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  2. If something isn't in keeping with the theme then anyone can AR the objects and governance will make a determination. Thanks for posting this. I think the big issue is if the objects impede right of way (movement). I seriously doubt that the governance team will remove items that are in-theme decorator items that extend just beyond our parcels.
  3. The best info we have came from Vir at the CCUG. Inara blogged it here: https://modemworld.me/2019/04/19/linux-jessie-update-a-cause-of-sl-tp-issues/ I don't know what happened to cause the further windlight breakage after that OS rollback. The EEP regions did have the OS update bundled in from quite early on so I guess rolling back the OS update has broken some server stuff for EEP & how EEP regions affect legacy viewers or there was a bad merge of the EEP server stuff back into the rolled back server code or there was a deliberate fix for the black stars bug that actually broke "legacy" windlight even more. Worst bit is that the TP disconnects don't seem to be fixed either so I wonder what's going to happen next. I'd be very interested to know of LLs stats show any improvement in the TP disconnects since the grid was rolled back. There's an interesting theory about the cause of the TP disconnects here: BUG-226825 - Reason why teleports fails to many people Honestly no idea if that theory has any merit - I doubt it but this is SL & I've learned to expect the unexpected lol.
  4. I really like this idea. I personally would prefer to live in a G rated region.
  5. Sail to your hearts content with access to near endless protected waterways. Already setup with a home to make your own or return everything and just start over. Protected water on 4 sides of the island with a small connection to a neighboring island. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vinula/159/194/23
  6. Today is Earth Day. What are you doing for today? I'm not doing anything in particular.
  7. As a moderator for the Maitreya Lara Friends group, I see people asking where to find pasties or how to cover up their bits all the time. I remember oh so many years ago when going to shop at the Free Dove there were changing rooms so people could be modest. So I agree that modesty is a very real issue for some residents. But I do believe they are a minority, but being a minority shouldn't mean your needs are ignored. As for forced community, I kind of disagree. I'm a retired teacher. If there is a better example of forced community I don't know of one. It works. It has problems but we don't give up on it. We find ways to work with different personalities and different needs. We don't let the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few though. We have to find a way to serve all. Is it easy? No! Unfortunately, some believe in using segregation to meet the needs, which is completely wrong. To say you go over there and play and we'll play here is absurd especially when here is new and shiny and over there is old and worn out with little appeal. I personally sold double prim land in Barcola and opened another premium account just so I could live in Bellisseria. That's how much shinier it is over regular mainland.
  8. Interesting reads! Thank you for posting them. As I was reading, my thoughts would drift between here in SL and in a certain popular MMORPG that is definitely "low density" for those starting out in it.
  9. First, thanks for the information. It's more than we're seeing in the release notes, that's for sure. At this point, I really think @Oz Linden needs to direct Development and Operations to practice radical transparency about this mess with TP disconnects, region crossings, and I guess EEP. Maybe the OS upgrade stuff, too, to the extent they're investigating that as a contributing factor. I mean, we're all in it together now, and I feel like I'm stuck on a plane on the tarmac with no word from the pilot.
  10. I would like to choose what maturity level to live in G,M or A . we all pay we should have a choice to what fits us best. this world is made from and for all of us no one should be excluded every ones SL is different we are all here for different reasons. I would also like to see more water or rock features near the homes to make them unique in there settings
  11. I ask this question because of two instances that I have seen, one at home on my houseboat in Hibiki and one happening on Protected Land in the adjoining Double sim. Yesterday, while at home with a friend, we both noticed my neighbours cuddle rug start talking in Chat. She was setting it up so it became a little irritating. I have "Restrict gesture & object sounds to this parcel." ticked in About Land. I IM'd my neighbour and and asked if she, too, had this ticked. She replied that yes it was ticked and we were both left puzzled. Now, oddly, I continued to see object chat until she decided the ugly rug (her words) was removed by her friend but my friend stop seeing it her chat. Now, the other oddity is happening now in the Double region. The channel across Double is Protected Land, no build, and Object Return is set for 1 minute. Yet all morning there has been an empty motor boat sitting in the Protected Channel and it hasn't been returned. Clearly, someone abandoned the boat but why is it still there?
  12. When I was out and about yesterday, I saw a cute little deck w/ some chairs along a river (do not remember which sim I was in atm) I was going to get a LM for the LM thread and then I realized it was not Mole/Linden built, it was private built. The owner's land was across the sidewalk from the deck. Not sure if they will be able to keep it, but it fit with the theme nicely.
