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  2. Feel free to message me. I am always open for new friends and unfortunately since coming back to SL most my friends don’t get on as much.
  3. They can't do that because water level is set and determined on the Region level, not parcel. I wish the latter was the case, then they COULD do locks. This is one of those cases where the infrastructure decisions they made come back to bite them a little, though I understand why they did it. So there'd be "some" regularity instead of every parcel owner setting it different.
  4. These are only suggestions for allowing everyone to have what they would like to have (see below)
  5. That statement is what one would refer to as an appeal to authority - argumentum ab auctoritate - "I have my grades to back up my claim to being proficient in English - therefore, you must accept my English as proficient". It could also be argued to be a false equivalence, as your grade and your performance aren't actually the same thing. Either way, it's a logical fallacy. I don't doubt your ability to form complete sentences - you just did - but how does that change the fact that some people (as evident by the thread) find slothful negligence of communication unappealing? To be honest, it feels as if the focus of the topic is going somewhere that usually leads to a thread lock; you're taking it personal, people start applying emotional filters to what is being written, argumentation being reduced to ad hominem. Like, what exactly do you think you would achieve with that blatantly ignorant statement? Which, by the by, is yet another logical fallacy. Whether I, or anyone else, is 'old' is wholly relative, and again, irrelevant; it's just your prejudice against old people.
  6. As amusing a bit of humor as that was, Alyona ... There actually are users on Linux. We have to wait on TPVs to update.
  7. for me the work around with slamming the bandwith to the max has solved it, but indeed, past weeks after 2 or 3 craches... push the button, Neflix on and will see you tomorrow SL.
  8. Wait no! that's not good. These people that want privacy options still want to have a community. They want the Linden homes on the ground too. Just they'd like to be over in a courner where they can if they are in the minority for the secured areas. They want to be able to walk over to their friends that are in an access list or in a group that's shared. It's not that they don't want to have a community they just want to have these lovely landscaped areas that are private too.
  9. My add on Pergola Porch is completely mod and easy to mod. I purposely didn't bake shadows on it so that people could do as they like in adapting it to their needs. I've used it with three different models of house and it's fun seeing how you can switch it up to still use it. And by the way, I adore your little closet .... SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!
  10. I know @Wulfie Reanimator it's just something that came to me when i was reading the topic so i dropped it here
  11. It doesn't have to be super complicated math! vector avatar_direction = llVecNorm(avatar_position - llGetPos()) / llGetRot(); And then you just check if avatar_direction.x is positive or negative.
  12. Thank you that is great news, last question: How will we be notified when the new homes are available and do you know roughly when that will be? I tried to get a free linden home but it's only showing the originals
  13. this is such unacceptable thing, it's mentioned more already the people who want privacy simply also want a Home, nothing more, nothing less.
  14. Oh, I see ^^U thanks! You'd think that after having been on SL for over 10 years, I'd know about that ^^U
  15. Perhaps a no-fly, no-vehicular traffic continent, or a space for Premium Homes & lots already in private skyboxes above 2000 m would solve that issue? Maybe those spots could be over 2000 m over top of the Protected water? Perhaps provide a folder of LMs for the Premium Mainland community areas and rez zones, sandboxes if those skybox residents want to also participate in more social activities and maintain very strict privacy in their homes?
  16. nope... i didn't name anyone or anything other than: this thread gives a nice list of names didn't say i would ban anyone, wherever my home might be or íf i even have a home. I can't direct your bad thoughts, how you take it is on yourself. As far i have to give a explanation to you... i hád one, till LL changed the game after more than a day, so i abandoned it. I don't want to be in a forced community, and i don't want others come on my land, my home is privat, and only ones i invite are welcome. But i am premium, and so totally allowed to vent my thoughts here too. And i do that without bringing this issues personal in IM, by doing it you showed to be one of the jerks here, although in camp of the others that claim to be so tolerant and community builders.
  17. Hello I have a question about head and body appliers (skin). Can applier for one type of Lelutka head work with another type of Lelutka head? I can't find applier for the head I have. What would be the solution to this. Also if I do find the applier for my head, they usually include body appliers for Maietreya and I have Belleza. And some don't include body appliers at all. Where do they expect us to find matching body appliers? I hardly understand how all this works.
  18. You're right, it's a Continental. Thank you for bringing it to my attention, I fixed the post. Here is an interior shot.
  19. It is a Continental and unfortunately it is already 15 meters high so likely that cut build can't stay. But maybe it is SO cute that it can :D.
  20. Folks, please keep it civil. I really don't want to have to lock this discussion down.
  21. My original question was to know if the homes were gone, and if there would be more. Patch just said more are coming soon, so I'm happy with that! I'd also like to say, that I'm quite comfortable with my beautiful homestead, but what I like about the new Linden homes is the community feel, with roads and public gathering places. It's the first time I was excited about owning one! The neighborhoods look well laid out and inviting. Very happy there will be more to come!
  22. The Winchester win over all the others in popularity. I see Blush' free porch add-on popping up. When I logged in, my neighbor had changed to a Winchester with that one in place. I can cam around my place and see nothing else. So picking another style makes you look more individual.
  23. Ok signing up right now haha! Thank you, this is amazing news ♥
  24. Alot of people don't currently have one because the plots are all sold out so to speak. Why can't someone interested in the community comment? What's to say that he can't join the community at a later date?
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