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  2. It's so very true that user created content has a huge effect on viewer performance. While standing on the balcony of my apartment tower in Masocado, if I face out to sea, where there is practically nothing, my fps goes up to 30-40. If I turn around and face the building (and the other structures behind it in the region, and the region beyond), my fps drops by 50%. You can get away from this by living in a skybox above 1,000m, where nothing on the ground gets rendered. My fps in my skybox (still in Masocado) is at least 60, and sometimes as high as 90. But, if we all lived in skyboxes all the time, SL would essentially become IMVU, with its "rooms".
  3. Oh, for fs sake, can you stop playing on the tiniest violine of the world for a second? I did not twist what you said. Here. I quote it for you. Page 6 of this thread, first post from the top, as a response to Scylla: "I know etiquette changes over the decades but that doesn't excuse the rudeness of people cold IMing someone they don't know. Does it never occur to anyone that the polite (correct) thing to do is ask the person in open chat if it is ok to IM them? I'm not talking about PC here. I'm talking about good old fashioned manners that parents are supposed to teach their children but apparently no longer bother to do so. If you can't be bothered to use good manners, I can't be bothered to deal with you, much less want to be your friend." I bolded the most relevant part. Now tell me, how is that taken out of context? Taken out of context would mean, that the context somehow changes the meaning of what you said and thats not the case. First you make a statement of what good manners are and that everyone who has them should universly know, that IMing a stranger goes against good manners and those who do it apparently have parents that failed to teach their children. Absoluty zero twisting done. Those are your unaltered words. I don't even know where to begin to take this paragraph apart. Its quite the stretch to go from "This person IMs me" to "Their parents failed at teaching them proper manners". Like...what the heck? After that statement you are the last person in this entire thread that should whine about others being judgemental on you. You just judged every persons manners, their parents ability to raise their children properly and have the audacity to claim what good manners are regarding person the person messaging system in a roughly 15 year old virtual world...because old fashioned manners and because you don't like IMs and view them in a very particular way. Amazing! Speaking of overblowing things: Jumping from slightly emotional discussion about everyones view on communication style in SL to hating mankind and this is why we never archieve world peace and space travel is so absurd, its almost funny again. But I'm definitly not in the mood for laughing right now. I admit, I'm angry now. You are very liberal and quick to dish out harsh statements about others, but the very moment anything comes back at you or goes against what you stated as fundamental, universal truths, you drop to the floor and give us your best victim play, using the fact that many people on this forum are extremely kind and considerate people and would rather back off, than discuss you further. I'm not giving you that benefit anymore. To conclude: You are the last person to complain about narrow minded views or judgement. You have plenty of both yourself.
  4. This is one of my fears too. I've fought too hard for my houseboat to give it up now, especially with the current housing crisis. Strange things happen when you're in a sleep-deprived state and you'll hit the wrong button without realizing it. (Don't ask me how I ended up with some weird dance purchase.) As for the "lock down", you can use an alt as a workaround to prevent losing it. Have them catch the LH and never log in on that account again. Only they have the ability to abandon as landowners, so that button will be greyed out on your main and other alts. I wish I'd thought of that first before grabbing one on my main.
  5. Added film filter and lens flare with PhotoScape X
  6. This is the whole point. While respect does have to be earned, you also need to give, at least, a modicum of respect to those you haven't met yet, when you introduce yourselves to them. It's the method, not the medium, that determines the outcome. I just don't understand how people can't see that.
  7. Can I get a Second Life mini game so my avatar to play Second Life while I'm in Second life and if so, can it be mobile?
  8. No no I already have the ears. I was just looking for the outfit and yours is exactly what I needed ♥♥ Thank you
  9. Thank you, great tip!!! It is my first HB and still haven't changed model or anything. You're all more than welcome to visit! (need to buy some cookies first)
  10. Landbound 32 x 32 and the lighthouse to the left, out of the picture? You can always turn away from the water and look at the beach. 🏊‍♀️
  11. Whale back is a really pretty region .got a house there ,rezzed easily ,so much to see there
  12. This sort of reality for many people is a pretty dramatic example of why I think we all need to be a bit more sensitive and thoughtful about how we connect to people. It's not, as you say, that IMs are necessarily "bad" -- it's that in particular contexts, or for particular reasons, they might be unwelcome to some people, or inappropriate, or even upsetting. And we've heard from people here too who are uncomfortable with interacting in local, because of social anxieties, or whose disabilities make it more difficult to use: they of course matter too. Really, maybe, it's less important to worry about which window we use when connecting, and more valuable to try to nurture a culture of respect, so that we are not always assuming that whatever makes us comfortable must necessarily be the best or only solution? And, of course, central to a culture of respect is not treating others you don't know as though they were meat, whether it's in local or IM.
  13. Too funny, I got a HB there don't know how!!! Wanted to try the HB experience, and lose my fear of Water. FIGHTING MY DEMONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Cant believe it! The tiny home location is particularly pretty. My hubby got a TH last week, facing the river, and with a Protected park on the other side. We are never letting it go (till 2020 maybe )
  15. Think I had that camper and that houseboat somewhere on the way!
  16. Looks great! I am sorry about the barrier I went back over to see if you were still there and saw some heavily decorated stuff going on and was not surprised that you had moved. Glad you found one you love!
  17. I currently wear Lure with this BoM nail fix. I remember Belleza has some old skins in their group gift boxes in their store. I haven't got around to play with them yet, but you can give them a try.
  18. I love this idea, I unfortunately do not have enough space to offer but really hope you can locate a spot to do this at, even if you do keep it on your private land. I was apart of an RP Stable that was on private land for a few months before it closed, it was really big into Horse avatar instead of the animesh pets, although they did allow them, and I truly miss interacting with horse roleplayers.
  19. It depends on how sick I am. I was actually home sick yesterday and spent very little time in-world. I was feeling pretty crappy and just wanted lounge around reading and binge-watching Victoria. About once a quarter or so I take a mental health sick day, and those days I do spend a fair amount of time on SL.
  20. Please let me know if anyone actually listens. Not once have I ever said I don't like IMs yet there are those who quite obviously immediately jumped to that exact conclusion. Yet, I'm the one at fault because I have an aversion to guys IMing me out of the blue for no other reason than to proposition me. I'm the one at fault because I was raped and it makes me extremely leary of men. I am at fault for wanting to protect myself! Sure I can block, tp away, or log out but that does not change how such things affect victims of rape. It does not change our initial reactions of self preservation. Oh wait... I forgot... it's all my fault. I keep asking myself why I bother and I still don't know the answer other than to say I can't stop caring or needing companionship like every other human out there.
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