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  2. Of course! People can be anything they want to be. That also means that I can stand next to them holding a sign that says "make sure you wear your safety gloves, so you don't cut yourself on all that edge"
  3. https://gyazo.com/256e57523e94fc1d38ab1007c09370da
  4. That is just what I feel! All the time since 2007 I either was homeless or rented from landlords who made beautifull landscapes. I personally have a real HOOROR of mainland. The two or three times Leora became premium for a month I tested it and HATED it. Terribly diffiicult to find a parcel my tier can afford that I liked at least MILDLY and as soon as I found one - and paid for "buying" it ... then PLOP comes my next door neighbour and erects a skyscraper or a brothel or a noisy nightclub! I HATE to live in a skybox - feels like a cell in jail or something claustrobphobic to me and I HATE to live among those ... how are they called? ... uge prim walls, transparent from the outside and with a picture of nice landscape on the inside. On mainland I cannot zoom around me without seeing the most awfull superugly trash that really makes me panic. For rather the same reason I tested and found AWFULL all types of old Linden Homes. They weere "little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of tickytacky and they all look just like boxes and they all look just the same!" ... they were ugly (for my taste) and NO landscape to speak of inbetween them and even when you would have gotten one at the seaside there was no real seaside ... no feeling of seaside... LindenHome01Cedar by Leora Jacobus, auf Flickr That is the reason why none of my alts ever has been premium ... or would have been .... if LL wouldn't have had the best idea EVER (much better than creating Sansar) to invest time, skill and land in building a real LANDSCAPE with nice houses and big gardens and public places and an atmosphere where one likes to live in! Viva Bellisseria!!
  5. I expected the announcement to be about LEA's replacement. For all its problems*, without LEA no new SL artist will have the kind of growth opportunities it afforded them over its years of existence. Disappointing, but I, too, don't see its closing linked with any larger trend. (Although, to be honest, I have a nagging hunch that the lack of a replacement was a decision subconsciously influenced by the sunk cost fallacy pumping ever more Sansar blood on the balance sheet.) _________________ * And how many reshuffled Bryn Oh regions does one need to see, really?
  6. I guess fatigue got the Lab too. Town Hall was a week ago and no minutes. Which just drags this out. When they publish the Forum wheels will start up again. Reminds me of the Netflix Quikster debacle in this classic video. Two guys who couldn't look more uncomfortable- did marketing corner them sneaking out through the parking lot? "Hurry Reed, we'll take your Porsche." Noted for the shirt that matches Reed's eyes, the setting - out by the back door garbage cans with freeway noise and of course, that Quikster died before we could get the tee shirt.
  7. weeeell ! apparently there was another scroll, but it got munched up by the cucumber plough and only a tiny fragment remains. I haven't myself seen it so dunno as to its veracity but what I heard was the fragment says 2:1 On the ninth day Patch gathered some Moles unto himself. And he said to them "Now then! About the pickles what I said let there be!" 2:2 The some Moles gathered, looked and pointed with their little paws at these some other Moles wearing disguises who were in the pub what they had made. And them some other Moles in the pub gulped and said " and that's all that has survived of the second scroll so is a big speculation now about what those in the pub Moles wearing disguises said about the pickles which they obviously had something to do with. But we dunno exactly what that was so we left only with archaeology and other scientific means to discover what the actual origins and purpose the pickles and their continued role and influence on the regions, their history and folklore. Something recognised by Helicopter Pilot Officer 1st Class Female Winslet who is be commended for recognising this. (At this rate Pilot Officer Winslet is gunna end up with a whole box of chocolate fish. Which is ok) p.s Is pretty clear that Dyna Mole was one of the gathered Moles, and not one of the in the pub Moles wearing a disguise, so Dyna is absolved in the great mystery: What about the pickles!
  8. How can it possibly be a concern? What could you have read or heard to make you think of such a thing? Is somebody actually suggesting this to you in a way that makes you think they're serious? If so, please ask them to go back on their meds.
