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  2. Thank you! It's nothing "fancy", no waterfront or anything, but I'm over the moon with it! I've always lived in family communities, so I don't mind being on a busy street at all. Maybe down the road I might try and snag up something else, but for the coming time, I'm going to settle down here
  3. Settlers of Second Life .. a fairly rare to find 4 player Catan clone made entirely from prims, scripted in LSO and using a paltry 256 Li
  4. Aww congrats! That's excellent news. I hope you enjoy your new home.
  5. Those maps don't actually add anything you can't embedd onto the textures themselves. What they allow you to do, is add nuances that change with view angle and lighting. This is going to be very generic, theoretical and technical: That means you've already learned an important lesson: Photorealism is not SL realism! It sounds a bit counterituitive but sometimes you want to reduce the dynamic range and maybe even add a slight amount of blur to a texture to make it look more "real" in SL. The reason is that we need to blend it into the SL environment. A texture that is significantly sharper or "richer" in colour than the surroundings will stand out like a sore thumb. Saturation and Contrast are the basic tools for adjusting dynamic range. You're bound to have lots of other more advanced methods too but which depends on what software you use. Perhaps the most important factor if you make textures from photos is to choose the right photo. I suppose it goes without saying that pictures taken with bright sunlight are generally useless for textures but there are also several other factors and some of them aren't apparent until you start working on them. With a bit of luck and experience you might be able to make a decent texture from one photo out of ten but don't bet on it. Increasing the dynamic range might help but it's very hard to do wihtout ending up with an exaggerated contrast "pop art" look. One really useful trick I learned from the gret Jubjub Forder is to add a grayscale cloud layer to a texture. Layer opacity set very low, layer opacity prefably Overlay but Multiply and Color Burn can also work. What this gives you, are subtle shading nuances which can add a lot of depth to a texture that is too "flat". Be careful though, if you overdo it, you end up with a mottled look. That doesn't make nearly as much difference as people believe. Maybe because we never get to see other people's flops. I think it's fair to say that even the best texture artists have more failures than successes. They just don't show anybody. You should also keep in mind that very few people make their textures from scratch. Most use a seed texture where somebody else has done all the hard work. I don't think that should matter in this particular context but it's such a good advice for many other reasons so yes, well said!
  6. I got one! I got one! I got one! I got one! Someone just abandoned their home on Rothacker. I'm going to check it out now! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  7. Scholars have hypothesized that pickle making could have ended up in Bellisseria through an extinct civilization, known as the Primitars. They may have found delivery boxes of pickles, which drifted to Bellisseria after the blast threw them into the sea. The Primitars figured how to create primitive pickles but the art of pickle making on Bellisseria was lost after the Primitars went extinct. Fast forward 15½ years, and an industrious tribe, known as the Moles rediscovered the lands and decided to develop it for future habitation. It is rumoured that some members of this Moles tribe excavated some artefacts whilst preparing the lands for cultivation. One of the more stubborn rumours tell of the excavation of a glass jar of pickles, predating the Mole civilization. Obviously, the jar could not have been thrown here by the explosion of the pickle factory, so the only logical conclusion is that the Primitars developed the art of pickle making, possibly after the pickle disaster dumped thousands of delivery crates with pickles and pickle-making supplies in the surrounding oceans. Some of these crates may have washed ashore, allowing the Primitar people to learn how to make pickles. At least, that is one theory.
  8. You really don't have to worry about script memory usage. Once upon a time way back when, LL would show off their new shiny servers and tell us all how much ram they had, they haven't done that for years and those old servers are now being used as door stops. (You can buy a cheap PC in walmart with more oompf than the last machines we knew the details for!). However, some like to cite those old numbers as though they are still relevant. We have no idea what the machines in LL's data center look like. We can reasonably assume they aren't running a museum and are significantly better equipped than they were in 2008, not to mention all the infrastructure changes that have happened in that time moving stuff into the cloud. When it comes to Linden homes, keep in mind that each full region doesn't have full resident use (like regular mainland or a private island may), this is primarily to give enough Li headroom for roads and the 'free' houses, it also gives quite a bit more headroom for scripts too. The best tip is when placing multiple copies of the same object (like a chair), don't rez each one by one, shift copy them. Keep the number of animating things down (animating as in the thing itself animates .. like pets / critters), and don't leave stuff out you rarely use (like a greedy table that only see's a game once a blue moon). A couple of breedables are technically fine, but they will attract unwanted attention (deserved or not) from neighbors who like to peek over the fence. I would not recommend removing scripts. I would not recommend watching the script stats like a hawk. The best performance metric is perceptual .. when you interact with the thing, does it do the thing in a satisfactory manner. If not .. well .. this is shared land, your ability to debug script usage is practically zero, and you can't expect a Linden to come out and start inspecting everything, they just don't do that.
