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  2. you can't get one by looking at the boats.. you have to be at your accountpage to see if there are available, if not , they won't show up . A empty boat doesn't mean it's not assigned to somebody. Perhaps they live in their skybox, or use it only as clothingroom...
  3. That corgi is indeed corgious. And you along with it. You really have a lovely avi! โค๏ธ
  4. There is no voice yet I can hear everything and my system works in all other systems but not Firestorm WHY?
  5. I became a premium member today because I wanted a houseboat. Premium members are suppose to be able to get one. However, I have been looking and looking at all these empty houseboats but none are available. This seems deceiving to me. It's very difficult to get one of the newer homes!
  6. depends also a bit where you are.. Matty wouldn't be used as male name where i live but only for girls, could be somebody not getting out of that way of thinking.
  7. Today I'm wearing some old favourite items
  8. My avi wore the same thing all weekend, but I did buy the cute corgi that I first saw in Catrie's post. I have named him Carl the Corgi. Pronounced Coral, like Rick Grimes says it.
  9. So out exploring this morning, we came across a few....could they be red herrings? The first one we spotted was on the new large 3 mile or meter island. We noticed it on the world map and had to go in for a closer look. Where the moles leaving us clues or misleading us with more of their cleverness? This is what we saw: Upon closer inspection it turned out to be prim layouts for a possible waterway for a small river or stream. Darn, foiled again by those crafty moles. We were certain it was a clue to bigger things, like the cooling towers lower on the island. A bit disappointed we ventured off to explore the possible new layouts where the campers/trailers might be going in, but were distracted by another red herring on the map. Another mole clue?!? Upon closer inspection of the map we were left.....well ...totally baffled: What is this?!? ^ Needless to say, we were speechless and unwilling to speculate. We needed visual proof of what this might or might not be! Closer to the location, this appeared on the mini map: ???? So we stood before the location and this is what we discovered at ground level. Thunder snow!?!? Okay, yeah, there are some strange things that home owners put out. It still does not fully explain the strange red symbol appearing on the mini map and we decided to leave it for someone else to figure out what the one eyed willy might be.... or might not be.
  10. and there's a rental box 175 L$ weekly ... 70000/175 = 400 ... thats nearly 8 yrs rent... and you'll be able to run out when you want... 70k isn't returning ever in a lifetime.
  11. Parcel for sale Scurfield 6144 sq m 17995L http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Scurfield/218/33/36 contact me if interested nc please I am not on line much these days
  12. From the user's standpoint, states with and without touch-related events may be convenient, but there are also efficiency concerns with having irrelevant event handlers open. It's common enough for a script to read a settings notecard at startup, for example, and once that's over there's a real benefit gained by switching to a state where dataserver events are no longer handled -- especially if there are other scripts in the same object that are still receiving dataserver events, which wake up every script in a state to handle dataserver events. Same with other event classes that may be only briefly relevant. State change can also be handy for closing any open listens all at once. But this llSetClickAction(8) is different inasmuch as it should only ever affect how the simple left mouse click should be processed; it isn't (and shouldn't be) enforced server-side to prevent choice of "Touch" from the right-click menu as a non-touch state will do. As such it represents distinct, potentially useful UI semantics.
  13. Today
  14. http://slpoweredbyomega.com/instructions/instructions-genus/ the instructions are there.
  15. Yes, same here, except I'm not curvy, and usually a redhead. I've even been mistaken for female whilst wearing Signature Gianni and a male head, with at least two days' of stubble on my face. So not only do they not read my profile, they don't read my name either, and they don't even look at my avatar that closely. Which is a bit disappointing, tbh. If I was asked to do that, and if I did (which I won't), they'd still be none the wiser. My RL speaking voice is even more ambiguous than my SL avatar.
