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  2. I came up with this new script after studying the strided list. Now I just need to figure out how to get the turret to look at the selected avatar. What do I need to study to get that part to work and Did I get the list part right? list Names; integer T; default { state_entry() { llListen(10, "", llGetOwner(), ""); llSensorRepeat("", "", AGENT, 96.0, PI, 0.2); } touch_start(integer detected) { if (llDetectedKey(0) == llGetOwner()) { llSetTimerEvent(0.0); llListenRemove(10); llSensorRemove(); llSensor("","",AGENT,96,PI); llDialog(llDetectedKey(0), "Choose an avatar...", Names, 10); } } sensor(integer allAvatars) { integer o; key Id; Names = []; o = 0; while ((o < allAvatars) && (o < 12)) { Id = llDetectedKey(o); Names = Names + llKey2Name(Id); o = o+1; } } listen(integer channel, string obj, key id, string message) { list uuid = llList2ListStrided(Names, 0, -1, 2); integer index = llListFindList(Names, [message]); if (index != -1) { llSetTimerEvent(0.05); } } timer() { key kTarget = llList2Key(Names,T); vector vTargetPos = llList2Vector(llGetObjectDetails(kTarget,[OBJECT_POS]),0); vector vPos=llGetPos(); float fDistance=llVecDist(<vTargetPos.x,vTargetPos.y,0>,<vPos.x,vPos.y,0>); llSetRot(llRotBetween(<1,0,0>,llVecNorm(<fDistance,0,vTargetPos.z - vPos.z>)) * llRotBetween(<1,0,0>, llVecNorm(<vTargetPos.x - vPos.x,vTargetPos.y - vPos.y,0>))*llGetRot()); } }
  3. ♠ Hair: Fatal (Reds) by Stealthic ♠ Ears: Sylvan Ears by Bent Box ♠ Outfit: Mi Tube Top by Chenosa, Nyx (Green) by The Muses, FATEplay Animated Cloak by Damien Fate, Leg Corset (Brown) by Elegance Boutique ♠ Tattoo: Metallic Lunar by Izzie Button ♠ Misc: Impius Altum Circlet (Gold) by Aii ~ The Ugly and Beautiful *purchased at The Fantasy Collective* ↪ https://veileddream.wordpress.com/2019/04/23/elven-ii/
  4. Ghosted avatars are fairly common after a crash. That's something I've always took as "normal", as it's something I've always seen around since I started using vehicles. What's not normal is the crashes rate crossing sims on a vehicle these days. But that is something that's always happened in cycles, it seems — it comes and goes away without any apparent fix.
  5. Hi Lewis, I have sent you a photo in world.
  6. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Secluded Secrets/26/109/21
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  8. بس انا بستعمل لاب توب lenovo واظن اممكنياتو مش وحشه بس المشكله ان اللعبه بتقفل بعد دقييقه
  9. Great topic and very relevant to me. I've been in SL over 10 years total and looking back over that time I've been alone 90% of it. My first SL marriage lasted 5 years but she grew tired of SL after the first couple years and abandoned me for the most part until I finally asked for a divorce. I recently married again thinking things would be different but my current partner has also stopped being in-world very much ... it's a bit like a recurring nightmare. LOL However - what I did with those 10 years is what counts and I did a lot. I taught myself how to design and build, I founded 3 stores and an art gallery and work as a guest designer for other businesses. So it's all good -I am pretty happy and fulfilled over all and now just looking for activity companions for fun stuff like surfing, sailing, diving and exploring.
  10. You do not need to announce the great deed of blocking someone. You will probably soon find out some big flaws with the blocking system. So technically there were two instances of her avatar online at once? That's pretty incredible, lol. Next time it happens, see if you can get the person to come visit their own doppelganger. Now that'd be even more interesting to see!
  11. Lets face it. Not even 2 months and 13 answers later the noble lord and the gallant lady dont find themselfes compelled to answer any of our questions. Even though i believe they just found an engaged roleplayer inworld, i like the idea they didnt do so at all, and therefore they are spending their 300 Lindens weekly on a multiscene skybox with a castle or mansion setup, of course.
  12. So I went to the Fantasy Fair. $L were spent. (I'm still there actually) But here's a new dress and hair with a very lovely background. And the same dress with different lighting. I'm loving the hair!
  13. This is amazing! I was at a loss of what to do wirh that house. And honestly I didn't recognize the interior. You got skills, lol.
  14. Another method I used successfully: Log into the "give me a home" page NOT as yourself but as one of your Not- Premium Alts. If you don't have one, just make one. They will offer you the best there is, trying to lure you into becoming a Premium. If there is nothing, just try again some other time. If there IS something then you might throw in 9.50 US$ and grab it (I did!) ... or log out, abandon you mainland - or do whatever was adviced to rid yourself of it for the moment - and try to grab it as yourself. Maybe it will be gone by then - hard luck!
  15. The Ignore function for this forum works well, for those who have nothing to say but to criticize others for posting. I just used it; much friendlier place now
  16. 64 here, artist, designer, builder and business owner - keeping very busy. I'm always looking for new exploring, adventure, surfing, diving and sailing peeps to hang out with.I am married but my partner no longer spends much time online with me so I've been feeling a bit lonely. Give me a shout out if you'd like. I'm easy going, 420 friendly and very drama-averse. -Danny (The Mysterious Mechanic) danielwolfsong
  17. I guess, i was silly too lazy to scroll all the way up and just quoted what you quoted already ^^. My fault.
  18. I also agree this too much even for money sound good but rest no can do half of time am not on I have a life.
  19. Whew a lot of the comes here seem a bit skewed. Surely the pay is pretty bad if you're looking at it from a perspective of spending your time trying to earn lindens. However, from the way I was reading it, it seems like you're invited to join into this roleplay scenario (Which seems pretty intense by the way, kudos) just like any other of them. The pay is just a bonus / buying various RP things. I don't believe this is Work, rather, it's just an RP ad. Because let's be real here, if you're roleplaying simply for the money, you're not likely to enjoy it that much. Ladies of the night aside. Alas I'm not very vested into roleplaying, neat read though.
  20. I think this and the bamboo fence may be on par with each other. But, to be fair, I think the bamboo fence has since been swapped out.
  21. ehm.. not sure where you quote me, but it's not my line
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