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  2. Another sex? I'm not sure about the forum's views on discussing gender politics. I'm also uncertain of how one goes about dating a show, but - it's SL, we can't really judge. ... Proper punctuation is important. When there are only two things, you can't have an oxford comma. Raps a yardstick against the desk.
  3. Thank you all for the information. We will check the stats of the sim and check the script of the horse. animats, I purchased your tool, that is correct we are on Linden ground...when I get back inworld I will test it. I am thinking it might just be easier to buy Teegle horses to wander the property. lol Deluza
  4. That was the decision I weighed up, too. The hair works surprisingly well, so I decided it was worth the $$ in the long run. And I've worn it several times since then.
  5. So true, Coffee. There's actually a lot of imprecision that I can deal with. Even now, knowing the back door is offset a bit, since it doesn't impact the things I'm adding on, it is just a visual that I can force myself not to see. Ditto for most of the windows. The single window on the long side of the house is harder to not notice, but the others are easier.
  6. Yeeah... I don't know if I just couldn't come up with the right term, but I was scouring the MP for something like that for Neph. By now, buying a hair FP to get a pair of shades that I'll be wearing without the actual shades feels totally worth it!
  7. ^^This Testing mesh and appliers Then going in world together, shopping, beaching, dancing, photos Addictive stuff
  8. Just be warned: they were only in the fatpack of that hair...
  9. Promptly runs off to Skell's blog to steal them cyberpunky temple thingies.
  10. The mathematical precision offered by SL is an illusion and a trap, floating point numbers will appear to change over time, everything you place will slowly drift out of alignment and the higher you get the worse it gets. Anyone with actual OCD here is one edit away from a hellish nightmare where every single thing needs to be rotated 0.003 degrees (and it's worse if you use Firestorm that displays numbers with extra precision). Back when I had my own region build, some days were completely lost because I'd notice two adjacent prims were not longer flush. 😵 But there really is no excuse for having 6 fence posts on one side and 5 on the other.
  11. First couple of images as an 'official' for Zibska. Much gladsome shrieking was had when I found out I'd landed that gig, because by god I freakin' love Zib Scaggs' work!
  12. Sometimes, I wish I had a touch of OCD, just a touch, it would make me a lot more organized. I think I have the opposite of it though, I feel really uncomfortable in places that are really neat and tidy and everything is perfectly lined up. Seeing all of these imperfections, actually kind of comforts me
  13. Bellisseria Home Inspection group.... Beth I like it!
  14. I went back and did some rough measuring. The one over the front porch (Winchester house) and the ones next to upper deck french doors appear to be properly centered. All of the rest are off. /me gnashes her teeth and wanders off grumbling words that can't be said in the forums And I will never forgive you folks for this
  15. " I'm just a dime store cowgirl That's all I'm ever gonna be You can take me out of the country But you can't take the country out of me, no Cause I'm still the girl from Golden Had to get away so I could grow But it don't matter where I'm goin' I'll still call my hometown home" ~Kacey Musgraves
  16. I had noticed the one on the side of the Winchester house, but since I have gotten to the landscaping on that side, I've been able to not dwell on it. OMG. I had not noticed that yet. Thank you much.............. NOT. My OCD tendencies are really screaming at me right now.
  17. How did you think it was going to go since you seem to have no issue calling out issues you find with others and insult those here who simply didn't agree with you by accusing them of being ok with something so disgusting as what you brought up? I'm sorry, but sometimes the issue lies within ourselves and not everyone else around us. it can be hard to face, but sometimes it's the truth. We all have moments like this and hopefully we learn something from them.
  18. Today
  19. Why not ask the ones that have a problem with it, what the problem is? This way you get an answer from the source rather than opinions from outside the situation.
  20. I looked right over those! Now I have to go back!
  21. Don't look at the back door. You can't unsee it.
  22. I checked out the website you mentioned above (a few posts back) but there is no SLurl given. I'm interested in more info, checking out the sim, etc. Do you have the LM?
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