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  2. And not a thought given to those who have hearing loss or are fully deaf.
  3. "the past is a ruin we cannot return the land is bramble a sunken farm house a house can be rebuilt but not the same house not childhood's house the past is a lost ruin mistakes and regret fashion the rubble like random bricks from fallen chimneys odd dreams tease rooms near forgotten even in my sleep I cannot find home" (Barry Middleton)
  4. This is my new animesh kitten, Cara. She is a sweet little thing. I have been retrieving some land impact points by replacing a few things. Want to be able to rez my scooter and drive from home. It's only 8li but ya know when you get towards the end of decorating -- even if you have been careful, those li points get kind of rare. I just noticed that my neighbor has sunflowers and bees in her garden too now (I think it is a "her"):D. I like my variety of sunflowers better, but the ones next door are an impressive 8 land impact for the whole big flowerbed (Botanical). I just love how the mini neighborhood is taking on its own character. As I was looking to see if The Looking Glass still had it sunflowers, I noted this sunflower pack on the Marketplace. Haven't seen it, don't know if it is good or not but has good reviews. So you bargain hunters might want to check it. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LouRoo-Garden-Flower-09-Sunflower/582242 I have some lovely sunflowers from a gacha over on LEA but while mouthwateringly gorgeous they are "primmy" and suited for places with land impact to spare -- and that ain't us :D. But I am SO impressed with what folks have done with their 351 points! Sunflowers DO reseed by the way and blow over from yard to yard, so having them next to each other is very realistic LOL. These are mine
  5. I can send you link to the thread in IM if any one wants; just hit me up in world as online anytime from 6am to 7-7.30pm SLT; if I don't respond right away then I'm likely being RL caregiver.
  6. I just need exactly the preloading option. So if I use the screen with one face, then the effect will not be? I will need at least two faces to see effect ? And if I use a screen with eight faces, then the preload will be faster? I'm just trying to understand the logic. Is it possible to specify the face on which preloading will be?
  7. I narrowed our Paris trip down to five, so my apologies for posting this many...……..it was very hard getting the light and poses to match up, but these were my best. I junked a lot. As usual it was fun...…. And the coffee shop was actually a better location that on the street...….. see what you think!
  8. Link to JIRA - it's my first time creating one so I didn't think to link it! https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-227028?page=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.issuetabpanels%3Acomment-tabpanel&focusedCommentId=594001
  9. That is not actually a Spotted Mole. That is a much rarer Armored Mole, recognizable by the Mohawk plume on his head. That particular species is nimble, almost to the extent of being overconfident when it comes to crossing public roads. The armor protects it from low-velocity collisions but, sadly, does not compensate for the mole's characteristically poor eyesight. We lose far too many on the busy roads of Bellisseria. Please take care when driving.
  10. If resetting the mailbox/life preserver as explained by Alyona Su and Shamu077 doesn't fix things and bring back the menu, please drop me a slurl either by IM or a private message here and I'll take a look. But please try the script reset first.
  11. There are loads of waterfalls for sale in the Marketplace, so I'm sure you can find something to serve your needs. Or you can make one yourself. You can make a passable, basic waterfall by applying the textures in the Library folder in your inventory and animation them with the ANIM SMOOTH script that is also in the Library folder. It's not exciting, but it's easy and a good learning exercise. With a little experimentation, you can tweak it into a custom form that should work for you.
  12. It's the old ones that are using all the keywords they can to get it to show up but have almost zero description. (For example, I bought a "Warpaint" tattoo, went to use it, got an error "You must wear Tattoo layer" (which I know what it means, as I have a JOMO avatar LOL) - but it was only 75L so no loss. I do know one creator of a *very pricey* product I've purchased makes the recommendation that aftermarket creators use a specific keyword to indicate compatibility. It works awesome LOL. So I was just suggesting since there are very few aftermarkets for it yet (I role-play Apache Native American in Wild West sims, so on the lookout for this stuff. Did find the Native Bridle and the "just rez and link" auto-placement? LOVE. IT. (Manually adding that to my WH was a 15-minute process LOL.) Need *FEATHERS* Moar, plz. Hahahah
  13. Today
  14. So Taya and I decided to go into business together. Here we are, first day and no customers yet
  15. Yes. I have a house on the beach, and I'd like a SoCal beach house, or an A-frame. Not too far from the current theme. Nice use of the hill. Not hard to model. It's a box on a box. An exotic beach house. Oversize for Bellesaria, but this is just a concept for ideas, not something to copy directly. At least we don't have to worry about sea level rise.
  16. BTW... I see Taya and you Scylla. Who else is there in the picture?
  17. Remember that you can click-and-hold the mailbox/life-preserver for two seconds to reset the scripts in them.
  18. I'm never online with you guys at the same time!!!! The only way I'm getting into these group pictures is to PS me in I guess. Great picture Taya...again!
  19. Hi, Not certain this is right spot to ask. However, with the assistance of another (I know nothing about building really), I have managed to hollow out an area beneath my land. There is an entrance through a cliff. I want to hide the entrance by a waterfall through which visitors can walk climb stairs that are there now and enter into the hollow area, which I will convert essentially into a dungeon like area. Is there a pre-made waterfall that anyone knows of that will allow that? If I need to create/build one, how do I do that? All assistance appreciated. Thanks!!! Jen
  20. That sounds familiar! I should check through my more ancient LMs and see what I've got there
  21. Was it the Melino Style store, by any chance? Daros and I used to love that place and we bought a lot of items from there.
  22. Completely agree. Living on Bellisseria has broken me out of only living one way in SL... it's opened a lot of doors and just made things so much fun! I rarely leave Bellisseria anymore except to shop!
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