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  2. Your assumptions about HL breaking the rules are assumptions by a non informed person. I won't go into details as it wouldn't make any difference but lead to further off topic delicacies. Similarly, what you hear about music groups tricking the laws is not what Hangars Liquides does. HL will either be preserved or survive thanks to donations, or be gone. The fact LL has been blind to art in the past and that has coincided with an increasing amount of residents leaving doesn't mean that they need to keep repeating the same mistakes, they may well improve their strategies. What HL is requesting LL to do is not to allow them to cheat, it is to start making things possible for artists to operate within Sl, not only for HL, but for all artists. That you see artistic talent and technical prowess as arrogance and self entitlement is completely acceptable: you may have no background at all in art, or you may be be offended by the aforementioned artistic talent and technical ability. Hoping to have answered all your very pleasant and engaging posts, I will proceed to focus my attention once again to the topic of this thread, and ignore all further off topic posts.
  3. You are probably right about the rental landlords being far different than they were in my early days. So likely it isn't as risky now as it was. A couple of close friends got screwed back then. One paid a month or two in advance and the landlord bailed after her second week. Another's landlord ran into some sort of financial problems and her region got taken back by LL. We definitely don't hear very many stories of such here in the forums like we used to, so yeah, things have probably gotten a bit steadier on that front. Some old knowledge and/or experiences is sometimes hard to get past. Based on many comments about Mainland, I think I've been fairly fortunate in my mainland experiences. I have a high tolerance for Mainland stuff, but have also mostly been pretty lucky in regards to what has been rezzed near me. I always keep a skybox and have had times where I spent more time in the skybox than on the ground due to surroundings, but I've never had those type of neighbors for very long. If one gets a decent Mainland location and can deal with the occasional oddity, it can usually be done for cheaper via Premium than renting. By the same token, I was never the type that wanted beachfront property, thus my mainland costs were never super expensive. I haven't seen a griefer in literally forever. I hear they still exist in many of the newbie areas and the cheapie/freebie sex areas, but I don't ever go to those.
  4. If one dies, you have two choices: (1) get another guinea pig or (2) get a cat.
  5. Their HUDs where you add your own animations in to them. I have triple checked, and the animations are in there, and like I said, they do work, I just keep getting the error message which I have to close every time I pick an animation. The only thing no mod is the script that handles the buttons on the animations/triggers them, which does work, but I just always the above message. Which I don't understand, since it seems to work just fine.
  6. Corrected. You're welcome. 😈
  7. I really hope that within a year or so (or definitely before the two years are up) that you will be able to get a home on Bellisseria where you'll be able to create your hippy hang-out (which I would probably be interested in checking out )
  8. You're posting in the wrong place. 'Adult' enquiries go in the Adult section. Here's a helpful link:-https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/118-adult-content-forum/ "comperable writing skills" No comment. "naught fun" Oh dear, none at all?
  9. When I toured them at the Home & Garden Expo, that was kind of my reaction. It was before I knew that you could swap out the house or houseboat styles. That was kind of a game changer for me. The excitement that has grown reminds me of my early days in SL. 😊
  10. So, if you own 2 and one dies, you have to get another? You will be continually owning guinea pigs, unless they both die!
  11. Property Search is currently looking for an experienced Marketing Manager to join our team. We are looking for someone who has experience with creating marketing plans, social media, advertising inworld, hire and train a team of marketing associates. communicate with senior management about marketing initiatives and other duties as assigned. Applicants must have basic skills in SL. Salary will be discussed during interview. Please send a notecard inworld with your experience to Celestria Niosaki.
  12. Why not join one of their groups and ask?
  13. I am really interested in learning more about angels and demons but cant find anyone to explain it and show me around.
  14. I lived on islands all these 11 years paying monthly tier to sim owners. SL business success allowed 6 years free living, never cashed out. Mainland in those early years was hard on my crappy PCs then and slow DSL. So laggy I had no idea how anyone could exist there. I never had sim owners fail. My tiers went to stable land businesses. I was even homeless on a 12 sim place where it was possible for me to build. Very sad to see those sims close last year. They were over a decade old. I rezzed a yacht where possible relaxed there for a year. I again pay monthly tier at an island home, 984 prims.It amounts what I spend for gasoline each month. I see living in Belli as a something else to do and meet different people. I could not use mainland for a few years now it's possible on a cool Continent.
