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  2. please don't. Love the look... and btw, what skin is that? I love how 'unhostile' he looks -- too many guys look like they want to hurt someone... my boy toy needs this skin and maybe to steal other aspects of this look. Not every boy needs to look like an assassin with blisters on both feet.
  3. the demos are in the Notices tab of the group.
  4. Ok, now I think I finally understand, lol. They send you something to get Demos. Thanks!
  5. It's a Corgi I got from MishMish during The Saturday Sale Also, my "strategy" is to get all the demos from the group, make a specific folder for the Hair fair and put them all in there. Try all the demos on, delete the ones I don't want, then keep the ones I do until I can purchase them. If I can't afford to get them, during the fair, I have them in a folder to get at a later date.
  6. Oh, I thought it was a trick to avoid the massive lag, lol. Duh! 🙄
  7. If it's like past years, you join their demo group and you can find tons of demos in the notices.
  8. How do I visit this continent. After being away for several months & just got back to find these threads. Really want to see this & by the sounds of it move there...
  9. You totally rock... promoting of the droollage...
  10. Thank you so much! I will look into using both!
  11. If you go to the Hair Fair website, they have a demo group to join
  12. I'd just like to point out that these Moles are working on a weekend. There are many extra hours being put in to get homes out as quickly as possible, and I appreciate them for giving so much of their time to it while I'm kicked back here eating chips and playing on the forums!
  13. I think I need to get myself a virtual corgi. 😃 And it’s a Saturday Sale item! It’s my lucky day.
  14. ETA: Just looked it up...apparently Cliff Richard hated the song and initially refused to record it. Good for him, it's horrendous.
  15. Have you relogged? Have you tried a different viewer? Have you checked that text color hon't changed (to the same as background, etc)?
  16. I just love that floofy little dog you have there. ❤️
  17. I worked for Boys and Girls club once. You *cannot* find a more diverse anything with regard to race than at that place. So we fired an Afro-American (Calling him by simple description, here) - and guess what he does: Files a lawsuit on *discrimination*. A place where the minority population is literally 85% of the staff *and* clientele. I roll my eyes HARD every time anyone brings up racial discrimination as the primary accusation in any dispute. It's also the hardest thing to prove in a court of law, yet they do it anyway. Not because they will win (they will not and know they will not) but rather, it's to "hurt" the company with bad publicity and legal costs they will be forced to pay. So I say poo-poo on this person, they're full of [common word for poo] because if it were legitimate, they wouldn't be tooting their horn in this way. One side of the coin painting the other side black. If it actually goes to trial I imagine the accused will easily plonk the accuser hard. But there is the cost in money, time, effort and all the rest they have to contend with. That's the real shame in it all. It will be settled out of court to save costs and bad publicity suffered by LL and the accuser will "get away with it". Status Quo.
  18. I've been patiently waiting on the return of last names. I've been excited about not only finally getting a last name but also just getting to change my name on the whole. Actually never thought it would've been this difficult, something crossed my mind. Hopefully they allow people to change their names even if they do not want the first and last name, maybe just get a new user name.
  19. Totally off topic, but .... welcome to the (small) crowd. That's my own background. I started messing with programming as an undergrad when it was all done with punch cards and sense switches. As a major in the sciences, programming seemed like a natural tool to have in my repertoire, but I never considered becoming a computer scientist. Instead, I spent almost 40 years teaching myself how to tell computers to handle problems that I would otherwise have had to deal with analytically (and laboriously) by hand. It was only as I retired and discovered SL that I finally succumbed to the temptation to learn how to to it right. So, now I'm proud to call myself a scripter -- with all the experience of having used computers and STEM skills to study real world questions.
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