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  2. Omg, I am there now, and this looks great. Underwater garden, I am getting there....
  3. No reality is, we don't trust the company as far as we can throw them. And to top it all off, I can literally get my Avatar done, with some appliers and maybe an outfit or two with 5k. To spend 5k on a body, that A has no Dev Kit, or creators to make appliers and clothes with. And B, when it costs more than the average body, does in SL. Why would we spend 20 bucks on it? Look, 5K is not really a competitive price either. They aren't really gonna be competition in the market, at that price. It's great that you don't care about their reputation and past transgressions. Most of us do. Also the last point, I think you will find that most people on the grid are open to new bodies. But if the price tag is right. It's common sense, that price tag will ultimately give the other body companies, more money. To end this whole ramble, they may have a better product in, but do they have the better price?
  4. Heh .... As a retired chemist ( the field where the cis- / trans- notation came from ), I'll have to admit that I was amused to see how the terms started to be used in a non-chemical context a while back. It all makes great sense, but probably not obvious to anyone outside of chemistry. House elves, of course, are another matter. We can thank Harry Potter for that.
  5. Oh and the root may be in the other property, not sure but they are massive jagged rock. Have never run into this but on my properties I always check and double check because want to be a good neighbor! Still will continue to be if I can in this situation. Thank you guys!!!! Jaine444
  6. My SL budget comes out of our entertainment budget and is more than $20. Even so, I will never spend a cent on this body due to the reputation, regardless of how good it might look. Reputation matters to a lot of people.
  7. How is this different from the Landscapers that have been around since the dawn of SL? They buy a lot of landscaping products as well as houses and outdoors furniture, sometimes indoors furniture and decor as well and they use that to put it on the client's land to landscape their sim. This is just like the mini version of the landscaping business.
  8. Rolig Loon

    lindons home

    Even softer yet, an orb can be scripted to llEjectFromLand instead of llTeleportAgentHome, which is a kinder, gentler punishment. Of course, if you are given adequate warning time, you ought to be able to leave a parcel the size of a Linden Home before the orb does anything to you. We'll just have to see.
  9. Thank you so much. I bought it last week but the encroachments were in the water and I did not immediately see them. I may have to return if possible because I will be trying to put a boat there. It's encroachment from two neighbors lol, I checked out inside and outside but these were dark enough to be "hidden" ! Thank you, I will try to let you know the resolutioin. Jaine444
  10. Because not everyone has that kind of money to spend on a product that has zero customer service with the brand walking away again being likely? Or simply because not everyone who uses SL has 20 bucks to spend on a mesh body, and no, those people don't spend money on expensive coffee's either. If you're well enough off to take that risk, you do you, but don't think that's the norm for other residents.
  11. We already talked about need to get it fixed on LL side in the other thread:
  12. No! If I can't do that, you can't well, unless you're smarter than me (which shouldn't be too difficult )
  13. Rolig Loon

