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  2. You might want to try this, copied from Patch Linden's Topic: "Additionally, we have implemented the ability for parcel owners to reset their house controller scripts (the mailbox or life ring for rezzing a different house) should a Resident encounter an issue generating the house selection menu. If you do not receive a house selection menu when you click your House Controller, simply click on and hold the Controller for at least two seconds to reset the scripts. This should correct for most issues of this nature. If the problem persists after attempting this, please contact support."
  3. Andrea, there are no longer any authorized places to buy or sell $L EXCEPT the official LL Linden Exchange. LL made this change because of laws regarding virtual currencies that were passed in the USA several years ago. Third party exchanges like VirWox no longer deal in $L. The only "outside" source I am aware of is eBay...and I believe that most, if not all, $L sellers on eBay are scammers. If you buy $L there, you will either not receive them at all, or you will be buying $L that were purchased fraudulently. LL is so determined to work within the existing laws that they have even banned avatars who were simply given an unsolicited gift of fraudulent $L. People should be very suspicious of large, unexpected "gifts" from strangers (by "large", I mean $L10,000 or more). You were extraordinarily fortunate to have only been given a warning. Open a PayPal account (I don't recommend Skrill), get it verified, and use it to buy your $L.
  4. Of course. There are certain avatars, that I would never start a conversation with, just as I wouldn't based on what someones profile says.
  5. There's also a significant difference between the ban lines a normal person will see when ban lines are set (not, of course, in Bellisseria) by un-checking "Anyone Can Visit", and the ban lines a person who is banned by name sees. From SL's Wiki ( http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Limits ), under the Land heading: - Ban line height for "no entry" or "pay to access" (in other words, "allow public access" is turned off, or "allow group access" is turned on, in the parcel options) is the parcel's ground elevation plus 50 meters (except, if the region has been set to "Block Parcel Fly Over" in which case the access controls extend to at least 4096 meters). If a user is explicitly banned by name, the height is the parcel's ground elevation plus 5000 meters. On current viewers this is visible to the full extent.I I wonder if this difference has an influence on the observed behaviour between having a person on the ban list or not?
  6. @Alyona Su I love the style your describing for your place . Yes, it is a bit of an rl trend to go agricultural as much as one can on their 1/4 acre suburban lot. Chickens copes etc. Here in Bellisseria My neighbor has a perfect vegg garden. And Yes, I wouldnt mind if the club gave info & educate on small courtesies of being a good equestrian neighbor. I dont know if these horses set to roam etc will affect a sim in ways other animals did in the past??? Someone with tech smarts will have to share their opinion on "best pet practices " 😊
  7. that's no violation, with restrictions, the age limit is 13 http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Teens_in_Second_Life
  8. Rolig nailed it. When you own multiple parcels in a region, their object-carrying capacity gets added together. That number is shown in the "region land capacity" number, and you can allocate prims however you want between your parcels. You could put all 5800 on one, and leave the others empty. When you deed land to a group, that group becomes the "owner" of the land. That parcel is no longer owned by you, and so its parcel land capacity doesn't contribute to your region capacity. Suddenly, you are over your object capacity, and objects get returned to you. Plus, if you have autoreturn set on the new, group-owned parcel, and there are any objects that are not owned by you or set to group, THOSE objects will get returned to their owner(s) too.
  9. I am currently using Adams, but might hop to Continental at some point. Continental would definitely leave more room, haha.
  10. Maybe its a language thing, I'm not native English. But to me, bigotry sounds pretty heavy and quite out of place toward what is being talked about in this topic. But that's just my opinion of course.. Now on topic; Lets say I'm in a bar (real life) and someone is hitting on me that I find totally unattractive. I will probably not go along with it, unless that person is very interesting/funny or whatever, that it sparks my interest. Though, if I'm at that same bar, and someone is hitting on me that I'm wildly attracted to, even if their opening line was less original, I will probably go along with it at first. If I find them attractive they have an advantage with their first impressions. In the end, its the personality that will decide if I go on with someone, but the first impression the attractive is ahead of the non attractive one. (and with that I mean attractive to my personal taste, not general photo model look alike) I think that this is perfectly normal behavior for most humans, and also perfectly accepted behavior. Why is it so weird and bad that we act the same way in Second Life? I think its bigotry if I go out and tell the person I'm not attracted to that they are unattractive, or other negative things. I'm not. I'm just not attracted to them (at first impression), is that bigotry?
  11. It sounds like you may have had autoreturn set. When you changed ownership of the land, a lot of things were no longer owned by the same person/group that owned the land, so they were autoreturned.
  12. Happy Thursday! Thank you veterans for your service and sacrifice Also the official start to Summer! Here is a good summer NOT to do list😁
  13. I son't understand exactly what you are asking, but if you don't want forward and reverse buttons, just remove them. You don't need to modify the script at all. The two else if blocks of code in the touch_start event will never be used then, since no one will ever touch a link named "forward" or "reverse".
  14. They could offer this: a web page where you could search for available names. name change as a paid service that would take X number of days. no more than one name change per account per Y number of months. If it's so freaking complicated and inconvenient, LL should get paid for it. If it's actually simple and quick, it's still an upsell that people would pay for. If you had to temporarily stop using your account while the name gets changed, that would simply be one of the conditions of name change.
  15. There seems to be no end to what people like to feel superior about, does there? I'm on a FB group for photography tips. If you use anything other than Black Dragon that qualifies you to be a "lesser than." Um. Ok? BD doesn't run on my computer (never have figured out why, as it should). Sure, it takes nice photos, but there are some real issues with it. But say "this is a raw screenshot taken with Firestorm" and it is all "switch to BD" or "I only use BD." Oh, and raw vs Photoshopped images, that's another one. Wait. Wut? Does this mean you use the LL viewer? Zomg. I have to stop commenting to you. . .
  16. How about the Lamourettes? In bunny costumes of course! Of course Catrie and myself are volunteering!
  17. Thank you! But maybe its just a few lines to remove. Who knows?
  18. Actually its ok the way it is. I just upgraded to premium 24 hours ago and im not i a hurry. But its interessting to see nearly nothing is available... Within 6 or 7 hours i just got 2 available houses at Bellisseria displayed.
  19. The whole darn album. I love me some angsty Irish emoting:
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