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  2. @Wulfie Reanimator I "think" there used to be a trick with sculptis because of the order the triangles get ordered you could wrangle the object into a configuration that is "more favorable" for its shape.
  3. This is basically the form letter answer from Flickr Support. I have just filed my 2nd request for support to Flickr. They doubled my Pro service cost and then took away my ability to easily load photos and location data from SL. Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention.I appreciate you reaching out to us to let us know that you are experiencing an issue with not being send snapshots directly to flickr. At this time, our engineers have been alerted and are working to resolve any issues that may have popped up recently.At this time we are in the process of migrating Flickr away from Yahoo servers and onto our own system built on top of Amazon Web Services that, once complete, will be able to provide more stability, fewer downtime Panda pages, and will allow us to focus on building a better Flickr experience for our users. While this migration is taking place, you may notice a few more hiccups than usual as we transfer over 100 million accounts and several billion photos over to a new home, and we apologize for any frustration or inconvenience this may cause.While we do not have an exact time frame for a resolution, our engineers are now aware and investigating this issue and hope to have a fix rolled out shortly. We sincerely appreciate your patience in this as we dig into what could be causing this issue.Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns, as we’d be happy to help.Sincerely, (name removed)Flickr Support
  4. View from the backside of my house. I used draw distance of 1024 meters to see what comes up to the view. The lighthouse is two and half regions away, about 654 meters in the distance. And there is the nearest boat rezzing spot to my place. 🙂
  5. Alpha masking is also a lot quicker to render so you typically get less of a framerate hit with those.
  6. I suspect that people already have ideas. And that they usually take other people's sensibilities into consideration, regardless of what they may be allowed to do.
  7. Are you sure it should be reported to Flickr, not LL? I don't know it it works, but usualy when Flickr makes changes, than developers of connected services and applications need to do update for the changes on their side. In otherr words, LL needs to make update for LL viewer to follow the new Flickr setting (if possible). Or to remove it from viewer, if they can't make it work - same as they removed the connection to Facebook, see there: Flickr can't touch SL viewers, they have nothing with them, so I don't see how they can help.
  8. What everybody else said. Plus something else to consider. Netflix costs about $9 (us) per month, Crunchyroll is about $54 per year (I think it just went up), Amazon Prime is $110 per year, etc, etc. I know it’s fashionable to bag on LL, but they made something special, despite its flaws. If you spend a couple hours a day in SL, $72 a year is absolutely worth it, just to support them and they give a portion back to you! So really it’s less than $72 a year. So yes, the little perks are nice, but really, you’re supporting them. It’s totally worth it.
  9. Precisely. Though it's maybe not wise to give people ideas. Hahaha!
  10. Surely they have data on sim crossing failures as well as the TP failures - its the same underlying issue I thought. They dont have to rely on "reports" (but see below) for sim crossings they would have the same server log data. I do not see why you say (well, imply) that a disconnect on a sim crossing is not a solid all or nothing event. It is no less catastrophic than a disconnect on a TP. To be clear, I am talking specifically about the horrendous number of DISCONNECTS on sim crossings that started about a month ago - not the other sim crossing problems that, as you say, have been around in varying degrees for a long time (but are also much increased currently) - like detachment, cam going kaflooey (sorry for the technical term) etc etc - and which may or may not be related. Regarding your reference to "reports" - I infer that you are implying they are less useful that the hard data. I think both may be helpful, the reports may contain hints as to that else is going on, and may yield hints on where to look. An example of the contextual stuff is the apparent fact that TP triggered by scripts are less likely to fail than ones initiated by user action. (Some one else put me on to this which explains something that had puzzled me ... for myself Ive been having very few TP problems at all the last month, but 90% of TPS are initiated by my Nav HUD) whereas I have been getting very frequent disconnects when sailing; and even just standing on my dock chatting or editing scripts.
  11. I see the Linden Homes Photo thread as the thread for us to show off what we've done with our Linden Homes (so basically a Linden home and garden thread similar to the Home and Garden thread we have in General Discussions for non-Linden homes). I like seeing what people are doing, and what they have built special for the homes, but I don't like the ones which seem more like an ad (pictures of the same item in all the different colors or patterns it comes in). If you built something, showing how you're using it yourself in your own home and mentioning (discretely) that it's also for sale in your MP is fine as long as it's not the main thrust of the post. I do like the separate threads for sight-seeing around the new continent. In regards to getting all the "I didn't get..." posts into one thread, part of the issue is that I think many people come into the forum and just start a new post instead of looking at ones that are already there to see if (a) the info they are looking for is already there, or (b) adding their post onto an existing thread on the same topic. On the other hand, the culture in this forum tends to frown on someone coming in and posting on a thread that has been dormant for months (or years), so like lots of things, it can be a fine line and requires some discernment.
