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  2. I abandoned my home on hopes that a houseboat or even one of the traditional suburban houses would be available. No luck. It's crazy that the only way we have to see if new homes are available is to destroy our current home, give it up, and try to find a new one, see one is not available, then pick an old home again, reset it up, give out new landmarks to our friends, and wait around until the next rumor to try it all again.
  3. I wouldn't wait for that, that could very well be many years in the future, maybe i don't even get to do it at all. Besides, if anything i would probably try to reimplement the old V2 chat.
  4. Protected Waterfront 1024m 3,750L http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Modest/10/228/25
  5. In my experience, the vast majority of people, if you take the time get to know them and really listen to their perspectives, are not hateful. The few that are tend to have other stuff going on in their lives that skew their perspectives.
  6. With the group you are using, you must belong to a role that has "Object Management > Deed objects to group" checked under Allowed Abilities.
  7. Professional data center storage for your backup servers - store your CasperVend DropBox, BSM server, MD product server, Subscriber Kiosk server, and many more - making YOUR world (and your product deliveries) MORE reliable! Secure data storage in a low-lag region as low as 5L$ per week for 1 prim storage, with storage bays available for as many as 50 prims/land impact for merchants with large product lines - all storage clusters have locking doors! This RC LeTigre region will normally restart on Wednesdays - making it a perfect alternative if your main server storage region (such as your main store) restarts on Tuesdays. Inworld Teleport SL Places Page
  8. I am on land that is deeded to a group. It's not set, it's deeded and I checked to make sure that was true. I have a radio player that must be deeded to work. But, the deed button is greyed out even when I click the share box. I own the object and have modify permissions. What am I missing?
  9. Skell, you could poke your eye out with those claws........😛
  10. Errrrrrr....Genus?????? Big question.....is the Powder Pack worth buying??
  11. Wouldn't it be something, to be able to go back in time and study the evolutionary process which led humans to this present position. Why such hatred exists. How is that beneficial to our survival? I wonder if it exists in all cultures? We'll never know the truth of how we became what we are, but obviously greed, selfishness, and hatred have prevailed. That's not to say we are all like that, and when you meet a benevolent soul, it can be truly mind blowing.
  12. ... Yeeeah. You whimpering in a corner was terribly harsh. Wiggles eyebrows.
  13. I just want a house lol but I'm the patient type, so I'll refresh and refresh until another one comes up besides I like a challenge! 🙂
  14. Today
  15. ...so many are assuming that Patch will mention something about homes. Since it's such a hot topic currently it's not an unreasonable expectation. https://secondlife.com/destination/meet-the-lindens
  16. I’m just frustrated with the inventory and outfits programming. It’s very tough to dress when I have thousands of items and I have no visual reference to them. Has anyone ever created a proper closet? Where we can dress by visually perusing our inventory? I’d love to open shoes and I’d see everything visually laid out in front of me to pick and choose as if I were in a proper store? I wish I could code and get this into the world!
  17. Thanks for the idea - but in my case that certainly isn't so.
  18. Huh. I wrote a script like that a few years ago but never released it into the wild because I never quite succeeded in completely decoupling the arrow key controls from some seating-specific cam controls, but I forget the details now. (I'll try to remember to go back to the VRC platform at Foxglove where I think I left out a sample to play with.) But you know, one big underlying problem is that more and more scripts are getting delayed multiple frames (Scripts Run % metric is falling) which means any scripted seat-adjustment is going to feel laggy in busy regions -- or now, even moderately busy ones. That said, the direct control adjustment should incur less of that delay because it doesn't need the extra dialog round-trip, so indeed it may be a valuable improvement despite -- or even especially because of -- worsening script lag.
  19. I really love the way this picture pops from the rest of the feed! I like it! What head is this?
  20. So is Dollar Tree, haha.. went in there on the first day of summer, Autumn flowers/plants up for sale.
  21. I used to do the door slamming trick too. And since it never was loud enough on first try, I opened the door and slammed it again. For some reason my parents and sisters thought it was funny... Nowadays I go for a logn walk or get some heavy physical work or exercises done. I can't let all that energy go to waste.
  22. Rumors, of course. There are so many rumors going around right now it feels like High School again. It doesn't hurt to hope, but some people are way too serious on some of them and putting their all in it.
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