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  2. Its not always that easy, sometimes you get caught up in your emotions even if you didn't plan too. Sometimes people can find the buttons to push and trigger bad memories and this brings out bad feelings or thoughts. And the desire as a Dragon to burn them to ashes and then piss on those ashes and the watch them blow away as dust in the air caused by my wings.
  3. Just because someone is an escort does not make them a toy. They are still a human being. You're still required to respect them. That and sexual harassment is against the law. Just because it's imaginary doesn't invalidate that fact. Now if your client asks nicely if it's OK for them to be a little rough that's fine but much like in real life that still means you need to work out what's OK and what's not before you start. That means asking your escort what their boundaries are, how they prefer to be referred to. In general you find out what they're OK with and if they EVER tell you to stop doing something YOU STOP. No means NO, period.
  4. Relax make some coffee/tea/drink whatever you like when people piss you off and remember it's just another random fool with a $5-$20 USD avatar. Nothing more nothing less and not worth your time.Will you allow him/her to ruin your day cause they have a PC and can log in to a game. I don't cause i don't even know them and never will so..block/ignore/report have fun.
  5. I dont have agree with what everyone is saying. I was an escort at one time and also roleplayed a corrupt cop in an adult sim
  6. sorry, not the base avatar shape no a way to approach this is with a mesh body with change-out parts and animations that enhance the effect of the changeouts
  7. This whole 'sl isn't rl' thing is more farce than fallacy. No. It's not. SL isn't a game it's a glorified chat interface. Without the community aspect this virtual reality platform would have died out the gates. Every time you turn around in SL there's some kind of community. Roleplayers, musicians, artists, support groups-when my ex realized he was trans back in '07 it was because he'd met a bunch of people from SL's trans furry community. A large majority of SL users are LGBTQIA+. Why? Because there's a lot more freedom to be who you are here vs the real world. That kind of community aspect is why downplaying sexual assault via text is so infuriating. It's not just trolling or bullying. This person took advantage of the trust someone had shown them. Someone showed them the benefit of the doubt-whether because of necessity or whatever other perfectly valid reason led them into this circumstance-and that trust as well as their person was violated. Stop downplaying this. If people like the guy OP's friend had to deal with aren't dealt with they absolutely do go on to hurt others. I know because i've had it happen to me, I've seen it happen to friends and whenever I speak up about it or add my voice the same thing happens-the apologists come out and try to blame the victim despite it not being their fault and their not having anything to feel ashamed about.
  8. Wrong.. you have once more proven you do not understand things at all. Being an escort does not open the book that the other person can do or say or behave in what ever manner they want without any respect at all. It does not give them auto consent to be a jerk or be abusive and never did. The fact you defend it or say it does or think it does is disgusting. No one has any rights to be abusive to anyone here. Regardless if they are an escort or prostitute or submissive or slave or pet or anything ever. There is no excuse for that kind of behavior at all. Doesn't matter if they consider themselves a sadist either or a Dom or Master or any title they want to give themselves thinking it excuses and validates their abusive behavior. The fact you keep trying to defend the actions of the other person is reason enough that I would have you banned from any sim I ever went to if I had the power to do so.
  9. The event I mentioned many pages back in a 'story' about a possible history of someone - an event taken from real history... was a Northern affair. Slavery began in the Northern colonies, and the early slavers used Northern ports and then moved people around from those landing points. So it was that a 'church event' in Boston used to be to take the choir boys down to the docks when a new ship arrived, and have them "assault" the 'chastity' of women coming off the ship, right there in public on the dock, while a proud Protestant pastor watched over things. (My wording is weird there because it hid the post when I used the actual term) And remember that John Brown, fully justified going on a slaughter of people over slavery, was hanged in West Virginia - the part of Virginia that joined the Union. We still vilify a man who should be seen as a hero. And in fact 80 years earlier people who did the sorts of things he did to the British their Native Allies ARE seen as heroes today... but because he did it against slavers and in an attempt to start a Black Uprising we see him as a villain. Misguided ally may be correct... because he didn't coordinate with those he was rescuing ahead of time. But hero. Figures like him in Jamaica and Haiti are rightly seen as heroes and martyrs. But in the USA, fighting against White Supremacy always makes you the villain of the story... Just ask the even less violent Malcolm X and also less violent Black Panthers and also less violent A.I.M. among so many others... These are figures the Northern states vilify just as much as the Southern ones do...
  10. I personally like HB that are in a green location, however those ones are harder to get. Then there is the long parcel or short one. I had to try a few different ones to figure out what I liked best and even this one depends on location. Once you try a few locations you will figure out what is most important to you and what isn't. For example I prefer deeper water with my houseboat because I like an underground garden. Some don't care about that. This is something you will figure out as you go along.
