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  2. This is very good information. Thank you for explaining this. In the end though, it doesn't matter because aside from the fact I can't even afford the low end of the spectrum of L$2500, the copyright thing seems to be an issue as well... It's a dead dream either way...
  3. Some people do alright with reselling gachas. It's a risk though and probably takes a good understanding of the gacha resale market to succeed in. But yes, sales here are primarily by creators rather than retailers. Most of us get into it because we just like making things or we can't find what we want, so we learn to do it ourselves. Collaborative building used to be the mainstay of SL, people contributing their different skills and ideas to bring a project together. Nowadays, more of the work is done in external programs like Blender or GIMP but there's still an ecosystem of full perm components you can draw on to help. That can be very satisfying, a lot of fun to play with and much more manageable to learn. Since you want to promote others and be part of a team, have you thought about becoming a customer service representative or other type of assistant with a brand you love? It might be a better fit with your current skill set and you'd probably learn a lot about running a shop in SL.
  4. No Sweetmarsh region was released last Friday at 6:25 am SLT, Patch's rl time was 9:25 am.
  5. Second Life Server (No Roll): https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_Server/19# Second Life RC BlueSteel (No Roll): https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_RC_BlueSteel/19# Second Life RC LeTigre (No Roll): https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_RC_LeTigre/19# Second Life RC Magnum (No Roll): https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_RC_Magnum/19# On Region Restarts: Regions will be restarted if they have been running for more than 10 days on Tuesday (Main Channel) and Wednesday (RCs) regardless of whether or not new code is being deployed, for the general health and well being of the Simulators. Nothing beats turning it off and then on again … once in a while. As always, please plan events around these maintenance windows. However, if you are hosting an event on Tuesday or Wednesday when we’re not deploying new code, you can restart your region ahead of time to avoid interruption.
  6. It's a bit better since I got in during initial creator beta. Although, it's been a while since I've tried it but here are my main issues from that last point... Lacks complete in-world based avatar customization. Avatar base has some poor proportions, poor default skin, and facial shape features that are not my cup of tea even after tweaking it. As Blush mentioned, will see how Avatar 2.0 turns out. The process of having to code C# > upload > publish > test > repeat. Needs a more streamlined approach. Needs a quick, easy way for complete new users who don't have a code environment setup to test & debug scripts in runtime within edit mode without building/visiting scene. VR (although I don't care for it) PBR and Lighting Script Properties Exposure into the UI (Cloud Party did this too and it was great for allowing creators to create custom properties for buyers to easily customize through a consistent interface) Free personal space and no upload fees to explore creativity without penalty from lack of understanding/experience The ability to fit/shape clothing over shape and other clothing in avatar mode. This a really cool feature in my opinion and one definitely needed in SL or something similar to it. Unfortunately, Sansar's implementation limits you to Marvelous Designer proprietary software which feels like it discriminates hobbyist creators who prefer open source approaches.
  7. I like to stick with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for the most part LOL. So I like Safari, BUT Vivaldi is *amazing* on Mac AND Windows (and prolly Linux, too). Seriously - what until you see all th stuff it does AND it is officially "Chrome" - but they block the constant phone-home calls to Google, so privacy is maintained on top of it all. (And still use Chrome extensions and all the rest). Numbers - I actually prefer it WAY better than Excel. As for tabs along the top: I don't know a way to move them (I never looked: at the top feel more natural and logical to me and Microsoft have been 'training' people to use bastardized interfaces since the beginning LOL) BUT - why use tabs? In Numbers you can have multiple separate sheets (a.k.a. "tabs") all on ONE sheet. Maybe peruse the documentation when you get the change: https://www.apple.com/numbers/ User Manual: https://help.apple.com/numbers/mac/6.1/ The office I work for has actually migrated entirely away from anything Microsoft (we use Pages, Numbers, and Keynote) and Adobe (We use the Affinity Suite: Publisher, Designer, and Photo) and PDF Expert for Acrobat Pro features. LOL Microsoft and Adobe software is a lot more irrelevant now than ever before, why spend that money if you don't have to? (Speaking from my own world-view, of course) I would actually use the LL Viewer full time, I like it a lot and the dark theme allows more focus on the in-world content. BUT, I use CTS Wardrobe (web based) so I need RLVa, which the LL viewer doesn't't have. My personal favorite is Catznip viewer (performance blows Firestorm out of the water) - but not available for macOS (yet... grrrr) - So I use Firestorm and sometimes Kokua on macOS. Either way - it's always good to have the "official" viewer installed for exactly the reason I say: trouble-shooting the others, and sometimes when you need something lightweight and snappy.
  8. You know, I am really not a fan of the cedar color exteriors...but all the houses around me were one of the two most popular colors, so I went with something different 😎
  9. No having a skin does not mean you have the textures. There are two ways you can go about getting a skin texture: 1) creating a skin and uploading it into Second Life yourself. 2) purchasing a full perm skin (usually a set) where you have full permissions to copy mod transfer the skin. You also have access to the skin uuids. You most likely need the uuids the most for a mod body like Ruth 2.0. But with full perm skins you should have everything you need regardless.
