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  2. That is common. It is impossible to use tyhe scripts again. And for furniture, I saw my kitchen had the most. Remove them, I have to rez new kitchen if I will use it. And I have made changes in it, that I must do again. Plus linked decor to it. That's why an idle script would be best. Maybe I don't understand what idle means. You clearly think I mean a permanent end to them. I thought idle meant sleeping script that do nothing, not sending out anything, when not in use.
  3. Yes. I've seen resizer scripts with a "Delete" button. You get a dialog like "After this you can't change anything. Continue/Cancel?" If you continue, it does an llRemoveInventory on itself and goes away.
  4. This is something I have thought about asking creators to include into their "color/texture" changers as simply right clicking and stopping scripts in objects would also kill any sit animations, etc. But I wasn't sure it could be done as I never got into scripting in SL. I would have thought by default they would timeout, but that is not the case... Is it possible to have texture changing venues include a stop button that would in affect kill those scripts while leaving the main scripts running ? I dunno, but I'm sure it has been looked into by active SL creators.
  5. COMPLETELY UNRETOUCHED! I'm enjoying all the different lighting and reflection settings that run like butter on my new(ish) computer! Thank you.
  6. Unclear. Haven't tried. Someone should try that. Make up an object with, say, 10 non-running scripts and take it an island with zero script activity. Then look at the script stats. Clean up your avatar to have zero script activity before you do this.
  7. So stopping the scripts is as good as removing them, if I understand you correct? Is it possible to have "idle" scripts, that only react when you click them?
  8. Chic Aeon

    Transparent Back?

    Typically the transparent face is because the face itself is reversed. I have never seen that in MD but apparently it has happened to you. Since you already tried flipping within MD then likely the only thing to do would be to flip the face using "flip direction" or something similar in your 3D software. Actually if I remember correctly -- in Sansar anyway -- MD makes all the faces double sided (hence my not seeing the problem) so likely there IS a way to fix this in MD but I have no clue. That seems to be your issue. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Maybe asking on the MD board?
  9. One big problem, which I consider a bug in SL, is that scripts doing absolutely nothing use some time on every frame. The system asks them, on every frame, "You need to do anything?" The script says "No." This takes a tiny amount of time. About 0.003ms per script per frame. But if you have 4000 scripts in a sim, there's 12ms of time going down the drain. You only have about 16ms for all the scripts. So resizers, appliers, and similar inactive scripts do eat some time. Removing them from static objects helps, a tiny amount for each script. Keep an unmodified copy in inventory, and modify a working copy. This is also true for clothing. Appliers and resizers can often be removed once the garment fits. But keep an unmodified copy as a backup.
  10. I'd really like to see full game controller support in SL. Just let LSL have access to USB Human Interface Devices. Joysticks, game controllers, steering wheels, etc. mostly speak HID, and if SL spoke HID, it could talk to any of those devices. Then we could finally fly aircraft properly.
  11. Today
  12. i have tried looking but i get confused in shop. Was trying to see if anyone had any suggestions in which store to look at. I dont have omega for either
  13. That is a popular combination (Maitreya / Catwa). What you need to look for are skins which offer both a Maitreya applier and a Catwa applier for the skin tone that you are interested in. Maitreya is also Omega compatible, so if you have the Omega relay for Maitreya, you could also look at skins with an Omega body applier and a Catwa applier for the skin tone that you are interested in.
  14. Yeah the blue is turning me off too. I like blue but it is too dark. Not sure why they would do this on this particular houseboat.
  15. Okay hi guys!! im fairly new to catwa and maitreya. Im trying to find a skin that will match my head and body. Ive been searching and keep getting confused lol if someone could help i would greatly appreciate it!
  16. ah ok, thank ya all so much, that clears up a lot of the confusion lol :3
  17. Ditto here with the Windlass, I would love it if the wall could change color to match the other walls, the navy clashes with the turquoise exterior and does make the inside kind of dark, especially in the little alcove...I love everything else about the design!
  18. I have done it twice since Wednesday-- after they were sold out. Manually I clicked for hours amd nothing. Then i did an auto clicker for 5hours ish .
  19. Last minute shopping before the storm hits
  20. sorry, i wasn't clear in my meaning what Rolig said. For llGetListLength() to return 1 then there is something in the first list element, either a empty element or a non-printable character
  21. Got any links? I could not find that driver, on the 3D Connexion site or anywhere else.
  22. Still have more work to do - but here's the start of my houseboat
  23. Queeer

    Transparent Back?

    Hello ~ I am new to meshing an I have gotten pretty far but I am stuck on this issue I have of the back of my mesh model being transparent from the outside. I've tried flipping the back side in Marvelous Designer an switching it from triangles to quads but it still hasn't fixed the problem for me.. Maybe I am missing something. Screenshot for example - X X X
  24. This is exactly my issue with it, I've done what I can to brighten the rooms palette and it still looks like a cave. Thanks for squeaking and maybe point Strawberry Linden at this thread to show others have these concerns. It's a small thing, but it would really turn the Windlass from an "it has so much potential" to a "stunner".
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