  12. Right. So skinny dipping or sunbathing at the local beach is within the Moderate norms. I doubt that LL would pay much attention to an AR about naked bicycling or hang gliding either. The distinction between Moderate and Adult is public sexual activity or advertized sexual content.
  13. This surprises me. I thought the sim-border ghost had been eliminated a few years back during the tuning of server-side appearance. I once had the slightly surreal experience of disconnecting at a sim, reclogging and being told by my partner that my avatar was still where I had disconnected. She even took a photo of it! What REALLY spooked me was on returning to that sim I was confronted with my own avatar still in situ. As many others have since found, left clicking on that avatar caused it to vanish. On reporting this (including photos) to LL Support, I was told such a phenomenon was "impossible". I too have recently seen an increased number of ghosts at region edges. On the subject of ignores, ignoring Solar is a mistake, since, despite himself, he actually DOES sometimes talk sense! Perhaps I should clarify that the above incident occurred to my alter ego, not this account.
  14. Tigerish. Bought this avatar last night, and while I'm like of like 'hmm I could have put the Lindens towards a nice human body' it is AMAZINGLY LIGHT and the alpha layers are an improvement over the wolf avatar by the same maker.
  15. If I were a developer, I wouldn't even look at reports of sim crossing problems while they're able to collect data on teleport disconnects. That's a solid all-or-nothing thing that we know was very rare before. Sim crossings suck worse than before, maybe, but they've always sucked and discerning any signal in that mess of noise has always been nearly impossible. Maybe, maybe the sim-crossing problems are affected by something distinct from the teleport disconnects, but: Occam says no, and Even if so, it'll likely be easier to find it without whatever's causing the teleport disconnections contaminating the data. There could be multiple factors contributing to the teleport disconnections, too, but it almost doesn't matter: race conditions are notoriously difficult to pinpoint, even if it's always the same out-of-sequence event in every failure, and always the same conditions triggering it (which is rarely the case, and almost surely not the case here). Still, yeah, it has been a long time now, and the developers must be going crazy with stress about it -- if they're not numbed to the pain by now. Oh, also a word about viewers: there's practically zero chance the Linden viewer fares any better than the others here. For one thing, for me it has happened more with the Linden viewer than Firestorm or Catznip, but that's possibly due to time-of-day when I use the different viewers -- or just randomness misinterpreted as pattern, the source of all superstitions.
  16. Wow, you guys have really been exploring! Thank you for all the links 🙂
  17. This is a good idea. Perhaps I'll set-up a rezzer that rezzes an unlocked Bandit sailboat or motorboat or something (and my space is already an open rez zone for anyone and has a REZ ZONE sign just under the surface of the water) I'm weird, as in: not like so many others in SL; I actually love sharing what I've got with others.
  18. I do believe public nudity IS allowed in M-rated regions, publicly-viewable sexual activity (outside a building, etc.) is not allowed on M-rated regions.
  19. Some work-in-progress pics of my place, taken with my meager SL photography skills 😀
  20. Apart fron a few bits and pieces the majority of stuff is from Half Deer Also, all the funiture in my home that has pose anims, now has the [AV]root-security script installed. Now, if Mr Rando decides to pay a visit, he's atleast not going to be able to use my furniture
  21. Just an aside. I have been selling airplane hangers lately (not exactly a mainstream product) so I was thinking that folks might be buying small plots on the mainland that are CLOSE to Bellisseria and then flying over. Can folks just rez a 1024 size prim up at 2000 feet over their parcel to fly off of? I have never flown so have no idea. That seems like the easiest if possible. True, not all that "immersive" though
  22. Got the dmp, you can remove the file now.
  23. I though so! Hehe. Now seriously, which lighthouse it was please? Ligthouses on Calm Waves and Norse Auk have both broken / blocked entrances, no way to get in and use the starcases. I didn't have time to read forum, so I'm not sure if someone already reported that, if not, maybe we can call @Abnor Mole I actualy don't know how many lighthouses are there, but I would like to visit the one with unblocked entrance as you did. Thanks.
  24. I am perfectly happy to be "merged" but honestly if you counted how many "can't get into my mesh house doorway" threads along with all the "didn't get my new Linden house" and "NO houseboats" threads, it would keep the mods from doing much else LOL. The forums are what they are. At least we don't seem to be seeing "I am an orange cloud" threads as often *wink*. Personally I thought the "official" Linden Homes thread was to be something like "How does your avatar look today" thread with a gazillion pages where we showed off what we had been doing. It will likely morph over time.
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