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  2. Join me tonight April 23rd @ Cinnabar ✯CINNABAR Presents✯ ♫Tιмe: 12 - 2 pm ♪DJ: Djane Batista ♫ Host : Bella Regina ♫Sтyle: Uplifting & Orchestral Trance --------------------- Taxi : https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/One/158/159/28
  3. @Lyz Fall The info about your COF versions in the image actually looks fine. In the top menu bar of the viewer, go to Avatar -> Avatar Health -> Reset default female avatar. Does that fix it?
  4. It's been reported to LL. BUG-226826 - flickr posting is broken
  5. I just went from Nuggy to Honah Lee Trudeau (as usual, via North of Nautilus City and turning South at Crows Nest) at high speed — and I mean HIGH speed — on two different motor boats and back without any issues. Actually, crossings were quite smooth. Many of the sims I went through were restarted afresh today with the new code, so it's early to know if it all going so well is due to the new server version or part of it (no idea to what extent, of course) was due to the fact they were restarted. [EDIT] Running Firestorm, as always.
  6. Why have I, a single individual of modest means, with hopes, ambitious, and responsibilities of my own, and without access to any of the resources LL has, not created a better version of SL all on my own? Clearly you've caught me. I am undone. Your logic is flawless.
  7. Aw, you don't like it when people are in long-term relationships and like to avoid unnecessary drama through boyfriend theft?
  8. When I wander the streets I can find myself momentarily jealous of the prime real estate BUT, honestly, I love the democratic nature of these builds. Even the most standard of plots have little touches to recommend them. I just realized kitty-corner to my backyard there is a riverside breakfast nook, cute! A couple of those stones in the far corner of my yard and it'll feel like the start of that path.
  9. Great. It's no trouble. You are probably not the only one affected by this crash so being willing to test a fix is very helpful & for the good of everyone I have meetings for a while but I'll fire off the patched Firestorm build as soon as I can & I'll send it to you in a forum PM. If this fixes the crash then the fix can be contributed to Linden Lab too.
  10. Hey, thats not fair! yesterday i refreshed my notecard giver and today there are dozens of new beautyful places and slurls in here! Well done, residents!
  11. it is not a new computer. it is in fact a very old install of windows which is probably why it's so glitchy. The command correctly lists my current video card. I can run a custom build of firestorm if you'd like. I just hope you're not doing it only for my sake. It occurs to me I have working linux dualboot on this machine and I could probably run firestorm from there if all else fails.
  12. In need of a model and photographer for ad work, this can be the same person of coarse, interested in doing design work for the store? then do please get in touch. Store has been established for a number of years, looking also for CSR to give the store new focus. Please contact me, i suggest by notecard as often capped
  13. For those interested, here is the patch: it should also hopefully fix the crash. The dev said it was a null pointer. I:\phoenix-firestorm-lgpl>hg diff diff -r 0814d9f99101 indra/newview/llmachineid.cpp --- a/indra/newview/llmachineid.cpp Mon Apr 22 16:32:15 2019 +0300 +++ b/indra/newview/llmachineid.cpp Tue Apr 23 18:43:14 2019 +0100 @@ -217,6 +217,16 @@ // Get the value of the Name property hr = pclsObj->Get(L"SerialNumber", 0, &vtProp, 0, 0); + if( FAILED(hr) || !vtProp.bstrVal || vtProp.vt != VT_BSTR ) + { + std::stringstream strHr; + strHr << std::hex << hr; + LL_WARNS() << "pclsObj->Get(L'SerialNumber') failed with hr" << strHr.str().c_str() << " and vtProp.vt = " << (U32)vtProp.vt << LL_EN DL; + pclsObj->Release(); + continue; + } + + LL_INFOS("AppInit") << " Serial Number : " << vtProp.bstrVal << LL_ENDL; // use characters in the returned Serial Number to create a byte array of size len BSTR serialNumber ( vtProp.bstrVal);
  14. The basic idea of EEP was good. More features and new graphical stuff. Their implementation and how they handled the inventory part however is way over the top. You can ruin an entire good project with a simple bad decision. In this case it was making the presets a full fledged marketable item and handling it as such (seeing copying local graphical presets as violation of the permission system)
  15. So you're testing on something that Linden Lab isn't even - according to the Status Page anyway - working on? That's nice. And yes, the claim that all the clients have the "same" problem is quite accurate: The difference is in the degree. Any client with a longer internal timeout margin is going to see said problem quite a bit less. This does not mean they do not have the problem as in order to not have said problem - on the client end - you'd have to either disable that internal timer if possible or have it be an absurd length of time. Your system hardware being the same for all tests is irrelevant. Your hardware is not the same as my hardware or that of Alyona or Whirly or Qie or ... Get the point on that? It's a variable. Hand off channels - which protocol is being used/ports being used (the latter of these should be universal between client variants) and would be, client side anyway, transferring very little actual information. I should have tossed that as server side. Server crossings have always been a bit flaky - hence part of why I do not bother walking or using vehicles. Now, pop quiz: What was the point I was making with my earlier post?
