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  2. I got the Water Horse English Warmblood friends edition the day they came out. I like it a lot, and I was able to make versions for each of my friends until they got their own horses using the included customization HUD and saved copies of the horses. I also on that first day let a couple of friends who do a lot with vehicle scripts ride them, and they did not have kind words to say about the scripting on region crossing. We all noticed a 10-25% chance of being thrown wildly into the air on crossings. The feedback I got was that compiling the saddle (vehicle) script in mono was a mistake, and that it suffers from a vertical attraction bug that car scripters solved years ago. We added an extra script to try and fix it, but it may have been a placebo. If the horse falls over (not hard with the wedge prim it's based on as a vehicle) it's basically dead and you have to reset the scripts or rez a new one. Of course you can attach it instead if you're the owner and I did so the last time I rode around Bellisseria. I got offset from the horse about 5m to the left on a crossing and had to delete that copy and attach a fresh one to continue. It is very cool, but the script problems concern me in a L$12,000 product when those problems have been solved in scripts used in dollarbie cars. I hope they will improve the scripts over time. I don't regret buying it though- we've had some fun adventures so far in our small group of riders.
  3. Thank you soo much Matty, so there is in my eyes no worry left ... 💖 PS.: Anti-SL-Sex Group ... okaaaay ..... erm .... okay .... 💬 Maybe he should play SIMS ... 😉
  4. Ah just give him some old book with fancy letters to read, he wont even notice what we are up to!
  5. Nonolynie


    Thank you Matty ,I will look them up .
  6. only if you get permission from Orwar first. lol
  7. I'd be down for a trailer park provided said trailers were open concept and still on 1024's. I'd also like the option of smaller houses, close to 'fancy' single-room in-law suite. Again, only if they are available on a 1024 and perhaps even an option to existing home lots. I'd like an option for a modern looking all glass, or more glass than solid walls. A play on modern shipping container homes. This may even offer a multi floor/deck combo like seen on the houseboats. Mostly anything small and quaint with large yard space. Nothing like the McMansions that take up the entire plot. Ohh and please! If there is a path from the road or sidewalk, please ensure it lines up properly. Or leave them out completely and allow the current resident to make a path if they so choose.
  8. Some really great corner lots and sunset views available from 2560 sqm to 1/4 sim. Stop by our Land Store at any time to see what's available: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WILLOWDALE/54/193/57
  9. I decided to buy a horse as soon as I moved into Bellissaria. Two reasons I went for Waterhorse: They look more realistic. Teegle horses are more cartoon-like (though there are custom skins you can buy which may look more realistic). Only Waterhorse provides a horse that's large enough for me to ride; my avatar is very tall and only the Waterhorse Draft would fit me. The Teegle Unicorn is their tallest and even that one isn't tall enough. I do think the animations on the Teegle are significantly better than the Waterhorse ones. I'm tempted to get one anyway, and just make myself temporarily shorter so I can ride it properly. Also though I tried the animesh demos of both horses, I ended up getting the non-animesh one, because I don't have the space to rez a horse out in a paddock. This is my girl Gypsy, out for a bareback ride along the beach.
  10. One never knows unless one tries. Besides the walls have an issue already with a script that was left inside by error so they have to fix it anyway. Kill 2 birds w/one stone etc.
  11. think by now nearly every ten residents have their own Bellisseria group .. unite would be a better idea
  12. Not that I know anything about the decision-making process at work here but Occam's Razor and common sense tell me that if this unchangeable wall texture is a deliberate choice by LL it will most likely have been imposed on them by the constraints of the mesh model rather than because someone at LL decided that residents who chose the Windlass houseboat would have a dark blue wall and like it, dammit. For whatever reason, I think this jira request is, in effect, asking them to make and script a completely new mesh model with a new and different configuration of faces and new textures for them, while retaining the same size and layout as the existing houseboat and at the same (or lower) land impact. It certainly doesn't sound as if it's something that could readily be fixed. Whether this is possible, I don't know,. However I suspect that while there's such a great demand to provide more regions containing existing models of houses and houseboats to accommodate people who want to be part of the new continent, and while the Moles are also trying to develop the content for the new themes for Linden Homes, and set that up while simultaneously working other projects like the SL Birthday celebrations and material for various holidays and anything else they have in the pipeline, it's the kind of request that won't be seen as a particularly high priority. I have no particular knowledge or insight in such matters, but that's my take on it.
  13. And this is a lovely shot, looking real, like we're in conversation round the table...…..
  14. Thanks. Just one more question. Is it also possible to specify on which side(s) preloading will be?
  15. Script was reset a few times. A Linden employee had to come out and save my home. Thanks for all the help guys!!
  16. Irony! I was there last night, rode a caterpillar all the way through to see all the artwork with friends (which is a kick, great way to sit back and enjoy the views) - it was a ton of fun and the tinies community is absolutely epic and welcoming! You're right @ClariceRose It's a MUST see.
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  18. The Hu. No, not THE WHO. THE HU. They are a heavy metal band from Mongolia and they absolutely rock.
  19. Textures do not load instantly. Depending on your graphics card and internet connection (and on what's going on in the region), it can take 20 seconds or more before a texture is rendered fully. Preloading, then, is a strategy for displaying a texture somewhere within the viewer's draw distance long before it needs to be in shape to see with your eyes. A texture may be preloaded on any surface. It may be at any scale and may be tinted any color or set to any alpha value. This particular script preloads several textures on hidden faces (hidden physically and also tinted black, so it's not obvious that there's anything there) and then rotates them sequentially onto the one face that is designated as the viewing screen. By the time that a texture finally reaches the viewing screen, therefore, it has been rezzed for as much as a minute or more and should be fully rendered. You can certainly use fewer faces than this script expects, but of course that reduces both the number of preloaded textures and the amount of time that they spend preloading. Obviously, if you only have one face, there is no preloading at all. As you can see in the script, the display screen is defined as face #1.All other faces are used for preloading, as defined in the timer event. If you decide to use some other face as the display screen, or if you use a different number of preloading faces, you will need to rewrite the loop in the timer event to get the visible slide on the right face.
  20. secondlife:///app/group/52fb5cee-ef89-e4db-1bd9-a00ecc5b6541/about CHAT GROUP ALSO secondlife:///app/group/c7e3a60a-ea71-ca17-947f-0c5f5439a52c/about
  21. Also appearing are Belinda, Laika and me the brunette.
  22. Error 404; combination not found. DIV by 0. Shutting down.
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