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  2. No, it's not. I've seen the simulator performance drop drastically even in a region where I was the only avatar and the only scripted item I was wearing, was a standard AO. It doesn't seem to be scripts only either. I've occasionally managed to catch the frame time stats just as the region froze and it isn't always script time that is peaking, it can be anything really. Nor am I convinced it's about server capacity as such. 100 ms agent time for a region with only one fairly low lag and not very active avatar - that seems more like faulty software than sheer lack of capacity. The only thing that is certain, is that the servers are struggling hard these days to handle workloads that didn't cause them any problems whatsoever a year or three ago.
  3. Or be able to turn off Sounds and/or Media from outside your own parcel in the Land settings or on the Control Panel. That would be nice if you want to watch a video or listen to media in your home but don't want to hear the neighbours' sounds and media.
  4. It's from a Schultz Bros gacha, The Gardener's House, and it's only 4 LI. At least he trades the prices for copy/no trans, so that's always something.
  5. For me the only reason I would ever get back into buying gacha from the machines, is if I could return each unwanted item directly on the spot and receive some value for it. Maybe points, and at certain points you can pick items from the same machine? Current system I ignore Gacha's entirely or occasionally buy something of MP directly if I really want an item. I'm a client that wants to buy a certain item, not a dealer/reseller of your unwanted junk. So giving them points value to eventually get the item I want "could" motivate me to use the system.
  6. I don't have any issue with the way the new rez areas look here. Considering that we didn't have any when the continent first opened, and that as far as I could tell, there were not any at all on the original Linden Home continents, I was both very surprised and pleased that the moles responded so quickly to residents' requests for land and water rez areas and for an air strip. Unless one sails all the time in the Blake area, or reads a lot of SL wiki documentation, the fact that there are unmarked rez zones in a corner of a water sim is probably not general knowledge (and would certainly not be general knowledge to new players - who eventually will be able to get one of the new Linden Homes when they join and become premium). The obvious rez zones may encourage people to try out the different modes of transportation.
  7. The c. 40 LI houses I listed are also made for LOD factor 1 but I wasn't going to criticise LL for that. It's on their prim quota and if they don't see it as a problem, it isn't a problem. What I was talking about, was what you should expect for a house of similar style and quality if you had to cover the prims yourself and the answer to that is 20-40. It's relevant in this context only because it shows how many prims you actually save by getting the house at effectively zero LI.
  8. You can't close a topic, you can only walk away from it. The rest of us may well keep it going forever. It's happened!
  9. I seen there is made ready for new land, I seen the beginning of houseboat docks, we know they are working on this. So instead of being negative. Use the time to explore Bellisseria - get to know other people there. Plan how you want your new home to be. It is happening, we just have to wait until they are ready 😊
  10. If it was a large yellow house. I got hit by it yesterday when I cycled past it, and I was clearly on the public path
  11. am living in a one room flat at the moment waiting on a new linden traditional. I think people that are waiting on house boats and took traditional homes should move to the old classics and let those of us looking for traditional homes have a chance to get one.
  12. Instead of complaining, people might want to consider devoting that time to refreshing the "get your Linden home" page. I saw a houseboat on there this morning. Alas, it is no longer there.
  13. Thank you all for your remarks, responses etc... I still have to learn how to be more patient, to know that SL has all kind of people all kind of expectations all kind of protocol. How can I close the topic? Because I think I open it and would like to do closed.
  14. SO RUDE. I hope their naked pixel bottom is really worth that kind of overly aggressive "security", but somehow I doubt it.
  15. I have a redelivery script I can just drop into a prim, whenever I need to get a redelivery on anything. Saves me having to hunt down a terminal.
  16. Besides the ordinary aircraft, Daniel was seen there too on his super cool airship. 😃 🙂
  17. Or rent for now. Just for now. I rent. I always rented, but am waiting now for a new linden home because they looks better than the old ones, and I have walked and hopped and skipped and jumped and cycled and driven around the new linden home sims and feel it is my neighbourhood already. So excited.
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  19. LAST DAY! This 1024sqm Beach Parcel will go into Auction at the end of the day. SLURL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bolsena/131/74/21 Minimum Bid price will be the same price it has now (L$6499), so this is the cheepest it will get IM claireneon for any question.
  20. As of yesterday, in Blake Sea (all Main Channel) there were still significant issues. Not clear if the situation was any better or not, but clearly not solved.
  21. I'm using a rez zone marker at my boathouse the same as the Moles and for what is likely the same reason: so passers-by know that it's a rez zone. because if you are dismounted from your boat in an unfamiliar area, it's nice to be able to cam from up high, looking down and seeing these in the water. In my case, it's because almost all parcels are privately locked and I want to show that my spot is publicly available for rezzing (in the middle of a large gaggle of houseboats). I thought about just posting a sign, but also realized no one will see it because we don't usually go reading every sign we pass as we sail.
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