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  2. You can set your account to foward IMs to email. If you answer the email with a text-only email, it goes back in world as a reply IM.
  3. This is one of those occassions where I wish could give a 'Like' and a 'Thank you.' Personally, tbh, I was taken aback a little by Orwar's post. I was just thinking we were all just having a good time. Apparently not. And I really do love to compliment ppl on what they did, as showing appreciation for people's work, and maybe even shortly mention why, is a huge part of it for me. I frequently do so in any of the Linden Homes threads too; and, like I said, I will not change that. And I hope you will continue to do more than just lurk here. You bring a very positive influence to everyone you support, and you make lovely avis to boot.
  4. 4000 sqm water land price reduced to 24 000 lindens. 4096 land price 20 000 lindens
  5. What kind of look are you going for? Ethnicity, aesthetic, age? And, what mesh body do you use? If you can't get matching appliers for head and body, it's a non-starter right there.
  6. I've just been going around to events, and buying things at events, and I've been marveling once again how many backdrops there are! Most events have more backdrops than real houses! The idea is to have a thing to pose in that isn't a whole house or park so that you can take fabulous photos for Flickr or your fashion blog -- which is more of a thing than the actual living in virtuality these days. It's weird how it evolved. These backdrops are often prettier and better designed than full-blown houses or forests -- which is why I buy them sometimes even though I don't do fashion or home & garden photography but just blog my thoughts or experiences. But the reality is, they have way more prims often than a real house. I have even written to some of the authors and asked if they *could* make a real house out of their backdrop, it is so nice. In fact, I just made a Secret Garden area with backdrops out of the Enchantment event because some of them were so cool. And what, people are going to come and pose around them and then post to their blogs or social media? They might. But I always try to make them into actual houses or chambers or forests, I try to string some of them together. Or take them apart and mix and match them. But this is madness because they not only are high prim, they often have no backs! And sometimes I've had to spend a day applying backstops to the backdrops so they aren't weird from behind, and even put walking prims on them, and by the time I've done, I've built a whole town and have no prims left over for tenants. I am still trying to understand the psychology of wanting to come into a virtual world, with all its magnificence, the ability to fly and teleport and explore, geographic contiguity and so on, and spend your time posing in front of a backdrop you can't even walk or sit on. Is it due to lag? Thoughts?
  7. I have a device called Random Compass that does that, people fill it with landmarks and you click and go to a random one. It's fun! Work to maintain, however.
  8. I deal with this issue constantly as a rentals agent. It is the kind of real-life human behaviour that is hard-wired into the brain from evolution, the territorial imperative, and you can't get rid of it online so you have to work around it and if anything, accommodate it. The fear and hatred are rooted not only in a need for resources, basically food, shelter, and fire, and keeping "the other" away, but later fear that one's progeny might not actually be one's heirs, i.e. if the wife had another partner who fathered her children. Paternity and property rights go together. Since you don't really need any of this in SL, especially the proof of paternity and the food, why don't you just open up your house and if anything perch on top of it like a bird since you don't need shelter? Why are houses like RL houses and not branches in a tree (mostly)? Again, you can't erase human hard-wiring so don't try to. People really, really, really fear a stranger even going on their sex furniture with someone else, let alone their own partner -- and this is in a world where you can't catch STDs or AIDS. The Lindens over the years gave up their cosmic engineering around this issue and put in property ownership, property lines, ban lines, and allowed orbs -- which I think they should have deprecated at the dawn of time. Later, they put in "avatars can't see me" -- which you would think is the ultimate privacy. But yet it isn't, because the fear of somebody in your house, maybe on your sex furniture or just "there" with their cooties is completely unsettling. It's the biggest reason for move-outs. Yet the people complaining about it usually can't afford the expensive humper bunkers on the homesteads or islands. So they make skyboxes and orbs -- but it's never enough because someone could still cam them (and Firestorm and others let you know when someone cams you. So why don't these paranoid people lock up their land with orbs or "group only"? Because either they don't know how, or their landlord doesn't allow it (like me, on the ground, although skyboxes are ok), or they still want the convenience of their friends arriving easily -- but want to vent all their paranoia and hate on strangers that stumble across the line. I think there's also a basic lack of good will in SL that could have been remedied much earlier in its history by not allowing ad farms and griefing as much but honestly, I don't know how to do it today. Except by patiently telling people who get crazy like this that the reason you landed in their yard is because you always type in the name of a sim to the world map and TP there rather than hunting for LMs, and for 10 years the 128,128,0 spot was a big, empty, abandoned field, but today it's their back yard. And? So what? It's not worth ejecting over when I immediately fly away anyhow? I have zillions of LMs of stores and various interesting sites that are now changed, and I go there and land in somebody's house sometimes, and get a boot. They don't care about explanations. I don't know how to fix this. Over time, as land gets cheaper and it is easier to get rid of annoying types without maximum security methods, perhaps with soft bumpers that leave 96 m on parcels for people to pass through or something, or with some kind of system of verification that lets people know you are not a creep (they also tried that in early SL with pos rates and neg rates and it went in the opposite direction). Hell is other people. So is Second Life. But since those other people might be your customers, at least if you are in business you learn to think twice before ejecting people.
