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  2. Hi Everyone, I'm setting up a hangout spot and I'm looking for good card games and such to place in the area. I found the chatterbox games and they seem neat, and a scrabble board that looks ok... just wondering if there were preferred games / game vendors that might be worth looking into. Also I saw them on the marketplace, but are there updated versions of cards against humanity? Thanks in advance! Cyn
  3. Hello~ I may be interested depending on the requirements?
  4. Interesting, I did not know of this trick yet. Could you post a code sample?
  5. I thought I responded to this and now I don't see my response. What's going on? It's me dancing which is a frequent occurrence at my house and I do think it's sacred!
  6. Hi Everyone Just wanted to give you a heads up and speak from MY EXPERIEANCE dealing with a compaqny that rents land in SL. Before I reveal the name, I just want to say that their handling of potential customers is about as bad as it gets. EVEN for Second Life. I know that hiding behind a keyboard makes you a tough guy, but really? Ok, the name of the company who caused this post is CIY Rentals. The listed owner is Lex Wrydan and an unnamed person called CIY Rentals Customer Support. My partner and I contacted them looking to rent a small parcel and then an 8K parcel. They were very quick to say no like in the same minute of conversaion. With no compuntion to be short and rude from the getgo. Here is the first conversaion in its entirity. [2019/07/14 21:44] CIY RENTALS Customer Support: hi [2019/07/14 21:45] DJ Stonn: Hey [2019/07/14 21:45] CIY RENTALS Customer Support: ill be making 2 qtr sims there you can rent 1 of them [2019/07/14 21:46] DJ Stonn: No, we were not intrested in another sim, just looking for about 512 K for a water way we would like to put in [2019/07/14 21:46] CIY RENTALS Customer Support: no [2019/07/14 21:46] CIY RENTALS Customer Support: itll be 2 qtr sims [2019/07/14 21:47] DJ Stonn: Ok, well, thank you for your time then. [2019/07/14 21:47] CIY RENTALS Customer Support: yw Notice that in the exact same minute I indicated what we were looking for, the answer was quick and not even an attempt to garner any sort of future building. I guess they are so incredible, they don't need business? Ok, fast forward to the next day, My partner had spotted an 8k parcel that would have been acceptable for our use. In my partners prescence, it was changed to a 16k parcel and this is the conversation that was going on. [16:42] CIY RENTALS Customer Support (ciyrentals): ello [16:42] CIY RENTALS Customer Support (ciyrentals): need some help? [16:45] KacyAnne: That might have been better for me as an 8K and not 16 K [16:46] CIY RENTALS Customer Support (ciyrentals): i have some others at 8192 sqm plots [16:46] KacyAnne: I need it in Westbury [16:46] CIY RENTALS Customer Support (ciyrentals): why westbury? [16:46] KacyAnne: I own behind here [16:46] CIY RENTALS Customer Support (ciyrentals): kk sorry [16:46] KacyAnne: Westbury [16:47] CIY RENTALS Customer Support (ciyrentals): i told your friend already its qtr sims [16:47] KacyAnne: So I am hearing that you do not want to do business withus [16:47] CIY RENTALS Customer Support (ciyrentals): sure [16:48] CIY RENTALS Customer Support (ciyrentals): qtr sim is for rent [16:52] KacyAnne: I do not understand... [16:53] KacyAnne: Hello ????? [16:53] CIY RENTALS Customer Support (ciyrentals): hi [16:54] KacyAnne: Are you sure that an 8 K can not be arranged here [16:54] CIY RENTALS Customer Support (ciyrentals): no sorry [16:54] KacyAnne: Wow !!!!!!!!! What a way to treat your Neighbors !!!!!!!! [16:55] KacyAnne: I will be sure to spread the word about your organization !! [16:55] CIY RENTALS Customer Support (ciyrentals): lol [16:55] CIY RENTALS Customer Support (ciyrentals): ok [16:56] CIY RENTALS Customer Support (ciyrentals): now you get no access 😃 [17:16] KacyAnne: I want to extend ny apologizes. I spoke out of turn [17:16] CIY RENTALS Customer Support (ciyrentals): (busy response): The Resident you messaged has blocked you for being a cuck. Now, it seems to me, the tone changed when he/she/it found out WHERE the rental was requested. And to resort to name-calling at the end. Seems, rather childish to mee. CIY obviously doesnt understand GOOD customer service, and if you like being treated poorly, be my guest. But I refuse to deal with people who cant even offer a bit of a kinder tact. There are ways to say no, and this was not one of them. This is a company I am going to avoid at all costs.