  9. ooooh The Blues ... we can go dancin! yaaaay
  10. I would not be surprised by now if we all had to agree to Tilia TOS despite what the townhall said...
  11. Just a few weeks ago LL doubled the processing fee for cashing out from 2.5% to 5%. Are we going to have pay fee's to LL and to Tilia now ?
  12. angels get an aura, demons get better sex
  13. That guy is really good. Quite a creative use of those old homes. Just goes to show it's really the owner that makes or breaks a home. Thx for sharing.
  14. There are thousands and thousands of eye appliers out there. If you post an image of the system eyes that you have, maybe we could track down some appliers that look similar. It depends on which head Rhiannon has. Catwa recently made some slight changes to the rigging of her Bento heads' eyes, although the Catwa head alpha does cover the entire head - eyes included - so Rhiannon will need to find an alpha that shows the system eyes in order to test the theory. But if she doesn't wear the Catwa head applier then her system head will definitely show, blended in with her mesh head.
  15. I did have some, but il have to see if they are still floating around somewhere. I think they are on an old gyazo, leave it with me till I finish work and il look
  16. Today
  17. House boat spotted at 4:45 pm AEST / 11:45 p.m. SLT. 🚢
  18. That just says to me that, like them, he goes into battle wearing nothing but a cape and a pair of Y fronts, and therefore deserves everything he gets.
  19. The Lab getting all SL's ducks in a line after 16 years of 'near enough' is indeed an ill wind.
  20. Hi Rocio, The frustration I was expressing was not directed at you, but at Linden Lab, who are very clearly not doing an adequate job of informing their residents -- particularly their non-native English speaking residents -- about what all this means. I wish you well, and hope that I was able to answer your questions.
  21. Surely that’s the beauty of second life though. You can be anything you want to be. A few years back curiosity got the better of me and I went on an explore through the entirety (or as much as I could find) of the adult side of SL. And whether it was girls being trained as pony’s right through to latex clad pig human futa overweight hybrids with a c**k the size of a small bus, spinning spiral textures over the nipples and pulling 6 naked male slaves behind them...I saw it all. It made me appreciate just how diverse SL actually is.
  22. Its also worth asking if every piece of furniture you rez HAS to be animated. I've seen this time and again, and once upon a time I was guilty of this myself. All my furniture HAD to have animations or give props or serve a function beyond just looking good. I didn't realise the implications of that on contributing to lag for myself or other people. And to be honest I didn't care. Now I do, and if we want a less laggy SL more people should too. First ask yourself if you really need animations or scripts in everything you rez. Pay attention to what you know you will use and what is just there to look good. Do you anticipate entertaining a lot of people so you need all your 8 chairs to be usable? Do you really need to change the colour of your curtains once you have selected the one you want? Do you really need to be able to turn taps on in a bath if you don't ever intend to bathe in your house? Really take a look and think ahead. All those chairs and bathtubs and showers and toilets that no one uses contain scripts that aren't doing anything, just waiting. And that's wasted resources for a region that don't need to be there if you have no use for them. Of course removing scripts from objects isn't something I'd recommend if you're not comfortable in doing so. People worry about breaking objects and that's understandable; once you remove scripts the object essentially becomes just a prop. I've read elsewhere on the forums the difference between stopping scripts versus removing and accounts seem to vary (since a lot of scripts are essentially "asleep" until we wake them up/trigger them to act, and some are just running in the back ground all the time). Experts could probably weigh in with more accurate advice, but me personally, I remove the scripts I don't need. That's because I take stock of what I use and don't use and remove the scripts of those I won't use, which means less scripts, which equates to better (however slight) performance for me and my neighbours. The added benefit to removing scripts and making furniture props is that a majority can be linked together to lower land impact. But since this topic isn't about linking I won't say anything more about it. Again I am speaking from personal experience because this above is exactly what I do in all my homes, whether it's in Bellisseria or when I was a rental tenant on other regions. If you're going to remove scripts make sure you make a copy of the original object first so if something goes wrong you won't lose it. If in doubt, practice first. A little research can help you decide what's best for you if you really are serious on reducing scripts and potentially lag. If you want expert advice, ask an expert. I am not one of them. This is just my personal opinion and it helps me. You have to find a method that works for you.
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