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  2. I've had at least five HB's come up today. No houses as yet.
  3. Did it have to be raised so high?
  4. The petition gives the impression that the OP believes Lindens never engage with their world. Granted there are so few of them now that it's rare to see them inworld, but there are alts after all. I'm also a bit wary of the suggestion that LL engage 'experts' from the resident community; this is something that is done now and then, evidently, but the wording just reminds me of the regular call from the disgruntled to be hired, because the staff just don't understand.
  5. Operating in Second Life for over 9 years! You will have all the powers and abilities you will need to enjoy your land the way you wanted to !! Keeping rates low so you can enjoy your time more in SL! With land on over 60 Mainland SIM's plus Estate and Homesteads available, we have a lot to choose from! Check back often for new listings! For the latest up to date rental list of mainland parcels or others.... click or cut and paste one of these links into your browser to see our latest list! (16384m parcel at 3375/week etc..) Mainland Rentals list....http://wl.sparrowindustries.net/918bd8aa18accdde3d27a1dade152d71/?group=2 Estate Listings....http://wl.sparrowindustries.net/a1f1f675e09112ae01c983f032ee861e/?group=2 Two waterfront parcels opened up on Russian Blue for rent or sale! https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Russian Blue/142/137/21 or https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Russian Blue/141/242/21 Contact Jason1 Draconia, Secret Rage or Emsi Zobovic if you need help or more information, thank you!
  6. That's a nice feature, but I love my FS!!
  7. that is adorable. I really really wanted beach houses and tree houses
  8. Catznip will do this for you, just set the path and bamf ...
  9. Hi everyone! Are there any good SL home design blogs on the net? Ive looked and haven't seen many at all. Any inks would be great! Thanks ❤️
  10. Switched to the freya just for the bigger butt.
  11. not sure why you edit the post 2 hours ago and raise the price with more than 3 times .. but you sold it nearly 4 hours ago for a lot less...
  12. As a content creator I object to the title of this thread and do not support the opinions expressed by the anonymous author of this open letter.
  13. Haven't posted anything in a while, so thought I would post the Adams I have been working one before I rip it all up and start over lol I made a front porch for the Adams style home Inside, I split up the 2 side rooms, on one side, I put a bedroom and bathroom On the other, I put the kitchen and dining, and in the middle, is where I had my living room/sitting room:
  14. Pretty sure the OP was before we had mesh bodies .. perhaps we had the mesh butts but not bodies. The post is about standard sizes not fitmesh. That's a dead give away that the Maitreya body was not released yet. This objection to big butts was pretty prevalent when the first mesh booties made an appearance. I remember the constant remarks about being able to drive a truck between a gal's knees as well and some making similar remarks about the mesh lips that some wore before we got mesh heads. Honestly, this thread would have been better not being revived. It was long dead and IMO should have stayed that way.
  15. There have been attempts to produce scripted devices to do what you describe---let you see a picture of your clothing items when choosing items to wear. I don';t know how well they worked. One possibility with copyable mesh is is rez copies in your inworld closet, but I don't think that's very practical or would be very helpful. I do share your frustration. It helps some to use descriptive names for outfits, but I still can't remember which black minidress is which.
  16. Dear Ebbe & Linden Lab, The recent changes and future plans of Linden Lab have caused serious concern amongst SL Creators and Residents and we're worried of the direction things are going. We have written an open letter for you addressing our concerns hoping to open a dialogue with you. The letter has been signed by nearly 3000 residents and we sincerely hope you will take the time read and respond https://www.change.org/p/ebbe-altberg-an-open-letter-to-linden-lab-825f27f4-6215-4041-bd6b-d107633c96b7
  17. Literally just saw one and didn't get it. Clicked to accept terms and got the we're sorry page. It was a houseboat, too! 😫
  18. I haven't seen any houses today but at least 4-5 yesterday. Waiting as patiently as I can... ^^
  19. Today (June 24th) is Skell's 12th rezday. And - since there are four SL days to every RL day - that makes him 48 (even though in my head he's not much more than his mid-30s). Since I usually filter the hell out of my images, I thought for once I'd present a couple of raw shots. No makeup, no fashion; just a virtual bloke on his virtual birthday.
  20. You can also make a folder and name it Demos .. then inside that folder create five new folders with the name of each region in the event. When you've collected everything in one region drop all the objects into the folder for that region. Do that for each region and then you have a really good idea where you got the items. I do that all the time especially for events as I always take demos home and it may be a few days before I even try the demos on. I'd never remember where I got anything if I didn't create demo folders for the different events.
  21. Indeed; welcome to the club! But I'm glad you dropped in anyway. ☺️
  22. I usually either vent to my closest peeps, take a long walk (couple of blocks) and then back to my place and eat a yummy treat while I do it... Also putting things into perspective work, I put this last one into work most often than the first two, makes me realize how silly the entire thing is to begin with.
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