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  2. It's a very good question. If you suspect that there really are people there without PIOF, submit an AR.
  3. Hi, still available for host?
  4. I visited this LM and.... YAY!!! Now there'a a Rez Zone!!! This is currently the most Southerly bit of Bellissaria and the water passage to Jeogeot is on the west side by the rez zone! Thank you Randy Pole for your LM and keen eye on those Clever Busy Moles!! AHOY THERE and welcome sailors!!
  5. 1 ) If my profile is entirely blank except for the text that says "Blank profiles are EPICFAIL!" - Is it still blank? Hahaha (Is what I sometimes do - so it's a half-serious question, but see #9 before answering Hahaha)) 2 ) Because oxymoronic cyclical paradigms are funnnn. But they are prolly just trying to annoy everyone else. 3 ) Ditto to a ditto of a ditto of the most high. I just ignore those and call them by their account name. 4 ) Well, actions speak louder than words, and if the action warrants it, I'll drop an AR in a heartbeat. Then let's see how much you care about TOS. LOL 5 ) So... this person who owns you is the one I should speak to about renting you for an hour of use-and-abuse? Sah Lut. 6 ) Wait, did you just oxymoron this with *lols*? U R DoinIt RONG. 7) RL? WTF is that? I believe it's officially referred to as FL (First Life) - but that's moot because anyone can download a picture from da internetz. 8 ) I'm amazed at the number of profiles I see that are so full of angst and posturing ("Don't contact me unless you are ALL MESSH!") Seriously. LOLz Though I'm not sure if number 8 is what you see or your actual expression if it's the latter then shame on you. 9 ) Because we all really care what you think! *NOT* (Just kidding, but it's generally true between us and the rest of the general population: we dun givash*t whachathink, is it not?) 10 ) Profiles that list this are fun because LISTS. But profiles that proffer countless mushy, dumbass quotes communicate to me the utter lack of any creativity of the profile-owner, whatsoever.
  6. I am having this problem at the moment: I cannot see my own avatar, just an orange cloud.It is difficult to remove any attachments from my avatar. My item count in my inventory is about 3.700 items and 360 folder although it should be more. With Firestorm 6.0.2 I can't remove any attachments at all. I right-click them and select "remove" but they stay. When I change my outfit, the new attachments add and the old ones stay. On a different computer with the normal SL viewer I can remove attachments, but I still cannot see my avatar. It stays orange bubbles. But it looks like other users can see me. Does anybody have an idea what to do?
  7. Reading, oh I didn’t get a house what is Linden Lab thinking. Stop to think what would be being said if you watched a “Huge Land Mass” with thousands and thousands and thousands of homes just sitting there and no one able to get a house. It would not be pretty. Well I think its best to let them go as they are built. And no I don’t have one yet, still waiting, but I am happy to see Linden Lab working on something almost every one is yelling for. I for one say, Good Job Linden Lab! TheVeryFirst Resident
  8. how many prims? How can I get it since after 18apr?..
  9. On another note, I probably LOST 15,000 copy and mod items SIMPLY because it's an odd name or was named 1, 2, 3 etc. I now know to rename items and/or write down on a notecard what the item name is. I catalog all my items now. I've had to or they'd be lost. Others, I may find eventually but oft times I cannot even remember the merchants name. So, I catalog it all now.
  10. I have to ask - is your copy of Windows legit? The serial number shouldn't be all zeros. Are you able to get another viewer launched, for example Firestorm? Does Firestorm show a different Machine ID/Serial in the log? If Firestorm also crashes to desktop, in the logs folder you should see a dump folder that's kept for any saved session. Inside the dump folder, is there a dmp file? You won't get this on the LL viewer because they use Bugsplat now for crash reporting. If there's a dmp file generated for the crash I can get a crash stack for you.
  11. Thank you. This needs to be pinned at the top of every silly thread where the "allowed in G sims" debate just gets stupid. As for LL warnings, etc., I've come to the conclusion that *most* Lindens will always err, on the side of caution. They aren't stupid. Generally (I believe) multiple offenses will trump multiple AR's, because LL knows that many ARs are actually just vindictive attacks against someone.
  12. Maybe it isn't a legal skill gaming region. You should probably check that first.
  13. 4-23-2020 After witnessing the success of placing Brexit in the hands of the British public via referendum, the physics community submits M-theory to a live vote on America's Got Talent, asking the audience whether the membranes underpinning the physical world should be 10 or 11 dimensional. In an unexpected twist, five dimensions wins the vote as a write-in. Exit polling shows that younger voters predominantly picked from the two listed candidates, with no clear preference for either. Those over 60, who called in a majority of the votes, expressed overwhelming support for "5", explaining that, addition to the three physical dimensions and time, the fifth dimension is one of imagination and is called "The Twilight Zone".
  14. Stunningly presumptuous. I'll just say what many are already thinking: if it's all so easy to do, why have you not done it, yet?
  15. Rolig Loon,i know all you said above,my question was:how can someone even TP to a land with gambling on it ,without even have PIOF?You can t teleport to gambling areas without payment,but here they are.How is that possible?was the question ,
  16. That sounds like just a landing strip. I could live with that. but not an airport
  17. Bunny theme. Am I doing it right? ; ) ♠ Hair: Thresh (Blondes) by Aii ~ The Ugly and Beautiful ♠ Eyes: Lethe Eyes by CURELESS ♠ Ears: Hare Hybrid set by Aii ~ The Ugly and Beautiful ♠ Outfit: Stephano Shorts by Cubura, Waist Kimono by GABRIEL *purchased at Neo Japan* ♠ Tattoo: Metallic Lunar by Izzie Button ♠ Misc: Clo Cards (gift) by Aii ~ The Ugly and Beautiful ↪ https://veileddream.wordpress.com/2019/04/23/fluff/ -Vael
  18. Why? I believe you're thinking about this the wrong way. Forget about the common way we think of airports and marinas in the main grid. Nope, nothing like that. Think about it as scenery. A destination. Like an island, with a rez zone in it. Very low maintenance (or, at the very least, as much as any regular public place), and not only it adds to the scenery, but also gives planes a place to actually take off from. If you aren't against lighthouses, parks, pools, beaches, etc... You shouldn't be against an airport, when its added as a prop, with rez zones capability. The same goes for a marina, etc. It's, basically, the same thing, maintenance wise.
  19. there is no way i want LL involved in something like an airport marina etc. They have done a magnificent job with the new continent but there are so many broken pieces of SL around. How well is the SLRR maintained? Think we will ever see the continents finished that construction stopped on years ago? The most continually updated areas of SL are run privately. LL is best suited on making something that requires little or no maintenance so they can work on other areas of SL. Let folks that are willing to invest their own time and money do this. There is very little money to be made having a marina, airport etc but folks do it because they like to. It's a hobby for people, not a livelihood. Why pay someone a good wage when someone else is willing to do it as a hobby at a fraction of the cost or even pay to do it?
  20. Commercial, Residential, Skybox Friendly, Protected Water Sim, Sailable, Taking Reasonable Offers! Send an IM to summer.logan For Any Question or Offers. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Stone Pike/56/12/21
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