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  2. i had trouble sending it back ,the lag there was killing me
  3. I'd cry too if my hair did that in the morning.
  4. I know I'm going to regret this but... I don't have one of the traditional homes so I have no idea what any wall looks. But let's say I do have one. And I want to put some very tasteful, in my opinion, nude artwork on my walls, and I want to be able to enjoy it, not hide it away in a back room. It's allowed according to the covenant and the adult content policy. I also don't want to waste my LI by putting up some shrubbery to block someone's view of my parcel. You're saying that I should either hide my artwork in my own home on my own parcel that is perfectly allowable on the off chance that someone might be offended by a boob, rather than expecting the person who is offended by the boob to just derender the boob? Which one takes the least amount of effort and doesn't impact anyone's enjoyment (or LI) of their own home?
  5. what some people do to their houses ,awefull ,going to send it back right now
  6. That's an abandon, my Home in Passwall region is next door.
  7. I'm definitely in the "local chat for small talk, IM for actual conversations" group with this, but it's definitely situational. With a group of people? Local chat is just easier, unless there's a pressing reason why it needs to be private. On the other hand, if a conversation started long-distance but then one of us came to the other, I see no reason to suddenly swap to local chat, so that stays in IM. People that overshare in their private conversations conducted in local chat - please stop, thanks.
  8. I'll be putting out a bowl of very special treats. Adults only - don't send your kids to my boat or trailer. 🎃🎃🎃
  9. There ^^ That's a much better way of saying what was on my mind. Specifically, the bit about It's not just that it feels dumb to IM when I am standing right there looking at the other person, although that's part of it ( In the same sense that I think it looks dumb to see people in RL talking to each other on cell phones when they are obviously close enough to shake hands). It's also that I think it's implicitly rude to everyone else. Even if other people nearby may not be aware of the IM conversation, I still have the feeling that I am talking behind their backs. I'm being exclusive and elitist in the same way that teenagers chatter behind their hands in little cliques. Thank you, Maddy -- it just doesn't feel right.
  10. Or maybe the Toad Hollow trads with campers? ......maybe/.....!!! Lots of abandons going through atm trad wise
  11. <Click here for more on luane meo's flickr>
  12. Should be Houseboats today release or combination with Homes.
  13. ok start cooking start walking you both ,lets get this show going ,lol 😁
  14. OMG right? Probably more like 75 minutes. For me it seems like every time I walk out of work which is around 4:15 pm eastern giver or take. I've missed a ton of releases that came out from that time until around 6pm, which is when I finally make it home. UGH
  15. This would literally keep me entertained for hours, if not days We have a squirrel we hand feed here (rl, I mean, lol), his name's stubby, my kids named him when they were just tots. His tail was cut off by a car, but he's a very fat and jolly lil squirrel. He tends to bring friends to our yard, and then slowly but surely they all, but him, disappear. I'm pretty sure he's like squirrel mafia and he only brings other squirrels around so we put more food out, and then he slowly kills them all off so he can have all the food. That's a smart business, or personal interest, move if ever I've seen one.
  16. mmmmm looks like im gonna miss out this one again ,i dont have long before my sleeptime sadly
  17. Just asked in inworld-chat - noone knows anything. But I am sure there will be a release in the next 60 minutes ... why?? Because I am going to cook my dinner ... and they are sure to ruin that !! last Wednedsay I ate overdone vegetables near midnight (MY midnight which is 15:00 SLT)
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