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  2. The boot is so called in the UK because - back when cars were carriages - they featured seats on the outer sides that were called 'boots'. These eventually moved to the back of the carriage and were used mainly for storage of boots that the coachman might need to change into should he have to effect repairs on the carriage. They became known as 'boot lockers' - subsequently shortened to 'boot'. There was a similar item on carriages in the States, but - since this often held more than just boots - it was known simply as a 'trunk'. As to 'bonnet' and 'hood' they both mean the same thing: a head-covering.
  3. Hi! I've made a vocabulary quiz game: - The player sits on a car. - He is asked vocabulary questions through the chat. - With each correct answer, he / she moves forward some meters on the car. - A wrong answer moves the car back to its initial starting position. - He / she plays against other players or NPCs / prims. - The player who goes through the finish line first wins. - Afterwards, the "car" goes back to its initial starting position. The script works (OpenSim/ OSGrid). One problem remains: I'm using llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast to change the position of the car. The script moves the child prim. Now, it is not possible to remain sitting on that moving child prim. The prim keeps moving without you sitting on it. It is possible to remain sitting on the moving root prim when the script moves the root prim instead of the child prim. In that case, though, the position of the root prim must be given in a fixed absolute vector at the beginning of the script, which is less flexible than the child-prim version, which uses a position relative to the root prim. I also tried out llSetKeyframdedMotion but using that, I haven't been able to return to the initial starting position at the end of the game. The ideal solution would be a child-prim which is "ride-able". Do you maybe have an idea of how to achieve that? Thank you very much in advance. Here is the script: // Simple Sensor Quizz I v0.1 by djphil (CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0) + Prim Computer v0.1 by djphil (CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0) integer tick; float move; list questions = [ "Was heißt auf Englisch: \n\nessen", "Was heißt auf Englisch: \n\ntrinken", "Was heißt auf Englisch: \n\ngehen \n(2 Buchstaben)", "Was heißt auf Englisch: \n\ngehen \n(4 Buchstaben)", "Was heißt auf Englisch: \n\nrennen", "Was heißt auf Englisch: \n\nfahren", "Was heißt auf Englisch: \n\nfliegen", "Was heißt auf Englisch: \n\nschlafen", "Was heißt auf Englisch: \n\ndenken", "Was heißt auf Englisch: \n\nmögen", "Was heißt auf Englisch: \n\nhaben", "Was heißt auf Englisch: \n\nverlieren", "Was heißt auf Englisch: \n\ngewinnen", "Was heißt auf Englisch: \n\nleben", "Was heißt auf Englisch: \n\nverstehen", "Was heißt auf Englisch: \n\nwissen" ]; list responses = [ "eat", "drink", "go", "walk", "run", "drive", "fly", "sleep", "think", "like", "have", "lose", "win", "live", "understand", "know" ]; integer random; string question() { integer count = llGetListLength(questions); random = (integer)llFrand((float)count); return llList2String(questions, random); } integer response(string response) { string csv = llList2String(responses, random); list buffer = llCSV2List(llToLower(csv)); if (~llListFindList(buffer, [llToLower(response)])) return TRUE; return FALSE; } default { state_entry() { llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(2, [PRIM_POS_LOCAL, <0.5,0.0,0.0>]); } touch_start(integer num) { state listening; } } state listening { state_entry() { llSay(0, "\n\nSchreibe die Antwort in den Chat.\n\n" + question()); llListen(PUBLIC_CHANNEL,"", NULL_KEY, ""); llListen(-799,"", NULL_KEY, ""); //This can be used by a reset button. } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if (response(message) == TRUE) { llSay(0, "That's correct, " + name + "!"); state moving; } else { llResetScript(); } } } state moving { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(2.0); } timer() { ++tick; move += 2; llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(2, [PRIM_POS_LOCAL, <move, 0.0, 0.0>]); if (tick > 3) { tick = 0; move = 0; llPlaySound("ed124764-705d-d497-167a-182cd9fa2e6c",1.0); llSleep(5.0); state default; } state listening; } }
  4. I too like New Hamsterdam, but here are a few other faves: Updock (ask someone what that is, Bugs!) Buitenwijk (Dutch for Suburb) Emerson Lake (I wonder if there are palms in that region to represent Palmer) Due South (Located in the North of Bellisseria) Bellfry (Needs to be checked for bats) Hartnell (I still need to check that region for a TARDIS, William Hartnell was the first Doctor in Doctor Who) There are more but I can't quite remember them off the top of my head... and without coffee! EDIT: I need to mention Getthe Point and Arrgh as well!
