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  2. I did the majority of it last night, slowly, with my wearable single speed bike. That way I could enjoy the scenery and houses more, and not have to worry about managing an unfamiliar vehicle. I took at LM at where I left off so I can finish it up the next time I'm over there. I think I only have 10 wayspots left to go. I only saw one other person out on the streets and sidewalks. He must have been on one of the rez and ride bicycles with gears, as he passed me up and was out of sight shortly after. I didn't keep track of the amount of time I spent on the route, but I did make several stops along the way for various reasons. I was using the region WL and day cycle, and it was a little after sunrise had ended before I started, and when I finished for the evening, it was a little bit before sunset started - so a pretty full SL day
  3. Finally done my Boat Stop! Gas station / Home on Wave break. Its quite over here but if your out exploring come stop by and fuel up~
  4. 99% certain you need 500 post to be able to change your title if you are looking to change your title there are a few threads in general discussion that could help you boost your post count up to 500
  5. Offices of the Bellisserian newspaper. Flickr is down so pardon the not great resolution on the shot. I need to get a lion AV so I can literally be a CUB REPORTER. (sorry, not sorry)
  6. Rex the kitty was at The Squishy Pickle today during DJ Sophia Day (sophiaxuan)'s Party! He's the little orange dot curled up on the sand by the picnic table nearest the stairs! Lucky there were lots of ice buckets with cool water around, but I never thought to bring any Rawr Kitty treats! Maybe he'll find his way to @anthonytorino's place today! 😉
  7. This is most definitely the WRONG sub-forum for this.
  8. Shopping, I bet I could find a red dress here.
  9. Beautiful parcel with protected sunrise views overlooking sail able water (the water directly below the cliff is a rez zone, so you can actually go down rez a boat and sail to the new Linden Bellissria area). 1024 SQM 351 PRIMs - $18,900L Come have a look: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Whitlow/253/22/48
  10. Our first ride is scheduled for Sunday @2pm SLT. Slurl will be posted Friday morning in the BRC group inworld.
  11. I don't know what it is either, never heard of it but i'd recommend you don't download it, it could be a malicious viewer if it does exist, here is a list of third party viewers that are safe to download http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory
  12. More my speed. I have both wearable bike and scooter. Scooter not happy on sim crossing but certainly goes faster. Thanks for all your work.
  13. This is me after a marathon shopping spree with Taya today!
  14. Like so (see below). Open the Settings wheel first:
  15. de·riv·a·tive (Not a butt shot) (PS. Yes, this is a joke.)
  16. Today
  17. the items are an exes but still rezzed on your land, am I understanding that correctly ? If it is not yours you should consider returning it and just buy the same pieces yourself if you like them so much. If the person that does own them is ever able to get their camera into your space they can remove them. If you do not want to upset a new relationship sitting on crates is romantic too
  18. Everything old is new again: This was a complaint when Windlight was in beta all those years ago. Also, avatar appearance under Windlight was a Very Big Deal. SO much so that the facelight was born.
  19. It worked like a hot damn... I see what you mean about the minimum of 0.5m. I thought to try to get around it by setting it up per your directions, then resizing on the Z-axis... nope. Soon as it went below 0.5m, the hole wasn't a hole anymore Thank you for an invaluable lesson on mesh building and physics!
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