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  2. Come see why we have won multiple landscaping awards. Visit the Willowdale Estate Land Store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WILLOWDALE/54/193/57
  3. If your avatar is standing freely, this will be impossible to do accurately, because LSL can only get an approximation of the avatar's rotation. I'd demonstrate but I'm posting from phone.
  4. There's a Trad in Kirbee still in the pool, either it was taken and re-abandoned, or none of those you saw were that one. Good luck!
  5. It's the creators themselves who decide what to make and how their clothes look. They also decide for what brand of mesh body they design clothes. If you're not happy with the current clothes on offer, learn to create yourself, that way you can make clothes exactly the way you like it and maybe even make some money selling them!
  6. There's not really much of a side to pick; the linden home sims are definitely packed with prims.
  7. Show us these bodies and how many people use them to do what you're mentioning AND can't do it themselves (given how popular modding is in the non-human avatar world), if it's significant maybe someone will work on it. Given that you didn't even bother to mention anything other than clothing, somehow I doubt that the numbers are comparable to mainstream human bodies.
  8. Forget the Blogger awards, @Skell Dagger needs an award for Most Patient Educator in SL. IMHO
  9. Okay so, I'm trying to make an Attached Object's Child Prim follow any avatar near me, its just a challenging thing to do and yet interesting. so there is an object you wear it, and its root stays on attached position but its child prim follows nearby avatar Within Link Range. It seems very simple at first but when you do you will see the rotation of your own avatar and then other factors orientations and stuff really messes up, I've tried to make it accurate but it turns out to be doing some weird movements, i think this issue has more to do with Maths and calculations than just scripting. Please try doing it and if you figure it out Help me too!
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  11. Yes agreed! Okay :). Maybe it is. Let's not pick sides, let's not decide whether something is empty or not, we're all Mainlanders right? Just became a Mooseheader hehe, this parcel is so cute!
  12. It may work if they enforce the covenant. That's what went wrong at Nautilus City. It started off as a lovely themed area but most of the inhabitants couldn't care less about the theme and LL didn't attempt to enocourage or enforce it. So it ended up as a slum. Yes, there are actually even uglier places on mainland but not many and the fact that you can still see remains of the beauty that once was there makes it so much sadder than seeing the Mainland wastelands that enver were any good anyway. Even if Bellisseria manages to keep its consistency and don't go out of fashion, it's still not for everybody. It's high lag, rememeber. Emtpy it's about the same as the old Meadowbrook sims, which is bad enough, but whereas the Meadowbrook houses tend to be sparsely furnished, the Belliseria ones tend to be loaded to capccity with the most render heavy furniture and garden items you can buy on MP. I'm sure Bellisseria is great for those who have high end game computers and for those who can tolerate 32 m draw distance and/or single digit fps. BUt that isn't everybody in SL and the rest have to find some other palce to go.
  13. I have a male and female version I made for myself. I have given away a few before but if you want a copy, just IM me in world. This is just the board. You will need your own pose stand. Of course mine, being free, is supported as such 😛
  14. Not inworld right now but I did see what I think was 3 separate trads go past super super quickly!
  15. Traditional in Kirbee backing onto the main canal is going back now : https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kirbee/20/184/0
  16. This looks like my idea of perfection, sorry I missed the chance to try for it 😭
  17. *Waves shyly* Hi, I just moved to Moosehead! (Pardon the HUDs lol, didn't realize they made it into the shot until now)
  18. I was going to be totally nude but I just don't have the guts.
  19. I've been trying out some of my old clothes over the past few days and found that all the system skirts are a little on the large side for my av (plus no modify). The dress is from Nomine and the system skin is from Lara Hurley
  20. I am looking for a script which can rotate a child prim. physical and non physical. The child prim must keep its angle. e.q. 1 root prim 1 child prim rotated some angle then I want to rotate the child prim 360 degees on its same position keeping its starting angle up or down. Like Earth Z axe doesnt change when it rotates the sun. Headache of those 4d rotations...pfft
  21. thats not the message i read at the Sansar thread .. 7000 unique visitors at one experience and 1000 in one day and earnings of 10K .. and thats just one creator there. Must say... i been in Sansar past week for 5 minutes, since over a year... it will take about the same time to have a look again, nothing there attrackts me.
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