  9. It may not be just you, but it certainly isn't me. I like the conversations and the context of reposting photos with comments, personally. However, if that is all frowned on here, I can certainly just post pics (or not) and STFU. Either is fine with me, I mostly just lurk anyhow. I do love the looks people post, so many are amazing, and I love the personality shown in them. Perhaps some forum rules would be nice, or a link to whichever of the 800-some-odd pages that covers them would be helpful for new people like me who don't know the culture and norms here, and who are too lazy to read all 800-some-odd (I did read the first few, before I first posted in this thread to see what the context was, but did not see any such rules or norms). -Caer
  10. What difference does it make? Did you really think that just because you pay for something, it will work better? But instead of acting all indignent because you paid for your crap, how about UPDATING your viewers?
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  12. wtf is this I payed for this avatar payed for body payed for clothes payed for layers payed for some crappy systems now when I try to load my paid avatar it keeps giving me errors like unable to find body part avariel skirt unable to find body part slinkphysique unable to find body part unable to find body part and i sit there as cloud untill I choose a free avatar please help me I quit second life because of this I even did a fresh windows install since it started months ago it didnt change anything I have tried sl viewer , singularity , firestorm, rlv viewer
  13. I love those shots at diner and/or gas station! ❤️ You posted one yesterday too, where the red hair almost blended in with the soda dispenser. Loved it too. 👍
  14. I had the best luck looking into groups related to stuff I find humorous.....or age-specific groups where we all "got" each other's humor
  15. I don't see this as being about the OP but about a tenant who went ballistic for no apparent reason. If something like that happened in R/L, my first thought would be to wonder what it is the tenants were trying to hide using their abusiveness as a distraction.
  16. I read all the warnings about the Legacy TMP body, I also read the few.. rare good reviews. I love shiny things so there.. I took a chance. I don't regret it but I was.. umm pissed. I love all aspects of Second life, particularly fashion and photography. It was a big fail for me to realize that the body gloss/shine only applies to the default legacy skins. Their CSR did her/his best to convince me that it was the skin creator's job to provide some sort of shine to the body.. that other popular mesh bodies do the same (which is untrue). The only way I can see a creator providing shine that you can increase or decrease at will is via an applier aka taking away the option of applying anything else like tats, body freckles, scars, body hair (if I'm wrong, correct me). So you basically have to choose.. Skin gloss vs Tat, Skin shine vs Freckles.. I was annoyed and I do own other bodies who have made it their priority to provide shine to the ANY skin you decide to wear so you're not forced to walk around looking two-tone because you have to wear a Legacy skin. Perhaps if more of you do make a complaint, they may address this but I'm not going to hold my breath. Meh.. it is what is is. Also, Eva Artemesia (Creator of This Is Wrong)provides some very nice shine that work as tattoo appliers. Those might work out for some of you.
  17. Okay, I just looked up some things as mesh heads are pretty new to me, too. Okay, you may have bought the Justin head WITHOUT the animations pack perhaps. Here is a link to buy just the animation hud for 310 linden which is cheaper than jumping into a new head right away. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CATWA-Bento-Anim-HUD-C/14392201 So, if I were you, I'd definitely join CATWA HEAD FRIENDS group inworld and ask questions there. The above response is written because the OP started another thread earlier on a make-over as he wanted more animations and realism. This next link below shows everything else you can buy for your already existing Justin head. (The animation hud link is above.) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/29673/search?utf8=✓&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=GMA&search[keywords]=Justin
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