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  2. @Beth Macbain I noticed it when i was putting my Roost kitchen together and thought it was just mine.
  3. If anyone other than LL want to judge my home contents, my security or anything else about what I do in SL, they can bloody well pay for it. So thats 2 premium memberships, extra tier, a homestead and then we will start on clothes, hair and other purchases.
  4. Did anyone see it? at the northern side there's a L shaped channel that connects through a new area (I am assume that's the new linden homes) into other mainland areas
  5. crash testing being shot Mrs Cake odd experiments cupboard testing dartboard being thrown off things when on fire security target Mrs Cake #crashtestingisalsoalifestyle
  6. Filing a DMCA with LL won't have any effect since they aren't the ones hosting the content, the DMCA needs to be filed with the company that owns the platform on which the stolen content is hosted.
  7. I often cam around people's houses to see their decor. I've seen some adult stuff and didn't really care. Only once was anything visible from the street. A good rule of thumb that I follow: Don't cam in on houses that have somebody in it(or a green dot on the map/compass).
  8. I know of someone with that name, but she spells it Keight.
  9. It's nobody's business what others do in their homes. The real annoyance is zooming into the privacy of others!
  10. Today
  11. I'm also intrigued by the above, because this happens a surprising number of times in SL. Evangelists for a specific brand will go and hang out in another brand's store (usually wearing their favoured brand's group tag) and tell anyone who will listen (or will announce loudly in open chat to their evangelist companions) that their preferred brand is better than the brand whose store they're currently in. I saw this happen in a specific mesh head store just last month, literally minutes after a new head had been released, so the store was very busy and full of people: [Avatar A arrives on my radar with Avatar B, then appears in the store a few seconds later] Avatar A: [just one minute after that, having clearly looked around the entire store in that time] these have got to be the ugliest heads ever i have not seen one thats nice Avatar B: [immediately afterwards] I Am struggling to find one i like also [both teleport out 30 seconds later] And also, very unsubtly, in a mesh head's support group chat: Avatar A: 'Other head brand' is having a HUGE sale. Is your head brand having one?
  12. meeting a young lady at a club, inviting her home to get to know each other only to find that your bratty sister has been through your house and stuck dildo's to every surface and you now have to go find all 250 or so of them and delete them while that nice girl backs away slowly wondering what sort of pervert you are
  13. My first alt (me...) I created when I was new in 2007 and did not know I could just unfriend people who turned out quite stalker-ish and wanted to start clean. So my previous main is now my oldest alt. Then I made an alt, because being quite a shy personality (even more so back then), I thought if I made an alt, I can try out behaving more outward and experiment with stuff I would not dare before. Turns out the rl person controlling the alt was the same as my main, so nothing much changed in behavior. Then I made a couple of alts when I started a shape store (way before mesh) and used them to model these shapes in the store. In between I sometimes just created a new alt for the sake of fun. I enjoy making alts, giving them their own distinct looks and personality. (visually) All of them ended up eating dust for years, till I started an AFK adult sim a year and half ago, so I popped out the alts and rotated them as working girls (and some boys), that way they earned their mesh upgrades. Did quit the AFK sim after a year but it left me with about 13 alts that I remember, all up to date with mesh. Now I use them mainly for photographic guest roles if there's no volunteer available, or what is more common, when I don't have the need for socializing but do need a model
  14. for some Gianni is best, for other Jake, for some Niramyth and for another group Exmachina, SLink... and so on.. Personally i also go for jake, and would rather be on a Linden standard avi than ever put on a Niramyth, but also have gianni, gerald, exmachina and slink, and depening on mood and clothes... quite happy with all.
  15. They need to do away with all the stupid stuff from last time and lower the price. Than I would consider buying the product. As for now, 5k is a bit too steep for my asking. As all other bodies are cheaper.
  16. Neither Orwar nor I suggested that Gianni was the best body. We said it was the one with the most clothing support. At the time we wrote our posts, Gianni was indeed the male mesh body that by far had the most clothing made for it by designers, but I mentioned that Jake was rapidly coming up as a close second. And now if you go to menswear events you'll see that Jake has caught up even more and there's a fairly even split between the two. Both Gianni and Jake have their pros and cons, and your choice should not be dictated by whether some random good-looking bloke tells you it's "the best body" - because "best" is entirely subjective. If I were to tell you that the Slink Physique Male body is "the best" for me because it's the one that gives me the shape I prefer to have, because it has a few more "power user options" that I really like, and so on, then your "very good looking male avatar" acquaintance would scoff at me. Slink Physique Male is my personal preference for those reasons, even though not many people are creating for it these days and I've been forced by the market to switch mostly to Gianni. Oh, and it's also cheaper than both Gianni and Jake. Jake had a baptism of fire. It launched with some neck issues (which weren't fixed for a long, long time; well over a year as I recall), and it still suffers from splayed-finger problems if you're not using a Bento AO with high enough priority hand animations. For those reasons - even though I own it, alongside several other male mesh bodies and god knows how many mesh heads - it's still the one I use least out of the "big four". So, in short: no, the quote was not incorrect. You read it incorrectly, and assumed that Orwar stated that Gianni is "the best" body, instead of "the most well-supported [at the time of writing] body". And, if you're sniffing at the price, you're probably not aware that Signature often holds half price sales, which means that the body you deem incredibly expensive actually becomes the cheapest on the market. And now for the advice part of my post: If you're looking to buy a male mesh body, first of all pick up demos of each one. Try them on. Check out the availability of skin appliers for them (and whether options are also available for your choice of mesh head, or - if you're sticking with a system head - for matching system skins). Experiment with the shape sliders to see which body can be figured into the type of physique that you prefer. Then teleport around each of the six main menswear events in SL (links to all, plus galleries of what's available there can be found on the Mens tab of the Seraphim website) and look at the logos on the ads to figure out clothing support for the body that you like the most. Make your mesh body a personal choice, not a decision made via recommendation from some random good-looking bloke.
  17. Do it! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CYRC-Chicken-Avatar/6849285
  18. Yeah but from memory there is a weird quirks related to && || operations that has me put parenthesis just to be sure.
  19. Thanks and... ahahaha. Oops, yeah, it IS a year old. I saw "May" and didn't register the 2018. However, to be fair, it was re-upped just a few days ago by Shibari and Rhonda, and it was Shibari's post that originally caught my attention (such as it is). I haven't posted in a SL forum for years and years, so I guess I'm out of practice.
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