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  2. Two and a half hours in the late night and very early morning hours. A great ride and a great time. Full story on my blog. Sure you can find it if you want to :D. Honestly, I was SO IMPRESSED. This is where I quit last night, at what I "thought" was the halfway point. Not so much LOL.
  3. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the whole "Got a problem with me? Message my dom/master/daddy/parent!" disclaimers.
  4. I have had the exact same problem. My house went pufff and dissapeared completly. The mailbox does nto work and gives the message: buttons; <--(1) or (1)-->. I have sent a ticket and I am waiting patiently for someone to come over and fix it for me. 🙂 Sigh, my furniture looks weird levitating in the air like that.
  5. EEP is great. The actual EEPing functionality is solid. The problem is all those new shaders & shader changes that have caused so many rendering bugs & as soon as one is fixed another 5 rear their ugly heads. Rider is awesome - the shader stuff isn't his doing. I don't know how viable this is but if it was up to me I'd strip out all the shader changes that come with EEP & plan to release EEP with just the basic EEP functionality. Then have a follow on EEP 2 project adding back all the shader stuff. Or honestly just scrap the shader stuff all together. The rainbows & halos are nice but the rest of the shader changes don't improve the look of a scene imo.
  6. Serious A - Because people like you exist sweetie.
  7. Security orbs and similar systems are not 'ban lines'... The lines that are visible when a user restricts parcel access using the same system level tools that cause the teleport pop up you describe are 'ban lines'. Security orbs exist in part to offer more granular access permissions and in part because some users believe ban lines are 'ugly'.
  8. Hi everyone Join us today at 12.00 pm SLT at Sapphire Beach Club in Skyhill 187, 94, 22 for our Easter Party DJ Moushou and DJ Whitaker play House, Electro House, Progressive House and Vocal House Check out our Easter Games and Decorations and receive a free Easter Bunny See you soon For Questions a TP or LM please contact Claudine Jewell inworld See you soon
  9. No it's very nice from you to help! thanks Till now, i haven't got any person who ask me to view directly the boat, or else. So i think the product pictures render well.. But i will think of it.. Having directly some vehicles rezzed can be more attractive
  10. Well not to be a party pooper but you need to write your own work. Using others just instilles all their poorly coded work. Which they probably kludged together using others poorly coded work. When i started i did the same and then decided to start with clean slate.
  11. There was a fix for this bug that went into the EEP viewer but unfortunately it didn't work, not on my system anyway. BUG-226624 - [EEP] The fix for SL-10081 doesn't work - viewer still freezes & doesn't recover.
  12. Because residents have a choice on how they set their security in most places. Please search the forums there are numerous long posts on this subject
  13. I am sorry. I am just trying to help with options. If they just want to look at the boat maybe it doesn't even have to be a dock or water. Just to rez and look. Your OP was, I thought, looking for help to get sales.
  14. I'm still optimistic on EEP. Rider is good people. Even if he's scared to reply to some of these posts, I'm sure he's listening and taking notes. X3
  15. Serious Q - if residents want total privacy, why don't they just limit access to their sim or parcel to people they know, full stop? I'd rather get a pop-up message at the TP stage, telling me the area is off-limits, than land and then have 10 seconds to get out before some orb makes me crash.
  16. It reproduces with Linden Terrain too & the textures on the Linden terrain have no alpha channels. I filed a bug for it. BUG-226762 - [EEP] Sun & moon textures with transparency render on top of Linden terrain and objects
  17. When I am hammering code, I'm also looking up the functions. I seem to not be able to understand what seems to be abstract. Anything with a practical sense or what I've already reverse engineered I can figure out pretty easily. I guess I need to read the wiki about the functions two million times and ask y'all about it for me to get it to click.
  18. The roof texture is from the old Linden Homes Tahoe pack.
  19. Today
  20. Hmm, I must have been confused then, because the way I understood it, when a particle is displayed, it can only be removed if max age is reached or if the object that initiated it is derezzed. So I didn't implement a clearing of it indeed, thinking detaching it would be enough, I didn't register that it was an actual object property, and it does make sense now. Thanks!
  21. The prime part of your script is list manipulation. Lists are fundimental in many scripts. From object givers, yours, rezzers etc. The scanner data in this script is a data gatherer. If you kludge someone elses scripts you will never get anywhere because you are just hammering code with no understanding.
  22. My shop does not have a dock, and has no place (in size) to have a boat I actually rent at a frequented place (hollywood sim), so i don't know if renting water parcel for exposing boats and others will be a good thing..
  23. That was a BIG mistake! In one (or several) of the other threads it was reported that the Postboxes are (some of them) malfunctioning. If you handed in a ticket a few hours later a mole would turn up and just reset the scripts in the postbox and voilá - the house of your choice appears!! ... It is all about the PLOTS not about the houses! PS: just saw @Zoya McDonnagh saisd the same. - sorry!
  24. After I study LSL long enough and it clicks, will I be able to program anything I think of? Is it the same for all programming languages? How do you know what to do when you get stuck for lack of knowledge and don't know what to look up? Do I just ask on here on how to program a billion different scripts until I finally get it? How does all this work? I don't understand why this is so complicated to wrap my head around. How did y'all do it? Thanks for all the help thus far.
  25. Apna Parivar, (our family). established in 2018. Started as a club for Indian Community; is spreading its wings to the world and inviting all SL Grid to be a part of the team. Djs of all genres and linguistic background are invited. Please note that English is a common language preferred. We are opening on 7th May 2019. New and experienced staff is welcomed. Dj Requirements: - Can play any genre of music - May/ may not take requests - May/ may not voice over while Djing - Each set is of 2 hours Host Requirement: - Greet people - Send notices - Must be punctual and make it to the scheduled set. All pay is 100% tips If interested please send a notecard to Subha299das Resident. Please visit the club. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shiloh Crossing/108/200/32
  26. I am sure there are systems available to rez from a panel of choices to see each vehicle which means only the vehicle with the highest LI needs to be accounted for as the system will only allow you to rez one at a time. So less LI and less room needed but giving you the ability to display all to people
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