  16. yes, when I wear bikini (whether need avatar physic or not), i need to adjust my cleave for it with my Maitreya body. If I wear Addam clothes (their clothes has extra push up and larger breast shape), I need to reduce my breast size and add more gravity. There are many situation need to adjust a bit of my shape. Then more and more shapes are creating everyday. If I have a changing to my head, those body shapes would be obsoleted. Any shape changed may also need to update your outfit (created a new indeed). Then after a season, i have no idea the different of those shapes and their link to which outfit.
  17. Dissolution of privilege. And partly necessarily through the efforts of those willing to raise others up. This can often feel like oppression to those unwilling to let go of their privilege and treat others with respect, so it's a long, slow, painful process, but it is happening. Another process is when our own circumstances and suffering force us to accept uncertainty and insecurity in how we experience the world, and can lead to us having empathy for others when we recognise their suffering.
  18. From my own experience as company owner, and many others with me in my surrounding: Female employees that get a child do of course have a period where they will be not available for work, but once that done, its generally done, and you will hardly notice any extended downtime after that. The guys who get a child in their home situation will have much less initial downtime of course, but OMG... every damn time the kid sneezes, the guy gets sick to and has to stay home with super extreme man flue nearly killing him and sure as hell not being able to work for at least a week. I dare say we loose a lot more workhours to guys being sick yet again because the kid sneezed at home, then we do to women who get children.
  19. Network speed - Same for all tests, Internal timeout margin? - Yes could well be different between viewers. That's what I was trying to point out. Despite LL claiming all viewers have the same problems, they do not. Hand off channel used - ?? Care to explain ??. Some system hardware - Same for all tests. OS - Up to date Linux I specifically said my testing is on sim crossings. Welcome to the "I only TP sometimes and I don't have much problem" club. Take a seat, read a book.
  20. Adjust to Linden Waterway... Sailable unique Beach Parcel... 8192 m2... 2.812 prims... Don't miss it...!!! 86.000.- Linden http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Barrow/223/214/22
  21. Attachments also cannot llDie() themselves.
  22. The reason I even questioned this is looking at the pic that Patch shared in the original post: It's not a pic of his home but of a place he's visiting. So when I see the title Linden Homes .. I'm thinking Linden Homes as the whole thing - one huge continent and not specifically about our individual homes. Since we are looking at community being a big deal here in the new Linden homes area I'm thinking a photo spread of community events and sharing pic of neat things that we see or capturing the spirit of our new continent is in order. We will quickly fill it up with pages and pages of our own individual homes otherwise. So here's an example of what I mean. This morning I was noticing how great the morning sun is here in Bell---- I haven't learned the spelling yet and am too lazy to look it up .. but so here's a pic that I was thinking would fit in Patch's thread. While the corner of my house is visible in this picture it's not the subject of the photo. But the one below is about my home. The subject is a personal space. Anyway, I'm totally cool with whatever the community decides. I just didn't want to muddy the waters, so to speak, in Patch's thread.
  23. Everything you mentioned me and my wife love. We both are having trouble meeting friends . It would be awesome to hang out with you . Can IM in world my name's the same as SL
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