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  2. But but @CoffeeDujour if live help becomes avaliable. The forums would "die" 😂😂😂 I guess they could always send em on back to us here.
  3. For what it's worth. Kitty wrote all the code to do SL -> Twitch streaming integration for Catznip years ago, when we applied for an API key we were denied, when we pushed we were told it was because of intellectual property concerns insofar as the owner of the content being streamed would be unclear. We felt like we were being fobbed off. The code went onto the junk pile. Edit : To add, the code had to be written in advance of an application as at the time they required to see it before authority would be issued.
  4. I dont like that this petition is done anonymously. I also dont like that the link is posted by a 2day old account. If you wanted change why not do it on your account instead of hiding on a throw away alt? Yes I'm talking to you @SLcontentcreators
  5. At takes many weeks or months of work to make and release our houses. We do read and listen to comments. Often the things suggested are either something we already have planned but can't say or something we considered but abandoned for one reason or another. And sometimes it something we hadn't thought about and we give it some thought.
  6. That's not problematic. Now that we can have 64 m big prims, it just takes 1 LI to cover it totally with a green textured prim. 32 x 32 m and I got a good advice on how to get a lawn that's as close to the Bellisseria grass ground as can be. With hedges or fences around, it looks like you watered your garden well. 😁 I was at Apple Fall mainstore yesterday, and looked at her plants. Found one that's not made by Apple Fall. It was "Backyard hedge". I inspected it and found the creator, MllEtoile Resident, went over and bought it (and maybe a thing or two more) 😇. Anyway, it's one LI and even better, it can be stretched some bigger and hold the LI. I tested it home, stretched it until the shortest side was 3,4 m. I forgot how long the others were. So you can make your own hedge without using up a lot of LI. When Apple Fall has it in her garden decorations, it's always looking good.
  7. thank you...there was NOT a check in that box....I checked it and it's now working properly !! Thank you so much for your help...
  8. Another round with no luck. Guess I wait til there are so many, no one is interested and camping for them anymore, and get me a very bad located one. I can´t unfortunately stay up all night to get a LH... (got the message 1am, so yes, I just read it now 7pm and they are all gone). But is good they are releasing them and doing as much as they can to be fair ( difficult task with people from all over the world trying to get one)
  9. Keep in mind that each "booth" at the Hop and Shops is a 1024 parcel, not a 3 x 6 meter stall. Not all creators use the whole space but many do. The ones that want less space make walls and create their own "smaller" store. I think having types of stores intermixed get folks seeing places they would not normally visit and that is -- in part -- the purpose of the event so while they could rearrange the whole venue into "areas" I think it is unlikely. And ONE MORE TIME -- if you have a sim for MEN say and there aren't enouhg brands for men applying then there would be no way to fill it. This isn't rul like many other events where the event owner invites folks. There were many stores that would have had a difficult time deciding where they should be and not enough of the really niche creators to fill a sim. Hence most likely not a workable plan.
  10. As an ex Mentor and Live helper, I for one would welcome both programs coming back (especially live help) and would immediately volunteer for both. We all know post scarcity gay space communism wins in the end, stop resisting! You will always get the odd bad apple, I would welcome accountability to future mentor and live help programs in the form of a satisfaction questionnaire that explicitly asked about improper behavior. I think you're missing that both mentors and live help were entirely reactionary in nature, if help wasn't requested, then there would be no involvement. If you had a habit of making new accounts to spot test the mentors, then I can't imagine why you, specifically, would have had a repeatably bad experience.
  11. I think the "Unknown error" happens when the page is overloaded with hits? I saw it several times when "The Pickle" boats were released. And don't blame the page overheating now on me, lol. I have been sleeping like a baby. 😇 and not refreshed the page once.
  12. If trying to color match to something already in-game, turn that item to fullbright to cancel out the in-world lighting on it and color grab from a screenshot of that.
  13. It was a mistake, my account is managed by a group. There was an uncoordination of lands.
  14. simple: open this link and use search Second Life Marketplace
  15. Ya know, something I've wondered about a few times, I recall some mentioning that there was some initial thing they tried that just wrecked havoc on older viewers, and I kind of wonder just how old of a viewer where they talkin 🤔
  16. Well, I guess this would include me. So, you think that the best way to avoid the venality and corruption that you say was rampant in the old system is to . . . well, institutionalize it, with sold advertising space that routes newbies straight to where they can start buying, buying buying? Really? First, who exactly do you think is mostly likely to be able to afford such space? Small, independent merchants? Or the really big merchants and creators? We already have near-monopolies on things like mesh bodies and heads -- this will be a fine way to ensure that the bigger stores in SL just get . . . bigger. And really, seriously, this is the impression of SL you want people to start with? "Your imagination, your shopping dollar"? Welcome to the world's largest and most successful virtual shopping mall? Do you imagine that the artists, the musicians, the educators, the people who just build beautiful sims because they want to share their creativity with others . . . are they going to be able to afford advertising space? If not, who will visit them? The newbies will all be too busy trying to figure out what a "demo" is, and how to open and wear it . . . all the while wondering why the hell anyone would want to go "virtual" just so that they can go shopping, because they'll be damned if they can see anything else to do here. Brilliant Prok. You've figured out how to monetize and commercialize the Newbie Experience! Your Nobel Prize in Economics awaits.
  17. Whos your favourite I'll happily never buy from them again
  18. a empty parcel would be only available at mainland, not at the new continents. The answer how to find it is in your last line search land for sale in the viewer, not only on the forums, ór check also the auctions. (btw it isn't your land waiting for you, but you'll have to buy it) keep in mind your own house might be not suitable for a 1024 parcel, you'll have to check the size, proportions and Landimpact/prims.
  19. Well, I got no experience with 3Ds Max myself, but you're lookin for this section of the forums -> https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/303-mesh/ This is the "Bakes on Mesh" sub forum, it's for a new feature in the works that lets SL body texture layers be use able on worn mesh.
  20. I'm just down the coast from Chic with a house looking out to sea. As far as add-ons fitting, from the surveying I have done, while the parcel's rotation (and in turn the direction the house faces) may vary in relation to nearby roads, they are virtually identical in terms of actual parcel layout. This really only affects items placed at the sides of homes that are intended to have road access, like a garage or car port, although there is sufficient space to place a little connecting driveway if you need to go out sideways. I have not seen any that would prevent the items I've (or others) have made from fitting as designed, however, if by some random fluke you happen to have a problem please do poke the creator. I can't speak for anyone else, but I will certainly do what I can to help.
  21. Personally, I was kind of under the assumption it was more to do with WHO the main sort of peeps streaming where, and who were most likely the main ones that also would venture into lewd places while streaming, thus running into the No No land of twitch rules when it comes to outright porn. Aka, the trolls and griefers v:
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