  7. OMG, I suck at that stuff. I only learn how to do stuff in SL if it presents a big obstacle to me doing something I want to do, lol. How about this, I will send you an LM in-world, and you can go have a look if you like. No banlines or ejectors there.
  8. Would be good if they did. I'd like to think they would, but commonsense not being as common as it should be I've little faith in humanity until proven otherwise ;). Also amuses me to no end that not a lot of people seem to pay a great deal of consideration to maturity ratings either as much as they should. This thread is a prime example why they should if nothing else.
  9. I think you need to post a picture. We need more pictures here. Words all the time are boooooooring. (Ok, not really boring, but still pics are nice.)
  10. Not neccesarily - from info we have so far the hunt was intened for all maturity ratings and the hunt organizer had a good reputation - the hunt item spawners most likely were put out in good faith - I don't doubt some landowners who got alerted about this sitaution already removed them again.
  11. I have been in SL ~12 years, but only found the forums recently. Just after I bought Premium for the first time ever because I wanted a houseboat in Bellewhatever, and had the silly uninformed notion I could just claim one. I was looking for a place to complain about LL luring people into buying Premium with a perk they couldn't deliver, and not bothering to put a disclaimer in the notice that demand might far outstrip supply, at least. Turns out I was supposed to have been participating in the forums for years, and known the same thing happened when they released the original Linden Homes, even though I had no interest in those and didn't know the forum existed. It all turned out for the best in the end though, as things tend to do. I used my tier to buy a piece of land I love and had a lot of fun trying out houses and furnishing and decorating it, never have to pay rent, just up my Premium once a year (and bought the extension so is almost two years before I have to pay anything again, WOOHOO!), and get some spending money on top of all that. Plus after poking about Belliwhatever, I am not that interested in living there anyhow, love my house in the ocean far better. And now I read some stuff in the forum and occasionally even post there, so glad I found it.
  12. Just saw a traditional pop up 11:01 a.m. AEST. Gone.
  13. Since it was not mentioned, you can also use llSetLinkMedia() to store up to 27KB of data in 1KB blocks per legacy prim using the current, home and whitelist params. Caveats: URL schema enforcement exists for current and home params. ("https://" added at the beginning of data if "http://" or "https://" is not present) When using the whitelist param, there is a 64 count limit if data is in CSV format. (attempting to exceed it yields a script error) Reducing face count results in data loss on faces that no longer exist. Benefits: Synchronous access to data. (No leaving/entering script events) Data survives taking into inventory and rerezzing. Data survives shift-copying in-world. Error control/reporting with r/w failure. Detriments: The presence of data yields media beacons. Data is not secure.
  14. I'd like to think that the land owners that are participating in this hunt take some initiative here too in a way. There's a degree of negligence in participating in an event that caters to all maturity ratings and taking a one-size-fits-all approach, especially in regards to giving out content. If booby prizes are to be given out why can't there be alternative selections to choose from; one range for the G/M crowd, one for M/A crowd? I understand this would be a lot of work and maybe not even applicable to the given hunt system (given that I have no idea which one it is and really don't care that much to be honest), but it does sound like the participating parties have taken a rather lackadaisical approach and as such, given the nature of this maturity breach, need to be reported. If child avatars/accounts are avoiding certain regions then that's a good thing; at least they accept the potential that things could be deemed inappropriate on adult rated lands and are at least using commonsense even if the land owners/participating region aren't. While child avatars are allowed on adult land they are exposing themselves to potentially adult content; providing the hunt isn't one that encourages participants to 'collect from all participating vendors to win more prizes' then there shouldn't be any harm in avatars skipping certain regions due to land rating. But I repeat that those who own the lands and participate in these events need to take a closer look at their practices, either incorporating multiple options for a more general audience, or even moving the adult content to a secondary location, or excluding from participating altogether to avoid situations just like this. As to whether it's adult content or no? Well a condom isn't for children, so I'd have to just use commonsense and say that it is adult content, regardless as to whether it was intended to be a prank-gift or not. As others have said; file an AR. Getting into discussion with store/land owners/CSR is good in that you are being contentious and attempting to educate those who may not have considered the implications, but bad in that it could just as easily lead to arguments and potentially escalate the situation. Report, support with evidence as best you can (to avoid a he-said, she-said situation), and let LL do their job.
