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  2. Work at a club. I recommend Plush. They have a lot of clients and traffic.
  3. Oh boy, we've got a (barely) live one with more issues than DC Comics. However, to choose the only one that is actually mildly disturbing as opposed to just kind of funny... People are allowed to change their minds, at any time. Even after they've had a day after they "give into" it, and now know how it makes them feel longer term. Yes, even then. You know what else? Anyone, male or female, is allowed to reject you as a partner for any reason whatsoever. Yes, even "older women" who don't want to liaise with a younger man. I know! Even older women get to choose their sexual partners! They don't owe you anything! And you know what else? Submissives get to have opinions! Even if you don't want them to! Gadzooks! By the way, your inability to understand any of this is what's causing "people who mute you over ONE misunderstanding and/or LOG OFF so you cant try to work it out", "people you add who end up just removing you as soon as you log or the next day without telling you", "people who always hide their online status in your freinds list so you never know when the f-ck they are on" and "when you tp someone to visit you and they immidently go afk for a very long time". You're welcome. (Sorry, can't be bothered to correct the typos in the c+p.)
  4. I know you moles have lots of things to do, but wouldn't it be fun with mountain trails?I was riding part of Bellisseria hills, and they are very much like inverted V's, going up and down. Having a trail set into the hill, from the bottom and winding across the mountains would be nice. It don't have to use resources. The riders can walk or trot, and enjoy the landscape under. Yesterday, I had to concentrate on finding a path to ride, get the horse in gallop to get up the steep hills, then tumbling down. There are some parts valley-like, but it's not interesting to ride there. Not only for horses. Bikes and people on foot.
  5. I don't know if you realized this yet but this forum probably isn't the best place to look for...what you are looking for. Everyone here is is a jokey joke joke jokester. You'd probably have better luck in-world at certain sims.
  6. Oh - love your Ari-look! My favorite is this one - the one and only Kaia-skin Besides this, It-Girls Vienna
  7. The Bellisseria Community group ( secondlife:///app/group/63773109-bc01-d353-2074-dbb6e8256f0a/about ) has an ongoing Bellisseria Community Parade of Homes that takes you around to houses that people have opened to the public. There are a lot of awesome homes on the list, and I am jealous of everyone's ability to squeeze all the LI they can from the decorations. You can pick up the HUD from group notices. To be listed or removed, contact Script Alchemi inworld.
  8. and the list of fixes? where does one go to recognize their achievements? your status is as a Linden or a user?
  9. Very nice! Thanks for sharing:) I like the little water decor outside too:)
  10. Apologies for not getting back to this sooner, Arianna. I saw your post about how a change of hairbase had fixed the problem and thought you'd simply discovered some glitch I'd not come across before! I completely missed your follow-up post saying that the issue had returned. Some questions: 1. Do others see you with that white line, or is it only you that sees it? If it's only you then Nextio's suggestion to clear the viewer cache is the correct thing to try. If only you are seeing a visual issue with regard to your head and everyone else sees you without that issue, then it's usually either a cache problem on your end, or some setting that you've either enabled or disabled. 2. Did the white line show, even on the freshly-redelivered copy of your Catya head, out of the box and with the default skin applier? Please check again by re-unpacking that delivery and adding the newly-unpacked head, then verify (without changing anything else) that the Shininess setting outlined below has the slider all the way to the bottom (or click the 'x' beneath the slider) for the button skin and both sides of the lips button (one side is for the upper layer of the head and one for the lower layer) - 3. Did you teleport to the Catwa store (with 'Region Windlight' enabled), as I suggested in my previous post, and check for the white line while there? 4. Please also go into your viewer's Graphics Preferences settings and ensure that both Hardware Skinning and Anistropic Filtering are checked. Exact locations of these may vary depending on your viewer, but in Firestorm they're in the locations outlined in the images below: If you'd like me to help you one-to-one (I'm a CSR for Catwa; you'll find my name listed in Catwa Clip's profile picks if you want to verify before contacting me) then let me know when you'll be inworld today. I'll log in especially if I'm not already inworld, and I'll also reach out to you in an IM once I log in later today; just respond once you're available. My timezone is GMT, so I'm on SLT -8.
