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  2. Tigerish. Bought this avatar last night, and while I'm like of like 'hmm I could have put the Lindens towards a nice human body' it is AMAZINGLY LIGHT and the alpha layers are an improvement over the wolf avatar by the same maker.
  3. If I were a developer, I wouldn't even look at reports of sim crossing problems while they're able to collect data on teleport disconnects. That's a solid all-or-nothing thing that we know was very rare before. Sim crossings suck worse than before, maybe, but they've always sucked and discerning any signal in that mess of noise has always been nearly impossible. Maybe, maybe the sim-crossing problems are affected by something distinct from the teleport disconnects, but: Occam says no, and Even if so, it'll likely be easier to find it without whatever's causing the teleport disconnections contaminating the data. There could be multiple factors contributing to the teleport disconnections, too, but it almost doesn't matter: race conditions are notoriously difficult to pinpoint, even if it's always the same out-of-sequence event in every failure, and always the same conditions triggering it (which is rarely the case, and almost surely not the case here). Still, yeah, it has been a long time now, and the developers must be going crazy with stress about it -- if they're not numbed to the pain by now. Oh, also a word about viewers: there's practically zero chance the Linden viewer fares any better than the others here. For one thing, for me it has happened more with the Linden viewer than Firestorm or Catznip, but that's possibly due to time-of-day when I use the different viewers -- or just randomness misinterpreted as pattern, the source of all superstitions.
  4. Wow, you guys have really been exploring! Thank you for all the links ­čÖé
  5. This is a good idea. Perhaps I'll set-up a rezzer that rezzes an unlocked Bandit sailboat or motorboat or something (and my space is already an open rez zone for anyone and has a REZ ZONE sign just under the surface of the water) I'm weird, as in: not like so many others in SL; I actually love sharing what I've got with others.
  6. I do believe public nudity IS allowed in M-rated regions, publicly-viewable sexual activity (outside a building, etc.) is not allowed on M-rated regions.
  7. Some work-in-progress pics of my place, taken with my meager SL photography skills ­čśÇ
  8. Apart fron a few bits and pieces the majority of stuff is from Half Deer Also, all the funiture in my home that has pose anims, now has the [AV]root-security script installed. Now, if Mr Rando decides to pay a visit, he's atleast not going to be able to use my furniture
  9. Just an aside. I have been selling airplane hangers lately (not exactly a mainstream product) so I was thinking that folks might be buying small plots on the mainland that are CLOSE to Bellisseria and then flying over. Can folks just rez a 1024 size prim up at 2000 feet over their parcel to fly off of? I have never flown so have no idea. That seems like the easiest if possible. True, not all that "immersive" though
  10. Got the dmp, you can remove the file now.
  11. I though so! Hehe. Now seriously, which lighthouse it was please? Ligthouses on Calm Waves and Norse Auk have both broken / blocked entrances, no way to get in and use the starcases. I didn't have time to read forum, so I'm not sure if someone already reported that, if not, maybe we can call @Abnor Mole I actualy don't know how many lighthouses are there, but I would like to visit the one with unblocked entrance as you did. Thanks.
  12. I am perfectly happy to be "merged" but honestly if you counted how many "can't get into my mesh house doorway" threads along with all the "didn't get my new Linden house" and "NO houseboats" threads, it would keep the mods from doing much else LOL. The forums are what they are. At least we don't seem to be seeing "I am an orange cloud" threads as often *wink*. Personally I thought the "official" Linden Homes thread was to be something like "How does your avatar look today" thread with a gazillion pages where we showed off what we had been doing. It will likely morph over time.
  13. If only this were true. Unfortunately many who encounter such an experience feel they have been fooled by someone who is simply skilled at pretending to be the opposite sex and so learn nothing The question remains -- what will enable those who think in binary terms to let go of the safety/certainty this provides and embrace the complexity/uncertainty of reality?
  14. There is another thread here in the forums on this topic. Some explanations are there. Flickr is changing the way you login and moving to "THE CLOUD". Oh you should all say amin at that . lolol Anyway look here and please file a ticket at Flickr support. Thank you.
  15. I am running a legitimate install of Windows 10 upgraded from Windows 7 ages ago. Here are the last few lines of Firestorm.log here is the dump file from firestorm, which I certainly hope contains no sensitive information http://wintergreen.science/12e40559-5caf-448c-a1e1-ba54bdf36ba6.dmp
  16. Well, this has come along since I last saw it.
  17. Norse Auk Lighthouse and most Northerly Bellissaria Public Rez Zone near water passage to Sansara http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Norse Auk/151/129/22
  18. No ETA has been provided for the next batch of homes Any updates of new homes should appear in this thread
  19. As you've already stated: Linden Lab has stated that all client programs are affected. Your friend is showing bias, based on their own experience and conjecture. Put another way: In the past they have not made similar statements easily or lightly. As for system release testing - what do you think the Release Candidate (RC) regions are for?
  20. Can people please confirm that the viewer is not a factor. Almost everything Ive read says this is strictly server side, and the LL notice on this says all viewers are affected. However a sailing friend seems pretty convinced that the SL viewer is more robust in this regard (sailing / sim crossing specifically) than Firestorm. Other than possibly different thresholds for time-out disconnects, I cant see the viewer making a difference if it IS strictly server side. I'm probably being naive but I find it a bit worrying that it is taking the 'crack team' so long to diagnose the problem. (Yes, the fix can be lengthy depending on the problem, but Im surprised that diagnosis is proving so difficult). It suggests to me that there may not be a single cause (other than the basic architectural design and the inherent byzantine nature of region crossings). It does also raise the question of how they test system releases.
  21. Yes, this. And no Excorsist chant is necessary even. But their heads don't spin around in circles, though.
  22. I was experiencing this long before the TP and border-crossing issues started. I am talking months ago, like back to September '18 and such. Just saying.
  23. Happy update: I met my best friend with whom I used to spend every single minute of my SL back in the day (we're talking 4 years ago) and we are officially together now. ­čśŹ
  24. I have a very similar problem. I can see myself only as a boiling orange cloud but other people can see me. I cannot detach attachments, and when I change my outfit, the new attachments add but the old ones are not getting removed. Same problem on two different computers. I have tried the D´╗┐ebugAvatarAppearanceMessage trick and this is what I get:
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