  9. Do we know this to be a fact? Decoupling KVP from Experiences and/or permitting a possibly scaled-back version to be used grid-wide would seem the logical way to replace the media string kludge, inasmuch as KVP storage must be supported going forward anyway. (Granted, the "comma-delimited list" string return values are a pretty hideous kludge, presumably to conform to old limitations on dataserver results. For an individual use, it's easy enough to concoct a scheme to escape the comma character at the application level, but it sure gets in the way of any general use, cross-application tool to help folks use Experiences.)
  10. Hi Gerald No sorry that was not one of mine. They did have many sims with several other estates so i am unsure who that sim belonged to. Wish i could help
  11. Lots of inspiration thank you! (I just spent a day covering up the stairs in mine!) Also I got a welcome from the neighbour, so I guess community is what you make it?
  12. Someone on this forum -- a couple of months ago -- when I commented on "broken promises" made by Linden Lab (in that case it was Ebbe) commented that they doubted he would ever make a promise "like that". Well officials in The Lab have broken at least two promises in the last week. Whether we call them "promises" or not, it really doesn't matter; they clearly tell us things (sometimes repeatedly) that don't come to pass. I suspect we will muddle through the Tilia debacle (that is the HANDLING of the Tilia announcement and the subsequent TOS acceptance which BETTER be just for the USD holders in the crowd and not another broken promise) but I foresee another shoe dropping in the not too distant future. MORE difficult news isn't likely to come right away though so we will get a breather. It may be three months, it may be after the "super duper premium" is unveiled -- this giving us (possibly) something good to remember before said shoe hits the floor. My hunch is that it will concern cashing out to Paypal once again -- and not in a rah rah sis boom ba kind of way. I would be happy to be wrong :D. The LEA announcement was expected for some months now; once the AIRS sims disappeared. Whether my comments here "helped" finalize that decision, I know not. I seriously doubt that I have enough influence to tip the balance, but my continuous questions (some still unanswered) didn't help stabilize the situation. No regrets. I wouldn't change a word. And I think @Inara Pey's post on the closure and history of LEA was very fair and correct. And in THIS case, I know more than she does on the subject LOL. I don't see the closure connected to our current atmosphere at all. And it was a very good run and certainly a very important part of my personal SL journey.
  13. If you are in arrears paying your land tier (think full regions that maybe allowed to coast for a while due to illness, or credit card info snafus), Tilia isn't a get out of debt card. For inactivity fees max is balance but if you owe a past due debt -you owe.
  14. That hooman is nakie!! lol "covers eyes with paws". but great job on both homes!
  15. Not at all its a concern. Otherwise I wouldn't have asked. I thought this thread was for people who had concerns and questions. If that rubs you the wrong way, all you had to do was ignore.
  16. I have second life not available now. But 10k script tital sounds very low if you know that one script can already use 64k memory. I think 10k is different one then the 10kbyte I know. A parcel can easy use a few 100kbyte if memory.
  17. At Emmaus Wellness Center we are hiring all medical staff members. We need all the staff we can get and even if you have no experience we will train you as needed. The pay is tips so if your ok with working for tips go ahead and apply. Click the link to apply and we will get back to you for a interview and if we hire you we will give you a tour so you know where everything is and what we expect.
  18. Right now, 3000-5000 scripts doing nothing can use up most of a region's script time. That's really a bug. At Server User Group, we're told that efforts are underway to reduce the overhead of idle scripts substantially. I hope LL succeeds at this. This problem wasn't fully realized until recently. Then some people found sims with no avis and nothing much going on in sim overload. Some others discovered that you can put an empty sandbox into script overload with a few thousand scripts that are sitting there doing nothing. This is getting attention from LL because it's a huge server load that costs them and benefits nobody. Discussed previously in another topic. So I'd suggest not putting massive efforts into removing idle scripts at this time.
  19. @Cian Wycliffe Squirrel and Hamster are going to need some acorns and carrots in individual baskets, if you please. Thank you in advance! hee hee...
  20. I hope she hasn't stopped creating hair. She's amazing!
  21. You have a last name. You've been here a while. You know better than this, asking a transparent FUD-promoting "question" just to be able to say you, too, piled on even now, at this late date. You made up an excuse to troll with a pretend scenario nobody could be idiot enough to take seriously. It's not cool. It's not amusing. The residents here are trying their best to answer what appear to be real questions from people who are still, despite everything, somehow confused. Nobody has patience for this.
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