  15. IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!!!! This fire broke out in North Waddling Region. Apparently it started as a small fire under a barbeque grill under a house boat. But Bellisseria does not have a fire department so, once again, I was the only response available and my ability to response is limited to a heavy duty airborne response that is really more suited to large forest fires than individual structure fires. It takes a while to get in place. And this is what I saw by the time I got there. You can see the fire had grown just a little bit by the time I got there. Instead of a small area under the deck, the whole houseboat was on fire. And you can see that poor homeowner trapped between the fire and the sea! Well, I did the only thing I could do. I loaded up with water, carefully avoided dropping on the poor home owner and . . . . This was the start of my first air drop. Airborne firefighting equipment like this isn't really meant for the degree of precision needed to avoid hitting a nearby victim, but I was able to manage. Unfortunately I crashed before I could circle around to check and see if another drop was needed. And, sadly, communication difficulties kept other rescue services from learning of the danger. But, fortunately, the fire went out after my one drop. 11 tons of water will do that, I suppose! And the moles must be really talented engineers because that houseboat didn't sink and the damage turned out to be only superficial. Another fire put out! But it does show the serious need for better public safety agencies in Bellisseria.
  16. I think the first official forum i was aware of was only available to premiums but SlExchange/xStreet had one that was popular and when it was taken over by LL eventually morphed in to the forum today
  17. When I read this earlier today (I cannot get on the Second Life site at work, and of course LL does not support mobile), I thought there was a question in there for me, but now I am not so sure, lol. If there was a question and I missed it please let me know, and I will have a go at answering you. Really, though, some parts of what you say are exactly my point: the difficulties of finding communities around my interests, partly caused by the move to IM instead of using local chat (except for chat spam, which still seems to thrive). If you don't already know the people at a club somehow, you are not going to get to know them. In the past, though, I had a lot of people IMing me when I went to clubs. For the last few years it's only occasional random guys when I happen to go to coed places (guys who did not bother to even read the first word in my profile, which would save us both a lot of annoyance). My personality did not change, and I only got better looking, so I think it was SL that changed, and not me. It isn't just that, though, it is that places like I loved just don't exist anymore. A lot of what I found exciting was stuff that I feel pretty sure would not interest you, but there was that wild anything goes atmosphere back in the day, and places for it to exist and even thrive, and all that is gone, or at least I personally cannot find it anymore. To me, SL kind of gentrified a long time ago, maybe when they started applying ratings to regions, I don't know. But I miss the old days and get very sad when I think of them.
  18. Most US SL residents are filing personal income tax returns, not for a business. Those that are filing for a business can take some of the same deductions depending on the domicile of the business. Having been a full charge bookkeeper for an underground utility contractor for the municipalities of that state for 10 years, I am very familiar with the US tax laws.
  19. that guy is cray cray... I just say "pulse jet bicycle"
  20. I'm with Arnaud Amalric on this one - AR them all and let LL sort them out. Seriously everyone downplaying this deserves an AR - just make sure you include the chat transcripts in your AR.
  21. Well, I actually said hoverbike but I still have the hoveround as well. I'ma blow yer socks off.
  22. I felt my avatars face looked so dull with normal look, so i found an old expression hud i remember i had and here's the result.
  23. Ok so we're on the same page then, this is actually a really huge issue as any attempts to speak about it with CSRs are shrugged off, and they aren't taking the gravity of it seriously.
  24. If you're implying an underage user, you'd be sorely mistaken and guilty of a false report on absolutely zero evidence.
  25. Haha,, that would be great.... we could be the Bae and Jay z couple of Belli. with our baby and my grown step daughters that come around bitching about their mom and their dad my new hubby goin diva woman crazy lol,,
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