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  2. For the sim sizes, direct from the ceo's mouth.
  3. No excuse for that behavior if she told him no or to stop. No one has the right to be abusive or disrespectful ever, no matter if they try and excuse it off as they like rough sex or its their kink or its their fetish. That does not make it automatically acceptable for them to behave in that manner ever. no consent.. no go.. no do.. anyone that does is just a jerk at that point.
  4. Yes, SSP2001 etc. were I think first posted about on May 3. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/426577-ssp/page/175/?tab=comments#comment-2108222 They haven't changed one bit, to my eyes. I cannot locate SSP9, 379, etc., though I've clicked around where I think they SHOULD be. They are not findable by typing in their names. I see SSP1, SSP605, and the upper fringe of QA regions, but not those you mention as possibly under blue prims. Can you point out where they are? /me glances around Belli, notes incremental progress to SSPE regions happily, thinks maybe nothing released today, yawns, and goes off to watch Lincoln Project videos.
  5. not my usual set up type picture, but I hadn't seen another miles last name in my 13 yrs of SL till I came across @Orfeu Miles on the forums! Hung out today in-world and had to capture cause I couldn't believe it lol 😋
  6. Doesn't make that kind of behavior acceptable or tolerable for any reason ever. It doesn't matter where it happened, or with who, its the fact that it happened at all. Which you seem to not understand.
  7. typical response from the 100% consent belief squad. a big reason why those that go there is to use and abuse those that just leave themselves open to it. Even if you dont want to accept this truth. That they are degenerate people looking for those that they can use and abuse that wont fight back or refuse or disobey. That they are incels just looking for victims to take advantage of. You can try to defend it all you want but it doesn't change the facts of why the majority of the patrons go there. They want a doll to play with a piece of meat to use for their own pleasure. Someone who wont tell them no. Someone who wont judge them and make them feel inadequate because they are too emotionally and mentally immature and insecure to handle any possible criticism about their rp/slsex skill. They want a mindless helpless powerless bimbo. Sure the people putting themselves there often get off on it too, they are equally demented and like being used and toyed with and abused. Its a turn on to them to be used or abused or taken advantage of. they have no respect for themselves and dont care what anyone says or does. Because to them its all just a game and not real to begin with. they they never have know what happened, they only care about as long as they get paid for it in the end. They dont even have to read any responses the person may have said in local or im if they dont want too. So it never happened in their eyes or mind. So it doesnt matter to them what the person said or did or how they acted. Its just about the money to them. Anyone can shame anyone for anything they dont like. Anyone can say that they feel someone else reasons are invalid if they want at any time. Its not your place to try and tell them they cant. As you say I dont have the right to judge them. you do not have the right to judge me or say my reasons are invalid.. that game you tried to play works both ways. and you just failed miserably at it. To some people SL 'is' real life there is no difference between the two, its not just a game, its not just role play its not just fantasy, its not just fake. Yet you seem to not to be able to understand this. Typical of people like you. And yes people can be tricked or lured to go there then shamed to keep going there or blackmailed or coerced into staying or returning over and over again. If you cant understand this, then you really have very little understanding of the human mind and emotions and feelings and how some people can manipulate others into doing things they do not always like or agree or consent too.. even here. yet you will undoubtedly claim this cannot be done. There are even some fake arse abusive Doms that have their sub/slaves go there to prostitute them for money that if they leave they will be punished for doing so. Yet you will probably say that cant be done either. You really dont know as much as you think you do about it..
  8. The 13th amendment only passed in the House by like 2 votes and failed the first time by 13 votes for a 2/3 majority.. Republicans were not just in the north and Democrats just the south..Just like they are not today.. Since state Representatives and Senators of seceding states left congress, only the north voted on the 13th Amendment.. Before I ever found that out when I was younger, I had the mindset of North good, South bad, as far as that time period went.. But when I really opened my eyes to the world around me, I looked at it as, it wasn't a war about racism, because the north wasn't fighting it for equality.. I think many get in the mindset that Freedom and equality are the same thing.. Both the north and the south never applied a glimmer of either of those westward. They didn't just all of a sudden feel bad and decide to become good guys.. There is the things we are told by politicians and then there is the things they are really after.. The romance which they barf out, The Truth which they try to distract from..
  9. Technically you never really own anything in today's world. full perm still has a use license typically unless the creator has gpl''d it, which is rare.