  13. Glutz is a new one for me, so thanks for that. While it's punky (which is mostly Syd's style) a lot of it is a bit more femme than I usually wear, but I see a couple of pieces on their MP store that I'll definitely be demoing. I've not been immersed for that long (about a year) in the V-Tech crowd, and even then Syd is only a part-time persona for Skell, but prior to that I was (and still am now) forever hunting for things like heels that I could wear on my male bodies, so some of the designers I've found thus far include: Clothing (specific where stated; otherwise take a look around and see what works for you) Grima (V-Tech) Krankhaus (V-Tech, Kuroo, & Kemono) Boys to the Bone (items for V-Tech and some male bodies) FAKEIKON/FAKEICON (search for both, as the name changed a while back - items for V-Tech and some male bodies) Riot (items for V-Tech and some male bodies) Cubura (items for V-Tech and some male bodies) Violetility's Genderpunk! range (gender-neutral items for male bodies) TwoSided Riot (items for V-Tech and some male bodies) Schadenfreude (includes gender-neutral items for male bodies, but this was some time ago; I recall male fitting corsets and thigh-high boots, as well as a sundress with a male standard size fit and flat chest option) Footwear (specifically heels for male bodies) Cubura (three pairs of heeled boots for Slink M, Jake, and Gianni) Riot (amazing thigh-high boots for both genders, and also look in the inworld store for their Trixie Heeled Socks, that allow male bodies to wear female heels) Violetility's Genderpunk! range (the Penta Platforms are amazing) Boys to the Bone For footwear, also don't forget the full-perm suppliers such as Meli Imako. I've picked up some amazing resizeable heels and boots from there. Also, check out Blackburns; their earlier non-rigged footwear (including the sculpt stuff, which still looks fantastic) are all resizable for male feet. I blogged about this (including a few specific links) in this post. Skins (these mainly include V-Tech appliers) Pink Fuel Lumae (as far as I know, as at April 2019 these are still all L$100 per full skin set) Go & See (recent releases have included V-Tech body appliers) Sun & Stars As with any search for items, make sure to check out inworld stores and not only Marketplace. Many stores don't have everything for sale on MP, and you'll often find extra stuff inworld. In general, make sure to keep an eye out for the Something Extra quarterly event (Seraphim page here) as it features a lot of gender-neutral designers. And the twice-yearly Femboy Hunt is worth checking out, too (their blog is also active and kept updated with new items, so it's one for the bookmarks). Flickr groups dedicated to androgyny include: Androgynes in SL The Androgyne Initiative A N D R O Second Life - Androgyny Flickr groups are a great way to find other residents and bloggers who specialise in androgyny, and thus find other new places to shop
  14. Ancient rocks at Wheelhouse.... created appropriately by Ancient Mole! Maybe these rocks contain some of the oldest fossils of living organisms ever found in Second Life, surely we find preserved ancient plate tectonic sequences from Da Boom! Also nice relaxing area with loungers, bench and little sandy beach. I simply love the work and details the Moles and Linden Lab have put into this new continent.
  15. "The state" should use eminent domain powers and confiscate your neighbor's building for the good of the neighborhood.
  16. Blog: https://dluvsl.wordpress.com Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/gp/123953741@N05/0P5636
  17. From your Dashboard, go to Help and then Support. This link might work: https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new
  18. Today
  19. I finished my front porch addon for my Winchester! I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I wound up doing two versions, one with a fence around the porch and one without. The porch is on marketplace, if anyone else would like one I'm so happy with the dimension this adds to the front of my house! I think another day I may consider making some dormers or something. I just adore a varied roof line!
  20. Be aware that since the grid rolled last week in an attempt to fix the TP disconnects (which doesn't seem to have worked), region windlight is even more broken now. Bug report: BUG-226815 - [EEP] Since the grid was rolled to yesterday, region windlight is broken for all legacy viewers - settings reset on Apply.
  21. You'll only see the problems if you render the region windlight/estate time. Using a local windlight override or the "legacy" Firestorm parcel windlight still works just fine.
  22. True story from yesterday. Niece and nephew, both seven, were sharing a sticker book together. Lots of information about history, weaponry, armour, castles, exotic animals, natural rocks and space. After they were finished stickering and reading, nephew closed the book (it was his) and niece saw that it was called the Big Sticker Book for Boys. Niece: "Your book says it's for boys." Nephew: "Yeah, so what?"
  23. I'd simply be happy to see us get technology that's been in other games for decades, and just keeps getting better.
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