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  2. Face impressions? Is that like planting your face in wet cement at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood?
  3. Looks like they are tied to the original house, I have it on the wall and turned on but my other avatar got no warning at all. So, no I guess they don’t work except on the one home in Bellisseria that it came from. Back to ban lines.
  4. The last three days, my viewer loading has been really slow too. It may not be connected, but it seems that if I open an internet browser as well as the viewer, it kicks things into motion.
  5. Oh I have two of her hairs I think. Didn't put it together. Haven't been there in so long.
  6. No problem! You can surely find anime eyes and skins too. In fact I just saw an anime applier somewhere, but for the life of me can't remember where it was because it wasn't something I was personally looking to buy. Good luck - if you wind up being able to create what you imagine post it here!
  7. I think technically here is the key word, the balancing point of idle vs off is going to come so far down the line that should it ever practically matter, it will be long after server has burst into flames.
  8. My suggestion for this was based on a show home not being quite the same as a residential home. It's not a personal space. Dropping it with a bit of an event creates a momentary burst of excitement, which can then be followed by anticipation for the next show home. Creators setting up a time limited seasonal show home that only exists for a limited period, and when done ends with a bit of a contest keeps the whole endeavor interesting. What's better .. A show home that sits there forgotten after 6 months, frozen in the moment like a time capsule, or a new location and new theme every few months. Even better would be to ditch the 'open house' subterfuge, make it a thing .. cycle them like events. Have it managed in partnership with LL like SLB, creators sign up, get allocated a random show home from whatever LL want's to showcase, they do their thing and then it's all wrapped up .. till the next time. Show homes can be all together like SLB, or scattered about forcing people to visit different Linden Home locations. There are so many ways this can be done to keep it interesting and keep everyone playing. It's totally marketing (in the same way SLB can be viewed as such), shows off content creators, shows off the latest Linden Homes. Everybody wins and no one is getting squinted at on the forums for (in my opinion) trying to sneak something past. To really spell it out .. I'm not opposed to Show Homes, I'm opposed to the deliberate skirting of the rules and trying to pretend that everything is on the up and up. Finding the line, and then sitting as close as possible, is responsible for some of the most egregious content in SL. Either something is ok, or it's not, and as people seem to really like this, lets actually do it like we mean it and make it an organised and promoted thing.
  9. BEE REAL ESTATE  SINCE 2007 PRIVATE PARCELS FOR RENT - FULL PERMISSIONS (ABILITIES) - NO RULES - NO COVENANT *** 1024m - 351 prims - L$249/w Grass Hills at Clay 1024m - 351 prims - L$249/w Roadside at Oolamoo 1024m - 351 prims - L$249/w Grass Valley at Gertrude *** 2048m - 703 prims - L$499/w FOR RESERVATIONS TELEPORT TO MY OFFICE TO SUBSCRIBE 4096m - 1406 prims - L$899/w FOR RESERVATIONS TELEPORT TO MY OFFICE TO SUBSCRIBE 8192m - 2812 prims - L$1799/w FOR RESERVATIONS TELEPORT TO MY OFFICE TO SUBSCRIBE 16384m - 5625 prims - L$3,599/w FOR RESERVATIONS TELEPORT TO MY OFFICE TO SUBSCRIBE 
  10. Buenas tardes Nuevamente estoy haciendo de su conocimiento que no me han resuelto el problema de no aceptar mi tarjeta de credito,.. lo he intentado todos los dias y hasta el dia de hoy aun no la aceptan,.. quiero saber cual es el problema exacto ,.. ya que siempre me manda a hace un reporte y me respondieron para que hiciera exactamente lo que he hecho borrar el numero de tarjeta , registrarla de nuevo,.. hice de su conocimiento que la tarjeta no es prepago,....He llamado a mi banco y ellos dicen que no tengo problema ,.. y no me dicen aqui donde exactamente hay reportar,.. por otro lado llamar a los telefonos que dan no hay personas que hablen español a la hora de llamar Agradezco de su atencio Gracias Angie
  11. @Elora Lunasea Will do! I can kinda see it still being customizable to what I would want it to look like, I'd probably have to find certain skins, make some eyelashes that are more anime and less realistic, as well as different eyes. I'm excited to play around with human stuff ^^ (Sorry for @'ing you, I don't know if it will alert you if I just replied and quoting takes up a lot of space)
  12. The new Linden Homes are full of Moles....LOL!? Long time Second Life Premium Members are readily awaiting a unannounced release of these beautiful homes. I am sad and still waiting. 🤤
  13. Prof showed the proof of this in a post above. Another proof default { state_entry() { list decimals; integer i; for (i = 0; i < 10; i++) { float f = llFrand(20.0); decimals += [f]; } llSay(0, llList2CSV(decimals) + "\n" + llList2CSV(llListSort(decimals, 1, TRUE))); } }
  14. Oh ok! I'm not familar with Overwatch! However, you might want to p/u a demo of that Uma head and mess around with it anyway. I made it seriously angular, pinched it in and that last photo you posted is quite angular so maybe if you found a similar hair style and applier that is more along those lines it *might* be more what you're hoping for. Or not 😛
  15. Hola a todos. Llevo hace ya unos meses en SL a pesar de que mi avatar fue creado ya hace unos 3 años.En los meses que llevo he tratado de conocer gente y poder hacer amistades pero no lo he logrado. Me gustaría saber que lugares recomienda ustedes para conocer personas y que me aconsejan. 😘😘 Muchas gracias.
  16. Sweater by ISON | Cargo pants by TETRA 🦑
  17. Today
  18. does anyone know any good stores for men that do face impressions.. I know you get some with your catwa head but I wanted something that's a bit better then that thanks
  19. @Elora Lunasea Those are nice! It's not what I'm interested in though, I guess I should include a couple of pics aha I mentioned the I was looking for heads that are in a style like Overwatch, I also just remembered another game that is in development that has the same area of style I'm looking for called Potionomics (Pics with the purple background; sorry for lower quality pics on those I'm screenshotting them from their Instagram) So far Raven Bell on SL has been the only creator I have found that is making what I'm looking for 0:
  20. I once had a neighbour who did this. What she had I wouldnt class as erotic art it was more so sick ***** (to me). I derendered everything she had on that plot as I didnt want or need to see it again (was my way of pretending she didnt exist). At the end of the day, I chose to cam into her house it was MY choice. She never asked me to snoop around her house js
  21. ^^ Awww, that nook is just incredibly cute! ❤️
  22. I had taken one of the old Linden houses for awhile just for kicks. Now when I click in the name field while hunting, that house name comes up. All I have to do is click the name, it fills in the field, then click "next"--only 2 keystrokes
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