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  2. Noted, with appreciation. (And I edited my comment above --- the tux was the first piece I bought that was *NOT* calibrated for Geralt)
  3. so i been tryin to figure out if i need the omega system kit for lelutka to wear hairbases? the reviews on it say it doesnt work but i cant seem to put any hair on without the system kit either, can someone tell me how it works?
  4. I agree. I can't stand anger dumps. I was simply trying to state that if a regular forum member publicly announced they were leaving some of us would care. And if they did do an anger dump, then it's best they are gone anyways.
  5. Oh you mean you you're wondering if a regular forum member posted that anger dump with the childish manipulation tactic of "I didn't get what I wanted so I'm leaving" that forum members might have more concern? I'd guess, depending on the anger dumper and how they usually behave here, some forum members might have concern and respond in a more empathetic way. For me, personally, I don't like anger dumps on forum members no matter who is doing it, and I don't like goodbyes before somebody has even said hello, and I especially don't like the manipulation of "I'm leaving" so frequently used in tantrums. * I displayed a bit of empathy however, because I realize that visitors might not understand the nature of the SL forum and consider it to be representative of SL -- as if the forum is a kind of customer service.
  6. Thank you very much, Nalates, i will try that
  7. Most people have no idea that these forums even exist, and don't care when they find out. i don't know you in SL, but I know you here, and I'm sure many others do as well. This is a small circle. I have never met anyone inworld who doesn't know about Maitreya or LeLutka, but I'm only in the adult community.
  8. Take your time. It's a lot of new information to take in for someone who is new to mesh bodies and heads One thing I will advise against, though: I strongly suggest not doing what some people do, which is to make multiple copies of your body, each one set up with a different skin or alpha cut combination. Doing that is all well and good, but when there is an update to your mesh body you will need to manually re-do every one of those saved copies, rather than just replacing the original body that you use to save outfits as described in my earlier post. I have seen people near to tears when they have 300+ outfits saved like that, each one with a different copy of their head and body, and they need to update each one manually. What those people then do is not bother to update, so they're walking around with old, outdated versions of their heads and bodies, often missing out on great new features and important bugfixes.
  9. Hello, I'm a blogger and a photographer, and I'm looking for a job other than ESCORTING on sl. A paid job that's related to blogging is much preferable. I can also be a personal stylist or a blogger manager. I'd like to gain more experience in managing. Here's my flickr blog: https://www.flickr.com/photos/151417671@N05/
  10. Big pet peeve of mine, house builders in SL who still build for giant avis. Like you don't need a 10 foot tall door way, or the house to be 2 or 3 times bigger than the average avatar today. Like seriously, there are 2 house companies that do this and it drives me up the wall. Then you go, no wonder why the Land Impact is so huge, they make homes for avatars from like 2007 to 2014.
  11. That's basically why I stopped roleplaying in general. Only see those kinda roleplayers around, selfimportant, unwilling to pay attention to other characters, endless boredom while waiting for them to send their 3 page essays on how pwetty/badazz they are. Which are huge pet peeves of mine. In wow, someone once had a very long description of their character that was from the perspective of a "secret admirerer", aka stalker, who sounded like he's jacking himself off to said character by constantly harping on how pretty and awesome and sexy she was, and that only an idiot would not be totally into her. That was pure third person self-glorification.
  12. Don't ever look at any other virtual merchant platform, like Apple/Android store, Steam/Origin/Epic Games store, Unity's Asset Store, Turbosquid, or any other "assets for sale" type of thing... You'll have a heart attack.
  13. Claireschen Hesten


    I wear a lot of Elikatira, Astrology, Doe, Truth & Bonbon sometimes Besom too
  14. Right you are. I'd read that, but forgotten it. Sorry, I thought I had an idea. But nope!
  15. You have a point there - however, I'd prefer a message in local rather than having to click something to turn off... Well the problem is that messages in local are less likely to be noticed due to other information in local chat and the fact that it's only present for a short time on the screen when one might be looking away. I don't like spamming pop-ups myself, but sometimes a pop-up provides vital information. In addition to me saying "welcome" I instruct others to click on the sign to get a HUD because it's the easiest way to navigate my store. I've had customers complain they didn't know how to find items because they didn't bother to read the pop-up which instructs them to grab a HUD at the landing area. Also, often I will inform others of sales and where the sales board is located in the welcome pop-up, although it is very visible with a huge SALES sign visible from the landing. So if you click off that pop-up and buy a sale item at full price, you'll lose money. I get that you don't like having to click a pop-up off, but if I've learned anything over the years it's that you simply can't please everyone, and sometimes it's best to go with what benefits the majority, or in some instances saves me a lot of time, even if a minority doesn't like it.
  16. I am reading Skel's response carefully and I am going to spend some time with the Signature manual. I've already re-unpacked the box and will need to start from scratch. The concept of saving alphas is interesting, and new to me (I may be learning quickly as a newbie but there is a LOT of information). At the moment, the one alpha look will do me, but I will be careful to save that one in a slot so I can retrieve it in case of trouble. I am slowly getting my head around working with copies of things -- what to make a copy of, when to make a copy and how to keep track of copies. I would think first about copying the alpha before building on it -- but I'm reading above that the alpha will persist across outfits anyway. As for what happened, it is probably connected to my efforts to take the tux on and off. It is the first clothing I've bought that was *NOT* specifically calibrated for Geralt and it took a lot of trial and error, playing with the different outfits (and learning that you can Wear one alpha and Add another) to get it right. But somewhere in all that shifting around, and taking the tux on and off, I must have made my mistake. I was getting used to switching outfits quickly and easily but all my other outfits were based on the same alpha base, the tux outfit was configured differently.
  17. Please take a picture of the Worn tab of your inventory and post it here.
  18. I am not well known. Good chance that people who do not use mesh bodies or heads have never heard of either one. Most people in SL don't come to the forums, much less post on it. A for instance. Blueberry has been popular and "well known" for many years right? Most of those years, I never knew Blueberry existed. I stumbled on the store by accident one day not long ago. For such a "popular" and "well known" brand, I was not impressed. People and places in SL may be popular and well known in small circles but as far as grid wide goes, many will never know they exist.
  19. If this trend continues, then they made a very wise acquisition. The biggest question is whether Tilia affects the existence of SL. I could see it continuing even if the grid is taken down. That could only happen if it becomes widespread imho.
  20. Are your viewers up to date? Does Catznip even support BOM in the first place? It's interesting how the mesh body appears to have proper textures while the system body is having trouble. You'd think the mesh body would have the exact same problem if it's currently using avatar bakes.. Great username, by the way.
  21. Ok, so I've thought about making a Malt from time to time, but I just couldn't summon the enthusiasm. Until a few days ago a friend asked me if I would help him make a new avi. Well, how could I say no? But what do I know about guy avis???? My first job was researching and so I read Skell's Virtual Bloke blog, and asked him about skins. I also asked some of the Angels who have dabbled in Malts. So here after three days is the work in progress of my friends new avi. There is still work to do, but I'm happy with how it's going. Due to my limited knowledge of BoM, this avi is applier based, That might change, Body is Signature Geralt, the head is Catwa Victor. See what you think.
  22. theeluna


    try magika, truth, doux, stealthic, barberyumyum, monso, and miwas
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