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  2. If you look at that new area real closely - look at the shape carefully - then look at the island on the east side of Belessaria, you'll notice that they are the same shape. The guess is that the new area south of Belessaria will eventually overlay the island on the east side of the continent -- so it won't really be where it seems to be located when they actually put it in.
  3. Todays main job was adding a front porch. Using transparent glass made an interesting change. And we still don't have the roof textures, do we? So this ended upp well, I think.
  4. iBrat

    Live chat

    Sorry don't know where to ask this. Is live chat open on sunday? As far I can tell on the page it says it should be, but I don't have the chat button. I allow pop ups and what not. Oh it easter, maybe that why?
  5. Is this still true? I thought since they can’t buy anything on the marketplace maybe that included sending money directly.
  6. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I looked over things. It looks like buyers will be at least as dependent on their servers staying operational, and there was no way of testing their claims of, "Well, you can adapt it to fit your other mesh clothes using our Magical Attachments."
  7. Just checked - GONE! and the owner is older than me in world not a noob, but heck it sure makes me feel better when oldbies do noob things too.
  8. @Blush Bravin I bet I know why I don't have the brick walls. I figured out a couple of days ago that I have "missing inventory" which in some cases is actually there, I just can't see it in Firestorm. So there is a possibility that I "have" the walls if I were to use the Linden viewer. Best plausible explanation without testing
  9. I had some rezzing issues while placing furniture also --- same items appearing where they were NOT meant. And I am REALLY old with LOTS of practice so likely there is a bit of faulty physics going on. So if you are new, don't worry about it. TIP: if you lose something and you think it is really there (hidden inside the attic maybe or somewhere else odd, you can use AREA SEARCH to see where it might be and then EDIT to see the gizmo handles -- or just delete it if it is a copy item. You can also rez a prim on the floor and drop items onto that and then delete the prim.
  10. I might have an idea how that happened! Yesterday as I was redecorating, sometimes when I would have my camera focused close to the floor where I wanted to put something, I would drag the item out of inventory and.... nothing happened. Thinking it was lag, I'd try again. Eventually, When I adjusted my camera, I saw items floating in other rooms or through the ceiling LMAO Now I am going to check the "attic" space carefully to see if anything hiding in the roof.
  11. It's not the bamboo texture that's ugly. The texture actually isn't that bad, it's just the wall.. it's kind of an eyesore. They perhaps don't know that you can set it so people off parcel can't see you(unless you can't there, which would kind of be a deal breaker for me). Maybe one of their neighbors will spot them and let them in on how to set it. I actually have seen that, too. I always figured it was a house change(can the houses be changed, or just the colors?).. That is pretty baffling, but they may also just not of moved everything in to place yet.
  12. I tried fishing from some of the areas in the community and would love little streams and cabins! ATM, this is me fishing LOL
  13. A lot of people (including myself) are still learning. And they might LIKE the bamboo texture. While I was out on my explorings yesterday, I came across this house with an unusual furniture arrangement. If alls sticking out in a coupla days I might see if owner needs some help.
  14. You all have such beautiful houses! I still have lots of looking around to do, but may have spotted 1 or 2 on my journey. I did also unfortunately spot a house with a default wooden prim wall around it. Edit: The wall now has a bamboo texture, but still equally as ugly. =( Perhaps i'll get Premium a bit later after they fix all the connection issues, as i'd love to have a second place to go to for when my main house's sim is down, or just a place for the "community" feel.
  15. Even if the typing indicator is turned off (and I don't advise that, as then you would not know when ANYONE was typing you a message), banned avatars can still make their presence known in at least two ways: They can still interact with you physically...bump you. Even though they appear to be a gray ghost. They can still send you money. Actually, I don't consider this harassment, I just add it to my Shoe Fund.
  16. Ooh, wow. Since I never step inside someone else's garden, I asumed it was people maybe zooming from far and see you do "stuff". Now I finally get it, there actually people who would enter your garden... LMAO. I do have my imaginairy doors, since my house temporary missing... locked though, so this means they only could peek through the windows and zoom around, like a weirdo? That the issue here?
  17. If they were demos, maybe they were "timed" demos with a limited life?
  18. We are in the Tampa bay area. About 40 miles north of Tampa. A small town called Hudson. I will IM you with my address! Peace!
  19. Have given up in groups, so will try here. Looking for a wife, to build a relationship with as she cuckolds me, Maybe setting up a home, go out dancing ... shopping, whilst all the while seeing other men and rubbing it in my face. Prefer mesh Avis, on GMT usually log weekends.
  20. Today
  21. Yes, the parcel privacy setting does work in the new homes. I think what a few are complaining about is the very idea that someone MIGHT wander onto their parcel (where the privacy setting then won't block their view) and MIGHT catch a glimpse of someone changing clothes and MIGHT, in the brief time before the orb expels them, MIGHT snap a photo and then... well I'm not sure. Sell the photo to a pixel porn site? The fact is, as has already been pointed out, people get seen naked every time they TP somewhere. Unless you have forgone mesh and are using an ancient avatar with system clothes, it's really not realistic to think that you can have total control over who peeks at your pixels. I suppose you could wear applier undies at all times. I dunno, I don't care who sees my avatar. I work hard to look this good. lol
  22. Irregular shaped parcel, largest somewhat square usage is 28x32 meters 700 prims L$350/week http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bhaga/126/184/29
  23. Normandale - Apple Fall's open house: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Normandale/196/215/25 Normandale - A bench on a river shore (another one is across the road and you'll find more if you'd follow the river, look around): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Normandale/117/175/23 Normandale - A moredatly sized picnic area on a sea shore: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Normandale/88/63/23 Disconnected trying to figure out what is this dark thing in the middle of blue on a map of Coral Waters: There's nothing underwater of above it. Any ideas? New Bigby, Coral Waters and Reeds Landing share a big beach here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Coral Waters/244/247/23 This area continues across most of the Reeds Landing shore, with spots to hand out placed every few meters.
  24. IDK, but here is my story. Way back when I was still a noob, I met this guy. He was a bartender at Old Lar's. I would go there sometimes and hang out with him, we were friends, but never really hit it off in any way that made him stand out from the rest of the guys in SL. One day he IMs me and asks if I can come to Lar's to hang out with his friend. His friend was new, didn't know anyone really but he had to work and so couldn't really give his friend much attention. I figured why not and went over,well he ended up becoming my very best friend ever in SL. That first guy, he vanished after that. I wonder if that guy reinvented himself for my benefit.
  25. I had an hour in world this morning and an hour yesterday and didn't have one teleport crash/failure. Maybe some people are blaming LL for something that could be fixed their end, example, a scripted item they're wearing, or some other setting. I am too noob to be specific. Just saying I haven't experienced any of these teleport issues.
  26. Ok Lindens, this teleport crashing has to stop, you have had this issue going on long enough! Going on 15 years in SL, but this crap is getting old. So, stop making excuses and fix the problem.
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