  11. I agree, but its a hard lesson for some people to learn at times. It is not as always as easy done as said for some people. I try not to let things get to me too much emotionally here anymore either; but even I get caught up in things at times and then have to remind myself to step back and not let it ruin my time here. Its hard to do that sometimes.
  12. Being an escort, you are creating a fantasy for the person paying linden. Playing a character.
  13. My point exactly so the only way to have a pleasant experience of SL or any other online game/virtual world is not to get carried away in to it.These are pixels, they don't get hurt and no matter what anyone does you should report/block/ignore them and continue with your activities at the safety and coziness of your home.Those agressive people simply don't matter for your real life.The less you interact with them the better.
  14. Do you Ladies have a preference location for a Houseboat. I will be back at the Houseboat hunting soon. Of course finding a spot that isn't too congested with people, etc would be awesome.
  15. Its wired. Mkay i will reboot it after dinner.
  16. Yes. The proper way to handle "gee, I like it rough, what should I do..." is to go visit a region themed for that RP where everyone is there seeking that... not to 'take it out on somebody' who is not a willing party to the kink.
  17. It's an unfortunate and wholly unjustifiable truism of the sex industry that it draws in people who seek the services for the purposes of having an outlet to be abusive to someone else. I'm not sure what can be done about it. When you're in an industry that has no legal protections, and in fact where it to occur 'in real life' has 'negative legal ramifications' as well as 'social villification'... you're kinda left exposed to unsavory thugs... Support your friends, try and get the offender barred from the locations he's using to commit abuse, but otherwise you're stuck with "move on" because the system is purposefully designed to not help you.
  18. hey everyone, about me: liana, 30, creole, likes to dance, chat, and flirt. rp is always an option but not a must. timezone is est (+3 slt) looking for: a few gigs that support my fashion addiction. i am open for hosting, dancing, modeling, escorting (text). adult environments are preferred but not a must if things vibe. also love to take pictures of people but i am by no means a pro but willing to learn.
  19. though you cant be directly physically hurt you can be physically hurt its not just emotional or mental or psychological. the emotional/mental abuse can cause physical symptoms in a person such as anxiety or depression or duress or feelings and beliefs of being worthless or of little value and can cause low self esteem because they dont see their avatar as anything different but an extension of themselves. which can lead a whole host of physical problems for that person. the problem is not everyone can simply disassociate themselves from their avatar like some other people can and do. its not all just a head game to some people. It has very real physical effects on them, lack of sleep, lack of appetite, self isolation because how a person was made to feel and think. can lead to severe depression or even suicidal thoughts. trust me I know.. personally...
  20. Addams - Lingerie in Petite package from Maitreya; Skirt outfit titled 'Philomena' [BB] - Nipple rings sized for Lara Petite (orig; puffy; hard) (on Marketplace) Cynful - Sun Kissed bikini @ C88 Erratic - group gift; crop top titled 'Liz' S&P - June shirt/bottom combo @ C88 -- Moon Amore has an experimental Lara Petite that might work for some @ C88 - it didn't fit me (I was slightly poking through the top).
  21. I understand what you are saying but on the other hand it isn't the same. There's only psychological pressure because people don't treat it for what it is. A game that gives you multiple options to avoid situations like this. If this happened in RL then that guy would now need a cosmetic dental restoration because RL escorts do have a proper guy nearby who takes cares of things like these when needed. It is rather interesting though how people react just to have some pixelsex/whatever.I am certain that guy has many pent up emotions.
  22. Attached through script, yes. There is an invisible button in the hud that hides the attachment. The owners claim they hide and show it and it still stays invisible to the other user.
  23. doesn't matter.. it should not have been done or tried by the other person without first asking if it was ok. no one has the right to be a jerk just because they want to and expect others to just tolerate it or excuse it away or validate that kind of behavior ever. the fact that you are trying to defend it makes me think you would do the same thing to someone and if so that is totally disgusting... people who think its ok to ignore or push or break limits or dont need consent should be banned form sl entirely. such kinds of behavior should not be tolerated or accepted ever. It should not be normalized or made the run of the mill behavior... narcissistic misogynistic abusive behaviors should not be catered too.
  24. Today
  25. That is not always an option for some people. For some people SL is just the same as RL it is not a game or just role play or just fantasy. they can be really hurt or abused and some people like to feed off of people like that. I know from my own personal experience and how I first believed and thought about things here. How I was told to just go with it, to allow it, to just deal with it. That its not real.. you cant be hurt... total bs....That tp'ing out was cheating, that logging out was the sign or being weak and worthless or a coward and that they would tell everyone how untrustworthy you were for doing so. It can be emotionally hurtful to some people. Its takes a while for some to not let their emotions be totally involved all the time and some never can disassociate on that level. that their avatar is and extension of themselves with just a different look and no other differences.
  26. I disagree. She is not so broken up that she is giving the linden back.
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