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  2. I need redemption, For sins I can’t mention by Carolina Schön, en Flickr
  3. That could be fixed. What if sitting and touching only worked if there was a clear line of sight between avatar and touch point? (The simulator knows how to check that. See "llCastRay".) Then an unauthorized person could not get through a locked door by camming and sitting. Locked doors would work.
  4. Coming available soon 6912 sq m 9500L per month. 2109 prims! Message me in world if interested.
  5. Another option, though definitely not for everyone: If you are willing to take a US $7 tier charge for one month (assuming you aren't paying any currently), then you can bump the radio button at the bottom of the Land Use Fees page. As long as that radio button is at least 1024 higher than whatever you are currently using, it will let you try for and accept a new Linden Home. Note that bumping the radio button will NOT incur any costs until such time as your tier usage actually increases. Unfortunately, if you are already using more than the 1024, then bumping to the next level may cost more than $7.
  6. Demand is good. The secret of business: 'Get Customers, keep them'.
  7. I am very appreciative of the help. The thing is I am confused if its due to the stability of the fx cores as they use 8 minor ones, or it could be instability as I have an ATI. But honestly I should be hitting at the very least 30fps in less dense areas. My Asus RX570 OC Strix 4gig with a i7 3770 triples my frames, and even loading times. I guess it could be an instability issue, but I am our of thought and just having to assume I am doomed and will need to get a new pc for second life.
  8. Nothing new to help find script overload, though.
  9. I'm looking but haven't yet figured it out... where do you sign up for notifications about blog updates?
  10. Let's let them finish getting the current stuff squared away. There are only so many LL workers. They still have lots of work to do just to take care of the extreme demand for the new stuff.
  11. Rolig Loon

    Only General?

    And if you accidentally mistyped your birthday when you joined, you can submit a support case to explain what happened. Expect some skepticism because ... well, who can't remember her own birthday? So, the Lab may ask you to send a photocopy of some official document to prove who you are and what your real age is.
  12. Wow ! So glad my lady grabbed a place first night they opened. A houseboat too lucky us ! More importantly it shows there is still a HUGE demand for the game despite the current, ahem, wrinkles.
  13. Same topic on reddit. well, This will get you more help. Cy is here. Cy knows stuffs.
  14. But, ok so I can't walk across a crowded bar sashaying my skirt. But how about for static poses. I would be willing to wait for my skirt, or towl, or sheet or whatever piece of cloth to settle over my body for a picture.
  15. I actually expected to get an email also, even if a bit after the fact. In addition to setting up your notifications so that you get notified if Patch updates that thread, you can also get notified when LL updates the Blogs - which is where the official announcement happened on this.
  16. Oh bad luck I must say the new region looks magnificent, risked a drive around on the new roads today. Incredibly popular too, the amount of green dots on the map is jaw dropping and I wish LL every success with this interesting new development.
  17. Friday: 2pm to 4pm Friday Night Dance Party with DJ TarzanTom, in Skygarden Club. Saturday: 8am Show and Tell Building Class, in main sandbox. 10am to 11.30 am Scripting Class- Loops, in Skygarden sandbox. 11am to 1pm DJ Blue Party , on the beach. Sunday : 7am Scripting Class-Rotations, in Skygarden sandbox. 12pm to 2pm Easter Party with DJ Luke, on party platform. All classes are free. More details at http://helpinghaven.weebly.com http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Helping%20Haven%20Gateway/42/52/25
  18. Draw distance. Drop it to minimum ( 32m ) using quick prefs. What a dif ! If you sail or fly though .... you'll want to slide it up again
  19. Translation, "I am to busy creating my own drama to deal with yours"
  20. Anyone who says who voice verified etc; the most funny thing I saw in profile I perved whilst hosting once was this girl joined and paid 50L$ to join a group to say supposedly she is verified RL girl like you totally been jipped and scammed by paying to join that. Other one that I shake my head is with threatening I'm gonna mess with you if you mess with me or my friends/family/partner like I'm quaking in my booties!! I admit I have a BDSM quiz thingy that irks some but not gonna force my choice in lifestyle on anyone; my choice at end of day. What else irks me the ASCII coding of a puppy or whatever it is because it don't always show for me.
  21. Curiously, I had the same problem but only today, and in a road vehicle.
  22. Switching to Isis lowered my monthly clothing budget, that's a benefit of sorts. When I'm at events and see pretty Lara stuff I just remind myself of how many Lara exclusive items didn't fit my body anyway because of higher body fat. Don't have that problem as much with Belleza, so the number of brands on my list is about the same.
  23. Since adding a statement to my profile about not doing SL sex, the amount of random people messaging me looking for a domme/sub/girlfriend/sex/escort/etc has been reduced to almost none. I used to get one or more a day every day. "Real person behind avatar reminder" Guilty as charged. In all fairness though, I frequently roleplay a robot character who acts very stoic/nonhuman. I get confused for a bot all the time. The wording for me is, "Yes, i'm a real person in here, promise" iirc.
  24. Got a home too, after refreshing the page for about half an hour and then clicking real fast when I got the offer 😊
  25. Today
  26. Rioko! We're all good here, I think ... you logging on again?
  27. It's been a while since I have used orbs, as I got lazy with the old linden homes being the same shape as your land you controlled and I have only recently owned one again. I can only speak for myself, but here is why I have used TP home in the past: Idiots. Griefers/Copybot era. Determined stalkers. Pretty much anyone that decided it would be fun or productive to harass a security orb knowing that it spams its owner with them pretty much spam bouncing off of it. (If I say "you" it's not directed at who I have quoted, but a general "you/anyone" ) In the past, when I have been building and someone is bouncing off of my orb, spamming me, I will switch it to TP them home and (hopefully) farther away than just outside the radius so that it makes their little game harder. No, I don't want to pause at that moment and add them to a ban list or message the estate owner to put them on the list. I was actually being nice by not locking my land down with ban lines (this was when I had an island in a community) and only set my orb around my work area and around my house, allowing neighbors to use my water. You actually had to either step all the way on land to even get to my house in the center or fly up to where my work plat was. I've also done it when I have gone offline if there was already a precedence (like my stalker or when copybotters were rampant). Again, I was trying to be nice and use an orb, but if someone thinks its entertaining to see how many times they can get ejected just to step forward and get flung repeatedly, I am going to make their game harder by punting them home. I can understand once, maybe twice (i've tried driving in lag, its not fun) bouncing off someone's orb because of lag or learning. Although, in the traditional HOA neighborhoods, there is enough space between the road and the lawn that if you're bouncing off of the same orb, get off of the sidewalk! From what I understand, the houseboat areas do not have that large of a buffer between private and Linden land. So speaking only about the traditional area, after the third+ time, you're lost or lagging or annoying the orb's owner purposely* and a TP home might be more beneficial in that case. (*even if they are offline, that spam is either hitting their email or waiting to pounce when they log in) Unfortunately, as far as I know, orbs can't separate between repeat offenders with less than polite intentions and someone frustratingly trying to learn to drive in lag. I wish they could. I do feel for those innocently caught in the crossfire between a land owner/renter and some annoying dunce. I have been suddenly TP'd home myself, but instead of being annoyed at the orb owner, I remember the reasons I have switched from Eject, to TP, to just full out locking my land down with banlines.
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