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  2. Rumors, of course. There are so many rumors going around right now it feels like High School again. It doesn't hurt to hope, but some people are way too serious on some of them and putting their all in it.
  3. What makes them think that? What did Patch say, or is it just the rumor mill creaking its gears?
  4. A lot of people think Patch will give news/an update on the new batch.
  5. What kind of news are you expecting today?
  6. That's fine for buyers, but it means the resident-to-resident auctions are dead for sellers. That category now is really full of scammy noise, so the only buyers remaining are those willing to sift through it for a quick profit on a flip. The result is totally not what we wanted of resident-to-resident auctions. The solution is simple: The seller must put in escrow the amount by which their set minimum bid exceeds L$0.5/sq.m. and if the parcel doesn't sell, they lose the full commission on that amount as if it had sold. These are auctions, not just another scummy way to blight the market with overpriced parcels that only detract from actual sellers.
  7. Can hardly remember the lasts time being truly angry. I've been sad about, or disappointed regularly by incompetence of people. But to get me really angry/mad, you have to be extremely skilled. When I do get angry, I tend to throw stuff or slam doors. Then realize how silly that is, and no longer be mad. So its actually a good remedy.
  8. Yea I know, I agree. I was venting at the time about a resident I noticed in the auctions. Maybe the Lindens can at least restrict someone that failed to sell their parcel via auction ( no bids because starting bid price was ridiculous) from resubmitting that parcel for auction for a time period like 2 weeks or a month etc.
  9. Well since there's a wage cap between men and women, that's only fair? 😛 On a more serious note; there see to be plenty of "normal" priced good cloths too. Been dressing up a few male alts and at male events, or stores that cater both male as female the prices seem fairly equal for their male and female fashion. There's just so much more female only stores, also in lower price ranges.
  10. Yes you can. Just do it like with any other land where you set the land to a certain group. This is not to be confused with deeding. You can't deed the land that a Linden Home is on, but you can set the land to a group.
  11. Does anyone know if you can put the new linden homes/houseboats as part of a group so your partner can rez etc?
  12. I saw a houseboat available yesterday.
  13. I rather think that nobody is responsible for the words and deeds of an a**hole except for that a**hole himself. And when person "X" (of either gender) dresses nicely - even sexy - to feel good about themselves, they're not responsible for anything another person "Y" does or says. The responsibility is solely at that other person "Y" who says or does things that hurt "X" one way or the other. As I said before, I've seen workers wolf-whistling even after Muslim women who were fully dressed in their usual all-covering "modest" clothes, including headscarf. Such kind of people don't mind what a woman wears, she will be seen by them as an object of their desire, an object to have and use, simply because she is a woman. They have absolutely no respect. And how they react when they see that someone, who they first thought to be a woman, is in fact male or TG - so much vitriol and hatred is in them, you would think they were raised in hell. Also, when I see my Turkish neighbor: he has no respect towards women at all, not even towards his wife. I made him respect me, after he attempted a physical attack during a heated discussion. He doesn't attempt that anymore. But that does not mean that he gives a flying f*** about what I say to him, especially when I tell him to treat his wife in a civilized manner. *shrugs* Once an a**hole, always an a**hole.
  14. Not sure where the 24th came from there has been no official word on the next release as of the last week the next batch of properties aren't ready you can look round the Sims of the new homes in the area of new hamsterdam and see there's still lots of work to do most regions are still known as SSP. If you are after a boat keep refreshing the homes page boats come up more often than you think
  15. I don't think that the marketing pictures will actually make much difference. If somebody gets as far as those pages, and seeing its free to join, the I suspect that most will select an avi and jump in. Its what happens next which will determine whether they stay, and having recently fired up another alt, I wasn't engaged by the entry portal. However, everyone is so different that how do you even try to engage them all? A primary link would be how to improve your avi, leading into MP, and in world stores. When I started I had no idea you could shop in world and didn't discover that for weeks. Beyond that, its a case of using your imagination, and the bigger that is, the more you find to do here. The forums have been so important to me and I found the site a couple of days after joining, but clearly only a tiny number of people post here. Most of the front page pics are wooden with poor lighting. Way better images exist in the forums, and even more imaginative images appear across flickr. So even if Flickr sourced images are not used on the front page, there should be a signpost to the SL Flickr pages.
