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  2. A contrail out the front of the aircraft, maybe? 🙃
  3. Did the profile have the official Linden Lab employer logo?
  4. @Whirly Fizzle I never use the Linden Lab viewer because it lacks everything that makes Firestorm amazing and way better than every other viewer I have tried (my personal preference is to avoid the Linden Labs viewer like the plague lol). When the viewer crashes though it freezes me in place to where I can only spin in a circle and then pops up the "you have been disconnected from Second Life. View IM or Quit". Sometimes it freezes my av up to where I can only spin in a circle but takes much longer to close out so I go and just close out the viewer myself. I have also tried logging in on an alt and it does the exact same thing as when I am on my main av and yes I crash no matter where I am in SL. Currently as I type this out my partner is on my av trying to clear my cache for me on her gaming laptop to see if maybe that helps at all so when she logs my av out I will try again to get online. @Fritigern Gothly I might try using the Alchemy viewer again one day but for now I think I will avoid it since the last documented archive is from 2017.
  5. I got another new skin. Well, actually I got 3 (Fantasy Faire, grrr). Here is one of them, Karen by Le Forme which came from a different event. I went for a completely bare look. The hair is by tram, I love it!
  6. You should perhaps be a little more specific about what sort of "trouble" you are having. It's hard for anyone to suggest much more than broad guesses without knowing what the problem is.
  7. One of the common situations is that the paypal account is not verified - which is done in PayPal. From the Paypal help: You can verify your account by either adding and confirming a bank account or applying for and being approved for a PayPal Credit product.
  8. I don't really think you want us to start doing that. This is a public resident-to-resident forum. Unless you really enjoy getting a ton of annoying e-mails from total strangers, I suggest removing your address quickly. If you're having trouble with PayPal, check to be sure that you have registered a verified PayPal account with LL as your payment method.
  9. I don't doubt you. I didn't look very closely, I jsut checked sa few of the best known house stores. But Marianne, I get the impression you're putting far too more meaning into my posts than there's room for in them. I was jsut trying to illustrate the actual "value" of having the house not included in the parcel's regular prim quota. That all there was to it. Except, if it's as hard to find good low land impact houses as you say, I think I'll take a look at houses again and maybe upload a couple more models. But that has nothing to do with the new Linden Homes.
  10. I suggest removing your email from your post. This area of the forum is a user-to-user help area, and any suggestions people have will be posted here, so your email is not necessary to be posted here.
  11. I am having trouble getting pay pal to work for the lindens
  12. The horse walking noise in 'The Holy Grail' are actually just two halves of a coconut hitting together.
  13. Some of you people need to calm down with the demands. It is not finished and these things take time. The alternative is get out, we're closed until completely finished. Jeesh. The Moles and Lindens are doing a fantastic job.
  14. Welcome to come see the water! It's our sim http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Angel Eyes/196/50/30
  15. I'd like to try my hand at Machinima but it seems incredibly complicated and daunting to me. I've been reading through some of the blogs; started with Strawberry Singh's because hers are usually easy to understand but darn even that just seems way over my head right now. I'm not technically inclined though I can push myself to learn if motivated enough (my partner/husband is here to help if need be - he's the house tekkie) Can anyone point me to some easy to understand sites that fully explain what software is needed, how to set it up, etc? I'm usually working on an Acer laptop but I also have a PC if using the laptop is just not robust enough or too clunky an option. Many thanks!
  16. LL fixed mine today, hope all the others got fixed too! .. and so it can begin again ... Thank you to all those Moles for doing such a great work!
  17. Today
  18. There's a lot of rocks in folklore that you need a strong stomach if you're going to turn them over and look. They don't have to be nursery rhymes about entire families perishing from the plague or the "fairy tales" that somehow managed to have all their innate blood and thunder swept under the rug by the victorians. I'm a folk musician - I sing about shipwrecks, mine explosions, famine and warfare, about sex and death and about what perils lurk beyond the walls of the mundane world. All the while we drink, dance and celebrate life we weave through it the threads of its ending. And, as often as not, quite a horrible ending at that! "Natural" can be "good" but it's only ever "nice" by coincidence.
  19. It seemed like every time I abandoned a place, the next one was better. So I assume if I abandon this houseboat I'll get an oceanfront corner? 😂 My first didn't have a fence, that was what motivated me to move. I wanted to save all that LI with a bunch of lovely LDPW landscaping. My last traditional was backed up against the mountains. Really cool looking, with giant old trees, but they cast a huge shadow on my yard for much of the day. It was tough to give up because it was on a main drag with interesting traffic, including planes landing on the other side of the mountain. I am sure someone else will love it.
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