  10. P:ermission from the creator.
  11. Well, at all times during their business hours, right?
  12. Not my animal but I was riding through Wolfsboro today and spotted a cute little deer grazing in the undergrowth...
  13. I’ve been delving through the marketplace and visiting many of the home furnishing stores in SL and it seems like quality kitchen selection is really limited. Many of my favorite designers don’t even have them, or only have country, southern, or retro style ones.Typically with white cabinets. I wonder why this is the case, especially with all the interest in the new Linden homes. Personally I’m looking for a kitchen with darker wood cabinets. I’d like the textures to be decent and sink and stove burners to have some detail. I am not interested in “adult” animations. And I would like to find something that is around $L1000 or less...there are at least some nice quality kitchens with white cabinets in that range. And of course modular so I can fit the pieces into a Linden home. Any ideas?
  14. Again, they been doing releases daily for awhile now (except weekends). At all times.
  15. That's... Fishy. When you upload a mesh object into Second Life, you can determine how it will be rendered at a distance by reducing the object's amount of rendered triangles. If you make a plain bottle, it would on its own have no real issue being fully drawn. You can either reduce the triangle count automatically in the upload, in which case SL decides what goes and what stays, or you can make a lower-poly object to replace it. For small clutter objects, a lower poly count at a distance means that it will have less impact on your rendering performance when your camera is far away from it by making it less detailed - but it's also an issue of how many items and, more importantly, how many (and how large) textures are on them. You can change how far this distance is by changing your LOD distance in your viewer, and for a bottle which is already quite few triangles (again, unless the design is too intricate), it may be argued that there's no need for a lower-poly model at all as the object is so 'light' to begin with (although an equally strong argument can be made that 'but if I have 200 bottles in a room and I'm not looking into the room, there's no need to fully render them all' - though personally I'd shift that issue primarily to furnishing and region design; too much clutter is never good for performance and should be kept reasonable). Lower-poly models become more important with larger and more intricate objects, say a building's facade where you have a lot of detail that won't be necessary from a far vantage point, where you might just want the general structure to be drawn. L$10,000 for two bottles, at that point I'd expect them to come with a decent beverage inside.
  16. Estia Estates is offering fullsim parcel with full land rights 1875 prims at 1875L$ per week for limited amount of parcels. After 8 years on the market WE DO KNOW what you need. Hurry up and tp in our office  For more great offers visit our page : http://estia-estates.blogspot.com/ Teleport to Estia Office or Contact Destiny91 Resident, Antikratis Nirvana and VictoriaElina Resident inworld!!! 
  17. perhaps you dont realise but those third party resellers are most likely not delivering at all, and if they do it's money that's collected in a not so fresh way or even stolen. If LL doesn't protect you, me, us from that would that make you more happy? I'm guessing with paypal, skril, credit cards and the other accepted payment methods, including combinations of those ( like PP +prepaid cards) a coverage of very high numbers is reached.
  18. I took one of the Japanese houses while I was waiting for the launch of Bellisseria. I added a divider wall and a balcony bedroom.
  19. Ladies & gentlemen, please join us at Elysium tonight from 7-9pm SLT for two hours of fantastic music by DJ Haunani! Haunani has been a DJ in SL since 2016 and spins music from a variety of genres ranging from Pop to Indie and even ballroom style. Haunani will be spinning an eclectic set plus your requests! Attire: smart casual or elegant. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elysium/82/131/17
  20. If I recall correctly (and things may have changed since I last downgraded) - when you select to downgrade to basic from Premium, *it warns you* that you may lose some benefits immediately. Whether it specifies which those are or not is moot; you still are warned about it. You also are asked to give feedback, including the reason for your downgrade. I was warned and asked for feedback when I downgraded a year or so - I downgraded an alt I rarely use anymore so I could "transfer" it by subscribing with this alt. That process is still pretty fresh in my memory. Which is why my OC states: OP did it willingly and intentionally. As for some subscription services continuing full benefits after a "cancelation of renewal" - that's fine and fair, but this is not a cancellation of renewal, it is an outright downgrade. Words have meaning. Or, at least, they used to.
  21. The voluntary information submission form that was discussed in the Tilia Town Hall is now available. Information on the commerce blog linked above.
  22. Since there was a way early release of Sweetmarsh on Friday, then a morning release of Wolfboro today, all Patch's team was ready. They are getting faster doing it. A region delay could happen. One more region release this week is highly likely.
  23. I had two offers. One said they'd only do it for L$10,000 and the other for L$5,000 minimum. when I originally made this request, I went on the average I saw on the marketplace for mesh objects, which I calculated to about L$500/object. I was hopinging to pay about L$1000, L$1500 if I pushed my funds(so between $5-$8 USD). The second offer person made it painfully clear that no mesh commission was lower than L$5000 for a high quality item, especially one that won't "turn triangle" when zoomed out. I don't have much money IRL. I am unemployed and disabled(not on disability however because high fail rate). So when I do spend on anything frivilous like SL, it's usually not much since I can't only spare maybe about $5 USD. So since I can't pay the appropriate amount and since copyrights are an issue, I have no choice but to give up on this... It's saddening, but it is what it is...
  24. Well, there wont be much to shop if they drop like flies though Businesses arent closing all the time, how many people working on SL we had when residents could build and create without being 3d artists and how many now? Plus I just dont think that many people who make their living in SL appreciate the 5% of their income to be given in LLab fees. They dont have motive to be in SL and create. Thats what I am saying.
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