  16. Today
  17. okay I can wait, but thanks for the answer. I have a simplistic ui setup on firestorm that works very well for what I do and was hoping I could replicate it on this viewer you make. but I'll wait until maybe you get around to chopping it or splicing it up.
  18. Reminds me of one of my Oscar nominated blows........ The neighbours boys had been misbehaving and scared my daughter. She was maybe four at the time. That was a big red line. They were on the street, so I went out, fully charged..... They saw me coming and beat a hasty retreat.........down the road. So......I came back indoors and did a complete costume change......... I sneaked back out in the opposite direction and walked round the block. I came at them from an unexpected direction, and got right up to them before they realised it was me. I gave them both barrels. Y'know, I admire those who can verbally rant on, and make sense, but I can't do that convincingly..... unless I'm in the zone. That day I was in The Zone. I don't remember what I said, but they got it for maybe two minutes. They stayed straight faced and silent during my onslaught. From that day they never bothered my daughter again. Job Done.
  19. Mein erster Versuch wäre ein anderer Viewer: je nachdem, den von LindenLabs, Firestorm oder Catznip. Schon probiert?
  20. Not exactly correct but the idea is there. High LOD items (ones that hold their shape from a distance for those who have their LOD viewer settings at 2 or 1.25 or 1) "CAN be higher land impact but aren't necessarily. There are plenty of technical reasons and methods for getting long LOD items with low land impact and those interested can peruse older threads on the MESH forum (not much going on there lately as I guess many folks have learned which is good). You can have a high LOD item that holds its shape at a long distance and is still 1 land impact (or less such as .5). Having a low DRAW DISTANCE will make items disappear quicker no matter their LOD. If you have your viewer set at 32 draw dostance say, items will not be viewable if they are further than that distance (so not an LOD issue at all and a cube will disappear as well as mesh). While having LODs that hold their shape at a long distance is very important and likely part of the issue with the land impact of many Mole-made items, many of us -- when the houses and houseboats were unveiled -- questioned the need for such high land impact numbers since similar houses can be made with the same long distance holding powers and about half the LIs. Likely that thread is around somewhere from last Spring. I will say that while the trees are very "heavy" LI wise, they are great at holding their LODS (something most trees don't do all that well). The houses? I am not so sure about the NEED of those high LI numbers. I don't collect Linden gifts as a rule but I did get the Swaganator items from SL16B and was -- like many others who have commented over the years here -- surprised at the very high land impact costs of most items. This method of making mesh, again as others have been saying for years, cause the items to be pretty much unusable. Things that could have been 1 land impact and STILL hold their shape well were up to 12 times higher (that if I remember correctly as I deleted them since I knew I would never use them). In that one case I am remembering the mesh was made up of a cluster of items rather than joined into one mesh before exporting. That was unusual also. I have no clue as to the reasoning. So far as the houses and houseboats are concerned, the high LI doesn't HURT the plot owners as the buildings don't count against the 351 land impact of the plot. And since it is Linden Lab's project -- they of course are in charge of how they want things made. In the case of gifts, though it is a little sad as most will never be used.
  21. @LittleMe Jewell If your vertigo is BPPV related, have you tried the Epley Manoevre, or the Brandt-Daroff exercise? I suffer spells of BPPV, and Epley works really well for me..........🙂
  22. As if you need to actually tell SL users to do that.
  23. We have not posted here while, it almost got lost. Now we wait for new news today. When and what will happen.
  24. The people that designed the game (yes, I said it) have long since left and left it up to users. The people in charge want almost nothing to do with the users because it's not PC and they can't market it openly, so they make up crap that barely applies. And that's how we get pictures like that.
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