  10. I have been asked if there is a way to write a script to modify the shape of an avatar in a particular way over time. Is there an API for the shape file or is the only way through the Edit Shape UI? Thanks, Greg
  11. Hm. Maybe I wasn't clear about what I'm spitballing. I've budgeted for a high quality body, head, and skin and some amount of cosmetics to go with it. I'm pretty good on scouting freebies & cheapies. I'm actually racking my head to think about what one would need for a well-curated, mix-and-match small wardrobe until I eventually accrue years of junk on this other account too. I can guess on the general things - some separates, a few dresses of varying length, two or three pairs of shoes - probably scored at a discount event, some underthings, at least one necklace, choker, pair of earrings, ring or bracelet. All put together towards one overriding aesthetic. And some poses, because I'm going to document the whole thing of course.
  12. ok, seriously? I didn't think I could be more jealous and then I see your location!! You hit some abandon gold 😍 also just as cute in world, thanks so much for letting me come see!
  13. This is going to happen when turning tricks. No offense she wasnt assaulted by some random guy on some random sim.
  14. Hi all, I started a group with some friends.This group is for the Maitreya Lara Petite fashion fans and sends out alerts when something new is available on the market for Petite. It is free to join. We keep you posted about all new fashion, clothing, hair, skin and all the other releases for the Maitreya Lara Petite add-on. Feel free to join. This is the group SLurl for inworld: secondlife:///app/group/c2795a18-8261-1138-b6bf-6886b78e1c78/about Kind regards, ♥ Gabri Nova
  15. Crash is a different thing. Thats proper thing to do and good PR but in cases like this one money stays in the wallet.
  16. the Dixicrats came from the democrat party and returned to the Democrat party after the election of 1948. Thurmond switched to republican in 1964, and was pretty much the only one who did. This is yalls big switch? Democrats kept charging forward with their vile racism, with Hillarys good old buddy Byrd being one of them. He even filibustered the Civil rights act of 1964 and was one of the ones the voting rights act of 1965. Her statement was he was a friend and mentor, lol...you cant make this crap up. When Jim Crow, segregation and the Klu Klux KLan wasnt winning them elections, elections dominated by Republicans between 1865 and the 1920s, they must have thought they needed a new plan. Maybe your talking about FDRs New Deal? You know the one where he tried to get the support of the southern Democrats, and they flatly told him that they would come on board as long as he made no effort to overturn segregation or lynching. Of course he agreed to this, the NAACP was really hoping he would jump on board with the anti lynching bills in 1922, but he would not because he needed the southern democrat racists to pass New Deal legislation. Funny thing is his wife Eleanor support anti lynching bills and championed them. FDR even hooked those Democrat racists out by getting Hugo Black, KKK member , appointed to the Supreme court. Lets not forget the Social Security Act of 1935 which the southern democrats, whose support FDR needed, again black balled and made sure it did not apply to agricultural laborers nor domestic servants—a pool of workers that included at least 60 percent of the nation's black population. New Deal programs like the National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) and the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) were segregated and offered the best jobs to whites. The administration denied FHA loans to blacks seeking to move into white neighborhoods, but they did assist blacks in buying homes in black areas. Despite all of this enormous pandering to the racist Democrats in the south in complete opposition to the black community, by 1936 75% of blacks became Democrats on the promise of this "New Deal" So yeah I suppose there was "big switch" but it wasnt what you propose, where the Republican party became the racists...not by a flipping long shot
  17. I will always return it from a crash. It's not fair otherwise!!! Abusive idiots....they lose there money....
  18. RULE #1 NEVER return the money. Regardless if you do it you have absolutely NO GUARANTEE that the person will stop and what kind of lunatic you are dealing with so keep them.
  19. I Totally agree. It's hard to step back from the immersion at first though.That comes over time. I wouldn't return the money either when someone is abusive. We always do on crashes though. Prorated fairly. Escorting is a business transaction, and if we aren't honest, we won't have clients.It's just unbelievable to me that some can be abusive!!!
  20. Lindal Kidd


    "Skybox" is our term for any structure that's up in the sky. It can be an actual home, or a simulated landscape enclosed in a dome, or a giant airship, or just a flat prim. The point is that lag is reduced at altitudes over 1,000m because ground textures are no longer rendered.
  21. One of my alts uses a cheap Maitreya compatible body with Catwa Freya currently but is just as happy with the free Genus or Dream heads there's not much difference in head shape got it one of the free skins from Stay at home Club and Izzies valentine freebie make-up, it currently wears Limerence hair, SEmotion AO, a collar/choker, shey boots and a jacket/top combo & jeans from Blueberry obtained with free credit given out in the group or at previous Shop & Hop events excluding the body everything was free except the L$10 boots. While there's still a couple of days left for this years Shop & Hop you could send it on a freebie grab the Addams booth freebie is L$500 credit that will get you a couple of outfits to keep an alt happy, one booth has a free AO there's a few others with hair and accessories
  22. I would only do that cos it's not worth the drama if he decided to make a song and dance about it. But it would teach him!!
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