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  2. Hi! nice pictures! can you by chance tell what hair is on the first picture?
  3. This actually makes it a bit tricky. You wouldn't really want to pop up a separate script's dialog when somebody is sitting on the object, so you kinda want one script that responds both to the avsitter menu (presumably via a link_message event) and to touch when the toucher is not a sitter. Unfortunately, avsitter doesn't seem to provide any facility to make that particularly easy -- see the response to this question in their FAQ.
  4. Just saw a houseboat pass by - no chance to catch it! so ... let the games begin! and good luck to the other refreshers!
  5. He is "only a composer" . And so ? Marilyn Manson too . I want the incomes from Marilun Manson :D :D As he has worked as musical manager for an international TV ( it s in your link !!!) he has kept his relationships book
  6. If you've already gotten it all working when an avatar sits on the object, then you can take that working code and move it into a touch_start event instead of the changed event.
  7. You probably missed he is only a composer. Whatever claim which is not based on proof, is calumnious and abusive. This is my very last reply to you. Have a good day and thanks for engaging in this thread. Please, if you like, also explain what makes you so mad about HL. I am curious.
  8. Started refreshing again - it's only 5 am SLT (too early for working hours) but the early bird catches the worm! plus it is 2 pm over here and while I cook and eat my lunch let the netbook drag the fishnet over the ground - 80 seconds - very BIG meshes - let's see what fish it will catch today! .... and the too small ones go right back into the sea!
  9. Cian scratches his head as he inventories his order for coffee beans and beer at the Bellis Blues Cafe coffee house and finds a crate of carrots and platter of acorns delights among the items, pondering if that squirrely rodent that visited them in the early mornings hours had something to do with this. "Pru.....!?!"
  10. Cian scratches his head as he inventories his order for coffee beans and beer at the Bellis Blues Cafe coffee house and finds a crate of carrots and platter of acorns delights among the items, pondering if that squirrely rodent that visited them in the early mornings hours had something to do with this. "Pru.....!?!"
  11. That depends on how far back you go.. The replacement of Bellerophon as the tamer and rider of Pegasus by the more familiar culture hero Perseus was not simply an error of painters and poets of the Renaissance. The transition was a development of Classical times which became the standard image during teh Middle Ages and has been adopted by the European poets of the Renaissance and later: Giovanni Boccaccio's Genealogia deorum gentilium libri identifies Pegasus as the steed of Perseus, and Pierre Corneille places Perseus upon Pegasus in Andromède. Modern representations of this image include sculptor Émile Louis Picault's 1888 sculpture Pegasus and the movie Clash of The Titans and its remake. Personally, i like the idea of a naked Perseus on Pegasiback. Kind of like a male Lady Godiva. Only more, swingy.
  12. No . he has kept his own book of relationships when he has worked for an international TV . Oh .. and for the fans of cyberpunk : what is an international TV except a "corporation" ? How do we talk about corporations the william gibson books ? There is something wrong with Laurent Mialon , who has taken as hostage the cyberpuk communauty when we know he works for corporations , more interested for electronic music than for the cyberpunk life .. In his point of view , cyberpunk is just a way , a strategy of advertisement
  13. To mirror only one part of the body - ex. leftForearm 🔃 rightForearm, select that part of the body. To mirror entire animation deselect all.
  14. I appreciate the advice. I do know there are sooooo many appliers out there as I've browsed a lot. I found these super cool labradorite eyes in the bargain section of the store Earthstones (worth checking out in general for jewelry and cool glasses). Haven't found similar ones elsewhere. Will keep looking.
  15. Laurent nowadays only works as a composer and is no manager. Please be welcome to inform yourself here: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laurent_Mialon I will refrain from correcting further misinformed claims of yours.
  16. I am pretty sure , that Laurent Mialon who has worked as manager for musics for a TV earns more than 99% of people here . Isn t it ? As he has chosen to stop to pay his own project , why to continue this project ?
  17. Beyond "having links with students" I was project leader of an European funded project and head of creativity and innovation at an international university for ten years, the aforementioned university funded by twelve international universities. I still officially collaborate with universities, which procures me more "links with students". Having experience in a determined field is not what I would call arrogance. I wouldn't be cured by a mailman rather than a doctor, as I wouldn't ask a doctor to bring me mail. Experience is a good thing, and nothing to be outraged by. The person you mispelled the name of, used to have and also has at the moment, a rl job in order to pay his bills, since HL is no profit. Please do not be outraged by the fact I will stop responding to posts which have no whatsoever relationship to the focus of this thread.
  18. Adas13

    Why not?

    For that people that have no idea what a post in "Make Friends" section is for: It means "I give up, I'm lonely and utterly bored: IM me".
  19. Oh . beacause you had some linkswith old students in universities , you have the unique ability to name what is a dramaqueen . What arrogance ! Laurent Mialon was manager of musics for eurosports international . He is not the profile of an "association" people , but really a businessman . Why he didn t help ?
  20. Speaking of delirium, maybe you shouldn't post when you're drunk, because you're making no sense whatsoever.
  21. Thank you Kira. I wouldn't lose my time in discussing things at this level. The ones who understand are already supporting, the ones who don't are free to do so, let alone the aforementioned abusive/calumnious claims.
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