) { list a = ["My list"]; llSay(0, llDumpList2String(a,",")); a += [ " with a comma in the middle"]; llSay(0, llDumpList2String(a,",")); } }
  21. I got the cash using skirll twice, so its 6$ fee. But its mentioned as "PayPal Cashout Fee". Its not big issue for me, but some people get confused about this. Maybe can mention as just "Cashout Fee"
  22. Thank you Carolina! I haven't killed it yet, but I'd like to think that it's thrashing about a bit and looking a little worried! 😊
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