  11. No one has replied to you? I don't know what type tattoos you have. 1: Are they old type layers that goes on the default body? 2: Are they an object that attach to your screen, you click it to get the tattoo applied on a mesh body? Answer to 1: You can't. Answer to 2: You can, but ONLY IF the tattoo creator has put them in an applier made to work with TMP. TMP is a closed system. If you are the tattoo creator and you put your own tattoo in an Omega applier? Sorry, TMP does not allow Omega. You are stuck with "made for TMP" stuff only. You can apply for a creator kit. Good luck with that, they don't give out kits for personal use.
  12. Did some redecorating lately to cut back on prims went for a new color scheme
  13. Tati and Gigi - Tres Beau Gisele - It Girls a few skins from Glam Affair as much as I like head appliers from Session, I find the body applier not as good as the one which matches Tres Beau head appliers (sorry, forgot what is the brand name)
  14. I am launching a new in-world television program called Devil's Triangle .. Our hostess and her two guests will answer your burning sex, dating, and relationship questions. No topic is off limits. If you have a question for our hostess, please send a note card to one of our moderators; FreyjaDivine or DixieSkye and they will pass them along to our hostess. Please also note if you would like to appear on camera and voice (avatar only). Thank you
  15. Maybe...maybe not. I’m the same as you, I was on every single day and now probably once a week if I’m lucky. I still love SL and the world holds a lot of memories for me..but..for me personally I think it’s my mind telling me I need a break and to focus myself on other things. It all depends on how you feel really
  16. Yes, we were told BoM should come last year. Now it's soon June in 2019. But, if LL is using all its time on the New LHomes, I can't really complain about that. BoM will come eventually.... I hope.
  17. Hey Neighbor, So cute! I too love the walls. Oddly with the walls it feels more spacious. You did awesome! I just moved to Menagerie.
  18. This is new show is to help people who are struggling in the area of dating and relationships.
  19. As much as I love open spaces with lots of trees, I really do think this is a fun idea as well. I enjoy underground themes in games and stories, as well as in real life, there is just something about an interconnected network of homes underground that stirs my imagination.
  20. I just stopped by and it looks amazing. I love the walls you put in. It just looks so cozy!
  21. Today
  22. So this is a new headshot... do you guys like it? I've had my current one up for about a year, however I'm partial to Blond or Platinum Hair.... hummm?
  23. biggest issue i have often is with people.after being on sl for a good while overall. - hate it when............. people you add who are never on people you add who are always busy or always afk. people you add who end up just removing you as soon as you log or the next day without telling you. people who always hide their online status in your freinds list so you never know when the f-ck they are on. when you tp someone to visit you and they immidently go afk for a very long time. when you are in a conversation with someone that keeps going back and forth between afk and chatting people who take FOR-EV-VER to respond to every single conversation. people who mute you over ONE misunderstanding and/or LOG OFF so you cant try to work it out. overly opinionated people (often "submissives") who stick their unwanted opinions in every chance they chance to try to undermind you. people who say "we are better off friends" when you JUST met them and havent even had a real chance to get to know each other. people who say one thing is fine (often sexually) and give into that thing and then the next day act like they shoudnt and want to run (even though you never forced them to) newbies who apparently are able to download second life, create an account, login even sometimes create a basic look for themselves but cannot understand the simplest tasks even when you try to walk it through step by step. older women who run the second a guy says hes a bit younger without even giving him a CHANCE just because of his age. older women who are in their 40s 50s and older who type and act like they are 20 that ONE (or two) furry that always hangs out in a place filled by humans. women at franks place who are always afk. people who tell you "read my profile first" when you try to get to know them only to find out there is NOTHING in their profile that actually really tells you about who they are and its often filled with TONS OF quotes by other people and when you point that out they get super mad at you.
  24. I can totally agree with that. Unfortunately all I could respond to was what you wrote. Thank you for clarifying your thoughts.
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