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  2. Ok, you win. Funny that the Wiki article was about Sleeper! I remember the blind angel was also in Barbarella.
  3. Yes note, that's correct, she chose not to downgrade the artwork. If the donors cover the expenses for a year, she will keep maintaining the city and update/upgarde the buildings so that the experience for residents and visitors is always optimal.
  4. Just to note -- TILIA IS NOT NEW. LL has owned Tilia since 2015 and Inara has a post talking about that. What IS NEW is accepting Tilia's TOS and Privacy Policy (US only) -- which for some reason most likely legal those using Tilia will need to do). This seems very much a CYA legal move. Here is the 2015 article. You can find Inara's other articles on Tilia by using "Tilia" in the search box. Sansar has also been using Tilia and I was never asked to accept a Tilia TOS. That may be in affect now. I am no longer there. OR it may come into affect on August 1 (one of the reasons I am no longer there :D). https://modemworld.me/2015/11/04/linden-lab-and-tilia-inc-speculations-on-the-labs-new-subsidiary/
  5. Price: L$3000 (L$2.9/m2) Prims: 351 Parcel Shape: Perfect square. Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glaisher/51/181/51 Premium account required only one payment for the purchase of the property, no monthy land fee! IM jerozero inworld for offers.
  6. A bazooka that can actually knock out SL vehicles! I'd love to blow some boaters out of the water and planes from the sky. A booby trapped Gacha machine - pay it 25L and it blows up the sim and crashes everyone in it. Stole this off Halo Jones, but a zen grenade that goes AUMMM and turns aggressive people into temporary peace and love Buddhists.
  7. I've only been living here for six hours and I'm already finding things to do LOL
  8. You may have a bad icon that you are using to launch the viewer. The icon points to the OLD install. You can delete whatever icons you have (right-click delete) and reinstall the viewer. That should replace the icons with new ones that work as intended.
  9. IShe won t upgrade artwork , because you have said sooner that you refuse to downgrade for less sims ; in your opinion ut would break the "artwork" . So , she won t upgrade it
  10. If you have a home computer that you run SL on, you can connect your Android via Remote Desktop. You are essentially duplicating what Bright Canopy provides in a DIY fashion. The problem is the entire viewer is scaled down to fit on the small screen. It makes all the buttons SMALL. Also, you need arrow keys and that usually means changing the keyboard on the Android. Otherwise it works very well.
  11. what does the family do in SL?? I can see maybe a roleplay sim of some sort. these are adults playing child av’s??
  12. I saw that at a drive in theater. Me, my mom, my dad and my two brothers. I was 8/9 years old. I stopped playing with dolls right after that. ETA: It was released Oct of 68 so I had just turned 9 the month before.
  13. To be fair, that mantis deserves attention. Just look at those wing patterns.
  14. I don't blame you. I had one years ago but I don't want to talk to the whole world(or pretend I am so important that the whole world should listen to what I have to say).
  15. Not really logical : however they are distributed - for every house that goes out there is SOMEONE who could yell "I've got one!!" If he does so in this forum - in this thread - that is another question.
  16. I work. Had already been here for an hour. Whats-her-name was attempting to make the point that it was too early for the east coast as everyone is still asleep at 9:30. You are correct that there is not a way for LL to make everyone happy all the time, and some of the people are going to choose to be unhappy all the time. I noticed several really lovely, gracious people who I've not seen before get houses this morning perhaps due to them being released at a slightly different time. I like that. Good people got some awesome houses and I'm thrilled to have them in the neighborhood.
  17. Being that we are all adults here, another one simply bites the dust. Sweetmarsh has already been released & i’m actually quite happy that a lot of people who for various reasons haven’t been able to get a home actually got a home due to the spontaneity! Idk, I sometimes imagine someone who is elderly or maybe not as quick w technology or maybe just in a RL area with slower connection, but who pay their premium and would love to join the community but with the competitive environment they really struggle to snag one. I loved the region Sweetmarsh, but i’m genuinely happy for everyone that has a home there and the other regions as well. There are plenty more beautiful and unique regions to be released in the near future & abandons pop up everyday. I believe patience, positivity, and the luck of the draw will get everyone their dream home one day 🤗
  18. @Patch Linden lol can I trade my home for a nice water front or even a home with a nice lake or pond. I really need a swap meet so I can give my property up to another hopeful person.
  19. Yes they may have been released at 9:30 EST but that is also the start of working hours for those of us that do work. So nothing if ever the best time for a release for anyone one time it can be when your sleeping next time when your working so all a gamble.
  20. Here's how Google explains it: Every device on the Internet has two IP addresses: a public and a private one. In your home, your router uses your public IP address—assigned by your ISP—to connect to the Internet. ... Your mobile devices also have public and private IP addresses. But they're constantly changing, and therefore, pretty much meaningless.Aug 21, 2015
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