  15. My partner and I have been renting in SL since 2006, always private island estates. We have never had either of those things, or any other bad things, happen. Our landlords have always been great people, very understanding, accepting of pre-payment during scheduled breaks, not fast on the trigger when we had a miscommunication and rent wasn't paid. Personally, I think of landlord horror stories as relics of SL's history. The profit model for landlording in SL has not been as compelling as it was in early days for quite some time ... it doesn't attract the sort who want to make a quick buck anymore. I'm sure it's been more expensive than having a set of premium alts get a parcel on mainland, but we have always lived in attractive communities with covenant enforcement of the esthetic, and pretty strict policing of antisocial conduct. We enjoyed the control we had over our land on island estates as well; I don't know if mainland caught up in that regard. I don't know when I last saw a griefer.
  16. So very true. If they had done a poll before anyone saw anything, folks would still have initially thought of the old Linden Homes and most would have just responded with "blah". Seeing them at the Home & Garden Expo, did get quite a few excited, but there definitely were lots that complained about the inside size, saying they would never want one. Much of the excitement really has come about because of all the pictures that were posted. Many of the initial naysayers changed their tune and started trying to get a home. Granted, some gave up their homes when LL changed the security policy, but overall they have been a far bigger hit than I think anyone could have predicted. LL definitely didn't want to drop 50,000 homes out there and have them be mostly empty like much of the old Homes are.
  17. That's the rigging orientation, but for animation using a BVH file, the world coordinates differ, as well as the scale. The animation configuration in a BVH file for SL wants the Z axis forward, Y axis up and X axis sideways. The avatar scale instead is intended to be in inches, for which in the exporter options on the left side panel, the scale should be changed from 1 (meter scale as in native blender) to 0.0254 (ratio between inches and meters). A long time ago, Blender's built in BVH exporter also provided a checkbox "Export fo SL" which apparently did the axis orientation convertion math when enabled (around 2011). Out of curiosity, i just checked the python file responsible for the bvh export, and it clearly mentions secondlife compatibility when listing bones so to not sort them so the order is respected. I also did a quick test and it defnitely works as intended. Reimporting the animation back to Blender, the character comes back in laying down in reverse in comparison to the bvh standards mentioned above, because of Blender's bone roll and orientation standards (inverted in comparison to the bvh standards by default), so that it works in SL Therefore, looking at your picture, the roation that you were axpecting to be side-to side is, instead, correctly interpreted as back to front bow type of motion. You will need to make an animation scene in which you adjust the orientation back to the blender's default standard, because for rigging (if you're not using avastar) the orientation is the one you correctly mention in your post. Hope this helps
  18. ahhh, I'm so sorry to hear it's so stressful for you. Sending you some hugs. Having said that, I would hope that in a year or two, everybody who wants a home will have one (even if it's not their perfect location) - the Moles are working pretty fast, and they are only getting better, so here's to hoping! 😊
  19. The quickest way is to right-click your avatar and select Appearance > Reset > Skeleton. If you want to stop the animations as well select Appearance > Reset > Skeleton & Animations.
  20. I walked away from the forums when they changed them from Resident Answers to the crappy version after that because so much of the general conversations stopped. Lots of bad RL stuff was going on at the time and the forums were such a huge part of my SL back then, so I pretty much left SL at the same time. I logged in now and then - once every few months or so - but it just wasn't the same. When they created this version of the forums, I got an IM from a friend that said the forums were mostly back to being similar to the early days, with actual general conversations and such. I came back to the forums and stuck around. Soon I was back in SL regularly, learning new things, meeting new people, having new fun.
  21. Even if they had taken some sort of poll, I'm sure that the answers before any of us saw the actual builds (including the beautiful landscaping and individuality of the regions) would have been different than the answers after we saw what they really looked like. Even at the Home & Garden expo last spring where we had our first chance to walk around the showcase area and walk through all the home styles, there were many who were complaining about them being too small, etc. If a poll had been taken right at that moment in time, before residents had a chance to start decorating the interiors and posting those pics so that others could see the possibilities, I think the poll numbers would have been different than they would be later (or will be in the future once we actually seen and been able to walk around in the additional themes that will be introduced in the future). I think a lot of the demand came from residents seeing what others were able to do decorating-wise, as well as hearing about the sense of community that was forming in the new area when it actually started being populated - both things that are demand "number-changers", I believe.
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