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  2. I think it's on Hulu now, and you can always sign up for the free week and binge watch it (that's actually what I did). I don't even own a television so everything I watch is on the computer. I worked in Hollywood for a few years right across the street from the big blue building on Hollywood Blvd. They'd stop me every day and offer the "free personality test" and I'd just laugh them off. I had no idea just how deeply evil they really were. All cults are scary, but this one I find exceptionally scary because so many do laugh them off as being harmless when they are anything but.
  3. There is only one right way to arrive in Hell... and that's in style and with plenty of company
  4. Oh, this is women who want to roleplay forced, it is a fantasy. But they want to have it done by someone looking good. It has to be some rules in place, to keep out not serious players. People who come there to get a laugh, pretend to be caught and teleport out with a "see ya, sucker". I can, of course, not say that there are rules about chicken out. I can imagine there have to be rules, so they not waste time for those who know what they want, and who are there to get it. I am all for rules, and a mesh body is such a rule.
  5. NSFW: http://www.erbzine.com/mag13/1301.html - That's an illustrated John Carter of Mars. https://www.asstr.org/files/Authors/NIS-Admin/www/hosted/AlanBrady/Joan_Carter_of_Mars/jcom.html - Extremely NSFW. A flip of the John Carter story to a woman protagonist. Chapter 1. I happened to find this years ago when the entire novel was online and it was extremely erotic, naked, and well done... And Den: https://www.goodreads.com/series/110178-den https://comicvine.gamespot.com/den/4005-29550/ Unlike Gor... Den actually has good reviews for it's storytelling. It's in lists of the best Sci-Fi art, and copies on Amazon go for a few hundred dollars... but if you scrounge around online you can piece it together from screenshots to a readable book. Erotic fantasy is a genre much richer than just some woman-hater's miserable excuse for a 3rd grade writing project...
  6. I had to buy Stridex. It works but honestly I thought I'd be done with zits by now.
  7. We are looking for hosts for a theatre and ballroom, opening soon. Ask me in world for an application please. This is a paid position. You will be trained too.
  8. Yep. It has been 3 years since the monthly annoyance, yet I still find myself being oddly overly emotional at random times. Sometimes, between the emotions and the zits, it really is like being a teenager all over again I actually feel just a tad better after posting that picture -- it was sort of like screaming it out loud.
  9. Trade you! I know! I'm just happy to have a group of people here who understand the misery of it all. It's just a part of life, but it can be really miserable, and this is the place where we can be miserable AND empathize with others, and sometimes part of empathy is laughing.
  10. Thank you kindly and I appreciate your reply! *HUGS*
  11. Trads still available in Gridlock. I just caught and released one, and saw that the one next door was unclaimed (or maybe abandoned). The ones I saw had nice steps leading up and the houses were set back from the road so that it gave the appearance of a large front yard. Nice.
  12. Chocolate is best cure for PMS; even if my figure disagrees but it makes me HAPPY so yeah. LOL.
  13. Why is this allowed? Where are the moderators for this?
  14. I'm not laughing at you, Beth, but with you. Even when the periods stop PMS is still a thing. At least for me. Not every month but often enough to make me want to cry over wanting to cry for no damn reason.
  15. Any sim that rules that people have to see through explicit rape RP when they don't want to has a worse problem than mesh vs system. Yes, again, their space their rules, but if I was expected to submit to unwanted rape RP, the issue of whether people were mesh or not would pale in comparison.
  16. No problem that was a long time ago.
  17. I never had acne as a teenager. I had the clearest, most gorgeous skin. Now? At 50? Zits? ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME? Because everything else piling up isn't enough, now I have to have a freaking zit on my chin. Not to mention that after finally getting to the point where the hot flashes and lack of libido drove me to taking hormones, suddenly my period is back and it's like the freaking mouth of a raging river dumping into the ocean. It's supposed to be stopping not getting heavier! My boss, who is the same age I am, just went through a uterine ablation because of the heaviness of her periods during menopause. That didn't sound so terrible to me until I googled it and OMFG NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!! NOPE. No! Just NO! Not to bash on men here, and I know they have their own issues with their little prostate, but they seriously have nooooooooooooooo idea what kinda crap goes along with being a woman.
  18. While we are sharing ... I never really got hot flashes. I do get chilled sometimes where if feels like I just can't get warm. Fortunately I just close the door of the office (we have two computer setups in here) and it warms up the room nicely.
  19. I do not talk about SL in general, but the place the Thread starter mentioned: Adult, forced, male on female roleplay. So what's a chick who likes a bit of this roleplay to do? Go there and be captured by ugly-as-sin in a default body? (Some would find that hot too, but let us say this isn't it). This "mesh body only" assures that the women don't have to see default feet when they are doing whatever ugly-as-sin want them to do. The women has to look at his pixel mess, while his eyes enjoy their mesh that they spent a lot of time and money on. The women can teleport out, but I bet there are rules against it. She really enjoys this kick, but she want to have something good to look at. Hideous avatars break the immersion. So she does not want to be banned, she want to come back another time and maybe be captured by a sexy-as-sin avatar... It is much easier to have that mesh rule. Ugly-as-sin have to do something about his appearance. If it cost more or if it's almost free, he has to do something. And even the free bodies have better feet... and how much clothes do they need in a forced adult roleplay? I do not cry over that one has to get a mesh body for the adult roleplay.
  20. I am so sorry. And I am lost for words.
  21. In the skin tab there's an advanced section click that and there's extra options for skin shine, colour fine tuning and 3 intensities of wet skin
  22. I didn't filed out more as a way of self protection. I had two attempted suicide because of (not sl related ) drama. The scars on my wrist is still very visible. I tried chat up somebody here on the forum (very badly ) but I got scared so I blocked her.
  23. I find that salt rubbed on it works best now...………. But I could write a few pages on zit management, and mirror spatter.
  24. I swear by tea tree for breakouts, but otherwise today is another good day and mom letting me cook over weekend so yay me!
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