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  2. Thanks Raith... hope you've been enjoying yours . That's right... it's just about passing along some gratitude.
  3. Amen to that. -------------------------------- I dont log in often, but I read forum every week and the last events here are really disturbing. More and more topics about "Lets to tell people how they should live their SL and how they should use their Premium benefits they paid for". I could not believe my eyes to see Teager to make almost apology for opening the houseboat bar FOR PUBLIC, it went really so far? -------------------------------- It slowly gives impression that tolerance and respect to others became "forgotten arts". How sad. Especially when you talk about COMMUNITY. -------------------------------- If you people so need to be in the control and create rules for others, builds yourself residential sim and community around it. Put your own money and effort into it, find your own customers who would want to buy what you sell - do not try to "conquer" what Linden Lab sells as THEIRS (not yours) Premium perk.
  4. You mean the part where giving it a wider base makes it no longer look like a rocket sitting there ready to launch?
  5. What timezone are you in? I am in Central European Summer Time (CEST). I have had an alt monitor the webpage in these 5 weeks, seen only 2 in these 5 weeks. While reading several posts from people saying they got a house. This indicates I am right and the number of US citizens are the largest in Bellisseria, thus the number of the ones abandoning are also larger.
  6. Btw why baked textures look so dull, I'm dealing with that problem too. How to make baked textures look realistic like in render ?
  7. That's what I had in mind too and why I asked what kind of surface she was rezzing on. It should not be an issue if she's rezzing directly on the ground though. Reading the OP, there is one other possible explanation: Do you own the land directly or is it assigned to a group you own? If it's group land and you use the official viewer, you have to have the right group active to be able to rez.
  8. I just tested this. A non-premium member was able to visit Bellisseria, and was also able to rez a car at a public rez zone.
  9. Some very strange things were happening to my scripted objects yesterday. Anything with a timer in it got troublesome. I decided it was my bad in the end
  10. I keep hoping for a houseboat I realize there is an outside chance at that ever happening... however in my few attempts at a refresh tonight I did have one of the little blue houses pop up on my screen... since it was not what I wanted I let it pass for someone else who might be looking for exactly that. Hoping maybe they throw another atoll out there or something soonish
  11. I don’t know if it’s just me, but you guys are downing two huge jugs of Tequila!!! I’m surprised that you guys are still walking upright. And Taya... his hand leads me to believe you had an eventful evening...???? Inquiring minds wanna know
  12. Anyone remember 3D glasses for the Cinemas. ? It was an 80s thing. Maybe 90s thing. I'm hazy. But they were a flop too. If we are not prepared to wear even spectacles to game what chance was there ever of strapping googles on our heads for ... ahem ... 6 hours a day ? Laughs !
  13. The beauty of this add-on, is that it makes me look at this type of house with new eyes.
  14. Today
  15. As recently as 2017 there were some 500,000 regular users globally. I like to think of it as a SME ( small to medium enterprise ). It helps me to forgive them when the .. ahem .. hiccups occur.
  16. Hi Selene. Ummmm .... I'm not sure if non premium can rez boats etc at the public rez points. Pretty sure they can explore freely though ?
  17. Kudos to everyone with a brand new house... they all look lovely and some really great photos too! One day I'll join you, I'll keep trying for a houseboat. My sister is excited about trying to get one too. For now just to dream about my future houseboat I have a houseboat I bought on the MP that i rezzed out on my mainland water plot... granted I have ban line to my left and ban lines to my right... behind me I got some guy with a dock so old that its littered with actual poseballs oh and there is a store there that looks to be selling something from 10 years ago... I kinda feel like Pinocchio dreaming about the day when my houseboat will be the real deal LOL
  18. Just to add: Those who left because they could not have banlines and 0 second orbs, have left. The same has those who said the homes was too small. The ones who have a home in Bellisseria now is going to keep it. There can always be the odd one abandoned, but I don't think there will be many. The best is to keep watching the forum. When the Moles and Lindens start to work again, it will be posted here. So we get a warning, to be prepared and ready.
  19. Hmm. Somehow I've gotten it into my head that basic accounts can't access the Linden homes. Might want to double check on that. I don't know why basics wouldn't be allowed to visit though. Might be just some holdover from days gone by.
  20. Which was a mistake, plain and simple. Now there is a user demographic that will likely expect the same acquiescence in future projects and which has already suggested it be retroactively applied to all Mainland. This despite the current project essentially begin a revamping of the Linden Homes project. They even made the mistake of connecting the new LH continent to two Mainland areas, further giving the wrong impression and in more than one way. They get no Kudos for that. They do get Kudos for updating the original Linden Homes program and partially doing away with the issue of being stuck with a singular house form within the categories offered (they did say more than the current crop are planned after all).
  21. She must have started some threads worth reading. Mustn't she? I didn't even put Pep on ignore, in the old days. Maybe I'm getting less patient with some people.
  22. Showroom Houseboat >http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Le Prince/70/51/22 Showroom House > http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Normandale/183/217/25 Squishy Pickle Beach > http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brodovima/128/60/24 Note > They Want you to go inside and nose around ! A few of us are holding a beach party at the Squishy Pickle btw, between 10am - 2 pm SLT today ( Sunday ), all are welcome. Bellisseria Community web blog > https://www.bellisseriahappenings.com/
  23. If everything came in a box, I put a copy of the full box in a backup folder, and then delete everything from the open folder that doesn't fit my body. That way the other copies are easy to get to if they're ever needed and there's not much inventory clutter.
  24. I went into this thinking the houseboat would inspire me to do something totally different, but I guess I am who I am! I liked this angle.
  25. I tried pay a premium account with new credit cards but them are refused, can you tell me why? My Credit cards are from Brazil but they are international to pay. Regards, M
  26. Someone made a comment that struck me as very valid. If all of the objects in a home are created by the home owner and the home is not actually being lived in, but is there simply to be a model / show home, then IMO that is advertising. Whereas all the many folks that have said their house is open to anyone that wants to come look and there house has stuff by other creators (even if there is also stuff created by the home owner), then it isn't blatant advertising.
  27. As a renter I'd want pricing by the meter as long as it didn't come out to higher price per meter than by prims. Before I bought my parcel I rented a 4096 platform and it didn't have very many prims. I'd rather have a big space than extra prims because I like having a lot of room and am very stingy with LI. If I had the choice between $300L for a 4096 with 200 prims, or $250L for a 2048 with 250 prims, I'd take the 4096. That's for platforms but even on land rentals I'd be okay with low prim count in exchange for more land.
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