  16. Elle Gentlemen's Club HIRING NOW!! ALL positions (Escorts/Voice/Webcam-Manager-Djs-Hosts). We are a adult themed quarter sim, that welcomes nudity, voice, and adult activity. We do events with Djs and hOsts at our pool area, we love party and to have fun! We are looking for YOU. Are you Beautiful, independent, smart, and drama free. Want to have fun and make some money? We are hiring now! The Elle CluB, one of SLs most established voice webcam escort clubs since 2009. What do you need to be an EllE CluB Girl ? EllE CluB Girls are Energetic, Enigmatic, Adorable and Unforgetable!They are Verified & Guaranteed!As a stylish, sophisticated, well-educated cam and voice girls, professionalism, discretion and confidentiality are of paramount importance.They will provide an unforgettable and exquisite experience, taking care of you with genuine attention and passion. Why we guarantee?because we have the proof that they are the BEST :)We provide the High Class Voice and Webcam Services! U wont be able to leave us;) SEVERE RISK OF BEAUTY INTOXICATION!! We hire females only (For dancers and escorts) Please visit the club and go to the entrance to get the application from the box or ask any member of our staff. Hope to see soon. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ecstasy Trading/80/187/25 Elle CluB Management - Ellektra Edelmann Owner
  17. lol i hate those things too, but at least you get sรณmething from it.. (/me trashes all useless chairs from last pulls)
  18. I think she is just saying in the sense of the inner child, in terms of responsibilities and stuff...though, maturity isnt something that we have a choice to avoid; even though we want to๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ Okay, dont mind me...feels like crying and laughing at the same time, thinking about the subject of growing up!๐Ÿ˜
  19. You've just hit upon something here -- it's about the poses. Good fashion or exploration photographer shows the avatar not just in some vacant-eyed, system feet-splay, but often with elaborate poses that feign action and even facial expressions. The reason those gorgeous exploration sims in destination can't have poses is because poses seldom can be used by third parties! That is, if I buy a pose for, say, reaching up to a bookshelf, or twirling an umbrella, I can't put an umbrella or bookshelf out with that pose either in it or in a poseball (not used so much anymore) because only I can use it, nobody else. Then what's the point? I can only use it to pose my avatar and snap some pics for Flickr, since Twitter doesn't work anymore. To be sure, sex furniture has poses that enable couples to sync. That's not all of SL, however. I will even go out on a limb and say that I actually think people spend more time shopping and decorating and photographing than having sex in SL. Seriously. But an ordinary rock or tree pose thing doesn't have what an adult chair has. And that's likely because of permission issues. If you sell an animation a thing that can be used by a third party, it would have to be on transfer and copy (I think that's the story). There are theft deterrence scripts for such things (I've commissioned one that works pretty well and I see others, on various principles) but in general, the issue of furniture and its poses and the abuse by thieves is an age-old story. So that means it is rare to have a thing, a station, a tree, a rock, stairs, that other people besides the creator (initially) and you, the owner, can interact with. Interact! With groups of friends. So you're not just in a pose by yourself photographing. I have wrestled with this mightily, and have got various scripters to make, for example, a music box that third parties can play (in a hunt); some food and drink dispensers that the buyer and his guests can both use; perhaps a few other things. But mainly it's not possible -- hence backdrops I suppose. I once got this Necromancer set that I thought would enable me OR a visitor to a haunted monastery be able to cycle through things like wielding an axe or flying or crouching or whatever, in some kind of smooth routine (I know there is a dining table that enables all the guests to be in a smooth set of animations, for example). But t'was not to be -- what it did enabled me to pose with it as if I was in the act of wielding an axe, etc. but not animated, just posed. That would be perfect for fashion magazines. Or making story books, which I have also tried to make in SL (the way we used to do with the Sims Family Albums) but it's all just too hard and time-consuming. When you point this out, people inevitably reference Experience. I've also wrestled with that. It's somewhat buggy. And the things you can do with it are limited, like you can have a woosh teleporter without the map pulling up, or you can have a thing you buy or pick up and then you can walk through a wall or a gate, or you can have a HUD and collect things in a basket or backpack in conjunction with the HUD -- horribly laggy. But that's about it. Somehow I thought Experience was going to enable the ability to have third parties (not creator or owner but visitor) click on a thing and have it take you through, let's say, wielding a pick axe to pound on a rock, find a gem, pick it up, polish it, etc. The way the first Linden machina about the Wild West had "acting" in machina (people argue about this) actually a big set of anims that you click on once and it takes you through the whole series. I realize the reason there aren't more of these is that it is hard and time-consuming and then becomes costly. I was hoping Sansar would advance this more and maybe it has but I was there a year or so ago the only thing that was better was being able to control signs in the environment.
