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  2. Thank you for three regions recently released last Friday!
  3. The Moles are working on the new Camper/Trailer area now on the orginal ssp continent. I'll be surprised if any releases happen until sometime next month.
  4. I’m just referring to a chat command. Nothing gets rezzed. There are a lot of them. https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_dice
  5. This is probably the most Moles I've seen all in one region over at the original SSP continent Expanding the Camper/Trailer area most likely here.
  6. @Resi Pfeffer -- If you can get in-world before midnight SL time tonight (although it will likely be available all weekend, I imagine) DP YumYum has this style, S-12, on sale as part of the Fifty Linden Fridays, in reds and browns. It's pretty messy (and messy pretty!).
  7. I don't use voice with the exception of when I am at a meeting or event where the presenter is speaking in voice, and then I just turn voice on in order to listen. I don't have a mic for my PC, and even if I did, I doubt that I would use it. I'm not much of a conversationalist. When I do happen to be conversing with a friend, we may not always in the same region. I would also worry about background noises being as that I have a small house and the TV, and grand-kids (some weekdays) are all in the same room as my desk and PC. I also feel that text conversations are more time-forgiving. I don't have to be sitting at my PC for the entire conversation. With text, I can send my reply and then get up and take care of something quickly - make a snack, or find a toy, or change the little one's diaper... and then come back and read the latest response without any large noticeable delay, and without missing anything. I don't do dating or intimate relationships in SL, so I don't have any need to prove my RL gender to anyone. I also imagine others as how they present themselves with their avatar, so I would find it jarring to hear a female avatar speaking with a male voice, for example. I would rather keep the illusion that the person is the gender they present themselves as. Even if they had told me otherwise, I would still find it jarring because it would contradict with what I visually see on the screen.
  8. SL is chock full of invisible prims/mesh and texture faces... just saying. *ducks*
  9. Yes, with llSetPhysicsMaterial, but that's not what you want to do with a vehicle. I'd suggest varying VEHICLE_BUOYANCY in llSetVehicleFloatParam, perhaps. Actually, I'd suggest sticking with one sort of project long enough to get a decent feel for how to write scripts that all relate to a theme (vehicles, teleporters, color changers, .... ) You've been bouncing around daily from one project to another and not writing many of your own scripts. It's an inefficient way to learn LSL.
  10. Found a great pair of Western ankle boots but they show through all the jeans I currently own. Can anyone suggest a creator who has a Slink fit jean in their collection with that bit of flare at the bottom that will cover the boot top?
  11. Hey guys, I just made a female alt and shes comming together. I bought a Lelutka head. which looked great untill I started playing out with the settings. Somehow I managed to get this texture map onto her face and I just can't get rid of it. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  12. I hope to get a fabulous home or houseboat for this avatar. I'm just glad I got one for my poor poor Poetic. ( she just got the hair and shoes out of her butt last year!) Have a great weekend everyone!
  13. Just now.... guy I've seen on and off for a while sends IM. Wants to meet up. I don't have much time left in world, but offer to meet him for a dance. No reply, he just logs out. Now that has peed me off. He didn't relog so it wasn't a crash. I think he was after something else.......and I think he needs a recalibration. It ALWAYS goes that way.........
  14. Can you explain why you have a picture of my future husband on your wall?
  15. Another peeve --- Finding out when working for a club that the owner would prefer to her favorite DJ in your spot. My man got a PM from a club owner recently about that and although he let it roll off, I told him he should confront her and if she cans him, take it as no loss as there are other places in world he could play at.
  16. Today
  17. I have derendered people and things temporarily in the past. I've never permanently derendered though. I find it strange knowing there are invisible things in the SL world. In the real world we have no equivalent. Perhaps this is another form of uncanny valley that we recognize shouldn't be possible.
  18. Meshes in SL can't be legally dowloaded to be worked on.
  19. Huh? What version of FS are you using? It doesn't do that on mine. And they do self delete when you click again so you don't need to delete.
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