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  2. Low Li and goodlooking is hard. Try DDD. She is my go-to for cheap and low LI. It is not amazing, but it's not bad either. Trees for 2 LI is hard to get right. You should see her in world assortment, her MP pictures is not making the best out of her stuff. Good it's not the other way around? Join her group for discount when you shop with tag on. She also has some group gifts. And she is in 50 L Friday sales now and then. The best 2 LI tree is in my opinion HPMD. I had to think about it, because they aren't cheap. This version as shown is 2 LI. Tree 08 ygreen a. They have a few options in the pack including with lights, but that is more LI. (And that was an alt of a better known poster) 😁 Had logged in to take him off premium.
  3. Morning in the garden looking towards the park.
  4. That's become my go to phrase in group chats these days with all the moaning I see
  5. HELP! I’ve noticed in the last month or so that my viewer experience is very dark, especially indoors and at my linden home. I know... I checked my graphics setting in preferences and all seems normal. I’ve messed with windlight and time of day sliders in settings, and it does shift and change light quality but something is still very off. Is anyone else have this problem? Can someone post basic slider positions in preferences here? This is very frustrating.... errrrrr 🤯 ~ Sara
  6. So, if a group of people asks for something, it's automatically a need? And don't forget, you literally asked for this...
  7. We can't even get rag doll physics, IK's, dynamic bones or colliders in SL.
  8. A bit early for 100% accuracy after the "should reduce" sim roll out fix. But.. It is about a month since all this became a noticeable problem, and it's all we have so far. I'm not sure if it has improved TP's yet. Hard to say with such a random problem. But it looks like it hasn't helped with sim crossings at all. It's a bit worrying that LL keep emphasising they are working on Teleport Failures, and never mention sim crossings. Presumably they hope that if they manage to figure out the cause and fix TP's, it will magically also cure sim crossings. While the two things do have a lot in common, there is a main difference. You can increase network timeouts for TP's and people won't mind waiting a few seconds more (if that helps fix it), but if you do that for sim crossings, you further degrade an already sometimes unpredictable experience. Vehicles have time to de-rez or travel to the next sim while you're stuck waiting, your avatar has time to fly over 3 more sims with no control... Sim crossings are dynamic, teleports are static. Predictably for tech problems at LL. It's not looking great one month later. It's worrying they still don't seem to have any real idea what the root of the problem is, even though it must be something they introduced over the last couple of months or so. It's a worry that they seem fixated on trying to fix Teleports and not Sim Crossings when both are a problem, and both will cause people to "log out and leave it". Oh well. Here's to the next "should reduce problems" fix.
  9. Derender is your friend ! Right click offending object, More>More > Derender > Blacklist. Your welcome
  10. This isn't just to you but I am getting pretty tired of all the folks complaining that they didn't get theirs. The Lab KNEW (or certainly suspected) that the offerings would disappear quickly. Patched WARNED people (including telling them that if they gave up their current 512 house and there were no available new spots that they couldn't get their same 512 house back again). I mentioned that a few times for the folks that didn't take the time to watch his talks. Those of us on the SSP thread for the last nine months were WATCHING and WAITING and a good number of those folks got some of the first spots. EVERYONE HAD THE SAME CHANCE. People just needed to pay attention and watch for the announcement. I saw the news maybe 20 minutes after it came out BECAUSE like many others here on the forums I was paying attention. The Lab has done a spectacular with the new area and the folks working on it for almost a year have been doing just that --- WORKING. So let's be grateful that we have this lovely new area and stop shaking our fingers at the folks that gave it to us. REALLY!!!!!!
  11. Today
  12. Don't use lowest graphics. It's designed for the oldest and weakest graphics systems and turns off settings that are necessary for more modern/powerful graphics systems to operate well.
  13. Hmmm ... for the average user I expect that they come to the conclusion that AL is bad and switch it off. They made something ugly? nah never. It has to be someoen elses fault. 😎
  14. Some more urban-style areas/houses in the future would be nice. Think: open floor-plan brick loft style homes and whatnot.
