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  2. Not sure if advertisement or word salad...
  3. Maybe you should have called Tilia support
  4. This is more like some games noting that online interactions aren't covered by the age rating. It's possible to assign an age rating to the set parts of the game, but you can't assign one to the behaviour of random other players. In the same way, it's not possible to know what someone will build with the tools in Second Life. It wouldn't be possible to have official warnings about every location, because there are too many and they're always changing. It is possible for the community to provide warnings or information where appropriate, which is where things fall down. There isn't a culture of that in SL. There's a reverse culture, where people will lie or evade questions about accessibility. "Are there a lot of tight spaces?" "Do the lights flash?" "Does this ride have fast movement?" "Do I need to use sound?" "Are there jump scares?" Which should be simple questions, but too many people assume that nobody really needs to know those things, so they lie about it to get people to visit anyway. Which results in people getting sick, having panic attacks, and so on.
  5. look for a "clump" object icon in your lost and found folder. If you abandon a home without picking everything up, it gets returned in one of these clumps that may be named something else. Rez at a sandbox if you find something like that! Things do get returned automatically.. usually instant, but sometimes it takes a few hours or even a day or so.
  6. We could have a list of naughty men to pass around.
  7. I finally got my home! and a traditional one! I randomly logged in and checked. I haven't been monitoring things this last week. and low and behold, there was one available and I actually got it when I clicked "accept"!!! - dances a happy dance....
  8. Now that I have your attention, a certain well known business in SL has recently launched another gridwide event. As part of this, people are able to buy things to place on their land and attract hunters and get a lot of traffic (at a rather high premium). To this point, they haven't limited who could or couldn't place things on their land, which meant as a hunter, you were free to avoid the parts of second life that may have been out of your comfort zone. The items that were able to be hunted ranged from easter eggs, shells, monsters, enchanted toys, wild animal families; all rather neutral items keeping it very friendly for all to join in on either end. This go round though, they've made it so that the hunt "items" are random item generators, and can (and do frequently) give out "booby prizes." We're now reaching the heart of the matter, with anyone able to join as a location for the hunt, that means all regions are able to participate, General, Moderate, and Adult. Among the random "booby prizes" is a used condom that to me and several others who I've questioned classifies as adult content, which would be a breach of the land rating for anyone that places one of these "dispensers." It also can, and already has caused a number of child avatars who would routinely participate not to do so this round on the grounds that it comes a little too close to the conditions laid out in the community standards. The company's stance is that it is not adult content, but as I stated, myself and several others disagree. So now I open it to you the masses, adult content, or not adult?
  9. Lol yes. Richard Parkes, Manly Man. Most of his threads got nuked by the mods, sadly, although two of the OPs (I think) were reposted at SLU. They were a lot of fun to write, and the threads that grew out of them were hilarious. I very briefly considered resurrecting dear old Richard in the run up to the US 2016 election . . . and thought better of it. Given the moderation here nowadays, he and I and everyone associated with us would probably be permabanned, even unto the 7th generation.
  10. You might have an old landmark to the old house. But if you have been assigned a Linden home since the previous one, everything on that old parcel would be in your lost and found folder maybe, if you didn't pick it up yourself. Nothing would be left behind once it reverts back to Linden ownership.
  11. Those seem to be if you are a submitting a general tax return as a worker etc., not a business tax return. If second life is your sole business and is registered as a business you can submit a tax return for a business. Like I said, in my country it could be counted as a home business (self employed) so long as you have the required business documentation etc. It also might be the same in USA, I'm not sure. If it is then you would use the following links to explain what can and cant be claimed as a business deduction from the IRS. I'm not a tax consultant for the USA so am only going by what I know in my country so if you want to do this make sure you look into "is SL activity a business" thing first as it may not be the same in USA. https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/deducting-business-expenses https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/home-office-deduction Tax issues can get really silly sometimes.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Ooh I remember a character... what was his name? Richard? I used to laugh so much at "his" posts.
  14. Sneaking an Ad into a forum question is a start I suppose........ 🙂
  15. How would I go about fiond out the Nme of the L L Home I had before the one I now have? As I think my couples heart Intan might have been left there by accident?
  16. I've been attending the TPV Meetings for a while (as well as the Meet the Lindens) and I can assure you it's no rumor. Here is the most recent information I know of on the progress of the LL mobile apps. Oz also did say that Android was coming as well. https://modemworld.me/2019/06/01/2019-sl-user-groups-22-3-tpv-developer-meeting/ https://modemworld.me/2019/06/26/sl16b-meet-april-and-oz-linden-summary-with-audio-and-video/ https://modemworld.me/2019/06/29/2019-sl-user-groups-26-3-tpv-developer-meeting/
  17. The end of Day Two at the new community Belli Blues == coffee house, cafe, music venue (not mine plot :D). Tomorrow the house gets new matching siding. The wrap around bonus room and huge covered patio dance floor and extra patio pieces came in at 38 LI which even amazed me. So very happy there. Decorating manana as TIRED. This is likely my swan song build for awhile. Don't plan on doing much after August 1 but store support and all that jazz. So this has been especially fun. I'll post more photos when it is finished for those that want to see and those that want to visit. The pretty flowers are LOD4 (sigh) so I had to turn up my settings to get them in the photo (again another sigh) But they ARE PRETTY!!!!
  18. You are doing everything you're supposed to do; there's no special link. The problem with the new homes is they sell out fast (as has been answered here already). I just wanted to emphasize that you're on the proper screen; it just takes some patience to wait for one to pop up either as a new release or as an abandoned house.
  19. Love your home, inside and out! You have skills, Ziggy.
  20. I kinda think Twitter-culture made “forums” lose currency and people just seemed to stop talking about them. Twitter is largely a flame-fest/dumpster-fire and at some point, that behavior carried over to most other online “discussion” media. After a bit the SL forums were “unlivable”. Things seem to have calmed down. I’m hearing that “while I was away” LL did some cleanup that seems to err on the side of Overkill - but things seem calmer.
  21. I think i would start hiring people, would be too much work to do all by myself.
  22. The current Traditional Houses and Houseboats are mostly unavailable -- there are occasional abandons every day and LL releases another region every day or two or so (originally Mon, Wed, Fri, but that has varied a bit lately). You can either periodically refresh, hoping to snag one, or go back to your older home until larger batches are released. LL will be doing a large Camper/Trailer release sometime in the next month or two (roughly). There will also be more new themes in future months. If you want to keep your tier free for refreshing the 'claim your home' page, you could rent a place or there are various places where you can set home to and some places even offer freebie rooms.
  23. Soooo we still don't get new homes? I abandoned mine already..
  24. There are none available right now, they go REALLY fast, I got mine by refreshing the page constantly which I believe has rules now because so many people were using an auto refresher. There is no hidden way to a New linden home.
  25. They won't make the homes available because even if they are high LI, some folks would still use them for personal use and LL doesn't want that. LL has lots of Premium sandboxes, so a better idea might be to rez all models at a sandbox or two, for people to work with. I can't imagine that allowing someone to own 2 Linden Homes for a short time is going to be very quick programming, not to mention the amount of testing that would be required. Thus I can't see LL devoting any resources to that. Training up some more Moles or temporary Moles might be something they could work into the schedule.
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