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  2. Don't let them run you out of SL RaeLee. AR, mute, block and just enjoy doing the things that please you here.
  3. The readings are weird -- but also familiar. Almost all that "Simulation Time" is booked to something called "Pump IO" which seems as if it should mean something but I've never heard an explanation that made sense to me. Anyway, this misbehavior pops up occasionally, as a search of the Forums will attest, and the only "fix" I've seen is just what was done here: restart the sim until it behaves normally again, which is not always successful on the first try. According to the wiki, back in 2011 somebody reported at a Simulator User Group that they could make it go away by restarting voice only, so maybe try that? (I didn't even know that was possible.)
  4. We invest time and money in their product. We promote it. We are why it exists.
  5. Good job on an irreverent image. But ... bit of victim mentality? Try supporting Trump to get things in perspective. And then you complain about an almost visible tiny winnie?
  6. Тут, конечно, никого нет, но для порядка я отпишусь, что теперь все тусят в клубе PizzDuk
  7. I'm going to assume that it will be available on their YouTube channel to watch from the beginning. I agree with you @Alwin Alcott about the giggling and laughing. There are things being discussed that are important to a lot of people and the giggling feels like they aren't taking it seriously and that we're all missing out on some inside jokes. This format is good, and should be continued, albeit it with someone other than Strawberry hosting, maybe. Having a place where we can submit questions and have them answer like this is a great idea. We do have questions and we deserve to have them answered. We also deserve to be taken seriously.
  8. На secondlife.com заходишь, логинишься, жмёшь Account->Delete Account. Я сам не пробовал
  9. But what about those low-grade mesh avatars that look no better than system ones? Worse, in some cases?
  10. Cindy, so sorry - my condolences on your loss. From little things you've mentioned from time to time, it sounds like you had a long, wonderful and fun relationship. <hugs>
  11. Eh, I understand those requirements for adult roleplay, I think they're a good idea even, but I'd be really pissed if they'd creep into general roleplay. But those requirements don't help against people who can't emote, or think "uh bb u liek??" is the hight of eloquence. I'd so teleport out on those, rules or not.
  12. Hrm, is there a way to just watch it from the start? There be lag watching it live, and I have no idea what they're on about.
  13. I can't find the right words - it just shouldn't have happened, you should have had 11 or 22 or 33 more years. The song is beautiful. I'm so sorry.
  14. looks like nothing can be answered serious, every line ends in giggling and other non defined noises...
  15. I think you heard that wrong. The $20 was the discount people with the Premium Plooooooooooose account will get on name changes. There was no mention (I don't think) of what Premium Ploooooooooooose will cost.
  16. Yes but how she has wrongly called out racist against her in her past postings amongst many other things; surely that is bad way to seek attention? Anyways enough said on that as don't need this go to off topic.
  17. I only started listening at 11:15. What did I miss? Notes: Premium Plus is $20 extra? Is that per month or per year? (May be wrong.) Email-based 2-factor authentication is coming. Nothing like a Yubikey. Too much time spent on name changes. 5000 "new users logging into SL every day". (Does that mean the web site, which bots can use, or made it into the world?) IoS app coming, Android later.
  18. Cindy; this for you right and I'm so sorry for your loss!
  19. I know, but we all have issues and problems and days or weeks or months where we need a bit of attention. And this thread is all about attention.
  20. Conumdrum dismantled ? littlepaws nova ravenhearst wumpkins ? Maybe $40
  21. I do love all the extra detail you've put into your avatar. Those rings and the sticking plaster are just so pretty with the pink. You will rarely see me on this thread, because I look like a moose. Not literally, but I do not spend enough time making my avatar look this amazing and detailed. You have done a good job.
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