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  2. I don't have a problem. I name all my pets Peeve.
  3. I would be afraid it is a trick, and they will send a giant asteroid while I’m a Dinosaur.
  4. This fixed it. Changing world to local didn't do anything. Thanks, ChinRey!!!
  5. Though if someone wants to ruin the experience of going round the spooky haunted house with their local lighting set to midday. then isn't that their problem rather than yours? I can see it being an issue in combat RP, where participants can gain an unfair advantage by tinkering with their settings and thus seeing far better than they should during a night attack, but is it such a big deal otherwise?
  6. Thanks I'm Looking into it right now Yeah I would love to join.. I did get a house boat once but I gave it up the same day cause I know I wanted a traditional and I'm willing to wait.. But thanks I didn't know I could join
  7. There's an Undine ocean sim off the coast of Jeogeot, so the mariners should be safe...
  8. Awww... the gods (and goddesses) would be unpleased. Ondine (also spelled Undine) was a nymph, a mythological spirit of the waters. Now that LL has changed the name of her region, she's homeless. Who knows what curses she may cast on Bellisseria mariners now?
  9. Hello I am kinda new on the forum. I am into Second Life for almost a year and there's a thing that never happened to me before. I made a clean installation of my Windows 10 Pro operating system, then I have proceed to install all the drivers and programs that I usually use, including the correct graphic drivers for my Nvidia GTX 1060 graphic card. Everything seems to work fine but everytime I log on Second Life with Firestorm or any other viewer, when I log out the screen goes totally black or glitchy showing a weird amount of colors and scan lines. I don't know why is this happening, I checked all my drivers and they are all up to date and seems to work fine. Some people says that the problems is a program called "f.lux" but I don't have a thing called like that on my system. Sometimes when I disconnect and reconnect the HDMI cable again it solves the screen issues but I don't want to have this everytime I log out from SL. Any help please?
  10. Good job I've been stalking watching the moles build from a distance😁
  11. There are some Bellisserian groups you can join, with often events being announced around the continent. Anyone is welcome even if they don't have a home yet:) (if you do a search under groups for Bellisserian you should see them listed). Bellisserian Citizens and Bellisserian Community are two I know of that are quite active. Some people have 'open' houses you can go visit too (there are many posts on the forum to explore about all this if you can).
  12. Ah, well, that would be because I have been scripting new houses non-stop for a while and haven't had a chance to shower. Sorry about that. I'll try to stand downwind. 😵 Quartz and I are often the last people to handle a Linden Home before it is set into the home rezzer for a region, so it will have either his name or mine on it until the end of time. The home will never show the name of the person who owns the parcel it's on, because LDPW doesn't sell the home with the parcel. It stays the property of Linden Lab, so we absorb the Land Impact instead of you.
  13. Added a few more pieces of decor to the livingroom. Plus some wood paneling, and a decorative ceiling.
  14. What feelings are we talking about? Man interferes with work. Many users come for their own purposes. I personally deal with scripts and textures. I don't need feelings of griefers.
  15. Good question....hmmmmm I think if you have more than 20 you may have a problem and need to seek counseling lol
  16. That's not quite the right lesson to take away from this, but I am glad that you got the script to work. Now, let me show you an example of the sort of script that will do what you intended, even if it's not exactly what you had in mind ..... integer iChan; // This is a global variable to store the channel number in integer iLsn; // This is a global variable assigned to hold the listen handler's id default { state_entry() { iChan = 4; iLsn = llListen(iChan,"","",""); // Here's a listen handler, initially assigned to iChan = 4 } listen (integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { llSay(0, "This message was received on channel " + (string) iChan); iChan = (integer)llGetSubString(message,0,1); // Grab the first two characters of the message, convert them to an integer, and assign to iChan message = llDeleteSubString(message,0,1); llSay(0,message); // Say only the real text part of the message that was received. llListenRemove(iLsn); // Remove the current listen handler so that the script won't listen on the old value of iChan iLsn = llListen(iChan,"","",""); } } Put this simple script into the Contents of a brand new prim and play with it. Send a message on channel 4 to start. Your message should look something like: 35Here is my first message. When the script hears that message, it should say: "This message was received on channel 4." and then "Here is my first message." Then send another message like the first, but this time on channel 35. Each time you send a new message, the script will grab the first two characters of it and turn them into the number of a new channel. Now, if you want to learn to write scripts, play with this one and ask yourself questions like "What would happen if I typed something other than a number at the start of the message? And how could I prevent that from happening?"
  17. I know know how to check, my issue is that I've been seeing land with prim counts that seem off. Normally, I buy lots over 2,000 m. What I've been seeing is lots of this size with less than 1,000 prims. This is why I'm asking what the base prims are. Perhaps this could be a red flag that the lot is not actually for sale but for rent by another party.
  18. How many pet peeves can someone have before they become a hoarder?
  19. not likely, often the experience of griefing is different to the cause of that feeling... and feelings are not really a ground for banning or any other action on a account.
  20. And I probably should have stated this 39 pages ago but I didn't expect this forum to go on for this long, so better late than never right? lol I don't agree with how the recent drama played out with a certain someone ( I won't mention their name, wanna know go to page 27 I believe and you'll see) but I can also see certain points when they brought up people bashing others pet peeves and I wasn't innocent from it either so please from now on, be kind when it comes to criticizing someones peeves that they posted here. I get we're all human and sometimes things get out of hand but we're all adults here and we should act as much, if you can't criticize someones peeves without bashing them, slandering them or using otherwise snide or rude remarks to do so, then please refrain. I would like this forum to be around for 39 ( and hopefully more) more pages and I worry if we handle situations in that matter again we will get shut down, not to mention being rude is simply uncalled for Thanks for your time and I'm looking forward to seeing your future peeves -Ivy
  21. Will there be notification? Seems most find out after they are all taken..
  22. You can go stand on any parcel and look at the land tab to see the land impact available for that parcel. A 1024 lot is 351 for MAINLAND. Private lands could have varying land impact, so reading the info on the lot is definitely advised.
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