  20. I feel the same on the half dozen times I have ever played a gacha machine because I want a rare.
  21. Of course you can use states, but that doesn't mean that it is more conveniant. I haven't seen any convincing examples so far appart from touch_event on/off. However my statement will always stay an unfullfilled wish anyway. Because of legacy content... ๐Ÿ˜‰ And at least I can chose to ignore states and maybe ignore them even more in the future thanks to your JIRA. EDIT: Do you (or anyone else) have a concrete example for this use case?
  22. Fast pic of updated Catya before crash.WOW
  23. We have a pretty large community of photography enthusiasts here on the forums, and whilst there are plenty of blogs and guides out there, it's not always easy to find what you're looking for, if you're unfamiliar with the terminologies and techniques used. There are a handful of forumite photography groups both in-world and on Flickr, but most of them are for showing off your pictures and the occasional banter, or meeting up to do collaborative shots - I'd like to dedicate this thread to one thing which isn't always addressed head-on, though; how people actually set up and take their shots. There are of course various methods, and different people have their own favourite ways of doing things - it's difficult, if not impossible, to say which method is the 'best'. Whichever works and give you the results you want, is a good way! This thread may also act as a recepticle for other threads or external sources - feel free to share earlier works, or writing up your tips and tricks, or making your own tutorials. To kick this thread off, I'm going to go over my own go-to setup, including: building a prim backdrop (and how to make a green screen), setting up your in-world camera, and lighting your scene. Building a Prim Backdrop To build a backdrop, you need to be in an area where you have rez rights - you'll need a prim allowance of two. Press Ctrl + B on your keyboard to open the build menu, select a cube and click anywhere on the ground to rez it. In the edit window, make sure that "Snap" is ticked in and grab the blue arrow; this will move the prim on its Z-axis - but rather than moving the cursor up or down along the arrow's path, drag your cursor sideways until the cube snaps onto the grid ruler. You can put the backdrop at whichever altitude suits you, but for simplicity's sake, make sure that it is snapped to the ruler. Once you have snapped the cube into position, let go of the cursor. For the next step, you could change the edit mode to stretch and just drag it - but let's instead change tab on the edit window to 'Object'. In here, find the size parameters. I usually go for a 4 x 4 x 0.5 meter prim, this is generally adequately large to cover the screen whilst shooting - if you need it larger, you can make it as large or small as you require. So let's put 4, 4 and .5 into the X, Y and Z parameters to build ourselves a floor prim. Now, let's align our prim on the X and Y axis as well. This is done just the same as with the Z axis - grab the red arrow, drag your cursor sideways until you're snapped onto the ruler, and snap it onto nearest full meter mark; then do the same with the green arrow. Next, we need a wall. You can either press Ctrl + B again to create a new cube - but let's instead copy our existing prim. To do this, hold down the Shift key and pull the floor sideways - a duplicate of it will be created, pull it whilst snapping it to the grid, until the two prim floors are butted up against one another. Now grab the blue arrow and snap it 0.5 meters up, so that you have a hollow corner - like this: Now you just have two floors, though - let's make that second floor a wall instead. Whilst you can go to the edit window and change the size there - or simply rotate the prim 90 degrees - these will both put your prims out of alignment. Instead, select the 'Stretch' option in the edit window and, again using the grid ruler, pull the prim's far edge (the red or green cube, depending which direction of the floor you put the second prim!) towards the floor, until it is .5 meters thick. Now, grab the upper blue stretch point and drag it, once again on the grid ruler, until it's 4 meters tall. Once you have done this, you're finished with the structural part of the backdrop - but plywood doesn't make for a very nice backdrop texture, let's have a look at texturing this structure. If you de-selected the prims, right-click and Edit either one of them, then hold down shift and