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  2. If it morphs you into Yoda, I might be tempted to go Premium.
  3. Whilst it's not my personal cup of tea, it's really not hard to understand why someone would want to act out the feeling of being in a rich, exclusive and super privileged group. It makes them feel superior; simple as that. Someone told me recently about a user who apparently charged RL megabucks for her non voice, non cam textual intercourse escort services. How many clients she had, he didn't know, because she was a member of a vairy exclusive, invite-only group which cost ridiculous amounts to join. It really isn't hard to see why some people would be interested in setting up a group like that and being part of it. Even if you do nothing in the group, as long as you're being seen to be in it, it's serving its purpose. And hey, if it's so important that you're prepared to pay USD$250 for the privilege of sexting with someone who could well be Clive, the three-toothed trucker from Hull with the moobs like Jabba, that's your prerogative. Your world, your imagination. I rather agree...having been on the bones of my arse in RL at times, I would say that anyone who says money doesn't buy happiness has never been poor. I do think, though, that there are limits to what it can buy, and past a certain point (which, to be fair, is probably still quite high), it won't make you happier. I am happy if I can afford to buy a nice new dress for a friend's wedding. I am happier if I can afford to buy two or three new dresses and have a bit of choice and something different for the next wedding. I'm not any happier if I can buy 500 dresses while never having enough occasions to wear them all. Anyway, John Norman hates wealthy women, so they must be doing something right.
  4. Hi! I am a 15 year old girl and would love an Aunt. May I come over?
  5. Lovely and ingenious!! I am coming to see that the biggest result of these new houses and houseboats is the explosion of creativity throughout Bellisseria!
  6. Supposedly we do get voice morphers. I've never managed to figure out how to use them. Then again I have not tried too hard.
  7. It could conceivably be the region you are in. There is a Disconnection bug that is in the process of being fixed. Or may be more accurately, being rolled out. With any luck, I think tomorrow will see the fixes covering the main grid. But, I am assuming a lot. Whether this is your problem depends on the region. Some regions currently have more fixes for Disconnection than other regions. Check your packet loss in Viewer Stats. If you are >1% packet loss that may be the problem. Use Memory History (free program) to see if your suffering a memory leak. Some drivers are leaky running SL.
  8. Neither had I, but I asked the question a little while ago and a male user said he had been asked to voice verify. I don't think it's anywhere near as widely demanded, though. I'll voice for friends, have even sung on occasion. I won't voice just to prove I'm a woman though, on principle. I've had a few idiots flounce off at that and declare me male in RL but it's hard to be wound up about that. If I'm in any doubt, I can just look down. Am I right in thinking Premium account holders get a voice morpher? If so, I guess that shows LL's stance on it.
  9. First Post A riff on discussion groups where someone invariably writes "first post", never mind the subject...hello?...is this thing on?
  10. I hope it's all as momentous and exciting as his remarks on Friday, memorably summed up by Garnet thusly: Stay calm, people! Too much jumping up and down could crash the sims!
  11. Nalates Urriah


    I like the grumpy guy that maintains Cool VL Viewer. Because he is such a grump the viewer is no listed in the "Alternate: viewers list. He won't sign the agreement required to be on the list. But, a number of people use the Cool Viewer and Henri is a good guy. So, you may want to try Cool and Singularity. Cool is updated way more often than Sing. When you need to upgrade a computer on the cheap, use eBay.
  12. Odds are she's used an alt if she's been in SL. Going around as a Linden won't help you learn what it's like in SL. Also, there's a Meet the Lindens blog post out ... most of the Lindens covered in the post were residents of SL before they became Lindens.
  13. I've been having that problem over and over again all weekend, lol.
  14. Whoever wanted the livesteams: https://www.facebook.com/peet.auer/videos/2820249228047656/
  15. Nalates Urriah


    Translation: I always logged with Singularity I was a time out and now when I come back I do not load the avatar if someone can connect I'm happy I have to use Google Translate. Google needs grammatically correct sentences with punctuation. Without either, I am left wondering what you are asking about. I am guessing you cannot log in. Have you tried logging in with another viewer? Translation: Eu tenho que usar o Google Translate. O Google precisa de frases gramaticalmente corretas com pontuação. Sem isso, fico me perguntando o que você está perguntando. Eu estou supondo que você não pode entrar. Você já tentou fazer login com outro visualizador?
  16. I won't voice to verify being a woman. But I am a DJ, so if people think hearing my voice is important to them, they can come listen to my sets. I'm a pilot and I sometimes take passengers along. It's easier to talk in voice than type. If friends want to chat in voice I often will. And I have limits on the use of my hands that make typing difficult at times. So if people want to chat, voice will often be easy there too. So there are plenty of opportunities if someone wants to hear my voice. But just because somebody feels that somehow verifying my RL gender will help with their insecurities? No, I will never voice for that. By the way, has anyone ever heard of being asked to voice to prove you are really a man? I've never heard of that one.
  17. Yes, I'm following that post that has not been updated in 20 days. I guess what I'm saying is, I would like an update. Regular updates. So that we can plan.
  18. Fine, Maitreya wasn’t out then. Some avatars still have a thigh gap. The point was it was someone with a super skinny avatar saying an xxs standard size was too big. It was wacked out from the start, then it went into proportions , after there was a tirade about mesh lol. I agree, it shouldn’t have been revived.
  19. So, I was going to buy windows, but instead I looked through my houses, and ripped out windows. These here is from Ponyvale Manor. I even took off the - what is the name? - on top of the chimney and linked it. I like this large window much better. I also prefer the other windows without the heavy blinds. They will be fine in autumn. If I haven't moved on... Some clever prim swapping (bye, 10 LI porch swing) with lower LI items. Editing off shadow prims. The kitchen, every section had its own shadow prim. I deleted all but one, and stretched it. Linked what I could link. When I logged in, I had 50 LI left. After the kitchen remodel and this LI saving job, I now have 108. I think that will be enough for the 3 original rooms in the Continental. Picking up the elevated freestanding terrace will be sad. I can change the outdoor furniture with some light LI stuff. We shall see. Edit: The black rectangle behind the blue outdoor furniture in picture 3 is a barn door for decor. I should look for a lighter color.
  20. Nah, I don't like other people enough to want to be that close to so many of them at once. I'd rather have smaller meet and greets more often. Besides, how would everyone get to ask their questions if there are a 200 avatars there?
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