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  2. Sorry for the late reply, anyways it turns out a that singularity and alchemy is the best viewers for me by far. After doing some tweaking in the settings my fps has gone up.
  3. first of all hard to tell from your picture if you want male or female clothes.. aside from that, there are a lot of stores that sell outdated clothing items for really cheap, and most of those are mesh unrigged, or there may be a size for classic avatars which is usually unrigged. Maybe try typing classic mesh clothing in Market Place and see what comes up.
  4. how can you make avatars photos totally real? I've watched morphing tutorials plus none from youtube makes it look like second life photographers, what's the tip?
  5. Some other folks were having an issue with that a while back. Open a Support ticket: https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/
  6. I need suggestions of fantastic islands for photos and tour
  7. I'm pretty sure she it totally talking about non-clothing items -- furniture, household items, gardening items, etc.... Those are the time when I typically want to be right next to an item also.
  8. It's okay if anyone in this thread talks about their demos, but not another store's demos, imo. How would you like it if I named the name of your store that had the 5-minute demos the OP is speaking about? If you yourself named the store with the 5-minute demos, that's different because it was you who made them. If I could come up with a better way to have demos, I'd share it here too. I can't think of any at this time. They are all difficult not only to make but to decide how to do it. The ones I really don't like are the ones with rings around the face for hair. One ring by the chin or neck would have been better than ones that cover the face.
  9. I'm totally with those who mentioned conversations and profiles being deciding factors. What I meant with the av possibly (but not always) reflecting ourselves is, for example, anime avs likely indicating their interest in anime and that may attract like minded people. I get IMs from guys more when I'm in my human av. But when I'm in a cute animal av, other non-human avs would come hang with me. In a crowd, unless I peek through everyone's profile I tend to be more curious when their avs are a bit quirky or different 'cause it makes me think maybe they might have a fun weird personality or a sense of humor. But of course it's not proof of those things but just something to go off. Avs that are all suited up in their bdsm gear, I assume are into s3x stuff here, always keeping in mind assumptions can be way off. Even though I'm all meshed up, I like people who look past all that and don't exclude non-mesh avs.
  10. As the title says, I'm looking for unrigged mesh clothes. I've been experimenting a lot with presentation and rediscovered this cute anime-esque human avatar stowed away in my inventory which had little to no clothes produced for it, so I'm trying to find options for a bigger wardrobe.
  11. Could be cookies or anything.Try using your browser in private mode.
  12. siskidee

    Change email address

    I need to change my email address, but every attempt to do so gets error message, try again later. I have been trying for four months now.
  13. The shapes i have no issues with .
  14. Each time I edit a shape I save it as a new shape. Lets me go back to an earlier shape if I mess up.
  15. Well DUH! That is why she explained what she meant by BOM-Native... and no one is going to repeatedly define terms and jargon we generally understand in SL. We use jargon to be brief.
  16. Personally, I'm wary of anyone visiting an escort area but hey, that's just me.
  17. I totally understand. What is strange though is when someone shows up in a dedicated Escorting location with a very unusual looking AV. I wish I had a pic to show you. It bordered on young looking, but old as well.. All of us were disturbed. and avoided him.
  18. People can hide everything and can pretend to be anything as long as they want to, especially online, same way for example a woman or man can cheat their husband/wife and .. nobody knows, nobody has any idea they live happily like cute pigeons. Just stating facts.Those of us who take SL to RL pay attention to such stuff due to the risks taken and also by experience due to talking with many people from SL on Skype video calls etc..Play safe. Now regarding creepy avatars since now the thread is more specific that's a whole different story but then again what is creepy for a person might not be for another, creepy avatars are also those that are in to vampire roleplay for some but for others aren't so just pay attention on how a person interacts with you and if they start acting weird send them home.
  19. Today
  20. Well... you might find you can't live without them and have to buy the item...
  21. Not sure exactly what bdsm has to do with anything but...The ones you really need to beware of are the ones who look the right way, say the right things, appear to be normal in most respects. They're the type who do things subtly. Although one's personality will show eventually, this type is far more disturbing than someone who just had a creepy, unattractive, goofy AV.
  22. I mean truly creepy. Where it scares more people than just myself. And we are BDSM.
  23. The link replace feature is a time saver. I have a set of nude Outfits. They are my base avatars. I start all new outfits from these base outfits. Like Fenimore suggests. I have my Slink Original and Hourglass plus additional copies with fantasy skins. When I get a new skin I decide if I plan to update all my outfits or just use it for new outfits. If I am replacing then I use Replace Links. If not, I make a new base nude outfit for the new skin, body, hear, or whatever. This gives me great control over outfits making updates easy. Once you learn to edit Outfits in the Inventory's Outfits Folder you can make Add-Remove outfits. These are outfits without a skin, head, body, and other parts. They just have the parts I want to add. You can do the same thing with any folder using Add to Outfit or Remove from Outfit. But outfits allow one to more easily activate Gestures. Both are ideal when there is a set of something you'll want to add to a large number of outfits. As an example my Flying Shadow catamaran has a set of HUDs and gestures that I need to add. But, it is all catamaran stuff I would keep with the boat. For things that mix different things together I use an Outfit rather than a folder. It saves me putting links from other things in a folder like the catamaran folder. I think it reduces the number of inventory items I have to use. But, there are multiple ways to do the same thing.
  24. Yes. I have met that person inworld a number of times, and have told them to listen to me.
  25. Me too. Some have turned out to be just as creepy as their AV but others, not. This. Says it all. Never go by appearance alone. You might miss out on some amazing people.
  26. If you are lucky, you won't. But chances are that you will if you are here for any length of time. Yes I have seen you say this before and I did address it in that thread, but my reply was removed. I have also seen where you do support someone who is abusive on these boards.
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