mouse-click on the second prim to select both. If you'd like, you can at this point press 'Link' in the edit window, to 'glue' the two parts together (note how the outline of the prim you selected first turns blue!). Next, go to the Texture tab in the edit window, and you'll find a window in which the current plywood texture is displayed; click it to open the texture selector - in the new window, you can browse the textures in your inventory, but what we want to do is make the whole thing blank. For this, there's a button labeled 'blank' - click it good! You now have a white backdrop, all ready to use! However, if you want a wholly white background to your photo, unaffected by the lighting you're going to use, you'll want to tick the 'Full Bright' button between the texture selector and the colour picker. Actually, if you don't want a plain, white backdrop, go ahead and do that now. If, like me, you like to shoot in a dark scene, a sudden camera control mishap can get you quite lost - having the backdrop full bright will make it easier for you to navigate your camera back to the scene again; however, now we're faced with a potential trouble - if you pop up a full bright backdrop in your garden, the neighbors may be none so pleased. We can remedy this by moving our build to a building platform, out of sight from the otherwise impeccable neighborhood. Go back to the Object tab, find the 'Position' parameters, and in the Z parameter insert an altitude (always check your land's covenant for rules regarding skybox and platform altitudes first!) - I'm going to pop mine at, say, 800 meters. Press Enter, and-- Poof. It's gone! You could do what I did for years, and simply press down and hold the jump button until you've flown up to the altitude of your backdrop, but that may take a while - instead, press the 'Home' button on your keyboard to toggle flying on (same button to turn it off), and press Ctrl + M to open your map. Insert the same altitude into the location's Z parameter (far right of the three coordinate selectors) and press Enter - you'll now have a waypoint way up in the sky; simply press Teleport to go to it! There she is! Which reminds me - for the sake of not making your inventory quite so messy, you can name your backdrop by going to the 'General' tab in the Edit window and simply change the name from 'Object' to... Hm. I shall call mine-- Drahoslava von Backdroppen. Okay, so let's talk about texturing options. If you want to make a chromakey shot, you can simply edit the backdrop, click 'select face' in the Edit window, mark the inner wall and floor faces and turn them whichever colour you wish to use for your chromakey (usually green, for 'green screen' - but that may not always be the case; perhaps someone will come along with a chromakey tutorial down the line?!). Personally, I tend to go with a dark gray, so I select the same two faces, turn off the full bright on those, and in the colour picker I pick a gray. Of course, you can use other textures, too, rather than using a blank backdrop. I'm going to show you two variants of this; a local texture from my disk, and a texture plus its materials that I have in my inventory. First, from inventory: Select the two faces, go to the Texture tab in the Edit window, click the blank texture to open the texture selector, and browse your inventory to find your texture in your inventory. Also, if you tinted the face earlier, turn the colour back to white first! I can then add my normal and specular maps to the same faces, by changing which layer of the face to put my textures on. Well. I'm out of space for attachment uploads for this post, so I'll post the other guides following this one instead. Hmpf! But first, let's talk about using Local textures - if you don't want to upload a texture to SL permanently (costs L$10!), you can temporarily upload a local texture. You do this by selecting the Local option in the texture selector, and uploading your file from your computer: Okay, so, this turned out more of a building tutorial than a photography one - but I'll start typing away on the camera setup and lighting setup right away - watch this space!
  24. I am late and maybe you found already a solution. I have seen just this weekend a really great boat ride and it was created with this coaster creator. You can make your own custom builds with it. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Limited-time-Sale-Coaster-Creator-Log-Flume-Build-your-own/5779572
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