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  2. Dammit @Arduenn Schwartzman - See what you did.
  3. I think we need more information to help you, Senta. For one thing, I don't understand what the part I've quoted above means. When you bought the avatar, did it come in a folder (which you could open to see all the parts)? Or was it a single box? If it's not in a folder, you'll need to open it up and extract the parts. There are different ways to do that, but start by "adding" the box it came in and clicking on it. Otherwise, find a place like a sandbox where you can rez the box, and then right-click > Open to get the parts. Can you give us a screenshot showing it in your inventory?
  4. I’ve got your back love!!! Post here and I’ll pick it up and repost you all smiley 😊!
  5. It feels like I've worked very hard, to accomplish many things but mainly managed to screw everything up. Beer will fix it.
  6. I love my castle, but the lag spikes were absolutely terrible. I should have known the deal was too good to be true I've opted to just bite the bullet, and purchase some mainland, where it is not nearly as bad. But now I have castles, as many castles as I want without the lagspikes 😍 This one started to float away, I had to secure it with a chain and stake. I'm saving my pennies for my favorite castle, the Fabien castle II. So today, was mostly trying to figure out how to setup land for a group, finding the right castles, decorating them, and of course chaining them down so they don't float off into my neighbor's yard. Oh, and also fishing, lots of fishing
  7. "Thank you for your report. We've reviewed your report and determined that it is not something we can tackle at this time. Please be assured that we truly appreciate the time you invested in creating this report, and have given it thoughtful consideration among our governance team."
  8. Are you pressing [CTRL] + [ENTER] ? Or maybe your keyboard [CTRL] is stuck? Try a different keyboard?
  9. Since Lindens are the only law enforcement on SL, and the OP said they have filed ARs many times, this seems like a safe conclusion to draw.
  10. Yes, Im using just de bride, and still shouting. 😭
  11. I have problems with the mesh avatar i have. i dont know how to fix it but someone should help me with a tutorial. heres the avatar i have. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Mesh-Super-Mario-Rigged-Mesh-Avatar/5114406 but it comes with my only avatar i chose before i signed in and it comes with its gray rectangle. so could someone help me please?
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  13. /me waves and gestures "Hello!"
  14. My flabber is completely and utterly ghasted 😲
  15. It was an example of a landlord needing capital to continue doing business with those expenses being factored in and as a result rental fees having to be raised. I didn't mean to imply that SL needed repairs; however, I do believe making the move to the cloud is going to create some rather substantial expenses in the short term. Also, the Lab has already said it takes more manpower to comply with new regulations which takes money as well. You seem to be of the opinion that LL is just out to grab your profits for no good reason. That everything is just hunky dory and they are squeezing every drop out of the turnip so they can play with a new idea. It is obvious to me that they have thought long and hard about Second Life's future and are putting their best efforts forward to insure that SL is still thriving 15 years from now. It's too bad your focus is so short sighted that you can't comprehend their motives.
  16. Then let's go all over this again, just in case... The real difference between these functions is that one uses an EEP asset, the other uses a list of parameters. But notice how llSetAgentEnvironment does not have the two big caveats on it. I wanted to know whether this is a case of incomplete documentation, or those big caveats don't affect llSetAgentEnvironment. I accept the apology though.
  17. i want to know where can i find someone how have transparent camouflage effect like in the video it's for cyberpunk theme
  18. The individual named by OP is well known to most law enforcement on SL. OP is right... nothing but a terrorist.
  19. I think the misinterpretation happened because you mentioned "within a parcel of an Experience" which to me indicated a parcel that has an Experience present and not necessarily "people in the experience" which would indicate people have accepted the Experience. Again, I apologise.
  20. Then I apologise, I must have read it incorrectly and misinterpreted what you said.
  21. What? NO. That's ridiculous. The functions introduced in this thread require Experience permissions to work at all. I did not ask to be able to use them without permission. I was asking whether they differ from each other, because that is unclear from the specifications and it would be useful.
  22. I disagree on oh so many levels I don't know where to start - LOL. If it is going to cost me 5% a month on each item I keep on the marketplace, I would simply take MOST of my items off the Marketplace and also sell them minus that 5% inworld (that is officially legal now by the way and apparently has been for a long while). You plan would keep up to date items on the Marketplace, yes. It would NOT insure that those items would be "good" or "game quality" or "not stolen". It would also not insure that there would be customer support for those items. If I took all but my top 10 percent sellers off my marketplace (doing some math ...) that would be 174 items no longer on the Marketplace with some pricey ones selling fairly often for over $1000 lindens. So I am not seeing how the end result would be improvement in The Lab's bottom line. If I took all my items off the Marketplace it would definitely help make the bottom line lower and if OTHERS did the same it would make a huge dent. Protests and exoduses have happened before in SL and they HURT that balance ledger. They could happen again.
  23. Love his/her look too!
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