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  2. Here is my houseboat and I really did name it SOON!
  3. Today I learned that scripts don’t affect (frame rate) lag.
  4. Yeah, it had gone dormant, so I revived it.
  5. Congratulations! and WOW! That is just beautiful!! I love the corner sink and the rustic furniture!
  6. I run The Wastelands, 10 regions big, a mix of Full Regions and Homesteads. I like to keep my estate running nice, so I am a bit of a stats hawk. Sometime last year things started to sometimes get bad enough to notice, and since then I have been doing casual research. Here's what I know so far: @Oz Linden, @Whirly Fizzle "Top Scripts" in the region debug menu always reports HALF or less of what the Statistics menu says. Even with "Spare Time" available, "Scripts Run" doesn't seem to use it. "Scripts Run" seems to be affected by a regions networking burden in addition to the obvious events per second (more scripts). You will find that regions that have a exceptionally bad "Scripts Run" stat directly correlates to how much networking it's doing. Could be object updates, or packets in/out, and especially noticeable when people teleport in/out. Now, when regions come online they have been increasingly slow for all the "services" to fully start. Specifically the dataserver() event is most noticeable right now, sometimes a few objects that I use to monitor the estate are slow to come online and take a few retries. I also run an Experience and during todays rolling restart someone tried to interact with an object that uses llRequestExperiencePermissions() and it returned an XP_ERROR_INVALID_EXPERIENCE despite that script being compiled for an experience for years. It took probably 5 minutes for it to finally work properly without my intervention. As strange as it seems, I think networking for the regions is borked or throttled and is probably a bigger meta issue that just happens to affect "Scripts Run" as well. I would probably look into the HTTP/UDP changes that have been made in the past year.
  7. Really lovely! Love your decor and how you fitted in with the trees in the neighbourhood
  8. De coy peak of spring https://akashasternberg.wordpress.com/2019/05/21/de-coy-peak-of-spring/
  9. I've never written something like that in my profile, but I might. It's not a matter of being emotionless. It's a simple statement that nobody in RL knows who I am here and nobody here knows who or where I am in RL. That's the way it has been for twelve years and I don't intend to change it. I value my privacy and I don't see a compelling reason to open a door between the two worlds. My friends in SL and RL have always accepted that as one of my personal bits of quirkiness.
  10. Four words (parenthesis don't count) Evil Eye
  11. WH looks nice but that's.. pretty much it. Use to be a HUGE WH fan, but many creators and fans alike have been leaving the brand for.. reasons.
  12. Wesley, my personal feelings on security are very similar. I tend to keep my land and home open to visitors...if I'm not there, it doesn't really matter. If I AM there, and they're nice, then that's great too. If they are not nice, I can always shoot them, burn them, blow them up, taunt and scoff at them, then eject and ban them. So...fun times either way! But, others have different opinions. Which is why we have ban lines and security systems!
  13. I still love this video. When it came out I found it so totally amazing.
  14. Land for Sale 1024m for 4500 L with a mesh house in a beautiful green protected area by the road (first line) The land is protected. Nobody can put ugly confidentiality screens in front of your house. All mesh objects will stay as long as you want, except for trees. The land is completely ready for living. Land in this region is very expensive, especially near the road (first line). You have the opportunity to purchase land at an affordable price in this region. Click on the ground with the right mouse button to get information about the purchase. Follow the link to enjoy the region. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Soyeonpyeongdo/116/96/61
  15. Right. When you get a Linden Home, you own the parcel, but you don't own the house. Its root prim is outside of your parcel, so it's on the public land owned by Linden Lab. That means that the house belongs to Linden Lab or whatever Mole or Linden worked on it last. You get to live there, but it doesn't count against the Land Impact on your parcel.
  16. YEs. However. I'm known to eat such houses during mid night cravings.
  17. For Sale Beautiful land with mesh house in the ocean region (sand grass water) 2048m for 7800L (full access to water) All objects will remain as long as you want. All mesh objects. The land is ready for living. You can completely change the earth. The earth can completely go under the water, the earth can be adjusted as you like. You can also divide the land at 1024m and lease or sell it. Right click on the land and get information about the land purchase. Follow the link and enjoy the view of the land and the region. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fleabug/91/236/23
  18. "Does the way your avatar look attract forum bombs?"
  19. To my arms! I feel in the resistance. Thirteen years are many years, cost me a lot of time to have the appearance that I have (improved version of my real self). All bento head that I tried, lose my identity, but at the same time, I feel outdated, all the people around me recommending bento heads. I see the textures, I breathtaking at the perfection of pixels, I'm not blind! I just want a bento head that fits my facial features, fluid, like a second skin. Ironic, right? Please, we need a consultant ingame!!
  20. I am the happy owner of a traditional house acquired last Friday evening.
  21. I have scanned a lot of the comments in this thread and find it very interesting. I had no idea there was such a . . . bigotry . . . of system vs mesh avatars. Yeesh, people. That said, I suppose I do wonder why someone hasn't bothered to update, or has chosen not to (and there is a difference in the verbs). I've always been very visual, so I like having an avatar that I like looking at. When I had a SL partner, who just didn't give a darn about his avatar's appearance, I finally worked with him to bring him up to a new version (tempting him that it was "easier" to dress). I did this because I had to look at him while in SL and his clunky system features and orange-y 2007 skin were just too, too . . . (Sorry, H!) The topic of how people relate to the way your avatar looks has been on my mind a lot lately. In two days I'll be ten years old in SL. I decided I wanted to change my avatar. Seicher has almost always been a pale, green-eyed, brunette, white girl . . . just like her RL driver. For various reasons I chose to create a totally new (shape included) black, female avatar to be Seicher for the foreseeable future. I'm a bit of a loner in SL, so I don't have a lot of interactions anyway, but I'm interested to see if and/or how this change might affect interactions. I have alts to roleplay; Seicher, in whatever form, has always been RL "me" and the avatar she is doesn't affect what I do or how I speak, etc.
  22. Today
  23. I don't have a home there yet to check (*pout*); but if it's anything like mainland, the amount of avi's will no doubt bog down sim performance, yes.
  24. You might want to ask this question in the People/Role Play forum, https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/320-role-play/
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