  15. Good morning fun seakers! Happy Friday! Have a great weekend! Peace!
  16. Found a little shop on MP, creator Jez Bookmite, with the interesting details for garden. Items have inbuilt resizer script, so it is easy to controll size:LI ratio. Smaller pot is original size, bigger one is resized with the same LI as smaller one: Size:LI ratio same as above:
  17. Lack of coffee aside, here is another idea for the continent: Give premium members who currently hold a home there (traditional or houseboat or whatever else that may come to be) the ability to rez (on a temp basis) anywhere on Linden-protected land. Like roads and waterways. I'm not sure how all the scripting stuff works but perhaps this will be better or easier than creating a network of rez zones?
  18. Haven't posted in a while and wow, so many attractive and talented people around 😭🖤
  19. Oh! Thanks! I've been clicking the wrong part this whole time. Also ~just~ discovered that the windows open. I agree with having doors that work on their own as far as auto close.
  20. I thought the problem had been cured, but after 2 or 3 days of trouble free TPing on both FS and Singularity first TP today I got booted. I had reinstalled both viewers before the trouble free period so I wonder if there is a cumulative cache issue or something causing it, my laptop had gone into overdrive trying to do the ultimately failed TP
  21. Yes, it may be a little better, but issues are not fixed.
  22. It depends on the head. For Bento heads it's usually preferable to use the included starter shape (or a purchased shape that is created specifically for that head, although even those can cause issues sometimes), which you can then edit from there, as very few of them are rigged to work out of the box on old system shapes. We get asked this question a lot in Catwa support, and we always recommend simply writing down your usual body slider settings (Body, Torso, Legs tabs) - which takes about a minute or so. Then, when you get a new mesh head simply make a copy of its default shape and change the body settings to be the ones that you wrote down (again, takes just a couple of minutes). You can then work on tweaking the head to customise it more to your liking. With regard to the below - - @Nalates Urriah will probably be along soon to tell you how she does exactly that, using shape export and editing XML files.
  23. Hello everyone :) due to a minor opsie by myself I ended up homeless in Bellisseria and thought omg I am going to be so sad waiting for my new home, waiting and waiting. But then I started to read this forum, and started to walk around the neighborhoods made by Lindens ( thank you guys such great work ) and reading what people experiences, looking at houses and photos and just experiencing the area as a "hobo" I can not wait til I get my own place here! But the life as an hobo is not so bad. Thank you for all the public places to hang and also you guys that opened your homes and made something for all to enjoy, thank you ♥
  24. @Kyezell My guess would be twofold: Your cached version of this hair is corrupt, which is why it's rendering like that for you. The clue to that is in the 'squaring' effect that's also causing issues with the bun on the top left of the image and in the longer sections behind the neck. Alpha glitching on the hairbase would be understandable if the hair itself has feathered textures that would negate the need for one, but from the look of the ad image it doesn't. In addition to the above, she is standing against an alpha texture (the palm fronds behind her), which is glitching through her hair. There is also the faint possibility that you were cammed in very close from a great distance away, which could also cause that kind of glitching, regardless of your draw distance and LOD settings. Your settings seem to be fine, although I would lower your LOD to 4 at most (there is no need to override the defaults to change it to 8, and any creators who tell you that you need to do so in order to see their items at their best are simply not optimising their content well enough) and pull down your draw distance - unless you're taking landscape shots where you need to render that far out; it's simply not necessary to have it that high when you're doing close-up avatar images. At that high an LOD setting - combined with your draw distance of 1024 - your GPU is having to render in incredible detail the tiny prims on a necklace that someone is wearing in the next region. And, while your rig is powerful enough to handle that, it's just not necessary, especially if you're working up-close. Optimise your settings according to what you're shooting inworld. You can save multiple graphics settings in Firestorm, which - as a photographer - I'm sure you know already, but you'd be surprised how many people don't
  25. We will all look back on these times and get the same warm fuzzy feeling when we remember shoes in nether regions after teleporting:) Do not panic! Always keep your towel handy!
  26. I wish head shape and body shape configuration should be separated If the body shape and head shape modification are separated: * for merchant can sell body shape only, which do not affect purchaser's head shape * for everyone, this can easy to maintain the same face but different body shapes How many time we modify body each year? And how many time we modify our face each year? Is it better to try a mesh head demo with shape on your original body shape?
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