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  2. Might be it! I only remember it had an akward access too .. kind of up a hill ... kind of steps ... first a road ... further up a sort of way to walk on ... still further up the house ... or something like that. It was the most EAST you could get in Pearlcoast ... in the N/S axis rather in the middle.
  3. We have a home to rent in Luxury Home sim (Diamond Builders) with allowing to set Music/Media/ & Terraform and setting your own group. This is the last home to rent in the sim and it provides serenity, privacy to live in large luxury home. This includes indoor/out door swimming pool and Tennis court, access to the beach. The home consists of 4 floors / furnished ( resident can furnish her/him self). the house has 3 bedrooms / several bath rooms, study and roof top view. Residents also can rearrange rooms as to their liking. We have only 3 residents in the whole sim. The Adult land is 9200 sqm, 4000 Prims and Rent is 4500 L$ week. We allow a skybox at 2000m. Please do visit and see yourself - THE PLEASURE COMMUNITY. Please contact Alan (almm1000) in world or send an email almm555@yahoo.com http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pleasurable Isle/240/152/22
  4. To that end I would very much like to see rezzed Animesh consume a lot fewer Li. We should be using it for everything that moves, without exception.
  5. https://mattnight84.wordpress.com/2019/08/20/wander/
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  7. Why would it only happen with my furniture? Not his own?
  8. As a scripter, I find the implications of this part troubling, but I don't believe it. It is true that more and more mesh objects are being created by a professional caste of artists rather than by people who learned to build with simple prims and the basic tools in the viewer. They are making assets that could be in any on-line environment, not exclusively in SL. Unlike the past, when builders and scripters mostly learned their skills inside SL, we're seeing a new division between builders and scripters who learned in different worlds. However, I don't accept the conclusion that this means there's less need for scripted items or that mesh creators and scripters can't make even more interesting things together. Large objects -- buildings -- have always needed fewer bits of scripting magic that vehicles, weapons, and household gadgets. They can be almost static, except for an occasional door or drawbridge. A static airplane is pretty useless. So are pendulums that do not swing, lighthouses that don't have beacons, and animesh pets that just sit and stare.. People are drawn to things that they can interact with and that make SL environments dynamic. Even those large, static houses are more interesting when the owner can change wall textures, light a fire in the fireplace, and manage music and lighting. There will always be residents who love to take pictures of their living spaces, but I don't see that those residents are displacing people who want to live in and play with them. Mesh creators and scripters still need to collaborate to meet that expectation. As I look around SL today, I see ample evidence to convince me not only that many items need more than looks alone to compete in the marketplace but also that mesh designers and scripters are keeping up with the demand for dynamic products.
  9. If he's a Firestorm user, the setting of the hover adjustment will affect the height of all animations, whether standing, or sitting on furniture. Other viewers may also have the same setting.
  10. That's why I need a mom! 😂 Someone needs to tell this girl to get her act right. Don't cut my allowance tho
  11. Exactly Susan LOL. You feel me! It's my inner child screaming to be cared for or pampered.
  12. BEE REAL ESTATE  SINCE 2007 PRIVATE PARCELS FOR RENT - FULL PERMISSIONS (ABILITIES) - NO RULES - NO COVENANT 1024m - 351 prims - L$249/w Grass Hills at Royal Chase 1024m - 351 prims - L$249/w Grass Valley at Olber 3328m - 1142 prims - L$899/w Platinum Sands at Raziel Vesperia 4096m - 1406 prims - L$899/w Waterland at Skibbereen 8192m - 2812 prims - L$1799/w Grass Hills at Gothlauth 
  13. I'd say voluntarily ignored as that's what he's all about 🤣 And this
  14. One of the main reasons for this is his AO. If he cannot disable the AO sitting animations he should just turn it off when he sits.
  15. sorry Furniture I'm a bit frazzled by this
  16. Hello all, I've not been in second life long. My partner and I are about two months old and all of a sudden his avatar sits too low in everything piece of furniture I own. Can someone please help?
  17. If she has shoes in or on her bottom, that's a WHOLE OTHER fetish. 😛
  18. This is an excellent post. You're point about the limited amount of money available from consumers is well-taken -- although I don't necessarily think that all the money now being spent on backdrops (which generally are less expensive than full builds) is being lost by those who are making house builds. But overall, you're right: of course the rise of backdrops is going to impact on the sale of full builds. It doesn't hurt, from my perspective, that your overall thesis supports a point I have made elsewhere: that creativity in SL is, generally, in trouble. I'd just make two additional points that are somewhat relevant to your argument. The first is that your argument implies that the popularity of backdrops is a symptom, rather than a cause, of a larger malaise. And the second is to point out that photography, which does very much seem to be on the rise in SL, is also a form of creativity. That much of it is dreck doesn't change that: there are a great many pretty terrible full builds on the MP too. But whether the kind of creativity represented by photography is good for SL in the long term is another issue entirely.
  19. This is the kind of rabbit hole that keeps devs up at night. Everything, literally everything, throughout all the software LL use internally and public facing, will have to be gone over and checked for use of a static name. Miss anything and breakage can easily go unnoticed indefinitely. And to be clear, LL's internal software does need to use avatar names. It's never practical or desirable for humans to reference accounts by UUID directly. So while I am itching for this feature, I'm more than a little sympathetic to the plight of those working on making it happen.
  20. Hair for your top, and shoes for your bottom. Does that mean you're a switch?
  21. I actually managed to snag an experienced mesh maker in-world who talked me through it, but ended up giving me pretty much the same advice so thank you for it ❤️ Oh my god thank you. I knew my triangles were a mess and now I know what I need to do to clean it up. Very useful advice~
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