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  2. I was assuming that you were at least doing that.
  3. Releasing a Vic on a corner lot with a sea full of water across the street . . . . GONE!
  4. https://mattnight84.wordpress.com/2020/08/10/where-it-hurts/
  5. The usual issues with mainland that eventually over the years turned it to a supersized pixel dumpster. I don't even understand what those yellow boxes are. At first i though they were pay boxes but their setup seems unusual, also they look like some kind of parcel limits indicators but i am sure they are just random crap placed there based on the parcel owners imagination and the funny part is that if they didn't have an ad logo on them they are allowed to remain there for ever.
  6. https://mattnight84.wordpress.com/2020/08/10/where-it-hurts/
  7. Yep.. laughs get reputation points.. it's not just the heart or trophy that does. Only the others do not add to reputation.
  8. Absolutely not! I am in a similar boat. I am disabled in RL with chronic pain issues. I do work from home. I do not go out (I am at high risk for covid) and up until recently I did not even have a car. I did not need one. The Linden homes have been so much fun for me and I need a little more of that in all my lifes.
  9. I got help from the lovely Aquila Kytori ❤️ I must write it down but it was fixed when using Collada (default) (.dae) and then Operator - presets - SL+Open Sim static. ❤️ I have only used to import .dae file without going through the last step. Edit: And I applied all transforms first.
  10. So far I've only removed people I find to be nasty. And that hasn't been very many.
  11. Are they that starving for rentals that they have to do that what ever happens to posting
  12. I've seen them pop those ugly boxes in other spots and usually ARing them will get the Lab to nuke them.
  13. Both those signs are in violation of LL's "No Ad Farm" policy. You can submit an Abuse Report. Include screenshots. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Policy_on_ad_farms_and_network_advertisers
  14. And I have on ten (didn't change - see this morning's blog post :D). Yesterday my outfit consisted of eleven and included my parrot. And yes, I just noticed I left my hud on. Typically it is gone which gives me a nicer view. I have it in "wearable favorites" so easy enough to get too when needed.
  15. In a way, animesh are the next generation of avatar system. They start with a basic nude skin mesh attached to a bento skeleton. Then you add clothing. There's no "legacy avatar" to hide. Nor is there a "dress layer" or a "coat layer". You can add texture clothing (classic SL clothing) or rigged mesh clothing. Animesh character with clothing. Most animesh characters in SL are built with fixed clothing. (Actually, most of the ones on Marketplace are ripped from games.) This one isn't. It's a body with separate clothing. It is a low-LI model, fewer triangles than most avatars, with a full bento skeleton. The fingers can be animated. Animesh, unlike avatars, are charged LI in world, so you have to simplify. The body is the standard public Ruth model with some mesh reduction. UVs for the body are standard SL body UVs, and classic clothing textures will fit. They can't be applied in-world, because animesh don't get to use the baking service. The hoodie and shoes are rigged mesh, custom made by Duck Girl. Those are added by linking them to the body. (Animesh don't have a "wear" function.) Rigged mesh clothing will work on animesh, but most stock clothing has a huge triangle count, so I had some custom clothing made. The hair is a Marketplace full perm low-LI rigged mesh hair item from Meli Imako, again added by linking to the body. Pants and shirt are texture clothing, applied in Photoshop to the nude skin model. So SL already has most of the the machinery for avatars which leave behind the legacy system. If simpler avatars are needed, this is the way to go.
  16. https://gyazo.com/5cf9dc3ad9c88e8923619d47546cac89 This is the Shelter Level https://gyazo.com/cd1eec088faeebd8d0eb1512b9f8528b landing point level and one more level on the ground it self To think this is a business in sl and have time to go to each level where my sand box is and add items on each level
  17. I'm not the best at grammer lol but I meant all people. Women, Men and LBGTQ+.
  18. set up a changing room sandbox and a shelter for those who cannot buy linden in Secondlife Basically to help people who really need help 50 Linden has been harassing me I have 3 locaction 2 in the sky and one on the ground they have places there signs right in frong of my business right on the same are as my adboards This is not just at one location but all the locations in the sky, the shelter location on the ground and the landing point location I reported it to secondlife but I wanted everyone to see this is suppose to be a business they are doing in sl have so much time to go to each level of my land and add there signs right next to it harassing me this is so sad that they have a business in secondlife and treating poeple like this who else has they done this to !
  19. That was my initial thought too but the scale for the selected object at least is less than 10 and if these really are parts of a house the effect shouldn't be anywhere near as drastic as that.
  20. I still use 2.79 and I'm not sure if this has changed in 2.8 but at least it used to be in object mode select object, hit Ctrl+A and choose "Apply scale" in the menu that pops up.
  21. stay safe hope every one is being safe
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