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  2. Look up the CTS Wardrobe. It does exactly what you're after.
  3. #NotAllResidents I'm willing to bet it would be fairly easy to find 3,000 people to sign a petition that says they don't give a hoot. Is there a guarantee that these 3,000 residents are actual users of SL? Unique users? It could be 10 people with 300 alts. Here's my open letter! Dear @Ebbe Linden and Linden Lab, Don't spend a lot of time fretting over this petition. Love and kisses, Beth Macbain PS - Give @Quartz Molea raise. Like, double whatever he's making now. Maybe triple. Thanks!
  4. Everyone takes a cut of the money at every step from L$ to your bank. The extra 2.5% at processing is a drop in the ocean. Add 10L to your item prices and you most likely have it covered. The is not the end of SL. The lab have a huge number of people shouting entirely different and conflicting things at them constantly. I didn't have any input on this letter you wrote on my (and other creators) behalf, and now you want to have an open discourse on our behalf. Good luck with that. Something something herding kittens. Apple totally hire people who aren't sycophants. What's acceptable to you .. whats acceptable to me .. I'd like a better negotiator. You can just post your ideas on the forums, LL staff do read. Sparking the discussion is great way to bring attention to an issue. Here is how you work out how much to increase your prices by PRICE x 0.025 = INCREASE 10L will cover all sales up to 400L This is small change. Pick your battles, this one is DOA.
  5. I go work out. Hard. The mental discipline of martial arts does wonders for getting anger under control. Coupled with blowing off the physical tension that's enough for most situations for me.
  6. Of course not, it's a screenshot of the "follow" button of a different thread. I didn't realize that having a different number in the picture would confuse anyone.
  7. I've largely stayed out of this debate because I've never been a merchant or creator, nor even ever had a Premium account (though I have bought Ls). But, much as I think it's fine to make suggestions and ask for dialogue, something about the overly emotive "we need to feed our children" tone of this letter doesn't quite sit right with me. I can't quite explain it.
  8. I bought it about 4 hours ago for a lot less than this... i don't understand why the post is edited and more than tripled the "negotiable" price...while she doesn't even own it anymore
  9. Is that an accurate number? The 39 people following Patch's post? Only 39? We've had 39 threads created just today by different people wanting to know when they can get a house! Edit: It actually looks like the number following that thread is closer to 1,100. That's so much better!
  10. The really weird part was that I got another house right away, far away on the other side of Bellisseria. While I was looking it over. that same woman showed up in the street right outside my new house. I suppose she was playing catch and release, too, but it felt odd at the time. (Hmm, maybe it really *was* @Beth Macbain...)
  11. It appears to be necessary to post the link to Patch Linden's post again. Click the link, then near the top of the page, click "follow" and you will receive updates as they are posted. Remember, if this post is not updated, it means that there is NO NEWS. Click this on the page of the post above:
  12. Saw 2 houses and a houseboat, but none since as my alt grabbed the second house that went up(which was around 7:40am est). Just in that short morning I saw more come up than all of yesterday, personally.
  13. I really like what you did with both side rooms. ❤️ The whole scene is so delightful, and blends perfectly in with the adjacent rooms.
  14. I've had at least five HB's come up today. No houses as yet.
  15. Did it have to be raised so high?
  16. The petition gives the impression that the OP believes Lindens never engage with their world. Granted there are so few of them now that it's rare to see them inworld, but there are alts after all. I'm also a bit wary of the suggestion that LL engage 'experts' from the resident community; this is something that is done now and then, evidently, but the wording just reminds me of the regular call from the disgruntled to be hired, because the staff just don't understand.
  17. Operating in Second Life for over 9 years! You will have all the powers and abilities you will need to enjoy your land the way you wanted to !! Keeping rates low so you can enjoy your time more in SL! With land on over 60 Mainland SIM's plus Estate and Homesteads available, we have a lot to choose from! Check back often for new listings! For the latest up to date rental list of mainland parcels or others.... click or cut and paste one of these links into your browser to see our latest list! (16384m parcel at 3375/week etc..) Mainland Rentals list....http://wl.sparrowindustries.net/918bd8aa18accdde3d27a1dade152d71/?group=2 Estate Listings....http://wl.sparrowindustries.net/a1f1f675e09112ae01c983f032ee861e/?group=2 Two waterfront parcels opened up on Russian Blue for rent or sale! https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Russian Blue/142/137/21 or https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Russian Blue/141/242/21 Contact Jason1 Draconia, Secret Rage or Emsi Zobovic if you need help or more information, thank you!
  18. That's a nice feature, but I love my FS!!
  19. that is adorable. I really really wanted beach houses and tree houses
  20. Catznip will do this for you, just set the path and bamf ...
  21. Hi everyone! Are there any good SL home design blogs on the net? Ive looked and haven't seen many at all. Any inks would be great! Thanks ❤️
  22. Switched to the freya just for the bigger butt.
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