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  2. You're first mistake was thinking reinstalling is going to fix everything. It won't. Also, if you don't do a "clean" reinstall, you're leaving behind files that could be corrupted and installing over the top of them won't uncorrupt the files. On the bright side you didn't mention clearing cache. https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_clean_install
  3. Features, nothing more than features, Trying to forget my version of yore. Teardrops rolling down on my face, Trying to forget my version of yore. Features, for all my (Second)life I'll feel it. I wish I've never met you, 19.06 ; you'll never come again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtRJzDI7low
  4. It feels like seeing that famous light at the end of a tunnel. Inch by inch I'm getting closer ... 😄
  5. Ok, thanks for letting me know! 😃 I was kind of worried if I did the right thing.
  6. Keep on with your joy,girlie, its infectious! I always go back, but I know sometimes during releases if you click the choose another blah blah,you get lucky:)
  7. Oh, agreed. The very presence of Maddy has a glitch effect that turns SL upside down. I understand that FS is working on a fix, but the problem is proving intractable.
  8. I do the same and on that page it seems the only thing to do. Tryied to refesh it bit that didn't lead anywhere.
  9. More speed with higher settings. Yes, practically any GPU made in the last decade can run SL, and let you turn on all the eye candy for snapshots. What they won't do is provide a very enjoyable experience if you want to do much more. Even framing the snapshot can be a hassle. Want to run shadows all the time? Attend events with a bunch of people and not watch a slide show? Film a video? You'll probably want something more powerful that can deliver faster frame rates consistently. For a whole lot of SL activities, a fairly modest system that can deliver ~15fps with some of the graphics settings dialed down will do just fine, though.
  10. For sale 1/4 sim divide in - accept offerr for the 3 lot - FOR SALE 4096 SQM - 1406 PRIMS - 6599 ls - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//188/211/79 FOR SALE 4096 SQM - 1406 PRIMS - 6599 LS http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Asadal/180/167/79 FOR SALE 8192 SQM - 2812 PRIMS - 10999 LS http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Asadal/137/186/79
  11. Yeah it may have been the modem, the online diagnostic showed a poor connection....now seems OK!!!!! Still not right..…..just booted me out and now can't connect to a simulator...……….
  12. I SAW that houseboat in the options!!!!! OMG, after 4 months of trying I finally, finally saw a houseboat. Of course I did not get it, got the sorry page 2 times, but I still feel like drunk of joy. To me that is a huuuuge progress. Me dances ... 😄 😄 And I saw quite a few houses too, seem to be abandons though, no release. When getting the sorry page, what are you supposed to do? I clicked the link to go back to the options page, but can't remember if that is the right thing to do. Can't find the post with suggestions on what to do best once you get there.
  13. Can't see much about the details from this shot but you can get the gist of it all.... Three of the most southern regions (the three full red boxes) are what seem to be ready.... They are all really nice. Gotta run for dinner and can't watch further at the moment.... good luck to all.......
  14. I don't think it was selling one day and then buying the next. People do that all the time without LL placing the account on hold. Probably more the number of transactions combined with the amounts triggered the hold, not the frequency, in this case. Consider the email was changed first then the next day Ls were sold, then the third day more Ls purchased (were those Ls placed for sale as well?)... I'd be giving that account the side eye myself. There are also the limits LL has in place to consider. If you try to exceed those limits your account gets locked until they have reviewed the situation and determined if a fraud attempt has been made or not. If not, things go back to normal. Or whatever is considered normal for SL.
  15. For sale sailable land in nice area - ground and water part 14999 ls http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jingi/101/96/26
  16. I missed a house just because I was so shocked to see it my fingers got stupid!
  17. I've seen at least SIX houses and ONE houseboat in the last 12 hours, that's an insane amount of abandons. 🤔
  18. Country roads, take me home To the place I belong West Virginia Mountain mamma, take me home Country roads TELEPORT TO THIS LAND All country roads lead to this lovely decorated homestead. 5000 prims, full estate rights. Full edit rights given to move objects or you can return all and replace them with your own. $6999 Ls Per Week (no price increase as long as you rent and pay on time) 5000 PRIM HOMESTEAD Stand Alone Sim Full Estate Rights No Premium Account Required Control all music and media streams Set your own Covenant Edit rights given to move any/all objects around Excellent tier management system that allows you too: * Pay the tier for land you own.*Allows a partner to pay your tier (need to contact management to set this feature up) * Choose from various payments (L$ and PayPal options, weekly payments, prepay as many weeks you want) * Ability to change lands with full credit given for days paid. * Payment Reminders Off world * Attractive 10% Referral Bonus Programs for everyone Any questions can be directed to Sugarpie Froobert or Leah Chardin If you would like to see what else we have to offer come by our office Coral Estates Land Office
  19. True enough @Edwards Perry, sometimes it's their alts log in and pwd they give me, or a temp pwd. I keep a land page open in my browser,and log out of it once someone has a house,so when I log with someone's stuff, I'm not on their dashboard, just the land page.
  20. Limevale has homes raised on rocks overlooking the road, then to the canal. Edgar has the same, some homes are ground level looking across the road to the canal. I met Leora down there this morning.
  21. Just a little bit of historical background on this. It WAS at one time (a few years ago or more -- maybe eight?) against the TOS to let anyone use your account. In one case here on the forums a sister let her RL brother log into her account to fix some techie thing and somehow let support know that and had her account frozen for awhile. When I was still doing machinima I had some folks wanting me to login as an "actor" alt and play a part. I refused as it was against the TOS then. Later, store owners started making "store alts" so that various people in their brand could work together more easily. Somewhere along the way the TOS was changed to basically say you are RESPONSIBLE if you give out log in info to someone else --- which seems very reasonable to me. While giving out your account info can be a very bad idea, making a brand NEW account and then giving someone access to "fish" seems fairly safe. Then when a plot is found the new alt just sets the land to a land group for the main. That of course costs someone a hundred US, but for some folks that means nothing. And you get most of that money back in stipend so only $30US or so now (didn't do the math) :D.
  22. Oh no! I looked at grid status and nothing seems to be afoot. Did you try fiddling with your router/modem? I always try that when I have no idea what else to do. Hugs!!
  23. Ahhhhhh……….after much switching on and off, and contacting the line provider, it seems we may have resolved the issue...……... Firestorm has loaded and I just have to test it now before I can relax...…………...
  24. Oh nice! need pics you know how you are itching to see these areas but I can only see chat not the actually areas until I get home from work and by that time it would be too late to do anything but congratulate the new home owners.
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