    Linden home

    Just as with the OLD Linden Homes, people come and go, so you might get lucky and request one of the new ones right after someone else abandoned one. You never know. I've seen comments here in the forums about people who have lucked out that way this week. Linden Lab is putting out new homes regularly now, though, so the numbers are increasing. Keep your eye on
  14. Actually, it's Satori that is also known as 'The Japanese Continent'. Heterocera is 'The Northern Continent' or more commonly 'The Atoll'.
  15. I got two slightly unusual ones last night while dancing. The first person opened straight-out with a question: "what does cis-gendered mean"? The second person offered his services as a house elf. I'm not sure which of these two worries me most about the current state of humanity.
  16. Why is money so highly regarded in Second Life? That's 20 bucks. You probably spend that on Starbucks in 2 days on your way to the train. Let's be real. I'm not trying to convince you to buy the body. I'm just trying to make you appreciate competition among creators. What's the point of being emotionally attached to a virtual product to a point where you refuse to be open to new ones? And I know, TMP don't have the best reputation, I have too been stranded in their anxiety-awakening sim with no support in the past, but if they have a product that is better than what I'm currently sitting with, then I couldn't care less for their reputation. That's just the reality.
  17. I see, I thought your statement was a general one about mesh body diversity, my bad.
  18. It's the same diversity as the 234234 different mesh heads available now. Why would people embrace the diversity there but not for the mesh bodies?
  19. Caveat for what follows: I'm a CSR for Catwa, and thus it's a head brand that I'm most familiar with. However - when giving advice to people regarding upgrades to mesh - I won't 'shill' for that brand, though I work for it, love what I can do with it, and use it almost exclusively myself. I'm a firm believer in people making their own choices, and in not pushing my personal favourites onto them. Therefore I will always suggest that people should demo lots of heads and bodies and skins from lots of different designers. Find the items that work for you, which may not necessarily be 'the best' by someone else's definition, or 'the most popular' by market definitions. Now that's out of the way... Most mesh heads come with a HUD that contains a set of default skins. Usually these match to body appliers from other stores. For example: the default head appliers in Catwa's (female) HUDs match to body appliers from The Skinnery. (There is also a free group gift HUD in the store containing more skins.) This is also the case with other brands, although I'm less familiar with those. Example: I think the default head appliers in Lelutka (female) heads match to Glam Affair body appliers (and I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong there!) However, you're not limited to those default skins in mesh head HUDs, as there are hundreds of skin stores out there that create appliers. It's very important to take your time trying lots of demos, both heads and bodies in combination with skin appliers. Be aware, too, that there are different types of mesh head, from static ones that you can only change by stretching (and adding appliers) to Bento ones that you can customise not only by means of appliers but you can also use the system shape sliders to change them. Most mesh head and body brands will have the relevant Omega relay/installer for their brand in their store - usually close to the item itself - but yes there is also an inworld Omega store where you can get redeliveries and pick up any HUDs that you may need. (Omega is also on Marketplace, but the HUDs are much cheaper to buy inworld, especially if you're in the Omega group.) What those individuals mean (I didn't read the thread) is that LAQ are selling system skins as well as mesh appliers. Many people - especially those who have been in SL for a long time and grown fond of their system head - will make the jump to a mesh body first of all. They may take a lot longer to get a mesh head (or they may never get one). Stores such as those mentioned will allow you to buy a system skin (which will work on a system head) and matching body appliers (which will work on a mesh body). However, there is also an upcoming new feature that Linden Lab are developing: Bakes on Mesh (BoM for short). It's still in beta, but the basic principle of it is that it will allow people to wear system skins and clothing, and that will 'bake' into a layer that will automatically apply to a mesh body. A very few creators - in anticipation of this - are beginning to include sub-folders with their products (E.g. makeup) that are special layers optimised for when BoM goes live. A lot of people are putting faith in this allowing them to wear all of their old system stuff, but having tried early betas of it there is no guarantee that everything will look as good as one might think. For one thing, old system layers (including skins) are 512px resolution, and mesh appliers are 1024px, so there might be some fuzziness of fine lines in things like tattoos, etc. (You can see that in the body tattoos if you click to enlarge my photo, here.) And - just as Omega appliers 'based on' certain mesh heads might not work 100% on other brands of head - so old system skins etc might not map perfectly to mesh heads. But many of us are looking forward to Bakes on Mesh, as it should eliminate some of the more annoying issues that can happen with mesh appliers. (The good old alpha sorting glitch has never gone away, but BoM should rid us of that.) Don't hold your breath for it, though. It's been in the works for quite some time, and "soon" is all we've heard every time we've asked There's a whole section for BoM in the Creation sub-forum, here. Back to 'meshing-up' an avatar: my advice would be "demo the hell out of everything!" Take your time and pick up lots of demos (they should always be free, or at most a low price such as L$1) of mesh heads, body parts, and skin appliers. Make notes, take screenshots, and try everything out. 'Going mesh' isn't cheap, so it's good advice to figure out your favourites. Don't be like a guy I helped out a while back, who had just bought (at full price and without demoing!) one mesh body and head after another, and had already spent over $100USD without finding something he liked and could work with. (And yes, I pretty much begged him not to buy anything else without demoing it first!)
  20. They really missed out on a golden opportunity for some headline-grabbing publicity. I'd keep working on your sea survival skills if I were you!
  21. I like Reggie but, as a Mac user, buying a PC just to see him is a li'l rich. I do look forward to hearing how the show goes. Good luck, LL!
  22. Region crossings are not fixed. I tried going from Bellasaria to Jeoghot in a speedboat, which I've been able to do before. I got as far as crossing from Nudibranch to Pearl Drop, just west of Jeoghot. Those are all new sims of open water. Boat disappeared. Stuck at bottom of ocean. Controls stuck. Avatar health "Stop avatar animations and revoke permissions" didn't get control back. A short teleport on the world map did. I have a swim HUD, so I tried swimming to a nearby island. A Coast Guard boat and helicopter went by, and I shouted to them, but they didn't reply. I tried swimming after the boat, and at every region crossing, there was a 10 second pause (exactly 10 seconds) and then I was forced to the bottom of the sea. The swim HUD would bring me back up. Kept swimming after the Coast Guard boat, but never caught up. I'd see the Coast Guard boat in the distance once in a while. They didn't seem to make it all the way to Bellasaria. They disappeared south of the new continent, and later showed up at the new airstrip in Coral Waters. Swam all the way back to the southern lighthouse of Bellasaria. That took half an hour. Rezzed a boat at the new rez zone. Once in the boat, everything worked fine, and I boated back to my house and docked the boat. We're still at about 1-2 failures per hour. Worse for multiple passengers.
  23. Kudos to the residents who are working on building community spirit and involvement - the groups that have been created, the tour pictures that have been posted, the collections of LM's posted and sent out to the groups, etc. It is this type of thing I think that will be the most successful for building and maintaining a sense of community among residents.
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