  5. Awe, I just love this ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  6. I got a chuckle out of Emerson Lake and Palmer Lake the first time I saw it. YUGE made me laugh a couple of days ago, too. Hunky Dory is my absolute favorite, though. (Story time!) Years and years ago when my mom was dying, the cancer and the huge amounts of morphine had her hallucinating quite a bit. She was in a nursing home and in her mind, that equated to being in a hospital and we all just went along with it. The only times in her life she'd ever been in the hospital was when she had babies (eight of 'em) so she thought that's what was going on. I was sitting on her bed talking to her and we had this conversation: Mom - Where's the baby? Me - Oh... um... he's in the nursery. Mom - Oh, good. Is he okay? Me - Yep! Everything is hunky dory. Mom - Let's call him that. Me - What? Mom - Hunky Dory Macbain. dissolves into laughter One of my favorite final memories with her. ❤️❤️❤️
  7. They all do really. Up hill and down hill. It's faster to go down hill because you don't have to get out and push.
  8. I laughed because I said the same thing. lol
  9. Yes, I see that myself, having frequented the Answers section of these forums for most of the past 12 years. There's a lot for a newbie to learn, and many places to bump into walls along the way (literally and figuratively). Some "regulars" take delight in adding walls of their own, and I'm sure that some of use occasionally do it without realizing it. At the some time, however, learning the local patois is part of becoming acculturated. I have moved way too many times in my life and have had to learn which parts of town are safe, which neighbor is someone else's sister-in-law or ex, why we don't drive down Main Street on Saturday mornings, what the funny thing called a "chalupa" tastes like, and all the thousands of other little things that the natives know by heart. I can pick up some things from context, but an occasional heads-up from someone who knows better can save time and trouble, even if I feel embarrassed or conspicuous for a moment. It's all part of learning the territory. As a repeat newbie many times, I know that it's important to learn how to play by the local rules, at least until I understand which ones I can ignore safely. On the whole, I find most of the "regulars" here in the forums and in world to be good, thoughtful people. Even humorous. The few louts are conspicuous, and I share your disdain for them.
  10. Um... the top end of a car is its roof, the bottom end is its undercarriage. The hood is top front, the trunk is top rear. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  11. When I'm at home, unless I'm intentionally wanting to see the sunset or sunrise, my setting is always on some sort of daytime neutral setting like CalWL - because when I'm at home, I am usually trying various things on and I want the lighting neutral. I typically only switch to other settings when I am out exploring or taking pictures. So, yeah, I could see how I might not notice if an object is set to full bright. *Makes note to self to check on this* (though I do know that the above is not me, due to the landscaping)
  12. I'm pretty fond of New Hamsterdam
  13. When is the next Second Life third party viewer meeting please? Or is there any meeting soon? Thank you.
  14. I'm really loving some of the neighbourhood names I come across. This one was a bit of a 'How did I miss this?' moment. Emerson Lake, right next to Palmer Lake up in the north of Our New continent (Emerson, lake and Palmer were prog rockers from the land before time for any youngsters out there!) Anyone else spotted names they've really enjoyed?
  15. Hmm we could have an annual Phil Deakins day where no one is allowed to agree with anyone
  16. Phil is the living dead, I am sure he will have more comebacks than dracula I love the idea of arguing in Phil’s memory.
  17. Phil is the living dead, I am sure he will have more comebacks than dracula
  18. I am definitely more of a submissive, though an alpha submissive, but still... I almost never hit anyone. 😋 Perhaps you've been brainwashed into believing you were accepted with open arms? I'm kidding. I stand by what I said but I also realize that others haven't experienced the same things. I came in at a rather heated time (the release of the new Linden Homes) and maybe that colored my view.
  19. Sorry Beth while I hate to disagree, mainly because you might hit me , I only really started coming here a year ago and found the local's quite welcoming. However I agree that if you come here expecting everyone to agree with you and stick to the topic the thread started with and not digress yes you might find it unfriendly. That though is how life works. Terminology is important when we come from many different lands and languages. For example I often say US dollars even though people said earlier that people didnt. Why we don't use dollars here and I speak to a lot of people who have a currency called dollar. I know therefore to specify
  20. What about Mastercard? I always write it in the form of L$250, but I way "250 L Dollars". I'm in the US and for RL pricing, we write $250 (over here, it is all about us, so the US part is assumed, LOL), but we would say "250 dollars". The only time the US part gets tossed in is when having conversations where other currencies are discussed or could be inferred.
  21. Perhaps the regulars have been here so long they don't recognize it, or they just excuse it as "so-and-so just being so-and-so" but these forums aren't especially friendly to newbies. Correcting people for saying "lindens", which is perfectly fine to say in reference to SL's currency, or, god forbid, when someone says "Linden Labs" instead of "Linden Lab", or "region" instead of "sim", or any number of other things, is almost always couched as being helpful, but comes across as almost a sort of dominance. "We were here first so don't come in here making waves with your incorrect usage of our terminology." I think it's become second nature to a lot of the regulars and in general across the whole of the internet and it comes in many forms. I hesitate to say "victim" because I hate the word, but I've been a victim of it myself by people making certain I know how long they've been in SL (being new to the forums doesn't mean one is new to SL, and it shouldn't matter anyway) to make it sound as if my opinion carries less weight than someone else. There's been more than one occasion where I thought, "F*** it, I'm not coming back here" but I've got just as much right to be here as anyone else. Again, maybe people don't realize they're doing it, but I also think it should be pointed out when it happens. People talk about SL dying, and one of the biggest hurdles to joining SL is figuring out what the hell is going on because it's not exactly intuitive when you first land inworld and I think a lot of people may look towards these forums for a little guidance. I want new people joining and staying. There is a difference between being helpful and being pedantic or condescending and that line gets blurred an awful lot here whether the regulars realize it or not. Perhaps it takes someone from the outside looking in to see it. shrugs
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